Frndly TV Reviews

Frndly TV Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-08

40+ LIVE channels for $6.99/mo. A&E, Hallmark Channel, INSP, The HISTORY
Channel, Lifetime, MeTV, Movies & Mysteries, Weather Channel, GSN & more. Try 7
days FREE. Cancel any time. Watch NEW movies and shows, plus on demand. Optional
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Reviews (29)


GREAT selection, App needs Improvements

LOVE all the channel options (Hallmark, UpTV, GAC, Lifetime), but Frndly TV needs some major improvements. My recorded movies and shows always restarts while I’m in the middle of watching and decide to open up Frndly TV to either pause, rewind or fast forward. Frndly TV also doesn’t save our watch progress so if you want to continue watching something later, you’ll have to search for the show again and find where you left off. Very rarely does it actually save our progress. It would be great to have a “watched” check mark or some way to organize content we’ve recorded so we know what we’ve seen already and what we haven’t. The closed captioning also doesn’t work if we use Chromecast to stream to our TV. It would be great to have an option to access the app through our xBox or Playstation like other streaming channels.


Amazing LIVE TV!

First off, reading other reviews a reminder to all: THIS IS LIVE TV. It isn’t like most of your mainstream services, this is live as in it airs the same things at the same time as other providers. So no, you can’t skip or jump ahead because it is, well, LIVE. Secondly, the price for the selection is unparalleled! It is more than worth it!! Their on demand section is awesome as it has 72 hour look back as well as movies that are just there. THREE HALLMARK CHANNELS as well as PixL (commercial free movies) and UpTV (original programs and movies) was my main draw. Curiosity Stream, Outdoor, Game Show Network... such awesome selection! And for those who think it’s not enough selection, take a moment and really think about what you watch. I mean, you can’t watch 500 channels all at the same time so... I save so much money and still have amazing things to watch! And yes, it’s available across multiple platforms so TRY THE FREE TRIAL YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!


LOVE but a few things...

Okay, I absolutely LOVE ❤️ Frndly TV, my mom originally got it for Hallmark so me and her could watch it together, but we’ve explored all the other shows and movies. I love how you added UP TV because they play bringing up bates, Reba and heartland(and we don’t have the UP subscription so this is nice!) My whole family love to sit down in the living room after dinner and watch Family Feud on The Game Show Network or LHOTP on Hallmark Drama(my fav show lol) So as you can see, we love this wayyy better than anything, but there are a few tweaks that I would like to point out. When watching record or on Demand content and you try to fast forward or rewind you can’t see where your going and how far you’re going back/forward. Which can be annoying when you’re trying to fast forward commercials. And sometimes when I’m watching a show on demand or on record it starts from the beginning!! And then I have to fast forward to the part where I was but then I can’t see it! Also I think I’d be cool if you could search a series and all the episodes will be listed and then another section can be for the ones that will(or have) been played. Overall FIVE STARS but please fix the issues PLEASE!! I absolutely LOVE Frndly TV so PLEASE FIX THANK YOU 💫 ♥️


Great Service - App Improvements Needed

I love the service. I think it’s a very reasonably priced to be able to watch live TV, on demand movies and shows, as well as record past and current programming. However, Frndly TV it’s self is lacking. The search feature is horrible. Sometimes it’ll show something you’re looking for while other times it won’t even if it is on the schedule. And when searching for something the items that come up sometimes are not even related. It doesn’t hold the spot on your movie very well when using on your phone. So I can be very frustrating to have to continue to go back and find a spot. Additionally, there have been a few times lately that shows I know are supposed to be at a certain date and time aren’t showing up correctly.


Needs better controls

I like Frndly TV and the shows and movies available but I really don’t like the playback controls. I’m limited to just 10 seconds rewinding and fast forwarding. I have to wait until the control is available to go forward/backward another 10 seconds. Most apps let a person fast forward 30 seconds at a time and a person can hit the option several times in a row. I was looking for an app for my LG smart tv and don’t see one. Any plans to have one? Other people have said that they have issues with a recording restarting when they pause a recording. I have used Frndly TV to watch 3 shows and have paused several times and have not had this issue. Hopefully I don’t encounter this.


Love it!

I absolutely love Frndly TV since we “cut the cable cord.” One of the reasons we kept cable for so long was because of the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel - I didn’t want to give it up! So, Frndly TV was a great solution. I also love the fact that I can watch it on my phone if I’m working outside, at the gym or going between multiple rooms in my house. I have had no problems with it, so maybe some of the issues others mentioned have been fixed. In my opinion, if you like Hallmark and their other channels, it’s completely worth the money! And, the other channels that come with it are just an added bonus. I highly recommend!!



I have to start by saying this is one incredible app. I had Frndly TV before and I couldn’t stay off. It’s cheaper and have more to offer then some of the apps today with live tv. It’s not a problem with skipping or play backs. Let alone I can save movies to watch for later I didn’t get a chance to see because I was helping or at work. I lost it because I couldn’t pay the bill due to me losing my job during COVID. I’m back and so ready to watch Christmas movies and try and enjoy the holidays without the family and people I lost this past year and a half. Better then cable cheaper and reliable!!!


Love the App!

I love Frndly TV ! I didn’t want to have to get cable just to watch Hallmark movies, but I almost did. I saw an add for Frndly TV on Facebook and instantly got it! It is MUCH cheaper than getting cable and purchasing the bundle with Hallmark movie channels. I also love the fact that you can record movies and play them whenever you want. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I can only watch it in my bedroom when I cast to my older version of google Chromecast. I bought a brand new tv with Chromecast built in but unfortunately it will not sync with the newer version. I really hope this bug gets worked out soon because I would really like to be able to have a Hallmark movie night with my girl friends 😊


Needs Improvement

The service is good but Frndly TV needs improvement. The search function brings up every movie available it seems except the one you are searching for…even if you type in the exact title. It only shows up if you’ve recorded it or it’s in the current guide and then only if you switch to guide search. I’d like to be able to see all the times I’ve recorded the same movie. It only shows the first time you’ve recorded the movie so I don’t know if I’m going to still have the movie after the time period deletes it because sometimes I’ve recorded the same movie again. So please show all recordings of the same movie.


Great selection, bad execution

The movies are great, but frequently while using the on demand feature, an error message appears: FrndlyTV failed to load video. Typically when receiving this error message, pausing the video or the battery dying, your spot is saved where you left off. Lately, however, it has not saved the location and all interrupted movies must be started from the beginning since it doesn’t give you the capability to fast forward. So annoying! I just put the movie on silent and let it play until I see that it is at the spot where I left off so that I can finish my movie. Because of this, I miss a lot of endings.


Good place to watch Hallmark channels

I love the content but the interface is lacking. It could be so much better with some small changes. One, when you open app please take me to the guide or home landing page with my favorite channels and last show watched. What happens now is you are dumped into the weather channel for some reason. Secondly, let us record only new episodes. Currently you can only pick record new and repeat episodes. Fix those two things and watch the ratings soar!! I’d you really want to thrill us, let us arrange channels in the order we want to see them.


No closed captions, pausing & restarting issues

We were so excited to find something cheaper that would still allow us to see our Hallmark shows. The ability to record shows & watch them later is awesome. The first drawback is the fact that if we pause it we can’t start it back up. It goes back to the very beginning of the show. Pretty irritating! The other drawback for us is the lack of closed captions. I am hard of hearing & require them for watching tv & movies. Makes it near impossible for me to enjoy the shows with my family.


Necessary Evil

Frndly TV is absolute trash but I keep it because it’s the only way to watch all of the Hallmark movies I want to watch. The playback controls are limited to 10 seconds to fast forward or rewind when the standard for other apps is to fast forward by 30 seconds. The closed captioning has never worked and we like to use them in our family. It defeats the purpose of having the control button if it doesn’t actually work. :| Frndly TV constantly restarts the program if it gets paused and there is a glitch that zooms in movies around the hour and a half mark. FrndlyTV needs to revamp Frndly TV if they truly want to keep people or bring new people in.


Losing the friendly part

I originally started this subscription to give my daughter clean friendly channels that she didn’t have to scroll through trash or parental guards. Loved the channels and didn’t begrudge paying. But then they started adding channels with shows that’s are no longer kid friendly. So here we go again. Then because they add these channels we should pay a little extra. I don't want those channels it was why I switched off satellite. Please let us opt out of some add ons!! Other than that I love friendly tv but if it continues I’m saying goodbye. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Amazing Programming

If nostaglia means anything, Frndly TV gives me plenty. The programming and channels are family friendly. Hallmark has always been my favorite everything. Now I can watch it nonstop if I want. The Inspiration channel gives me a look back to the days of Westerns where my daddy and I watched those and the wonderful Days of May where John Wayne movies are broadcast is one of my favorites too. I still love Bonabza, Gunsmoke, The Virginian, Big Valley etc. My grandchildren can watch without monitiring. It is worth its value ror what is charged. One problem is the error messagecI receive that stops my program to tell me the video failed to load. If that was the cas, I woukd not be watching the movie at all. It is annoying tonsay thevleast and Frndly TV needs to be fixed since it hapoens on my iPad, my iPhone, my PC. I do not like having to rewatch all I just watched.


Buffering nightmare

I have the 7.99 plan and use on my fire stick. The movies buffer, then replay 10 seconds, buffer, repeat. Sometimes the buffer will be so long that when it stops, it’s a different movie. The guide is glitchy in that sometimes it’s just all black- no programs listed under time. Frndly TV looks like it was developed in the 90’s. It is the only app I have issues with on fire stick. I have unplugged fire stick, restarted/rebooted fire stick , deleted and reinstalled the app app, checked for app updates, added a WiFi booster to luck. I can see that many have complained about the same issues I’ve had, so the developers need to start from scratch and rebuild this platform so that it actually works.


Not great

I got Frndly TV so I could watch the Christmas movies. I didn’t realize that you have to record the movies you want to watch and then you still have commercials you have to watch. I was able to move past when I pause the movie, it starts over again at the beginning. I fast forward to the point where I was watching it takes 5 minutes for the movie to catch up. I can’t blame my iPad cause it’s brand new and the latest edition maybe it’s my internet but that doesn’t explain the movie starting at the beginning. Really not impressed with Frndly TV . I will only keep it for the one month I have paid for. It’s not worth it the $7.99.


Great idea but.....

Frndly TV was just what I was looking for but I have a few issues with it. Love that it has Hallmark live streaming, and all the other programs are a true bonus. Having said that I have a smart TV and would have liked to have it on that (instead of my iPad) without paying more fees for a platform I would not use for anything else. I also am not fond of all the “buffering “ that is constantly happening while trying to watch a show! So until those things are fixed I will not be using your subscription service.


Needs improvement

I love the choices of channels, just what I want and why I still have Frndly TV BUT you seriously need to fix the playback and pausing etc. only rarely does a paused or stopped program show up in your “continue watching” lineup forcing you to start a show over. Which leads to the biggest annoyance....why can’t you fast forward back to your spot of previously aired shows or recorded shows?? I get for live (even repeats) but if you can’t save my spot and I need to rewatch the first 90 minutes of a movie again to see the end, makes me want to move back to other choices for apps that allow it.


App Issues——update!

Updated issues- but still thankful!! -there should be a Way to record only brand new shows or only the complete is absolutely ridiculous that it records all shows even if it has already been recorded! Way too many to weed through - the series should also just be in its folder so you can click on anything in the folder easily Original Post -I agree that when fast forwarding i would prefer to see where i am... -also if i pause or leave a recording it should give me the option to go back to where i left off... -it’s also telling me a show i know exists on hallmark movies & mysteries is not coming up in my search of the title... -We sould be able to search a title and see all the already aired shows on demand *These are my issues with Frndly TV so far* but I am thankful there is finally a place to watch Hallmark movies and mysteries channel


I guess you get what you pay for.

I was really excited to get this, as it solved the solution of getting the Hallmark channels. And it worked great. For a few hours. Now, it keeps crashing on my iPad. I’m hoping it has something to do with the system upgrade on my iPad today—though I did watch for awhile after the upgrade. This iPad is less than a year old, so it’s not my device. Glad I’m still in the free trial period. If things don’t improve within my seven day period, I’m done.


Love the app but can’t locate on new tv!

I love having access to the hallmark channels and the flexibility of unlimited recording and watching within 30 days before deletion. We purchased a new tv, Samsung UHD Series 7 and cannot find Frndly TV in the store or search list. I am upset because I can’t locate help for this issue. Also, the controls are finicky when rewinding and fast forwarding. The controls could be better. Anyone has any help on how to download Frndly TV to my tv I would appreciate the help! Thank you! Enjoy!!!


Tired of starting over

I really loved Frndly TV at first but it quickly went downhill. I’ve watched one movie from beginning to end. The last few weeks have made it where I can never finish anything because they always start over. You can’t fast forward to where you stopped either which I could also do when I first downloaded. I downloaded specifically to watch Hallmark Christmas and apparently I’m going to have to be content watching bits and pieces. It’s very disappointing.


Deal Breaker

I’m considering “cutting the cord” and using the app to get all of the Hallmark Channels. In order to do this, it would help tremendously if management would have the app work with Apple TV. I’ve not had a chance to try the app because this option is not available. My iPhone has the the app app so I assume it might work using Apple AirPlay to mirror the app to Apple TV; however, having your app available directly would be so much easier. Please add it and I’m all in!!!


Not the best

Worked great for the first few days. Now it takes a few moments for the movie to stream to my TV so I watching a black screen with sound. This happens on more than one TV in my house. Also for the past week every time I stream a movie to my Tv about half way through the movie freezes. I think it’s ridiculous to pay for something that doesn’t work. I will be canceling my service. Hopefully they will get things fixed but for now I’ll just stick with other services.


I love the service but

I absolutely love the service but Frndly TV needs work. #1 don’t ever watch a recording with your Bluetooth headphones. It’s just beep beep beep beep as if you’re skipping between songs. It’s insane. I have to use my regular headphones to keep my sanity when I’m on the bus. #2 don’t ever exit Frndly TV in the middle of a recording. You’ll never get back to where you were! This drives me crazy since I’m using Frndly TV on my phone. Of course I have to leave and come back for various reasons; calls, texts, emails etc.


Like the family friendly but way to many commercials

Tried the free trial. Sat down and watched a movie which was at least 2 hours long because there was probably at least an hour worth of commercials. Defiantly a ridiculous amount especially when you are paying monthly. Offered an option to start the movie over since we got in half way through but it wouldn’t start over. Not sure we will be keeping Frndly TV.


Love Channels, HATE they don’t display Episode numbers

I love all the the app channels. Love that I can record shows. HATE that there are not episode numbers put on movies and TV series’ episodes. I have to waste a lot of time trying to find out which episode is in what order, often “spoiling” the plot because I begin watching an episode out of order. I’m recovering from back surgery so, yes, having clean family friendly tv to watch is very important especially now


Major technical issues- not worth the money

Got Frndly TV last November and it worked ok through FireTV for short shows - like 1 hour. Audio goes in and out and I’ve had to reboot a lot!! Haven’t watched it much until last week but had to install an update. Ever since the update it doesn’t work at all. Green spinning circle of death continues on the screen. Rebooted multiple times. Now just get an “ok” button that does nothing. They do NOT offer a refund!! Too many technical issues. Can’t watch on the phone because then the video stalls - even with the fastest internet.

A better way to Contact apps

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Is Frndly TV Safe?

Yes. Frndly TV is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 786 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Frndly TV Is 51.1/100.

Is Frndly TV Legit?

Yes. Frndly TV is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 786 Frndly TV User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Frndly TV Is 51.1/100.

Is Frndly TV not working?

Frndly TV works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 29 Comments

By Scott Ballantyne
Jun 30 2022

I love the concept of Frndly TV. I downloaded the app primarily for MeTv. However, the app has serious issues.
For the past 2 days app has failed to load or only partially loads. At times the app loads but can.t access recorded/scheduled to record. I have had it erase recordings. When I record back to back episodes early in the morning about half the time I get only 1 of the 2 episodes. I have recommended Frndly to others.
With a more stable platform and a less cumbersome way of searching for programs, this could be a very successful app.

By Debbie Malcolm
Jun 29 2022

I Iike the streamng channels, but frndly is not always available or tells me internet running slow. I go to other streaming channels and no internet problems. Emailing support is a waste of time..they do not contact you back. Uptv is not current with programing. I don't like that you have to give credit card number to get some problems resolved. I know you get a refund, but private info i.e. Credit card info is none of your business.

By Debbie Malcolm
Jun 29 2022

I Iike the streamng channels, but frndly is not always available. Emailing support is a waste of time..they do not contact you back. Uptv is not current with programing. I don't like that you have to credit card number to get some problems resolved. I know you get a refund, but private info i.e. Credit card info is none of your business.

By Denise
Jun 28 2022

Programming not available all across the board on the app this morning. I performed all of the troubleshooting suggestions and still nothing. The app has been very ify the past week.

By Diana Medina
Jun 26 2022

I luv this app, however I am very disappointed as they have removed the option of being able to rewind, fast forward or pause if you get a show in the middle of a show, you could rewind it all they to either the beginning or almost beginning. Than you could fast forward through the commercial. Now you have to record and wait until it has record to rewind fast forward or pause. It has taken the best part of the app away. I loved that this was the only app that would allow you to do that. So disappointed 😞

By Tom
Jun 24 2022

What is so difficult about adding a “favorites” feature? With almost 40 channels that you can’t watch them all, and most of which I’m sure few people ever watch - how hard can this be?

By Darla M.
Jun 21 2022

I love the channel lineup but there's too many issues to even list. Such as the advertisements cutting into the program while watching. What's with the Spanish language advertisements. Buffering in between the programming. Not being able to watch the on demand programs. Not being able to watch programs that are scheduled later on the guide or are to be recorded. Wayyy toooo many issues !! Please fix/change/correct them ? I have the premium package and it shouldn't be this much of issues. Thanks.

By Arthur B Casterline
Jun 15 2022

The only thing that works is the guide and channels that are free anyway. No A&E circl doesn't even spin. Channel is blocked.

By Arthur B Casterline
Jun 15 2022

Channels being blocked. The only things that will load and play is the guide and channels that are free anyway. No A&E Circle doesn't even spin. Started A week ago.

By Pat
Jun 15 2022

I like the content. I hated the amount of commercials. I just could not rationalize paying $9.00 a month and then have to deal with 6 minutes of commercials. It was a show stopper for me. I didn't make it past the 7 day trial. I should note that I do have Discovery+ and the most commercial time is 2 minutes. That I can handle, and I paid $30 for 1 year.

By Tammatha Kay Narula
Jun 14 2022

They do not send out auto renewals..even though in Colorado it is the law. I was thinking it would renew in July but it was June. They also raised the price $10 and did not inform. I contacted them and got a partial refund of $77 out of $94. They said it was processing fee and pro rated..but it was the exact day to the year it was paid last what was pro-rated..they would not answer. Second big point: I was a two year paying customer not just a free..I paid two years and they kept part of my money and did not even send out the legally required notice that would have made the whole thing not an issue, Every other subscription I have sends out a notice that it is going to renew. They kept close to $20 for nothing and will not refund it. I would have re-subscribed in the near future..but not now..they do not value even long term customers.

By Randy
Jun 11 2022

Your “guide”’is horrible!!! Many stations (like UP, etc) are NOT even listed & others come & go(???) & then you hafta jump thru a dozen hoops to get the unlisted offering on.. like the whole thing is run by a 5th grade computer class… sad…

By Rokitt
Jun 05 2022

Signed up and paid for the "On Demand" package only to find out the channel.....the only channel we signed up for doesn't allow "On Demand" features.
What a rip off!

By Sherry Davenport
May 31 2022

Love the channels tired of getting kicked off my movies...uh oh we hit a snag....grrrrrr.

By Sandy L
May 29 2022

Love the shows but the app needs serious work. I’m paying for this channel and the picture cuts out or it takes forever to load or doesn’t load at all. I have to delete it and add it again. So aggravating.

By J. Berryman
Apr 28 2022

I live in rural area. I run my internet off a mofi router. I had no clue it would not support Frndly and I would not be able to watch any channels. I had to cancel within two days. I tried everything to make it work. I chose an annual subscription, DON’t !!! They finally agreed to refund a portion of my annual fee but I still lost $25.00 for 2 days of trying to have their service! I’m praying they will credit my account. Their prices may be great……. If you can actually view the channels but beware…. They do not refund! No contracts! You CAN cancel anytime ……..BUT it’s going to cost YOU!

By Cash
Apr 09 2022

How about a little less Gunsmoke and more High Chapperall?

By Marsha Hess
Jan 04 2022

Get tv is distorted. Can not adjust. Please fix. Also has started buffering a lot I am trying for 7 days.

By Ed Stewart
Jan 02 2022

We love the offering and the price but the Roku app is poor. Skipping through commercials is utterly ridiculous with no ability to easily skip 30 seconds at a time or see when to restart again. It's just a guessing game on when to restart watching a show. The interface is primitive but usable and the 9 month DVR is an excellent feature. Also it hangs up frequently usually multiple times a day typically late at night or early morning almost every single day. We have to get out of the app in these cases and never restart at exactly the right point in the program that was playing at the time. It's like they are doing some system maintenance every day at the same time and the system becomes unstable and unfit for uninterrupted usage. Even with these issues we do like it and just hope they will improve over time and not increase their prices.

By Dorothy Wurtsbaugh
Dec 20 2021

Absolutely HORRIBLE customer service. I was billed twice in the same month. I proved it with screenshots. They sent me round and round to this setting or that setting but said they couldn't see the double charge on their end. Was messaging with them for 1 hour and 40 minutes. I finally gave up. If I am double charged again it is game over for this app for me.

By Susi Huggins
Dec 13 2021

I signed up for annual subscription and was unaware I was automatically charged for another year. The day I was charged I called them to cancel, it's an "unmonitored line", and messages are not accepted. I emailed 3 times, no response dead silence. I finally got a live chat to answer. I was told they do not offer any refunds, so I am stuck with another year of Frndly TV. Beware paying in advance, you will be auto billed annually unless you cancel. No notification at all of the upcoming charge. It's in the fine print when you sign up.

By Lin
Nov 30 2021

I would had given a better review for Frndly TV if they had better technical support! Frndly TV does not have friendly support or at least they haven't for me for weeks.
Yes, some of the problems have already been mentioned on this page. Not being able to watch a recorded show until 30 minutes later and sometimes not all at as I took screen shots to prove that.
Not being able to just record new airings of a show but have to get all of them recorded even if already seen instead of just the new ones that haven't aired yet.
Sometimes the show stops playing and I have to refresh the page for it to play or get error messages on some even though other shows play just fine!
Had a few shows the video froze while the audio kept playing.
I let their technical support know which videos froze and the time they were on their guide in addition to the screen shot of other problems. I got an automated email that they received my emails so I know they got them that they would reply within 24 hours. It's almost been 24 DAYS with no reply!
They were good when I was sending them suggestions but when I started needing technical support their technical support DISAPPEARED!! I am so disappointed that they would treat paying customers this way. Maybe they didn't like my telling them that and have retaliated by not replying to any of my emails.
I don't do their live chats because I don't see well enough or type well enough to do the pace needed for live chats but I did leave messages there, too, for them and they have done nothing to help!

By Patrice
Aug 25 2021

Price is great if you love the Hallmark channel. My only frustration lately is if you pause it or come back to the show you have to start all over again. It hasn’t let me fast forward lately to resume where I was which is so frustrating. This wasn’t always the case.

By James Palladino
Aug 23 2021

The resolution is horrible at best... Please advise... All other streaming and antenna tv programs I use are excellent. Also too many commercials on your platform... And please don't say to upgrade...

By Sheila
Aug 21 2021

Can’t watch showed because it is constantly buffering. Switch to Roku channel plays perfect, NO BUFFERING and it’s free. Explain to me why would I want to pay for your channel when I can’t watch what I choose too. Fix the problem at your end or I will cancel

By Patty Bently
Aug 05 2021

I didn't sign up for this and I was charged 88 dollars

By Teri Sweet
Jul 20 2021

I subscribe to Frndly TV because I love Hallmark and UPTV. What a disappointing, frustrating and aggravating experience it’s been! The 7 day free trial was perfect…not a single problem. But as soon as the trial was over it was problems galore - buffering issues, error messages when I tried to watch something, not saving my place, etc. One of the errors that I got when trying to watch a movie was “Failed to update password” even though I was already signed in. I contacted customer service and was told all the problems I was having were my fault. We have high speed Internet, are able to do gaming, use several devices at the same time and watch any other streaming service without issue. I did not receive an apology from them but instead was told I needed to subscribe to a more expensive plan. I ended up canceling and then using my secondary email to test a different plan. Again, the trial period was perfect. Once they got their money though the issues began again - my place wouldn’t be saved, the movie I was watching wouldn’t be under my “Currently Watching” folder, and at one point all my recorded movies and shows disappeared for the better part of a day!!! When that happened, I checked my account and found they took a payment on 7/1 and we’re going to bill me again on 7/30. WHAT THE HECK KIND OF COMPANY IS THIS?!?!?!! There’s an abundance of problems and it’s NOT A MONTHLY FEE. I love Hallmark and UPTV, but will not use their service!!

By William Meyer
Jul 12 2021

After 10-12 emails to “ customer service “ and going back and forth with continual blaming my equipment for being unable to exit out of the app on Roku Ultra . I followed all their advice which was repeated over and over as if they were not reading my responses I did the Roku trouble shooting which is essentially rebooting your modem , router and removing and replacing their channel . After numerous emails I realized that was for buffering issues which I mentioned “ occasionally occur “ not the exiting the app problem. When I sent a somewhat agitated email back to tell them I have very high end TVs , router and Roku Ultras which I have added to my ultra 4k TVs as they are so user friendly. They finally, finally sent an email back telling me they will add me their engineers list along with all the other people having the same exiting issue when trying to exit the app on Roku ! Why didn’t they just tell me that upfront . Instead I did reboots that I knew would do nothing and remove / add their channel which I also doubted would do anything . I spent at least 4-5 days of back and forth emails for nothing . The product is descent . I am a Hallmark fan . I am also a retired sr executive. They have to be killing it . While they offer live content , it is with in my opinion with the most commercials of any other channel . Most of their channels are the same . I am paying $7.99 per month for , granted live tv , think of the revenue from advertisers plus your 7.99 per month . Most subscribers I am guessing would use the HD vs standard definition picture quality. The difference is staggering. If you want Hallmark, then this is an ok alternative. I see what I saw in the very early years of Netflix. Numerous tech issues, yet refusing until forced to invest in larger servers and taking subscribers concerns seriously. The back and forth blame game was exactly what Netflix did in their early years until they started losing subscribers and their stock price started to fall did their CEO publicly admit the issues were due to not keeping pace with technology with growth. I have been with several very large companies that went through 50-70% annual growth rates, but we were constantly building infrastructure. Frndly TV a moderately fair value but they will start increasing their subscriber the loss in their base
if they don’t seriously address these complaints . I stream 100% and stream 12-15 channels including Several free channels and others with live tv . Frndly is the ONLY channel I have tech issues with . Test it for yourself. You may have to pay for a month as you may not see some of these issues in your 7 day trial . Good luck !

By Linda Johnson
May 04 2021

So disappointed in the line-up of shows/movies. You are televising more and more old television shows on the Hallmark channel instead of movies. I signed up with Frndly for the Hallmark movies not tv shows. Also, having many issues with the streaming. On the verge of canceling Frndly as it is not what it used to be.

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