Spark Driver Reviews

Spark Driver Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-20

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Spark Driver Reviews

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    No trips poor management

    Its been going on for a month or more that I am not getting deliveries at all. Maybe one or 2 in the period of 2 weeks I haven't went weeks on a row without getting any orders. And everyone else I know in my area that work in this (family) is getting orders everyday and throughout the whole day. By the way I was one of the first drivers in my area when it started and I was very happy with the job everything was running smooth. Until more drivers started getting hired you guys started prioritizing new drivers instead of the ones that began this with you guys. I feel as if Im being thrown to the side since I get no orders and if i do it would be "first come first serve" I never get orders assigned to me with the 2 minutes timer anymore. I try calling you guys and no one has an answer and even sometimes ignore me by saying that you guys can't hear me over the phone and hang up on me. Overall the job is fine but you guys are managing the amount of drivers and orders very bad. If we only go 2 days without working you guys stop sending us orders or make us (inactive) and thats not how its done because you guys don't know what can happen to a person, like a back injury or anything there are people like me who do this full time. Very disappointed ATT: Jordan Gonzalez

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    Overall good fit!!

    I’ve been driving for Spark since the end of April, 2020. It was a new program in my city, so yes, there were hiccups at first. However, the associates and the help line have been very kind and helpful and resolved any issue I had quickly. I’m an older driver so I’m not physically able to take some of the offers, ie., xtra large heavy orders, upstairs apts, but there’s still enough offers, I can take to make it worth my while. I’ve watched the associates work in 100degree temperatures, in the pouring rain, and when half the staff calls out of work, so if I have to wait a little longer for my order, I’m okay with that. I know that I’m offering a service to the disabled and elderly to get food in their home, when it’s too dangerous for them to go out in public and that feels nice. Overall, this is a great financial benefit to me. The only con is I wish some of the offers paid just a little more. Thank you Direct Delivery, Inc. for giving me this opportunity.

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    Lack of deliveries/ App issues

    I have a driving for spark for almost 2 months. When I first started everything seem great7-10 deliveries a day , but as time went on I got less offers and only receiving an average of 1-2 deliveries a day. When I contacted the tech support and spark dispatch, I was told it’s computer base and Random selection on a round robin and could not guarantee any deliveries. That if I skipped one day(vacation or doctors appointment)that the computer puts you at the bottom of the drivers list and you have to wait for offers in rotation for your name to filter through all other drivers before they come back to you. So the drivers on the top of the list get all the deliveries.. I personally think that this is unfair and spark should find a better system on rotating offers. For this company to have a rotation system and have employees who work for the company can’t even explain how it works. Reaching out to spark dispatch does nothing except cause more confusion and frustration!!

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    Deactivated Account For Who Knows Why:

    After being praised by people at Spark for being a top driver in my area and working for the past year for Spark Delivery, as of yesterday 9/8/20 I received a text message from Spark stating my account has been deactivated and it has been unclear as too why that reasoning is. After talking with multiple supervisors from the Spark team they’re unable to have an answer for me. It doesn’t make any sense as they stated they don’t have any control over that which too me, since they’re the ones that deactivated my account someone should have an answer as to why that is.. it has been very frustrating and as a top driver for this company, I’m hoping to be reinstated as I should not have been deactivated in the first place. Just makes you question if this company truly looks out for there drivers as they say they do and are “always happy too help” when they clearly don’t have the resources at there hands too help you.

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    Overall 5/5

    I’ve full timed this app for 2 months, this is the first driving app I have used, here is a comprehensive review while I wait for delivery to start again tomorrow! Workload: 5/5 The store associates load the car and many of them seem to be happy working for Walmart. I will get an average of 6-8 orders a day, some of which get picked up by others and some that seem tailored to a helpful algorithm (ex. I will get the same people’s order frequently or a drop off near my house at the end of a day). App Platform: 4/5 Very simple user interface that provides clear instructions for drop-offs and full payment history. If phone connection is bad, there can be some frustrating lag and glitching. Some things feel like they could be improved, but overall the ease of use is high. Customer Support: 5/5 All of the agents are quick and responsive when drivers have questions or issues. There is a strong ‘team’ feeling when dealing with them. This app has positively changed my life and I recommend almost everyone I know to give it a try. The community really appreciates this service and the tips are for real!

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    Has trouble with location

    After arriving for a scheduled pickup nobody came out for an hour. I asked why and they said their computer screen showed that I would arrive in 2 minutes for an hour. Even though I marked it on my side as start delivery. Also today I arrived at my scheduled time it and wouldn’t let me mark it as start, kept saying I was too early, finally let me after several attempts. Please mark your system notify the employees when I mark it as started so they can bring out my delivery. Thank you.

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    I work around my small biz appts

    I own a by appointment small business. I’m able to accept jobs around my appointments, helping to keep building my business while filling in any financial gaps I may have. No other job offers this flexibility. Having issues? Make sure your availability is updated. Then, ACCEPT! ACCEPT! ACCEPT! Don’t like the price? Accept anyway. Lower paying deliveries typically start you in a cycle of taking offer after offer in close proximities to one another. It’s an algorithm that is constantly fighting itself with your help. As long as your availability is accurate, you will eventually get offers. Be patient. They pick up as you take them.

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    Glitch at times / over all great app to work with

    This is a pretty simple and easy app ! Love this - yes had a few glitches like wasn’t being notified at p/u point but did address it and was emailed right away and followed directions and was fixed - another issue recently the past 3 days is that I would get every other hour but never back to back on deliveries / seems to be a pattern or a new thing - I have sent this in just now and will await to see if it’s another glitch had accured - hopefully gets resolved soon ! That’s half of my driving gone a day now 😨 Over-all great app and better than any out there I know at this time

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    Great when Walmart employees care

    Tonight I waited an over an hour for a two batch order to be ready. The app said to arrive by 6:45pm and I did, delivery was expected between 7-8pm. The order wasn’t ready until 8:10pm. I understand demand is high but this is ridiculous. I called several times and each employee basically just told me to wait. I ended up calling Walmart and the lady was able to notify the customers their orders would be later than the time they expected. She even tried calling the Walmart Grocery herself to only get voicemail. I am doing this delivery service because I have to pay for my nursing classes and it’s really disappointing to not respect people’s time. I hope that DDI will fix this for us because I enjoy this job.

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    The first couple months I would get orders ! The more people who signed the less orders the drivers in the beginning got ! I don’t get any orders all day then all of a sudden orders with extra money added that’s needs to get took comes to my phone !!! Why didn’t the order just come when it was first processed? So I’m only able to get orders drivers either drop or that’s round robin through drivers and no has accepted and then I get it. It’s unbelievable especially with 3 Walmart’s locally in my area .Then I absolutely hate that you have the option to set availablity but orders still come to your phone outside of your availability because I swear if you don’t accept orders or reject them they hold that against you ! CAP of drivers in these areas stop letting it be a thousand drivers !!!

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    Is this still in beta?!

    Don’t plan on paying your bills with this one. I would give this app zero stars if I was able to. If I’m lucky, I get one delivery opportunity a week; however by the time I re-enter my login info (why make me do this? face id is a thing now!) the offer is already gone (or just isn’t showing up? that wouldn’t surprise me). I haven’t been able to accept an order in over two months. I’ve called customer service — they’re great, the problem isn’t theirs — and after explaining how few orders I get, I was told that it’s a round robin system and they “reset the server” in my area. It didn’t help at all. Their round robin is broken. My availability is set to 7 days a week, 4-8 pm, you’d think I would get more than one a week, right?

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    Good app minor issues

    The app is good with directions. There have recently been upgrades accepting orders. There definitely needs to be some security upgrades for drivers and customers showing the identity of the delivery driver. We need to have our photo’s incorporated in the app for our protection since we are entering apartment building and are on people’s property. They need to know who we are. We’re in our personal vehicles and just in every day clothing. This would be a huge help. Thanks for the consideration in keeping us drivers safe!

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    Better off trying something else

    I started working in March made the very first delivery in my area and loved it. That was then now it’s a struggle all the time, same drivers get all the offers if anything happens at all you get put in back of round robin and might not see offers for a couple days and then one or two is all. I would suggest doing this if you get offers every hour but once that stops don’t stress find something else because spark got what they wanted from you and are not going to send you offers anymore unless there preferred driver doesn’t except them.( NOT WORTH THE STRESS AFTER YOUR NOT NEW ANYMORE )

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    What happened to IOS mapping?

    What did you do?! Now when I use the app to open Apple Maps it shows the customers name instead of their address. I’m not looking for their names on a house/mailbox, I’m looking for addresses! But what’s even worse is often times it will now map me to the street but not the house. Or like today, it will totally make up an address. Please, please fix this!

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    App crash and log out

    After updating the app on 2/6/20, my app kept logging out. It would not let me type my login info until I close the app and reopen. When I attempt to get customer’s signature on the app, it would log out and it caused embarrassment since I had to stand there trying to log back in to get their signature. Also, the offers are not distributed evenly to all drivers. Sometime the system decide to give all offers to one driver, then next day I get it all. Customer service claimed it isn’t done manually, but system does it automatically. It is hard to believe.

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Is Spark Driver Safe?

Yes. Spark Driver is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 502 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Spark Driver Is 32.2/100.

Is Spark Driver Legit?

Yes. Spark Driver is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 502 Spark Driver User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Spark Driver Is 32.2/100.

Is Spark Driver not working?

Spark Driver works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 30 Comments

By Joel
Jul 27 2021

I was deactivated for no reason.
My matrics
Customer rating :5.0
Ontime arrival: 100%
Acceptance rate : 78
Drop rate: 0
Total delivery: 1267
They can’t give reasons, nothing.
I just wonder who treats their drivers as such 🤷🏾‍♂️

By Joel
Jul 27 2021

I was deactivated for no reason.
My matrics
Customer rating :5.0
Ontime arrival: 100%
Acceptance rate : 78
Drop rate: 0
Total delivery: 1267
They can’t give reasons, nothing.
I just wonder who treats their drivers as suck 🤷🏾‍♂️

By You a snowflake
Jul 21 2021

Ok so I'm pretty much done with spark. Been working for spark for 8 months its couple of things that happened. I use spark to have my groceries delivered to my house but yesterday the stupid spark driver delivered to the wrong house over 100 dollars in groceries. Don't understand why the stupid spark driver never called or texted me, that's what I do when I'm delivering to make sure I'm at the right address I also have directions in the notes. And this new update spark on demand I see nothing new and the so called my zone map does nothing for me. And customers are starting not to tip well most of it is from stupid spark drivers who don't care. Spark drivers from Fort Collins/Loveland Colorado. So now it's trickling down and the good spark drivers are paying the price. I don't understand it's such a easy job. Seriously how can you screw up delivering groceries to a customer.

By Anonymous
Jun 10 2021

Been driving for almost a year. The app is horrible too many glitches that are never fixed! I really don’t think the tech team is all that smart. Metrics are so unfair and do not reflect a true rating. We are suppose to be independent drivers yet spark controls every aspect of our day. From what driver gets orders and who don’t to who receives bonus and who don’t. Not to independent!! Orders are few unless your new then you build your metrics after a few months orders will decline drastically. Very poor management and lack of a tech team that will fix issues. Only good thing is you call and do get to speak to a live person downfall is they can’t really do anything and it’s always the same answer I will let the tech team know. If you wanna be driver insta cart or bite squad are much better with a lot better pay!! And you control what orders you want to take truly independent driver!

By David Smith
May 30 2021

Deactivated and I'm told it's a final decision I've tried to appeal and I'm told the decision is final thanks and good luck.They can't tell me why I was deactivated just that I will no longer be able to driver for sparks ever again.

By Maggie
May 29 2021

I am fairly new to Spark Driver. It has been mostly good, but not enough to live solely off of. I do this for extra income, outside of my full time job hours. I do get frustrated when I get to a store that I drove 10 miles or so to get to, only to find out a different driver had also accepted that order and got there first to pick it up. It's also a bit frustrating that I finish a delivery and then get no other offers for a while, and decide to go back home and them BAM get orders for the area I just left. This really needs to change.

By Anonymous
May 28 2021

I started in January thinking Spark would be a great gig job to make extra money on the side as I was doing online classes. In the beginning it was great sometimes I would do deliveries anywhere from 5 days a week to only 3 days a week 5 or 6 hours a day depending on my workload from the online classes. But in the last month I’ve noticed changes with Spark some weeks I was able to receive offers when I log on in the morning and able to do like five in a row and be done in the middle of the afternoon in which was great because I had time to do my online classes after delivering. The changes I’ve noticed are less offers coming in, sometimes I won’t get any offers after being busy the day before. I also noticed the app being slow and this week I can’t select or view offers because the app just keeps loading and the offers disappear. It’s odd because last week I worked Monday through Friday with no problems. The major problem is that I’m receiving both first come first serve with round robin offers at the same time, when a round robin offer comes in I can’t select it because the first come first serve offers cause the app to start loading nonstop after the app stops loading the offers disappear. After reading other reviews I also wonder if “Walmart” are manipulating the offers I think this is some what true because I had an walmart employee tell me (when I had a instore-pickup) that a driver did not pickup one of the orders the day before and they kept that order in the queue. Maybe the employee called Spark to let them know about the order. And I also noticed that some of the Spark drivers are friends with the walmart employees and they worked at walmart before and some of the employees are also spark drivers. This might be the reason for lack of offers! I don’t know but something seems odd!

By marisa centano
May 27 2021

First of all I had a customer satisfaction of 4.9 with 160 trips! The app ALWAYS has problems now and you basically get deliveries because they have way too many dirvers in the area. With NO WARNIG AT ALL, I was dropped from the, I did a delivery one morning then 2 hours later the app said I ws deactivated. I called driver support they said they dont get to see the reaosn why. I asked them to ask Walmart to send me at least a reason and to file an appeal. I called back one week later to find out my appeal was denied. I still sot this day have never received a text or an email or a call telling me why I was deactivated. It has been 3 weeks. I was going to drop Walmart anyway because the orders that came in slowed to a crawl and when you would call to ask if it was the app they would say well, there are alot of drivers in your area so the orderes are down. On to the app. It never works. It always had problem! Its a joke. Good luck.

By Shannon Kubik
May 25 2021

I have not been paid for any orders I have done. This goes all the way back to February 2021 I have called and emailed several times and get nowhere I called the DDI accounting department and can never get ahold of anyone and the mailbox is always full. Absolutely hands down a terrible experience my next call is to Walmart corporate

By Anel Alisme
May 19 2021

I need to work for spark driver please

By Stephen Prussock
May 08 2021

I dont have a problem with a Spark Driver, The problem I'm having is I was Recently a Spark Driver, I was Making a delivery to a home and when i dropped the order at the front door i noticed that the bottle of cleaner was leaking i went onto the APP and tried to report that it was damaged but the App took a Picture showing it was delivered, so trying to do the rite thing i took the bottle back to Walmart. When I got back to Walmart I talked to an employee in delivery and told them that I have a problem with a delivery, I was told " they were short handed and there was no Manager or Supervisor around and that nobody knows whats going on in Deliveries. I tried calling the delivery Dept, for the next few days and they kept telling me that there was no Manager or Supervisor available. The next day im reading the paper and see my name and that I'm being charged with THEFT BY UNLAWFUL TAKING OF PROPERTY....... Again I treid to call Walmart to resolve this issue and got the same run around! And now because of these charges, Which I havent been convicted of yet, I can not find any employment. Walmart didnt even try to contact me or even do an investigation as to what actually happened, or even try to resolve my problem, nor did the police contact me about these charges or even attemp to hear my side of the story!!! In my opinion Walmart does not care about their employees and Spark Drivers, If they did they wouldnt have been so short staffed and they would have have tried to resolve the issue!

By Francisco Ortiz
May 07 2021

your driver did not deliver my order, and i was charge. i will be reporting to better business burue and adding bad reviews where i can.

By Tommy McIntosh
Apr 29 2021

I haven't even been doing this for a week and it's already pissed me off, why? Because now I've gone from getting too many offers to none at all. If you let offers expire or reject them it goes against your "metrics" and at the beginning I was getting 4 or 5 at the same time while I was already in the middle of delivering one, I tried to accept all I could but my acceptance rate is low.
Now I can't even get 1 offer in a day, I sit for hours watching all the other drivers come and go at the Walmart I usually deliver for taking offers and a lot of times the same ones come back 2 or 3 times.
So don't waist your time, it's gonna screw you over and piss you off, they have their favorite drivers and more than likely your not gonna be one of them, and if you are don't worry you'll be yesterday's news in a day or 2.
If you don't believe me research it, there's not hardly one review that's good.

By Anonymous
Apr 26 2021

I selected an offer for a walmart store in my area one day and the app glitched out on me and would not let me select anything afterwards. I thought that I was having app issues while trying to select the offer. Well to my surprise, the offer came back up almost 2 hours later and the app allowed me to select it. Ironically, when i arrived to the store to pick up the order the walmart delivery employee inside the store told me that she had to get the express order out of the freezer because the other driver never showed up so they allowed me to get the offer to pick up the delivery. Allowed? I was taken back because I assumed the app wasn't biased based and just glitchy. Walmart delivery employees are messing with the app. SMH.

By Rico
Apr 12 2021

I got deactivated. No one can tell me why. Stores I delivered to have zero issues with me and are wondering about this too. This was low as I fully depended as primary and only income. I just with they could reactivate me again.

By Ashton
Apr 11 2021

l worked for this company For nearly 6 months and on April 7 they deactivated me without any reason whatsoever .They said the decision was final no warnings or any thing just deactivated please dont get to comfortable working for this company cause trust me they will deactivate you.

By Delia
Apr 10 2021

I was deactivated for no reason. I lived this job but they don't care about their employees because they will deactivate you out of the blue.

By David Diaz
Apr 07 2021

I was deactivated with out a reason I did everything by the book I made a complaint about store either mixing up orders or forgetting to put things in orders

By Drustino
Apr 01 2021

Would like to apply, but sounds like a hassle of your account being deactivated and not being able to be reinstated, why waste your time.

By Spinoza T
Mar 30 2021

Spark doesn't care at all about its drivers' concerns and their livelihood. After working for about 2 weeks with this App, I was surprised to find out one morning my account was just deactivated. I called them and they asked me to file for an appeal, what I did and the feedback was that a customer complained about me not dropping the order at the doorstep as it should be. I remember returning an order to Walmart store on Walmart's pick up team instruction, because the customer provided a wrong address in the first place and that address was a Walgreen store, despite that, I went into Walgreen asking if they knew the name of the customer on the order or if anyone from Walgreens placed that order; they didn't know, I called the customer, unfortunately, she didn't pick up. Even after explaining the situation to the Spark support team, they said the decision was firm and won't change to leave my account deactivated and they wished me luck at end.

By Steve D Anderson
Mar 22 2021

When do spark delivery payout?

By S Campbell
Mar 21 2021

It was ok, but hurt my back carrying heavy items. Plus, messed me up on my taxes, so ended up owing Federal & State.

By David Smith
Mar 11 2021

Oh I dont know where to begin.I started a year ago with sparks and I did great I had a delivery every hr sometimes batched orders 2 (stops 1 pickup).Well for about a yr I did really really good a thousand sometimes a little less.I drove all over town wear and tear spent a fortune keeping my car going.Well once that year was up slowly but surely I've noticed more and more that I'm getting less and less deliveries.Ive called sparks over and over they have told me the stores are low volume at the moment yet when I do finally get an order and go to the store the store lets me know that's not true they have been busy.The store is a high volume store so I'm doubting that is the case and especially since Wal-Mart has told me numerous times they have been busy.Im not really sure what is going on I definitely feel as if I have been put on the back burner.Anyhow I'm not sure if this will do any good but I thought I would give it a try.I sure wish I would get my deliveries back like they were.Im up at 6 a.m with my app on and I'm waiting watching my phone for the first delivery to come through sometimes I just waste so much time waiting and hoping that sparks will give me an order.I was working 745a.m til 645 p.m now I can barely even get an orders.Anyways like I said I thought I would post hopefully this helps I don't know what else to do.

Mar 03 2021

I started in March 2020 at the beginning it was fine then after they started hiring more drivers which meant fewer offers. I noticed two drivers getting most of the offers and reported to support and nothing until I reported to Walmart ethics. They claimed they did an investigation and found out an individual supposedly reassigning offers to those drivers. Is that true? I don't really know for sure. Since then I have always had problems receiving offers. In November 2020 a week prior to "Black Friday" sales it was when they toned me down during the busiest time of the year. I kept reporting and the same response "round-robin" first come-first serve not guarantee offers...blah blah blah...maybe you need to update the app same non-sense story. December 2020 came and the same story no offers until the week of Christmas 12/23 magically I received "curbside offers" while waiting for an order in my car the Asst. Store Manager appeared to give me a Christmas card with a gift card inside. After that day no I received no offers so they magically sent me offers specifically for me to come to the store so they could give me the Christmas card!! That tells me someone inside the store manually manipulates offers by picking and choosing the drivers they want. February 2021 I am almost shut down. I only receive one or two "in-store" offers maybe daily or a few days per week. Apparently, they had hired 5 to 7 new drivers. Is it that they like to recycled drivers? I am not sure but I am sure this is an unfair out of control game.

By Guyveni mentor
Feb 24 2021

I was deactivated with no warning and no reason why I was deactivated I would like to get reactivated but all I hear from them is deactivate is final?

Feb 24 2021

System on APP when trying to login says “An Unknown Error Occured when trying to log in, Please try again”... I keep getting the same message and have since day one of signup 02/15/2021.
So then I try to “recover password” and get error message “NOT FOUND: Status code did not fall within given range”
Does anyone know what this is or what is causing this. I have not been able to log into the app at all but the email states that I have been approved and will receive notifications within the app in which I cannot log into.

By Jordan Hallstrom
Feb 19 2021

I can't even get paid and I have direct deposit stay away from this company

Feb 05 2021

My name is Steven I've been working for spark for about 5 months since September I've made roughly or at least close to a thousand a week since I started it was great I was getting a lot of deliveries I would work seven days a week never took any days off except when I had to fix my car once I work 50 to 60 hours a week are you in bed 77 hours for the first little bit and it all looks great the store is nice support is nice and DDI is cool but when it comes to the tech team they're just like instacart and the other app platforms they have this trust and safety / Tech Team and they can only respond through email the store support or DDI cannot get a hold of them only through email I've talked to all of them and many supervisors I did this with instacart and was randomly deactivated one day while I was on the phone with support fixing the problem I was supposed to fix and I was doing everything right I got the stuff to the guy and hung up and I was deactivated never got back on spent too much endless hours on the phone special chat Channels with supervisors and all kinds of stuff never got turned on started doing spark because I was going crazy looking for jobs because of a whole bunch of stuff that's been happening and I work this really hard and consistently I was deactivated today and I knew it was coming I actually called support and talk to the store and DDI about this all within the last couple weeks because I seen the same pattern in deliveries that were trying to set me up to leave it at the door I also seeing patterns in the different ways they were trying to make me speed I noticed a lot of different patterns and I started getting random text messages after I did a 720 deliveries without one error not one problem between 700 and 775 deliveries I had these text messages saying I was not handling it correctly when I was following the stuff by the book and I even returned a few orders because I could not get hold of the person and the place looks shady and no I lived it the store told me to leave it but the app tells me know when I talked to support they said that I did everything correctly and they would School the manager that's exactly what you said to me as far as I know everybody smiles and they're happy but there's this new world order computer that runs you and your life and these are the jobs that they're setting up it should be against the law and they don't care about the drivers it's a real shady system with a lot of holes the stress that they make you feel and you have a life going on and now you have to figure something out when you thought you were doing good it's not right to stress in your sleep and have problems like this when all you did with everything you're supposed to do and my numbers will speak for themselves Flatout check my stats I don't need to say anything else I've called Morgan & Morgan when I had the problem with instacart and how I talked to the store support and DDI and they can't contact the tech team I also called Morgan & Morgan a couple weeks ago and I told them that I was going to get deactivated because this is the same pattern I seen in instacart to be honest I think it's a computer I had spent two months appealing my decision and I noticed that they're automated everything is automated and there might be a person that look at something maybe down the line but there's something seriously wrong with the way these platforms operate it should be illegal it's criminal and there's nothing right about what they do to people they don't appreciate life or your feelings and how're you might have things you need to pay for it and all the sudden it stopped when everything was supposed to be great and support always says they're happy to help and all that but if you go to the Walmart at one of them I work at as a truck outside that says drive4walmart but that's not the case and I don't see that it's true because I'm not working under Walmart it looks like there's someone else in charge of my account and they didn't hire me they don't help me on the job and I don't go to their store to pick anything up it's another team who doesn't know you and I actually don't think it's a team is a computer my stats speak for themselves I wish there was a way to take some kind of lawful action against these dirty criminals that run these apps it's not right that that use people and they don't care about you and they don't want to help you it's sick and I went through this before that's how I know I was going to be deactivated now how would I know that if I didn't have the same experience with instacart they're supposed to be partnered up anyway so I assumed the computer knows my name and you got rid of me I know what I'm talkin about also just to add I have screenshots and all kinds of stuff from when I was doing the instacart thing because I was keeping evidence which did not help me in the end and I was number one in two cities what's the fastest most efficient Shopper I made good money just like I did with spark and there was no reason for me to ever jeopardize that like I said I was talking to support when I got the activated and they told me everything was okay but this computer deactivated me it's a very shady system I hope one day you get a rid of things like this for the doesn't look like that's going to be so check my stats I worked hard 7 days a week I have so many bills and I can't believe this s*** that I have to keep going through it's just constantly up and down and all I do is what I'm supposed to and it never works out because of s*** like this so it's okay I knew it was coming and that's because of my experience with the delivery in the way these platforms work

By Sam
Feb 04 2021

First 3 weeks I made great money and was receiving nonstop orders all day. All of a sudden they stopped sending me round Robin's and the first come first serves became impossible to accept. I click accept right away and still I get the spinning wagon wheel and then a message saying the order is no longer available. I contact support and they email me a few days later saying basically "you arent guarantees deliveries" like that is supposed to be some kind of help. I think they are bringing on way too many drivers purposely and just acting like the reason we are not getting orders is because of app issues. Now they say there is 18 itensbin an order and I arrive to pick it up and there are actually 110 items but they only pay me for delivering a small order. Bait and switch tactics if you ask me.

By Patricia gorman
Jan 25 2021

I was deactivated with no warning and no reason why I was deactivated I would like to get reactivated but all I hear from them is deactivate is final

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