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Under My Roof Home Inventory Overview

What is Under My Roof Home Inventory? Under My Roof is an app that helps you organize and keep track of all the important details and records about your home and belongings. It helps you manage and maintain them daily and for years to come, saving you time, money, and peace of mind. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac with syncing across all your devices using your own private iCloud Account. It is committed to data privacy and offers a range of features to help you keep track of your home and belongings.


- Never miss routine maintenance again

- Keep track of maintenance, repairs, and renovations

- Get rid of paper clutter

- Keep important details about your home, rooms, and belongings

- Keep track of renovations and modifications

- Keep track of maintenance and repairs

- Track collectibles

- Keep track of property insurance and claims

- Track disposed items

- Quick data entry

- Data sync, privacy, and protection

- Manage your move

- Supports custom and standard barcode and QR codes

- Customization

- Multi-currency support

- Other notable features

- Import from Home Inventory

- Pricing

- Customer support

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With Under My Roof®, all of the details and important records about your home & belongings are easily organized and available to you anywhere – everything needed to manage and maintain them daily and for years to come, saving you time, money, and peace of mind. • NEVER MISS ROUTINE MAINTENANCE AGAIN • KEEP TRACK OF MAINTENANCE, REPAIRS, & RENOVATIONS • NO MORE SEARCHING FOR IMPORTANT DETAILS, DOCUMENTS, OR RECEIPTS SCATTERED ACROSS BOXES, FILES, JUNK DRAWERS, OR WEBSITES • LOCATE ITEMS IMMEDIATELY, EVEN THOSE IN A BOX IN THE ATTIC • HELPS WITH MOVING, ESTATE PLANNING, INSURANCE COVERAGE, COLLECTIBLES, AND MORE! Available for iPhone, iPad, & Mac with syncing across all your devices using your own private iCloud Account. No risky web backend or account signup required! We are committed to data privacy. Under My Roof is the next generation of our App Store Editors' Choice Mac app, Home Inventory, helping people document their home & belongings since 2005. GET RID OF PAPER CLUTTER • Quickly store photos, receipts, product manuals, warranties, notes, and important documents for your home and belongings KEEP IMPORTANT DETAILS ABOUT YOUR HOME, ROOMS, & BELONGINGS • Make, model, serial number, purchase price, purchase date, value, square footage, paint colors, property assessment history and much more KEEP TRACK OF RENOVATIONS & MODIFICATIONS • Track parts & supplies, cost, additional value added, photos, receipts & more KEEP TRACK OF MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS • Create maintenance schedules for your home & items • Keep track of maintenance and repair history • Track parts & supplies, cost, photos, receipts & more TRACK COLLECTIBLES • Flexible enough for any type of collection • Multiple ways to value a collection KEEP TRACK OF PROPERTY INSURANCE & CLAIMS • Coverage analysis lets you know if you are properly insured • Handles complex coverage rules and limits found in most personal property insurance policies • Have a detailed list of your belongings to make sure you receive a fair and timely settlement • Keep track of insurance claims and damage details TRACK DISPOSED ITEMS • Donated, trashed, recycled, sold, gifted, etc. QUICK DATA ENTRY • Supports barcode scanning & text capture DATA SYNC, PRIVACY, & PROTECTION • Your data is yours and stored locally on your device and in your personal iCloud account if sync is turned on • Optional password protection • Share your inventory with others to view or edit • Supports Face ID & Touch ID MANAGE YOUR MOVE • Know the location, size, and what's in a moving box SUPPORTS CUSTOM & STANDARD BARCODE & QRCODES • Automatically add an item by scanning it's UPC/EAN/ISBN barcode • Create your own barcodes for asset tracking • Search your inventory by barcode CUSTOMIZATION • Unlimited custom fields, locations, categories, collections, color-coded tags, conditions, heirs, reports, & moving boxes • Customizable field layouts by category MULTI CURRENCY SUPPORT • Automatic currency conversion • Track original currency OTHER NOTABLE FEATURES • Supports unlimited homes • Supports multiple concurrent users • Assign heirs for Estate Planning • Supports CSV import & export • Runs natively on the Mac, iPhone, & iPad • Dependable customer support IMPORT FROM HOME INVENTORY • Easily import your Home Inventory data if you choose to move to Under My Roof • Visit https://binaryformations.com/support/under-my-roof-faq/ for more details on moving from Home Inventory PRICING • Under My Roof is FREE to download and try with a limit of 10 items • Subscribing removes the 10 item limit on all of your Macs, iPads, & iPhones and comes with 1 free week • Supports Family Sharing • Should you cancel your subscription, you will still be able to view your inventory CUSTOMER SUPPORT Contact us at [email protected] for questions, issues, likes and dis-likes. Your feedback is always welcome and helps us make Under My Roof even better! Under My Roof is a registered trademark of Binary Formations, LLC

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