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Published by on 2022-09-13

BeReal is the simplest photo sharing app to share once a day your real life in
photo with friends. Everyday at a different time, everyone captures a photo
within 2 minutes.

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By Reece Blackberry
Sep 23 2022

Hey, so all my friends just randomly vanished on BeReal, when they try and add me back it comes up with ‘unprocessable entity’. when i add people back they don’t turn into my friend they just finish, what’s the go with this?

By Isabella
Sep 23 2022

I went on the app this morning and my page says none of your friends have posted any be reals. I go onto my friends list and I now have none. When I try to re add people, it sends a request and then soon after they come back up in suggested as if I never requested to be their friends. Please help !!

By Mahdy Alanbari
Sep 23 2022

My BeReal app randomly removed all my friends on the app and I had to readd them but they aren’t able to add me back

By najee harris
Sep 23 2022

It just randomly unadded all my friends

By britney
Sep 23 2022

wont let me accept friend requests

By Elad Perlson
Sep 19 2022

Hi, I get this messege :
Oops! Its look like we are having some trouble retriving your contacts lets try agin

By Zohair
Sep 17 2022

Its shows that all request are blocked whenever i ask for the verification code

By Heidi McAlindon
Sep 14 2022

Cannot add any friends. I press the add button and it loads for few seconds then does nothing. Worked when first got the app yesterday (13.09.22) but now isn't.

By Kendalyn
Sep 13 2022

My bereals are not sending it sent once and that is it

By Jade Trubert
Sep 12 2022

I can't see my friends request

By Reuven
Sep 08 2022

People are sending me friend requests and my request page is not updating so im not seeing the friend requests but i do get the notification

By Andrea
Sep 06 2022

won't let me add friends

By Emy Hoeylaerts
Aug 31 2022

Ik kan geen vriendschapsverzoeken sturen.

By phoebe
Aug 30 2022

For some reason I can't accept friend requests. It will load for about a second then just stop without actually accepting it.

By gabresnuotykiai
Aug 27 2022

Why can't I see friend requests ?!?!?!

By Elise
Aug 27 2022

I posted my be real everything was fine then all of a sudden it wasn’t letting me at anyone else be real

By Carmel
Aug 27 2022

Ok so Its giving me the option to add friends but when I click on it it doesn't add them

By Jessica
Aug 26 2022

My BeReal pictures keep deleting everytime I post them

By Ethan
Aug 26 2022

Bereal is saying I need to post but I already did and it appears in my post history

By Thegirltodiefor
Aug 26 2022

I can’t see other peoples BeReals even tho I posted. I’ve tried posting 7 times, restarted the app and re downloading it and it’s still not working.

By ben
Aug 26 2022

requests for a verification code have been blocked on my device - keeps saying “try again later” but hasn't let me receive a cide in 3 weeks

By Yosef Saad
Aug 26 2022

I posted a BeReal last night and this morning it was already gone.

By Conor Bateson
Aug 25 2022

When I add people on bereal or accept friend requests the add button just keeps spinning and won't let me add or accept

By Conor Bateson
Aug 25 2022

When I add people on bereal or accept friend requests the add button just keeps spinning and won't let me add or accept

By Freja
Aug 25 2022

I just downloaded BeReal a few days ago. It was starting off well, but it didn't save my BeReal in my memories yesterday, tho i did make it on the correct time.
Sorry my English is bad :)

By Nekiah
Aug 24 2022

It won't load my requests and can't accept them

By Liana Vauruk
Aug 23 2022

When people send me friend request I can accept them but when I want to add them back it won’t let me.

By Parker
Aug 21 2022

When i put in my username is won't let me in

By Lindsay Collins
Aug 20 2022

I try adding one of my friends and it keeps loading for a second then stop and it won’t let me add her

By Isaac
Aug 18 2022

It sees I have 3 follow requests but it won't let me accept them

By Anne Pettersson
Aug 18 2022

Took a Be Real photo today but it isn't uploaded, the screen has freezed and is trying to upload. Have uninstalled app and reinstalled but it is still trying to upload.

By Lauren
Aug 17 2022

Hi, my app has stopped letting me add the people in my contacts

By Brooke
Aug 16 2022

I just started using the app yesterday. Now it’s time for me to post today and it isn’t letting me post. My friends are able to post but i can’t view their posts either since i have to upload a post of mine first

By Janah
Aug 16 2022

I just got the app and when I try to put in a username it just says “unknown error, status :-1”. I’ve tried deleting the app, redownloading etc. and it still doesn’t work

By Cruz Knapp
Aug 16 2022

not able to add peoplr

By jack hartley
Aug 15 2022

i cant add friends it just doesnt add them when i click it

By Marija jankovic
Aug 12 2022

I don't have the option to accept friend requests. I get the notification that ai got a new request and when I enter the app I can't see the requests nowhere, I don't have the button or place where to click to see friend requests

By Gracie
Aug 10 2022

I recently got the app, but it wont even let me post my first bereal, the camera pops up, and then disappears instantly. I’ve deleted the app, cleared cache, freed storage, nothing works. I cant even view friends posts bc you have to upload ur first bereal to do so, but everytime I press upload late bereal it just doesn’t work.

By Colten Dwarzski
Aug 09 2022

I had 5 friend requests and they all went away and now I can’t add those people at all it just shows a short loading circle then stops right away and doesn’t show pending or added and I need to add those people

By Alexa Rodriguez
Aug 08 2022

Bereal won't let me add or accept friends.

By Austin Wenger
Aug 08 2022

How do i create a account with a email

By Haley morris
Aug 06 2022

I open my app and all it shows is a loading screen and it’s been like that for two day. I have storage I have i cloud storage. I log out and I uninstalled it. And I powered off my phone and it’s still not working.

By Jessie
Aug 06 2022

Every time I put my username in it tells me unknown error -1

By Grace Phillips
Aug 05 2022

When I am trying to make an account every time I type in a username it just shows "error has occured" when I press continue.

By Charlotte
Aug 05 2022

My account has deleted all my friends randomly and wont let me add them back.

By Aaron
Aug 05 2022

Added all my friends I needed to from my contacts yesterday, now none of my friends are showing in my feed/friends list and it gives me the option to add them again, but when I press add, there nothing to show that that are pending/added

By Julia
Aug 05 2022

I can’t add or accept friend request and my contacts don’t show up even though they have profiles

By Camryn
Aug 04 2022

There's two different issues. One of the issues is When I press the ad button add my friend to just keep spinning . Then the second issue is it shows my pictures from one of my friends but says I'm not friends with them.

By Giana Stiles
Aug 04 2022

not letting me add friends on bereal

By claire
Aug 04 2022

when i add people it just loads and wont let me add anyone

By Miles
Aug 04 2022

my app wont let me add someone, when i click add it just loads and then doesnt add them

By meda
Aug 03 2022

BeReal is not letting me accept or add friends and I have tried every way possible to for me to accept or add but none of the solutions helped

By meda
Aug 03 2022

BeReal is not letting me accept or add friends and I have tried every way possible to make it work and none of it did. Any help? Thanks

By Katie
Aug 03 2022

it is not letting me add people I am very annoyed at it

By Cerys
Aug 03 2022

I cant add anyone. It just spins around and around and does nothing else

By Evdoxia Karagkiozi
Aug 03 2022

It is not finding my contacts that I know they have a BeReal account. And it is not letting me add friends - I get a loading wheel that is not progressing

By Vilhelmiina Paananen
Aug 03 2022

I can't accept friend requests or add friends

By Kaylee Ratcliff
Aug 03 2022

Having trouble adding a profile photo! Every time I try to save one on there it doesn’t update and still shows the blank one with my initial. Tried refreshing app, logging out and back in, and even deleting and reinstalling the app. And none of the above worked.

By Jack Wickman
Aug 03 2022

Hi Be real support I have been trying to add a profile picture and it says I added it and saved it so I close out my app and it’s not there when I open it back up

By Michael
Aug 01 2022

It is not letting me add friends or accept friend requests. I get a loading wheel that is it.

By declan
Aug 01 2022

its not letting me put my profile picture i try to choose a picture and it doesn't save also it would be fun to make it so you can do individual people also and maybe text

By Ella
Jul 31 2022

It is not allowing me to use a profile picture at all

By Núria
Jul 31 2022

Be real no me deja encontrar mis contactos

By hayley
Jul 28 2022

my be real wont let me set a profile picture. whenever i add one and hit save it stays the same. i tried uninstalling + reinstalling, and hitting the remove profile picture button too.

By Sorana-Maria Avramescu
Jul 28 2022

For quite some time now I haven't been able to respond to friend requests nor add people
I uninstalled and installed the app back
What else can I try?

By sanjana
Jul 26 2022

will not let me add my profile pic from camera roll

By Siv
Jul 26 2022

The app is not saving my memories. I am missing about 14 days of memories since the 2nd week of June.

By heti
Jul 26 2022

Suddenly my bereal says to my memories “ retrieving memories” and i cant see any of my taken bereals. I have used it constantly for 5 months and had no problems … :( can you help me?

By georgia Ing
Jul 26 2022

It won’t let me add or accept any friend requests on my be real

By Emma
Jul 26 2022

I’m also having issues accepting friend requests. It just loads endlessly and never accepts it.

By taylee
Jul 26 2022

every time i try to add a friend it just loads and never adds them.

By Michael
Jul 26 2022

It is not allowing me to add friends, either from contacts or mutual. When i press add, it gives the spinning loading symbol, then it stops and it does not add the person

By Evan
Jul 26 2022

When I try to add someone and then add people who added me it keeps endlessly loading in a circle and I can’t add anyone. Can anyone help me?

By brookephillips7
Jul 26 2022

it won’t let me accept any new friend requests

By lexis
Jul 24 2022

i can’t add anyone as a friend it just loads

By Bram
Jul 24 2022

I've accepted someone's friend request, but it won't disappear from my friend requests. I feel like this also messes with me friending others, as it doesn't seem to work.

By Clara
Jul 23 2022

It won't let me do a real emoji on one of my friends posts. It's been like this ever since we became friends

By Clara
Jul 23 2022

It won't let me do a real emoji on one of my friends posts. It's been like this ever since we became friends

By Veerle
Jul 22 2022

I can't add people or accept friend requests.

By Nico
Jul 22 2022

I can't add nobody it loads for infinity

By Madison Staiano
Jul 22 2022

Every time I put a username in I get an “Unknown error, status : -1”

By Thayjen
Jul 21 2022

It won't let me look at the next day for my friends and when I post a betel I can't look at my friends it says post a bereal

By sophie
Jul 21 2022

when i click on realmojis it says no realmojis when i know people have reacted and for other phones it says i have none when i know i do.

By Ellie
Jul 20 2022

It won’t let me accept friend requests this is the most annoying thing ever. It’s just a never ending load circle

By Jessgurd
Jul 19 2022

Wont let me accept follow requests

By eve cardone
Jul 19 2022

i have just downloaded bereal less than half an hour ago and it would not allow me to add anyone, i deleted and reinstalled the app many times but it still doesn’t work. what do i do?

By halle ( hqlle )
Jul 19 2022

isn’t letting me add people or wont let people send friend requests to me

By jaiten michels
Jul 19 2022

When I try to add someone or when I try to accept someone’s friend request all it does is just load. Other people have had this problem as well.

By Kenzie
Jul 19 2022

It won’t let me add my friends it just keep circling like it’s loading, FIX THIS

By Nicole Schenk
Jul 19 2022

I am unable to add friends - I click add and it just spins and spins and never goes through.

By Jasmine Ruck
Jul 17 2022

Hi, so I recently installed the app today and it is telling me that I need to post a late be real to see my friends’ even though I did already. How can I fix this? Thanks!!

By Zn
Jul 16 2022

How can I see the friend requests I've sent? I was to remove a request I sent by accident.

By Clara Bratescu
Jul 16 2022

BeReal keeps removing my friends, even tho they didn’t block me or remove me themselves. Even If I try to add them again, they don’t get a notification that I added them.

By Shadow
Jul 15 2022

I'm trying to sign up to be real and I have to put in my birthday but after I put my birth date in the continue button doesnt work or it days my birth date is invalid

By Delaney Spurlock
Jul 14 2022

I have noticed that my notification to post goes off at a completely different time from ALL of my friends. Not a single person that I know has it go off the same time as me, everyone else’s goes off together but mine goes off hours before or after the actual one goes. HELP

By Katelyn Stokes
Jul 09 2022

I got the notification that one of my friends Be Reals were just posted. When I went to go react to it on the app, I scrolled through all my friends and couldn’t find that person. But everyone else's was there and people still continued to post after this issue. I wanted to check if they had accidentally unfriend me but that didn’t seem to be the issue when i went to my friends list they were still there. do you think you could help me out?

By sophie magee
Jul 08 2022

Coming up that I haven't added a friend but I can see their be reals but not comment on them

By Jack
Jul 07 2022

Can't open comments on friends post, can send them but clicking either "see all 3 comments" only shows the Realmojis.

By Payton Kjellesvik
Jul 06 2022

I got my BeReal. Notification earlier today but I went to go take it late and now it won’t let me. Nothing pops up when I go into the app when usually it will say “take a late BeReal.” I’m frustrated Because I really do not want to miss a day.

By Cormac Walsh
Jun 28 2022

I can’t access the friend request section on BeReal. It just won’t open

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