Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver Reviews

Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-12

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Good app but improvements are needed

Over the last 5 years of driving Uber has gotten a lot better but still has problems. Lots of map problems though as roads that have been completed for several years are not on the map but a few roads that just got completed are on the map. The surge from uberX shows up on delivery only accounts and makes it confusing if the delivery should have a surge. The rewards should be better. Send us notifications of when it gets busy for delivery in an area so it gives us the opportunity to go online. Support has been getting better over the years but still needs major improvement. Biggest issue is the competition for when we make it to a restaurant and they only allow drive thru and it has 20+ cars in line (that’s like an hour wait) and then we don’t get compensated or we have to wait the entire time. Same type of issue with closed restaurants and order and pay restaurant that refuse to take orders. More promotions in Montana for this app eats and uberX would be great as a 1.3x boost for delivery at dinner isn’t that helpful. Some of our drivers have over 20,000 deliveries completed. Feels like this app doesn’t care about its drivers and is all about greed. Late night drives are risky and $150 cleaning fee doesn’t cover the cost at all. Most details in Montana cost over $500 and won’t be available for a few weeks.



Uber has improved a lot over the years however accepting reservations is far from reliable. Numerous times I have accepted reservations and while on my way to do the pickup I keep getting requests and even when trying accept trips in direction of pickup Uber doesn’t process the accepted trip. Worse yet they count the trip not provided against my acceptance rate which could hurt my rating. On 2 different occasions I had 6-8 trip request sent and counted against me lowering my acceptance rate by 6% taking me from 98% down to 92%. Also on my way to pickup reservations the trip drops off and I have lost the trip also losing money, time and gas. The last trip my screen told me finding trips instead of giving me the navigation route as if the trip never existed. I had also turned on Waze and that got me to my destination and I picked up the customer and only then did the this app app begin working again showing me I still had the trip. So again these problems and the lowering of my acceptance rating has made me hesitant to accept further reservations going forward. Customer service was useless when I relayed the problem and said they would note my account but never corrected my acceptance rating which is very disappointing. Again Uber has vastly improved but the reservation component doesn’t work well at all.


Accomplishes the minimum

After driving for UberEats for several months I can say the driver app does the minimum of what it needs to do to connect you with deliveries. However, the constant glitching of many key features can be incredibly frustrating. The map’s GPS software is sluggish and often thinks roads exist where they don’t, or subdivides straight, continuous roadways in ways that create confusing delays in providing directions. At the time of this review, the tip notification system is totally haywire and sends at least two notifications per tip, often more and at random times. The weekly and daily earnings pages frequently fail to load, especially the expanded trip summary pages. If one trip summary can be accessed, it sometimes seems to keep all the subsequent ones from loading properly. The messaging feature used to constantly cut out in the middle of typing, which made it difficult to keep in touch with customers and insanely annoying experiences retyping the same thing 5+ times (this seems like it may have been fixed by the most recent update, but time will tell). The help section of Uber is unavailable while on an active delivery, which makes it the most difficult to contact support precisely when it might be most urgent to do so. Overall, Uber accomplishes the necessary basic functions, but the user experience is frequently unpleasant.


Needs work

I’ve been doing this app eats trips for a couple of months now and my biggest problems with Uber are as follows. 1.) The GPS leaves a lot to be desired. Not only are locations completely inaccurate but when Uber asks you if the correct location is accurate it doesn’t update. It constantly tries to have me perform dangerous maneuvers to get to a specific place when it should know that making a u-turn when it could have told me to make a right or a left a block before to be able to make a safe turn. And the repeated voice prompts are completely annoying. I don’t need to be told 4 or 5 times back to back to head to my pick up or the like. 2.) While I appreciate the system trying to give me the opportunity to stay busy, it is completely unreasonable to be bombarded with trip requests when I’m trying to see where I need to pull over or make a turn as I’m approaching my destination. It is also annoying to be sent requests as I’m trying to take a photo or put in a delivery pin and inadvertently accepting a request I have no idea about and then having my trip requests paused because I cancel the request I had no intention of accepting. Sending these requests after the current delivery is completed would be the best in my opinion. I’m sure there are other points that could be made but these are ones that are really bothersome for me.


Uber Eats driver

Uber is pretty great. I ONLY do UberEats.. The quests are generous and help make you extra money. I actually do this full time now to focus on my own business and I get by. However, they should have an option for us to decide if we are willing to deliver out of the state. I understand that people that aren’t from NY or NJ think traveling in and out of the city is a breeze, and when you live in Jersey City and Bayonne it really is, but that doesn’t mean I WANT to go back and fourth, MORE THAN ONCE in a day, let alone an hour, idk how tolls are anywhere else but getting into any part of NY is EXPENSIVE. Especially now that the pandemic has made the state of New York even more broke. I don’t mind doing it, but there are days when it’s just not worth it and when I really just don’t want to. So please, idk if you people at this app actually read these but please consider giving us an option to travel out of state, or maybe give us an option to enter how many miles from our preferred location we are willing to go. And can you maybe figure out a way to get us to our destinations without having to pay multiple tolls, I’m doing this to make money, not to pay 2 to 3 tolls for a person who’s only gonna leave a 1-2 dollar tip. If there are going to be multiple tolls, you should figure out how to make it worthwhile.


This app needs work

I have only been working with this app for about 4 weeks and have been VERY eager to earn money !! I have done OVER 137 trips and it says I have declined 30 trips !!!!! There is NO WAY I have missed that many and I have NEVER declined 1 trip !! But the WORST one is where Uber messed up while finding trips, and a customer called me from a previously accepted trip that ‘dropped off’ and went back to looking for trips. He seemed desperate to get to the airport so I agreed to take him. I verified with this app that I would be covered insurance wise even though Uber was OBVIOUSLY having issues. I tried 6-7 times over 10 days afterwords to reach out to CS to get this trip ‘fixed’ so I could be paid. The kicker was when I received an email notice that I would NOT be paid due to NOT contacting them within 10 days and to “in the future be sure to notify this app within 10 days of any issues”. To say I was upset would be putting it lightly !!! In calling CS I informed the rep that it was not their personal fault but I was VERY upset and took it out on them. And she was able to ‘fix’ it right then !!! WHY DID IT TAKE 10 days & 6-7 reps before I could get it resolved !?!?!? I am gonna get my CDL license so I can make REAL money driving for delivering goods instead of people so I can provide a living instead of just side hustle money with this app . This is such a shame since I love to meet people and drive my car !!!


Auto background checks are awful…

I decided to get Uber and sign up for this app just to find out after the strenuous process of finding my papers and documents was for nought. If their automatic background checker messes up or finds a “discrepancy” kiss your this app driving dreams goodbye and say hello to painful weeklong processes of trying to get in touch which their support team (which can take more than an hour if you even get the help you need). I got in touch with a support agent after 40 minutes of waiting and she said there was an issue with their auto background check and that she would have the internal team fix the issue and that I would get an email saying I'm ready to drive in a day or two. To my surprise instead of an email saying Im ready to go I got an email saying there was a discrepancy on their auto background check, checkr, website and that I would have to manually put in my info to the website. I did it after the strenuous process I’d been through to get here and to my surprise it said i would need to contact someone in checkr support to get my “discrepancies” sorted out. With no info on how to actually do such a thing on their website and the pain and suffering I had gone through up to this point I decided to throw in the towel. In conclusion this is the worst experience I’ve ever had applying to any job, so if you’re as lucky as I am with background check “discrepancies” I recommend moving on and considering a different company to work for.


There are good days and bad.

I have no idea why you allow ratings that do nothing to help your drivers improve. I have never done anything to deserve less than 5 stars, other than when there are app glitches, and when I get rated below I have no what I need to improve. This is the most frustrating thing for me personally. Hardly any riders tips me and I am polite, careful, and help them with their bags or assistance getting in out of the car when needed. We are providing a service that takes most of our fare and tipping should be automatic. The only other thing that could explain no tips is if the company is taking them. But how can that be proven? I am grateful I have a job to work until I can find something better, but I constantly worry about what will happen if I ever have a real problem with a customer or anything else really. I have been driving for almost two years now and wish the fear of actually being able to trust the company I work for would go away. You have so many drivers though so the opinions of a few don’t seem to be worth your time. It really is not becoming worth the wear and tear on my personal vehicle with prices going down and the passengers having no idea what we have to pay just to drive for you all with commercial insurance costs, fuel, tires and everything else that goes into taking care of our vehicles to provide safe traveling for YOUR customers.


Need improvement for security

Before I start with the security matter that concerns me I would like to highlight the fact that I put a destination that I was going to and what happened was that the gps put me trips that took me far away from where I was heading to and also I didn’t make it on time which shouldn’t be happening. Know the security concern, I live and drive in Miami. I started doing this app about a week ago and on my first day I picked up a person who was heading to the airport and started complaining because I was delayed dropping her off but it was because of the gps. It took me to a street one way to the right and the gps was telling me to take a left. At least I was familiar with the area and I could make a turn even though the person was complaining because I wasn’t taking the route the this app app was showing to her and to myself as well. But it could cause a huge accident, plus the gps is not very clear at the time of using it. Even though is not recomendable to switch apps I’d rather use Waze instead of the this app navigation since the route directions can be confusing sometimes and the customers gets mad because I as a driver didn’t took the correct ways. Last but not least we should have the opportunity of having unlimited destinations to take more advantage of Uber and other placed rather than only home. Otherwise, Uber works really well overall.


Useless Customer Service

I have only been driving for a month and 141 rides but have been in contact with this app customer service 4 times and they have never resolved an issue any of those times. 1 - Received a 1 Star rating and wanted an idea on what I did wrong and then explain I did have a passenger with special needs (his words) have issues getting out of my vehicle and left his phone in my car. Mom called and apologized and we took care of it but just wanted this app to know. 2 & 3 - I have had 2 riders call me and want me to cancel the ride because they can’t figure out on their end how to cancel on the this app app so I cancel and get dinged. 4 - Acceptance rate - For some reason I keep missing rides with the this app app and not Lyft. I’m at 97% on Lyft only missing 3. On this app I can’t get above 84%. I think it is because when I am helping with luggage or opening the doors for riders the rides are coming up. On Lyft they automatically put them in the que and I asked if I can make it so this app does the same thing because I can’t get to 85% to become GOLD. On all these issues they just keep saying no one can call me back but they will pass on the information. You would think they would want input from a new driver learning for the first time but that’s not the case with this app. Just go out and have fun giving rides and enjoy your riders and try not to worrying about the stats because they don’t track them fairly...that is my opinion of coarse. Have a great day..


No Customer Service or Care for the Chronically Ill

I have been working with UberEats for over two years. I have a chronic health issue that makes working a “normal” job as impossible since I ebb & flow between being okay enough to work & extremely bedridden with a chronic disease. UberEats gave me the independence & sense of personhood I needed after my chronic disease took so much away from me - financial stability, my dream job, friends, family, the sense of safety. Until today. I was informed last week my background check was being redone. I agreed & then was informed first thing morning that I was able to work again. Awesome! I am feel good & have less then $30 in my account. I need to work. But when I go into Uber , it says my background check is being processed. I am getting text messages to get out there to work. Even a notification in Uber , but I can’t go online. I sent the online messages system over a dozen text messages over five hours with ZERO response. this app is literally taking away the little I have left & won’t respond. You are keeping a chronically ill person from their prescriptions & making a living. With not even a response. If this is how you do business; I am better off on the street, which is going to happened to me. Thank you, this app. I have defended you & worked with you for years before the pandemic & this is the gratitude I get shown. I hope you can sleep at night putting people who have very little out on the street.


Don’t change states if you’ve been driving a while.

I drove in Utah for over 2 years. Requested to change cities when I moved to Atlanta. They made me submit ANOTHER background check when I had just completed one earlier in the year. And to my surprise the background checked flagged a speeding ticket and listed it as bail forfeiture and unpaid. How is this possible when the speeding ticket occurred in July of 2020 and I passed a background check on the same account in February of this year? Then when I try to bypass the system and creat a new account to drive on. They flag both my accounts for fraud. After deactivating my diamond account, they only opened up my new account to basic trips and deliveries. Meanwhile I’ve done over 200 trips already on this account and not earning any points whatsoever towards the higher tiers of pro status. My pro status doesn’t exist after four weeks of driving. And now all of a sudden they stopped offering promotions in my area. These guys are morons and just give you someone who speaks broken English to talk to through their support line. They never resolve your issue and you waste your time and lose money. When I asked Lyft to change my city. They said, “ok. What’s your new address?” An hour later they had me approved to drive. That’s almost laughable on this app’s part. Meanwhile Über continues to charge riders upwards of $25 for a 15 minute ride and only pay me $10. Think I’m just about ready to tell them to shove it.


Always something

I’ve been trying to get my this app debit card issue result for going on three weeks at this point because of the language barrier majority of the people I get in contact with cannot comprehend the issue all they do is copy paste a generic response when they see the word “bank” and “debit card issue” it’s absolutely ridiculous they’re not even comprehending the actual issue and just do nothing on top of this Uber it’s self is not like it is for everyone else on my end. I do not have an option to pause while I am online nor can I see the map of gas stations and bathrooms available to meet in my area it’s really annoying and frustrating that I have to go off-line every time I need to pause for a second and that I don’t have access to this awesome feature every download Uber five times at this point and it still doesn’t provide me with these features if someone could actually fix this for me and get back to me with it in the month that would be OK since it seems like every other issue takes weeks upon weeks for you guys to fix even though it’s super simple y’all really need to move your customer service call center from a non-English-speaking country it is doing nothing but make you guys look awful as none of you are testing if these people can actually speak and comprehend English just because they put it on the résumé doesn’t make it so


Uber has failed

What can I say about this app. Although I have a great record/rating as a driver, this app has failed me multiple times with there glitches and errors. I didn't think I would ever have to write a review until now. I am very upset! The whole purpose of drive this app is to make quick cash. I drove this app for several hours last night and my funds were not available to me. The reps on the phone couldnt give me any type of time frame or estimate when this mistake may be fixed. I stopped doing this app for the night since I couldn't cash out. This morning, I expected to cash out, but now my funds won't be available to me until the 17th of September!! I needed that money to pay on something now which is why I drove last night!! On top that big problem, Ubers drop off locations for passengers are still not accurate. I took one women to a location and she didn't even stay in that area. This has happened multiple times. I try very hard to give my passengers the best experience possible(and it shows on my account) and this app can't even give me that. If the money issue happens again, I may switch to lyft. As a company, you can not promote your business telling people you will make quick money or earn money fast if your app doesn't work correctly. Thats considered FALSE information. I understand that apps/programs have issues sometimes, but one thing you must try to avoid is mess with someones money (and I mean hold/freeze it).


Uber eats driver

I recently started working and i love what i was doing with this app i would make all my delivery on time in order to keep the customer happy....i had some issue with some order and I reported this app with the situation...is a rough time do to covid 19 and most of the restaurants would tell to cancel the order because they had run out of item...i did my best to contact the customer and sometimes I didn’t get a response from them....i called this app support and most of the time i wouldn't get a response... even dough i make sure i delivers all my delivery this app decided to deactivate my account because they said i had incomplete delivery....there customer out here that would complain even dough they get their food deliver.... some customer use trick and say they didn't get their food in order to get their money back and just eat for free....is not our fault there some cruel people out here that would do harm to you just for fun...i feel bad and disappointed because i lose my way to provide money for my family...i Am pretty sure i was doing the best too keep my job and my earnings but this app decided too deactivate my account permanently ......i didn't agree with this decision because I followed all the guidelines and i was blame at no fault.... i did more than 100 delivery in 4 days and my rating was 92% but all this didn’t matter to this app specialized team.....all i hope is this issue to be best review and i would love too work for this app once again.....



I really hate to write a negative review like this. In fact, this my first cynical review of any kind in my life. Unfortunately my poor experience with Uber has given me no choice but warn others of the potential issues ahead of them. I have a decent paying job. I have been trying out these type of delivery apps for the past few weeks in an attempt to make a little extra cash. All have worked out well expect Uber. I registered my information as instructed, but when I go to deliver I am told by Uber I am unable to go online and to contact support. So I contacted support. A total of seven times over the course of eight hours, through phone, Uber , and their website. Not a single person can give me any answer or support as to why my app is not working properly. No disrespect or malice to any individual I have spoken to, all were very professional and concerned of my situation. Unfortunately, the system this company and app has in place seems to be completely broken. I’m being told by multiple employees that all my information is correct and that my case has been upgraded to a “Priority” but here I am sitting at home, willing and able to go out and work for this company but unable to, with no explanation whatsoever. Like I said before I really hate doing something like this. But this is literally my last ditch effort to get any type of answer from anyone related to this company regarding my situation.


Horrible customers service

I was attempting to sign up to be a driver. Uber would not let me switch my city, I had to wait 15 minutes for chat support to do it for me. The chat guy had difficulty directly answering my questions and I had to ask the same thing multiple different ways to get proper answers. They switched my city, and I re-submitted all my forms. However, I kept getting emails and notifications saying that my documents were not approved and I needed to re-submit them. I did not have a positive experience with chat, so instead I called them this time. I was on hold, without speaking to anyone, for 25+ minutes before I was disconnected. I contacted this app Support via Twitter DM and they responded saying they were “sorry” and to explain my situation so they could help me. Guess what? Been over an hour and no answer back still! They haven’t even seen the message. Gave up and waited another 10-15 minutes in the chat queue and got… the same exact guy from before. How that’s possible I don’t even know, but I think this app support may need to consider hiring themselves more help. He says that my documents are fine and he doesn’t know why I’m still getting the notices. Hugely frustrating and disappointing, even if get all my documents approved I doubt that I will work for this app. Seems like it will only be trouble if it’s this bad from the start. Wish that wasn’t the case though, it seemed like a great opportunity.


Uber is on its way out

If you have not noticed this app is trying everything they can to stay relevant, everything except the things that really matter. The first being listening to their customers both drivers and riders. Notice they change their logo, their app, their surge pricing, but they won’t change customer service... the reason this matters? Here is a real world example. Uber automatically initializes the next part of the trip without me pushing a button. The reason this matters is because I had a ride with a stop and when I clicked at the stop, I let the passenger out. I then had to move the car to park and when I did it assumed we were done at the stop. As a result I missed out on roughly $6. When I called to explain this the lady that answered did not seem to have English as a first language. After that call she actually adjusted the ride so that I made less money. I called a second time and the gentlemen seem to struggle to understand my English as well. He too did not fix my issue. Do yourself a favor and avoid this app. Edit Now the developers want me to take the time to submit another report about the issue. As I said this app does not get it. When drivers are out there and an issue with pay or trip arises we need it fix ASAP so we can get back to work. Missing out on money when the margins are already thin is crushing. So no I will not message you again, and like you are seeing everyday I am another driver who has moved on from this app and not looked back.


Drivers are the Minorities (please read before you sign up)

Been driving with Uber for 6 mouth’s and what I notice with Uber is that the customer support isn’t the best when it comes to drivers and dealing with their issues. I experience rating glitches, being on hold for 1 hour just to get transferred around to the same department. The communication system with the emails is the worst line of communication between drivers and this app. You explain a issue and they tell you the specialist will reach out to you (which can take 6 hours) so if you have issue dealing with your app good luck, this app could careless who handles the situation. It’s a hassle dealing with a company that only looks to make there riders happy and not both sides. As a major company everyday is a problem using the this app driver app, if it isn’t a glitch it’s problem with a rider lying and possible getting your account ban. Customer service tells you the same thing it’s like they don't do the actual investigation all they do is listen to rider and that’s enough evidence they need. I been waiting for 3 days to get a problem fixed so I can use my account again ( keep in mind this app is my only job I have since the pandemic makes it hard to find work) I Pleated with the this app customer service agents and they don’t care to fully handle the situation. this app started off good but ended bad I'm trying my best to get my this app back but this app showing they can care less to help me.


App freezes constantly and must be restarted.

Constantly Uber freezes and I must restart. After a recent update the navigation is touting unnecessarily long trips even when the destination is to a location that’s on the same street it sends you to make 3 extra turns that just make you circle around for no reason. Lastly constantly while I’m either texting my customers or even support a new trip will pop up as I’m on the middle of writing and because of it being set up so when a new offer appears if you tap anywhere on the screen you’ll accept a trip without intending to, without being able to see what the trip was offering as pay or destination and then you have to cancel and that is also held against you if you cancel too many trips. Besides then having to go back into whatever part of Uber you were using and rewrite the message entirely. I suspect that might even be intentional so that you accept a trip nobody wants to take. The way that is set up when you receive a new offer and it making you accept it because you were I. The middle of writing something is incredibly frustrating and it should be changed so that there’s an on screen button that has to be pressed or slided to accept a new trip instead of just touching your phone screen anywhere because it’s also occurs that I have my phone in my pocket while I’m walking to leave the order and it makes me accept a trip.


Keeps logging me offline

I recently had a trip which I accepted, half way there the trip disappears, I close out Uber and reopen it and the destination is back, I continue to the destination, pick up the passenger, drop her to her destination & complete the trip. About 20 seconds after I pull off the riders destination pops back up as if I hadn’t dropped them off yet. I click complete ride and it goes away. About another 20 seconds the same exact thing happens again. So I click complete ride once more. He continued doing that for about another 15 mins even while I’m going offline and canceling the ride over and over. Even while “offline” it would pop back up telling me now that I still never even gave the rider a ride at all, it would tell me her starting destination again. So I jus kept canceling the ride. Eventually that ride issue stopped and now whenever I go online, I’m online for a couple mins, put my phone down to down whatever, but leaving the driver app open to hear and see if a ping comes in. I’ll randomly look back at my phone and it’ll say “offline” when I know I was “online”. This JUST started happening so I’m a bit confused. It’s a nasty glitch that I’m afraid is causing me to miss $$. 😔


Mixed Feelings

Community service is nice when it works. The past week I told passengers they can tip me on Uber when they grade me with hopefully 5 stars ⭐️ I know one passenger stopped and gave me a tip on app before getting out of my car- I’ve still not gotten it, 3 days later. If it’s an oversight, ok... but I feel this app is not compensating where due. For instance last weekend Bonus of “33 rides for $50” began on Fri at 2pm - Mon 12:am. After a harrowing 2 days & on my last couple hours I was in airport waiting queue with only 1-5 UberX ahead, this app said they’d hold my spot to take a “possible premium” request. There was NO premium for a long ride that took me out of a busy zone, to pickup! Then at 11:22pm a long delivery request. I had an issue with Uber freeZing. I called this app support in middle of delivery 🚚 -delivery took a lot of time & compensation was inadequate- considering ”timing”. I should have been given grace for the next 2 rides I gave immediately after a complicated delivery UberEats sent (which I did NOT turn on during that evening while Trying to meet quota for $50 bonus). I continued w back to back pickups. I have screen shots while in transit at 12:09am for passenger Roni and another at 12:21am for Marc. I feel I met 33 required rides for $50 over and above performance- for no reason! I did pickup passengers this app sent (w/o denials) I am Frustrated!


Please fix these issues!

I have been driving for this app for almost 4 years, I have a 4.97 rating on over 3000 rides and as I keep working with them the only trend I see is how things keep getting worse for the drivers, but I won’t mention major issues in this review as I want to focus on things that may actually be fixed. There are a couple of issues about Uber that I would like to put emphasis on. Such as the way It focuses too much in the new this app Pro Points and not so much on what’s really important for the Driver- THE MONEY-. While it’s fun and interesting to see how many points you gain and the mediocre perks that you acquire along the way. What drivers want to be on top of is how much money they have made after every trip, and I am sure I’m not the only one who sees it this way. I constantly struggle with having to tap on the upper center icon to go back from the points to the total amount of money made. It gets really annoying seeing how Uber focuses more on that than what really matters. Another thing is how poorly the servers perform sometimes, it just seems unbelievable to me that after all these years of this app being in business and being such a large corporation with a mega budget, that it still struggles with so many glitches and errors within Uber . I do like to provide the ride-sharing service with the this app Platform, and would like to see them fix these issues among other ones.


Recommended Uber driver app improvements

I give it a 3 because after Ubering for a week, sometimes it takes me on toll routes without notifying me ahead of time. Since I don’t have a sunpass in the state of Florida. Then I have to go online and look for the bill for my toll. I wish it had a feature where I can avoid tolls like Uber Waze offers. Also one the iPhone gps. Another reason is it’s not current with road construction within the city you are driving. This would be an amazing feature to avoid long drive times with and without the customer in the vehicle so we can avoid traffic build up. Also I’ve noticed when it tries to cut through some turns within plazas or a neighborhood, sometimes I approach an intersection that’s only one way and then I have to think quick and come up on when to bust a U turn so that the gps can reroute quickly. As an this app driver I am required to have a profile photo. When an alert comes through on the gps I wish I can see my this app riders photo so that in a large crowd, I know who to look for and kind of know what he or she looks like. It would be helpful if the rider is ordering a ride, that they confirm how many seats would be taken. I’m aware that it gives you the option to use waze but I like to stay within Uber since everything I need when I’m “on the clock” is there all in one screen.


4.98 driver here, the app is broken since last update!

Hi, hopefully someone from this app (whom has any kind of authority) reads this. Not only are pick up locations wrong - I had to start calling every passenger during pick up, to confirm there location - but they also added a terrible function where if you decline 2-3 requests in a row it will log you out of the whole app, not just put you unavailable, so you have to put in your screen name and password and get it going again and turn on rides. Obviously during that log out multiple bad things could have happened like you lost your surge, you missed a turn, your focusing on and being required to do touch Uber and try to type in names and passwords while driving - a safety hazard as well as chance of a ticket . Guys, there are reasons we don’t take every request that comes in, there are rating reasons first off. You have your multiple reasons too, like not showing destinations of the rides until they are picked up etc. please revert this log out function. I’m 4.98, have a new 2019 car, a completely clean driving record for over 20 years, and never have a problem. If I dont want to accept a ride from a bad apple or one that is behind me while I’m on the freeway with no exits in sight, or ones that are 16 mins away or even more, while I’m stuck in downtown after a mlb game, then I should be able to do that without punishment. Please revert to Uber pre-most recent update.


Hope for a minor change

Thanks this app for giving me a way to earn extra income. As of now, I have had only good experience working but one incident.. A customer reported that I was driving while intoxicated and was swerving, which I can only laugh at the report.. My body rejects alcohol and even smelling it causes me to lose my breath so in no way can I consumerist.. I probably would not have made a big deal about it but, there was a concert and I was unable to drive... this app should force each driver to submit to a alcohol and drug test any time a report of this topics is made so drivers can quickly return to work.. if driver is has a negative result, the rider who report the issues should pay for the test and any lost wages that has occurred due to the false claim... this app has already given me 2 drug test which I passed so I was willing to submit to a third.. this app should also have bonus like Lyft does so we can be encouraged to drive... One last issue, for whatever reason, a friend I invited to drive always gets promotion bonus and I Never do.... being here for 2.5 years you can only imagine the bitterness I feel towards this issue.... can someone please let me know the EXACT reason why I’m not able to get the same promotion bonus...


Uber Review

Im enjoying driving this app meet any ethnic nationality and driving with the spirit of Aloha. here in hawaii very high cost of living i got 3 wonderfull kids that keep me going. when my fren Paul introduce to me if I wanna do this app sure why not i started my application last 3 months ago and did not meet the requirements for my 02 honda odyssey. so i ask my family if i can borrow money so i can start this app i waited 3 months finally somebody got good hearts to land me money i find this car on social media its 08 honda fit so this month i continue my application and thank god went thru so i started driving i did finish my 30 trips in 3 days so i contacted this app if do i get the promotion bunos ive been notified that ive alredy pass 90 days my heart sank i didnt wanna talk and quit should be considerate and understanding that i did 30 trips in 3 days cuz my application doesnt went thru when i started my application how can i starts picking up passenger if i didnt have the ride and its denied should be better if im approve and then starts counting 90 days. im expecting my bonus to pay my brother i should be more enjoying and happier driving with this app if i got my bonus luckily my fren Paul convince me keep going and i try my best to go back on the road.. Mahalo Nui Loa!! Danny


Uber is all mixed up

apps are wrong ! This is the exact same app I signed up for three weeks ago to pick up riders who need a ride somehow this same app hooked me up to deliver food and now this app after three weeks of waiting submitting all my car stuff my insurance and everything like people really give a crap if they’re ordering food What year car I drive and whos my car insurance not one mention tho in countless emails back n forth did it say I signed up to deliver food , which I didnt. so now this app wants me to wait again 3 more weeks to go thru the whole process again w same app ? I think NOT , Waste of time and my energy . this app apparently not for me cuz they have made it very difficult for me so m taking heed and movn along this is not meant to be for me Ill stick w LyFt and if I want to pick up and deliver food ill continue to use Door Dash. You hav been no help this app even after being on hold several times this week w you and nothing then was resolved then either , and same crap today nothing resolved was told redo the whole dam thing again ... really where ?? same app I already used and signed up for ? which came from the apple store and googled same app but its to pick up food not riders 😡 ....


Uber-in a league of their own!

So I’ve been doing this app Eats for over a month now.. I also signed up for Grubhub, DoorDash, & Postmates. Let me tell you that Ubers earnings and Uber are light years ahead of the competition. It’s almost not worth taking other deliveries (if you’re running multiple driver apps) because you might miss out on an this app delivery which 9/10 times is going to pay you more. I’ve made almost $40 an hour on a busy Sunday night. I’ve made more in one night then I was able to make all week with Grubhub. To be fair I signed up for DoorDash and haven’t been able to do 1 delivery because they require you to fight to set your schedule with other Senior drivers who get access to scheduling 2 days in advance. DoorDash and Postmates both make you wait in line sometimes to pay for the order which is a joke in 2019 since everything’s digital. DoorDash also makes you sit inside your car (or stand outside your car) while scheduled because you have to be inside the boundary to receive an order which eats gas if you’re idling with a/c at ($4.09 gallon in CA) vs taking orders from home and making double 😀. For all of you debating what to do.. I hope this helps!

Is Uber Safe?

Yes. Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 582,288 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver Is 72.1/100.

Is Uber Legit?

Yes. Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 582,288 Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver Is 72.1/100.

Is Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver not working?

Uber - Driver: Drive & Deliver works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Ronnie Gonzalez
Dec 01 2022

I have been deactivated from Lyft and Uber even though I have had 2.2k rides on Lyft and 1.3k rides of Uber and good star rating over bogus charges. I put a case in IDG for over three months but they said it might take another three months so I decided to see if there was another way to reactivate my account. Luckily I got the recommendation of a hacker named 'cyberianx' on Telegram, I provided him with
some information and my account got active again after 48hrs. I can't thank him enough for this. Anybody experiencing deactivation issues should reach out to him.

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