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Published by on 2022-09-08

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By Stephanie
Oct 06 2022

FrndlyTV app is not working properly. When I choose a show I get an error message on the tc saying “Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again.” Has been doing this all day.

Oct 04 2022

The app keeps shutting down unexpectedly.

By Karen Ungemach
Oct 03 2022

The app keeps closing down. What is my problem?

By Jan T
Oct 03 2022

The app has not worked for the last few days. We need to know what is going on! It is happening to too many people! When will it be fixed?

By Jennifer
Oct 02 2022

When I run this app on my IPAD Pro, it just buffers. If it does play, it runs for 3 minutes and just buffers again. I used this same app and IPad last year with zero problems.

By Irwin Rappon
Oct 01 2022

It comes up Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again. This is happening all day

By Ernest Allen
Oct 01 2022

On the guide and on the moves buffer all the time why and how can it be fix??? I only have one device going at a time at the most two

By Helen
Oct 01 2022

Keep getting message
Oops something went wrong…
Constantly happening the last few days
Also, it keeps interrupting and is not my internet. Only happens on this app

By bridget mckinley
Sep 30 2022

My Friendly app isnt working all. Why? Thats what I need an answer to. Every time I click on any station I get the response "Try again"

By Ellen Mickavicz
Sep 29 2022

The app told me it needed an update I pressed update it downloaded it installed and it's set to open but it's stuck on open it's circling on open for the last half an hour

By Greg
Sep 26 2022

Play store, etc. Says my new
(just got for $75 a TX8 pro)
Android box isn't compatible
With this version of frndly tv.
With are people using that are garanteed to work ??

By Shirley hale
Sep 26 2022

My tv is constantly buffering it’s not my internet connection I checked that, I don’t know what to do

By Michelle Rivera
Sep 26 2022

App keeps force closing and doesn’t save the video where you left off!! Takes 4 hours to watch an hour and a half movie!!!!! It’s been doing this for a month and only getting worse. Does it every 5 to 10 minutes. I shouldn’t be paying for an app that never works!!!

By Vanessa
Sep 26 2022

When playing movie the app just stops and reverts yo app screen. When resume watching it replays several minutes and then will stop again. Does this continually throughout movie.

By Pamela noe thomas
Sep 24 2022

How do I get in different rooms I have the classic my husband gets in one room I can not in other it wants me to subscribe too

By Charles lyons
Sep 24 2022

When I turn on CC it comes on for a few seconds, then goes off. This just started recently. Prior to that it was working great. We really miss having this option. Often the music drowns out the words.

By Judy Lane
Sep 23 2022

Will start playing a movie, etc and then just stops and goes back to the original screen. Has been doing this for 3 days.

By Wendy Tomblin
Sep 22 2022

Since the update my app will play for a few minutes and just goes away. Have to reopen the app and resume the program.

By Mark Brown
Sep 22 2022

Ever since the last update friendly app keeps crashing about six times through a movie

By Carolyn Wagner
Sep 16 2022

1 tv won’t load. My Recordings
Can’t get it to move up to my Recordings. Tried everything it said to do

By Gwenda Ivers
Sep 14 2022

It constantly freezes or it says we’ve hit a snag. This is getting old and it’s every day. Then by the time it comes back you miss out on show

By Stanton Salerno
Sep 14 2022

Why does my video keep stopping and going to black screen? Get it fixed

By Julia Klawinski
Sep 12 2022

Is there a way I can change my billing date to the 18th of the month so it will better coincide with when I get my Social Security check? Thank you for checking into this problem for me.
Julia Klawinski

By ann lewis
Sep 10 2022

I go to my recordings on frndly....& it shows me "continue watching".....I choose the once I want to continue.. & click on resume & NOTHING....I see the recording that I want to "resume" it goes to an ad...& that's it....I must go back er...& AG& start again....I then choose start over & ad & it stays there. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING & HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR WEEKS NOW!!!!!!!

By mary
Sep 10 2022

App keeps crashing. Time zones for metv do not match

By angela
Sep 08 2022

i am not able to delete any shows or movies i watch, even ones that say they are about to expire do not delete

Sep 07 2022

I am also having problem with all of the Hallmark channels. It sometimes freezes, sometimes goes black for a min or so. I have to back out of app & re-enter. Then now I am getting message Roku can't keep up please change the channel. If I change the channel it works & change the channel back it happens again. I tried uninstalling app, restarting roku & reinstalling app. I am STILL having problem. THIS IS VERY IRRITATING. I canceled my Dish service & this is the only way I have to watch my Hallmark channels now.

Sep 06 2022


By Darlene smith
Sep 06 2022

When I watch the hallmark channel on friendly a notice comes up Room channel didn't keep up, change channel. When I do that and come back to that channel it still says the samevthing

By Amy Liddle
Sep 05 2022

Hallmark Drama is not working and hasn't been since this afternoon. The other channels that I've checked are working. I've tried it from roku and from my computer and it will not connect on that channel on either.

By Roy Smith
Sep 05 2022

The channel will post a message window that the Roku isn’t keeping up and to change the channel. Used to be infrequent however becoming more so with the incidence occurring 2-3 times an hour.

By Judi Haltom
Aug 29 2022

Picture cuts out/ goes black for a couple seconds. More frequently lately.

By Sally
Aug 29 2022

Fr the past 3 days the app will not load from my firesticks and my Apple tv. Please advise.

By Debra Lewis
Aug 23 2022

When I go to guide and click on a channel it stays on guide and freezes up. I have it on my Roku. Tried it on my phone and when the guide came up I clicked on a channel and a box came up that said Unknown exception while handling a validated request.

By Lou Ann Ellingson
Aug 23 2022

I open the app and it comes on but when I click a show it just sits there like its frozen. I also can't get to the settings part up above the channel list.

By Rose
Aug 23 2022

Unknown exception while handling valid request

By Kimberly Dick
Aug 20 2022

My FrndlyTV app constantly stops and buffers multiple times during every recorded show/movie I watch!? Is there anything I can do to stop that?

By Nicole Kleve
Aug 19 2022

The guide on friendly does not move with the time of day so it stops and does not continue with the shows you have to manually arrow over to the time of day to get a live show

By Amber Pruitt
Aug 18 2022

I recently signed up for frndly TV . I was excited when I found out that frndly TV had Hallmark channel because it's the only TV I really watch but I cannot afford $100 a month or more for cable. But unfortunately the TV is always buffering I can hardly watch it wether it's live or recorded. I don't have this problem with any other of my subscriptions. Please fix this problem or I will have to cancel.

By stan reed
Aug 17 2022

How can I change the time zone on METV ? to pacific time

By stan reed
Aug 17 2022

How can I change the time zone on METV ?

By Kim Kinney
Aug 17 2022

Loading takes FOREVER even if no other devices are actively using the WIFI. Tv has been rebooted and application has been removed & reinstalled. Please provide a fix not an excuse.

Aug 11 2022

I can’t get my recorded movies from the last week to show up for me to watch. Any suggestions?

By Bobby Howerton
Aug 09 2022

This website / webpage shows that the Frndly App has been having this "Slowness" / "Buffering" issue since back in May this year.

I am trying to watch shows on this app tonight...and I can't!!!! The slowness, the buffering, the stopping is getting worse!!!!!

I, like a lot of other people, love this service, but ENOUGH is ENOUGH...Get the app, the Frndly App, fixed or let everyone know that it will not be fixed so that we can cancel our memberships...NO ONE wants to just pay money month after month after month. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!!

By Adrienne Brauch
Aug 07 2022

Our Frndly app has been buffering for about a week now! Can't watch it! All other apps are fine! Gonna cancel if you can't fix it!

By Margaret Vonhahmann
Jul 30 2022

Why is the start over option not working?

By Barbara E Denton
Jul 28 2022

I have been a subscriber since June 16, 2021. My subscription was renewed and paid for June 16, 2022. Now when I try to watch a movie I get the message "You need subscription to watch this program" What is going on? Also, closed caption is not working even for programs I have previously watched: due to my hearing loss I need closed captioning or I can't watch the movie! This is getting worse by the day! Please respond with the answer as to why this is happening.

By Karen stir
Jul 25 2022

My frndly TV app on fire Stick is slow, keep stopping, keeps buffering, and it's just not working well today

By Vivian D
Jul 15 2022

The app never saves any movie/show I am in the middle of. If I go to continue watching, whatever I didn’t finish watching yet is not there so I have to find the show/movie again and then FF to the part I was last watching it. Very annoying glitch. I can’t remember things like this , it’s why I depend on technology. Getting close to cancelling the service even though the programming is great for me.

By Mark DeAngelo
Jul 14 2022

The frndly app will not load onto our insignia fire tv. It used to work and now saying the app cannnot be found. Any suggestions?

By Ed
Jul 14 2022

How do I connect the second T.V.? To frndly

By Louise Weides
Jul 13 2022

This app freezes up and then shuts down every day . It is the only app that I have a problem with . It is very frustrating to have to deal with it on a daily basis. I paid for a year but if this problem isn't fixed I will not be renewing .

By bob strike
Jul 10 2022

I am having problem with a black screen occasionally. I am using Roku streaming stick. Please help as I am new to Frndly. Thank You

By Janice hitson
Jul 08 2022

Closed captioning not working

By Santino Campo jr
Jul 06 2022

Any channel buffers then most time do not recover have to restart it on apple tv All
other apps I have are all ok speed test good

By Dana Marie Kearns
Jul 05 2022

When I'm watching a movie I get an error two or three times during the movie and I have to turn it on to another channel and go back it's just started that here recently

By Carol Kennedy
Jul 04 2022

Movies on GAC family freeeze after a commercial break. I’m using chromecast on a Samsung and/or Sony smart tv. Doesn’t happen on any other channel.

By Cindy Lewis
Jul 04 2022

My Friendly TV has recently started having issues where it buffers constantly. The only fix is to back up and reload the program. It makes for frustrating viewing.

By Angela
Jul 03 2022

When watching shows from FrndlyTV, the show stops and I get the circle in the middle. I have to go back to the menu, click on the show, then hit menu again to get the show going again…this happens every few minutes.

By Howard G Olson
Jul 01 2022

new frndly app will not download on my fire stick

Jun 30 2022

It has gone out intermittently for the last 3 days. Now I cannot access my recordings. Unacceptable! Pls fix this issue!!!

By diana williams
Jun 30 2022

Err message screen freezes or buffers

By Sarah Jewett
Jun 30 2022

Sent a message to help desk but no answer. Can’t access the programs we recorded. Also it keeps going down and when we go on guide none of the programs pull up. You need to notify your customers when you have a problem. Have not heard back from the email I sent. Not happy with frndly.

By David Parsley
Jun 29 2022

Getting audio before I select a channel.
When I do select a channel it is over- dubbed by audio from another channel.
This seems to happen intermittently.
Thank you.

By Katherine Halvorson
Jun 28 2022

Why isn't my Frndly channel not working? it keeps saying no data, no data. I did not pay $89.00 for this. You need to fix the problem NOW! Then there is no telephone number to get a hold of you. What the heck. You can email me at [email protected]

By Debbie
Jun 28 2022

I am having a problem with the friendly app. I can’t watch any programs and all of my recordings are gone. What can I do to fix this ?

By Linda Christiansen
Jun 28 2022

Channel will not load.

By Lori Forsell
Jun 28 2022

Frndly tv is not working on firestick on our 2 TV’s since this morning. Have spent 3+ hours trying to get it to work. Have done all the troubleshoot suggested. What is going on. I have an account and it’s set to renew 07/01.

By Ronald Whittemore
Jun 28 2022

App opens shows channels but does not show what programs and cannot go any further. Can not watch any shows

By Mary Jo Lindsay
Jun 28 2022

I hate that there is a problem with the app, but glad to know it is not just me. I wish they would either post, or email to let us know that there is a problem and what is being done to correct it.

By Jeana
Jun 28 2022

Friendly TV not working. Initially it wouldn't load at all. Tried later and it loads but all channels say "no data available " when will this be fixed? All other streaming apps working fine

By Terry Estabrook
Jun 28 2022

Do we get a refund for the time is not working? Love this service but not when it isn't working. When will it be fixed? It has been buffering and stopping running for the past week. Not good. Please fix it.

By Eamon mitchell
Jun 28 2022

What is wrong , not loading

By Sharon Barfield
Jun 28 2022

Since about 5am EST, Frndly stopped loading. One time I did get the guide and when I selected a sho, I received this error. RES_S_ERROR_CONTENT_NOT_FOUND

The website is also unavailable.

By Mike Epperson
Jun 28 2022

All I am getting is NO DATA on all channels, think we will get any kind of credit or will we get "it's something something and it's not our fault.

By Daniel Cook
Jun 28 2022

Our Frndly app stopped working this morning on our TV. We paid for a year subscription and it looks like they took
it out of our account twice on June the guide is finally popping up but when you click on a program it's not loading up.

By Beverly Mormon
Jun 28 2022

FrndlyTV on my Roku just says loading and doesn’t load anything.

By Jacqueline Dougherty
Jun 28 2022

ON TV: Streaming on Roku on TV, not phone. Frndly comes up and freezes on loading. All other Roku apps on TV are sreaming without problems. Is their a solution for this? Thank you!

By Eric
Jun 28 2022

About early morning that tv show stopped and unplug fire tv and back on and still not working frndly tv app

By Rosalie Pollina
Jun 28 2022

Does not load

By Ray Thiesing
Jun 28 2022

Frndly channel guide says "no data available". I've only had this channel for 2 days and already having problems. What's going on?

By Millee C
Jun 28 2022

Why does the frndly channel reads no data available?

By Luke Simmons
Jun 28 2022

Screen lists all programs as unavailable.

By Christine Gray
Jun 28 2022

Is not working

By Pamela Tischart
Jun 26 2022

This app site keeps giving me an error code and says the video cannot be played

By Cynthia Blaclman
Jun 26 2022

Since the last update I loaded yesterday and the one a coiple weeks ago the buffering has gotten worse than ever.

By Keith Maine
Jun 26 2022

Content constantly buffering. Programming stops, spins, then starts again. Sometimes I just have to reset, but it doesn't play for long. Didn't have this problem a couple of weeks ago.

By Christine A. Goodwin
Jun 26 2022

I was trying a Hallmark movie on your app and all it does is constanting interrupting the hallmark movie while buffering and spinning gconstantly.

I like the Friendly app with the TV channels you provide, however I will cancel your service if you can't fix your buffering issues.... please fix asap.....

Thank you

Chris Goodwin

By Sissy Demma
Jun 25 2022

There is no On Demand showing at the top of my screen. It shows Guide Movies TV My Recordings. On Demand used to be next to Guide. Is there no more On Demand for Friendly TV?

By Elayne Nall
Jun 25 2022

What happened to closed captioning? might as well cancel if I can't read the dialog.

By Jennifer Lewis
Jun 25 2022

my on demand feature is unavailable in the menu banner across the top of the screen so I am unable to access on demand streaming.
Any suggestions???

Jun 25 2022

As of yesterday my search is not on the screen so I can not lookup future movies to record

By Vanessa
Jun 23 2022

The guide comes up fine. I can watch any channel. I can not get my recordings. A message comes up with a frown face that says Something went wrong. This is the 2nd day with this problem

By Brad Ottosen
Jun 16 2022

No on demand.... tried to resume an on demand movie and got a pop-up that said
You cannot play this program because it is not recorded.

By Paulette Parks
Jun 15 2022

I cannot get into my Frndly tv app. it tells me a fee of $6.99 and i already pay $10.99. it tells me there is and update. then i don't have enough room for download. my other tv is fine and goes to my Frndly channels i have watched daily for a long time. please help me.

By Douglas Platt
Jun 10 2022

unable to open on roku

By Douglas Platt
Jun 10 2022


By Joyce Sandoval
Jun 08 2022

Keeps freezing during commercials. I have to go back to the guide & select what I was watching again & again.

By Laura
Jun 08 2022

For the past week (coincidentally right after I paid for a full year of Frndly TV) the app has been having problems. In the middle of watching something - anything at all on any channel and on any recording - the picture will freeze but the sound will keep going. There's no way to fix it other than to exit the app and get back in. I am watching on a television and I have netflix, prime, etc. etc. and have never had an issue with those channels, so it is not my wireless - it is Frndly TV. Is there a way to fix it?

By Michelle
Jun 08 2022

This app keeps stopping after 5 minutes of watching an on Demand movie, stating “you have reached your limit “ on number of active screens but I only have one screen active, what a rip off. I will be terminating my membership. This doesn’t work and the streaming is fuzzy

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