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Rating 4/5 | 20 Votes | 2019-11-11

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About: Selly Automotive is a provider of a mobile platform for those who deal with car sales.
Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States.

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Product Details and Description of Selly - Ecommerce

Run your online Selly shop on your phone, wherever you are. The Selly app makes it simple to manage orders, products, customer inquiries and more. Selly automates your online shop for digital goods, whether that's a file, serials/codes, dynamically generated content or a service.

Top Selly - Ecommerce Reviews

  • By Omgfhdjjh

    Great app, would love updates

    The app works great, but would love to see more functionality added.


    What’s the point

    No really point to the app, just brings you to the site

  • By Bigben1555554

    Just some minor things :)

    Love the app! Love that it sends a notification when you get a sale. Only thing I would really love to see is a weekly sales chart and possibly a monthly. Right now it just has overall and daily sales. Would also maybe like to see some more of the stats that are listed on the website on the app as well. Like views per day, conversion rate, etc. Hope the devs see this! Thanks!