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Published by on 2022-09-26

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Reported Issues: 33 Comments

By Danny Ruth
Dec 03 2022

(12/03/2022) When I view a program that is encoded with DD 5.1 audio surround sound (not the AD audio descriptive narration), I do not understand why I have to manually switch to the audio setting of the program that I am viewing and select the DD 5.1 audio setting. This should be an automatic audio setting connection for any program that is encoded with (DD 5.1 or DD 2.0) audio sound. I use other streaming services that automatically switch to the DD 2.0 or DD 5.1 surround audio setting (if DD 5.1 surround is provided). Is this a reason for me not to use Peacock Premium Plus absolutely not, however I find this is an issue that should not happen. Some of the Peacock programs do not even use DD 2.0 audio but use only PCM 2.0 audio. Programs that where originally encoded with DD 2.0 or DD 5.1 surround audio should automatically be connected using one of these audio setting and should not be using PCM 2.0 audio as a substitute.

By Vicki
Nov 03 2022

Can't add NBC shows to my stuff. Like the Voice, Tonight Show, Seth Meyers.,ect. I paid for a year and now totally regret it !

By Mike Donnelly
Oct 20 2022

When I select any movie to watch the screen goes black.

By toni bauer
Oct 17 2022

Cannot open app on iPhone or set up streaming on laptop. Keep getting error message when I enter password (tried 3 different ones) and it won’t open.

By Rosalinda Castillo
Oct 15 2022

Since we signed up last week, all the movies while playing have pauses throughout the movie. What's causing that? It takes forever to see a movie.

By Orrin U Aleron
Aug 13 2022

The app has deleted all "My Stuff"! None of the shows and movies I had saved are there now.

And it won't let me add anything, either.

By Raymond H. fetterolf III
Jul 13 2022

at first worked fine. now just freezes -buffers was going to get prem? the buffers are constant can't even watch the movie! no prem sign up here sorry. wont pay for nothing!

By J
Jul 13 2022

I have the same issue, been ongoing for like 2 months, "I watch Peacock through my Apple TV streaming box. However, keeps showing "My Stuff" as empty when I have not deleted anything and can see all of the items in "My Stuff" when I access the Peacock site on my laptop. Please help. Thank you.". After about 20 minutes, "My Stuff" will usually then populate. Total bonkers.

By Kevin
Jun 05 2022

This is the worst streaming service ever. Anytime I rewind it crashes, I've reinstalled and everything, still sucks. I've been trying to watch the northman for over an hour and it keeps crashing within a minute of streaming

By Cheryl
Jun 01 2022

Peacock keeps crashing

By Gloria Recio
May 25 2022

I was charge 2 times for may if this is how you treat people by stealling from them IM going to to stop this

May 25 2022

I watch Peacock through my Apple TV streaming box. However, keeps showing "My Stuff" as empty when I have not deleted anything and can see all of the items in "My Stuff" when I access the Peacock site on my laptop. Please help. Thank you.

By Brad
May 15 2022

During commercials, the tv picture gets hung up. Tried on other tv in my house and it works fine. Only on the Hisense tv does it freeze up

By Donna Mitchell
May 11 2022

Will not access below deck series

By Steve
May 08 2022

I have the premium plan and want to watch WWE on myXbox 1. When I click into my TV it just keeps loading and never stops.

In addition, Peacock provides no (zero) phone technical support in person to fix this problem. Come on! this is 2022 and a major company like Peacock cannot provide operator support for it's customers? How can this be. My son son convinced to buy this for the Pay Per View WWE events and we cannot use it. The match is tonight and I can't find ANY help.

By Jeanette Duckworth
May 02 2022

I need to talk to someone regarding my account.

By curt deckard
Apr 28 2022

I have already paid the 10 dollars for your subscription for premium. My problem is I can get it through cox but cannot on my android tv with the app through the google store

By Judy Spain
Apr 26 2022

I stream Peacock from my phone and I pay 5$ a month for and it will not stream to my TV. Need help, please fix the problem

By Tammi Wesson
Apr 13 2022

Why would I buy your service when watching the free service you provide has kicked me out of my shows 37 times since 5:30 this morning and it's only 8:13 a.m. I feel it would be a waste of money if the free app gives me this many problems. I was going pay for the premium plan. I couldn't imagine doing that now. How can you guarantee it won't continue to happen once I purchase the premium package? It's ridiculous!

By Valerie Paget-Wilkes
Apr 06 2022

I just need to renew my Peacock subscription with a different credit card. Help me please. Senior Citizen who doesn't know what she's doing!

By william f. kidwell jr.
Apr 06 2022

i have a new debit card and have been trying to enter the new card number, but your service wont accept. my passward, even though it says it is easy to update my passward. but i do not get the new passward, so i don't know what to do so that peacock can get the new card number and that i can update your service. please help me!!!! thanks william k.

By Jacqueline Inverso-Kane
Apr 03 2022

Why can’t I see nbcsn Philadelphia…I have xfinity internet and there 4k streaming box

By Janet Burgess
Mar 26 2022

My tv is frozen on Peacock. I can't even turn the tv off. HELP!

By Terry Watson
Mar 12 2022

I’ve had Peacock app on my LG smart tv for about a month. It worked fine until about March 8th. Then the keyboard in the search function used to search for movies quit working. When I use my tv remote to press the keys to enter nothing happens. I can press every key but nothing shows up on the entry line. I tried removing the app and reinstalling but it didn’t help.

By Ashley
Feb 25 2022

Please fix the audio for Yellowstone!! Right in the middle of season 3 and it's in Spanish. Get on it Peacock!!

By Brenda & David Wood
Feb 25 2022

I need to have the English Audio restored or you can refund my money for the service I am not able to obtain.
This maybe a deal breaker for me to discontinue my cable service at least I can call them and speak with someone when I experience a problem Last evening the message received when attempted to contact Peacock there are no representatives available to help at this time.
WTF and right in the middle of Yellowstone maybe Yellowstone needs to move to another streaming service to provide viewers a better viewing experience NOW THATS A THOUGHT!

By Bill Rmanuel
Feb 25 2022

Yellowstone. Season 3 episodes 5 thru 10 audio is Spanish They do not have an English option. HELP

By Isabel
Feb 25 2022

Yellowstone season 3 episode 5 and on only has audio in Spanish! WTH! Why can’t we change audio to English????

By anita webb
Feb 25 2022


By Amy larsen
Feb 25 2022

How do I get my movie to play in English. I didn’t change the settings to spanish

By Rhonda Yates
Feb 25 2022

I can not choose English on Season 3 of Yellowstone (only option is Spanish). I have been watching Season I and 2 with no problem; I was watching Season 3 Episode 1, 2, 3, and 4 yesterday with English audio and now, today, I can only get Spanish for the rest of season 3.

By Casey
Feb 25 2022

Why is Yellowstone season 3 starting with episode 5 and on only in Spanish….. this really sucks !

By Nancy
Feb 25 2022

Why is yellowstone season 3 episodes all the sudden in spanish? I don't speak Spanish. The night before it was English.

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