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Rating 2.5/5 | 21 Votes | 2020-01-06

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About: Shopify is a cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses.
Headquarters: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

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Product Details and Description of Oberlo | Product Importer

Oberlo lets you find products, add them to your Shopify store, and ship them directly to your customers. No inventory, no risk. Let's start dropshipping! FIND PRODUCTS TO SELL Browse millions of products, and find the products that you want to sell in your store. Whether it’s clothes, watches, sunglasses, t-shirts, jewellery, accessories, or electronics, Oberlo will help you find it and get it into your store. CREATE YOUR IMPORT LIST With the app, you can seamlessly import products to your Oberlo Account. They will appear in your “Import List” in the Oberlo app, ready to add to your Shopify store and dropship. SELL ONLINE WITHOUT INVENTORY From the Oberlo app you can also create your Shopify store, edit your products titles, descriptions and images. When you are ready, push your products to your Shopify store and start selling. OBERLO ON WEB Once you sign up on the Oberlo app, you also have access to all the features of Oberlo on web. Simply head over to www.oberlo.com and login with the same credentials. LEARN FROM EXPERTS In the ‘Blog’ tab of the app, we have curated the best blog articles and videos from Oberlo’s dropshipping blog. Use these resources to learn from ecommerce experts and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Top Oberlo | Product Importer Reviews

  • By Jessica Guzik

    This changes everything! 🤩

    Now I can browse AliExpress on mobile and save high-potential products to Oberlo right then and there. No more rushing home to write down product ideas! This is great because I browse AE whenever I’m waiting in line or commuting. Gotta keep those winning product ideas coming.

  • By Xaviierjimenez

    Why people write bad reviews?

    If there was some bugs that doesn’t mean the app is bad! This is a game changer! I love oberlo. The app is good guys and works well! 🏆🏆

  • By Topbridge

    Login problems, importing issues

    UPDATE 11/26/19 Issue #1 Has been fixed so I’m giving another star. Issue #2 Still need a massive amount of improvement still. App is not as functional as on Desktop and I’m not on my computer every day. 100% I have my phone with me and 87% of my store management is done through my phone (iPhone 6). We still need all the editing features. Again, no “Add To Collections”, no “Add Tags”, no “Edit Photo”, no “Price Adjuster”, no “Reorder Photos”, no “Variant Editing or Selection”, no “Varient rename”, no “Compared At Price”. We need these things now. - - - 1. There need to be an option to connect to Shopify store. When we download Oberlo on Shopify we don’t register as new users with a username and password. This is why nobody can log in. I got around it by go all the way into Shopify, going into Oberlo through Shopify app/browser. And going into Oberlo profile setting and entering the email that was connected to my Shopify store and entering a new password, then saving. Only then was I able to go to the iOS Oberlo app and log in. This is absolutely ridiculous and frustrating for users. 2. When I go to each individual product on the “Import List” there is no “Add To Collections” option, no “Add Tags” option, no “Edit Photo” option, no “Price Adjuster” no “Reorder photos” no “Compared At Price”, NOTHING. This app is lacking every basic feature it needs to function correctly for users. The only thing this does is allow you to add title and description. Developers writing positive reviews for their own app isn’t fooling a single person. This is about the mobile iOS app not the desktop app on Shopify. To use Oberlo and do all the editing you need to go on desktop, so you might as well not waste time and do everything in the desktop site from the start. This app is important fix these problems now.