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LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD is packed with open-ended play experiences featuring
animals, buildings, exciting vehicles, and trains to inspire your child’s
imagination and creativity through learning. LEGO DUPLO WORLD is carefully
aligned with the highly-regarded Headstart Early Learning Outcome...

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Reviews (35)


Not a good company to deal with.

I bought this game. Now that there are new levels I’m told I didn’t buy the full game. My kids see the new levels at $5 a pop and are disappointed they can’t access them. So I contact the company and ask about it. They can see when I bought the game, yet ask me to provide a receipt to prove I bought the game. They try to tell me I chose a smaller version of the game which is not true. I bought the whole game. If you look at the reviews you’ll see this is common practice for this game. Many many people have this exact same complaint and the developers response is it’s always the customers fault, we didn’t buy what we thought we did. Odd so many people are making the same “mistake” yet they haven’t fixed the situation. If I hadn’t already spent real money on this I’d delete it entirely. I spent $23 on this game ans apparently it wasn’t for the “full version” like they advertised. I had given LEGO a few stars because my kids like it, after emailing with the developers I’ve amended it to 1 Star because I can’t give zero. Not a good company to deal with.


Family Sharing Will NOT work

I have purchased each “Set” as they have come out over the years on one device. I just set up family sharing as I have a new device for my youngest and want to move all his stuff over. This is the only game wanting me to repurchase each set OR all of a sudden pay 50 bucks per year. Even though it clearly states up to 6 people can use LEGO with family sharing. As much as my son loves and plays this game I refuse to purchase everything all over again. Update: I have sent all the receipts I can find as well as a video of the game fully unlocked on one of my devices. I am awaiting a response. Update: This issue is still being worked on, my ticket is not yet closed so I am not sure why the company has posted an update alluding to such. My last correspondence with CS was at 12:17pm today and I have yet to hear back. still cannot add the purchased items to other devices linked via family plan as of 6:30pm 12/10.



LEGO is my absolute favorite children’s app! I provide ABA therapy to children with Autism and one of my favorite skills to teach is functional play. It is through LEGO that I have not only been able to effectively teach such fundamental skills to some of my clients, but eventually transfer those skills from LEGO to the natural environment using the physical this app Duplo sets. I love how you can buy physical this app Duplo sets that are the same exact scenes in LEGO too! Personally, I love the fact that I can buy the scenes for $4.99 because, once I buy it, I have it forever. No reoccurring payments! Thank you so much for constantly developing new scenes, updating LEGO and, most of all, thank you for developing it!


Needs improvement but good app for learning

LEGO could use various improvements. First being that the “play pack” versions of LEGO should last longer. I just paid $6 for a version of this app DUPLO to be unlocked. The VERY NEXT DAY that promo was gone and replaced with a new play pack. This is so frustrating. I’ve unlocked/payed for each section within LEGO for it to be locked right back the very next day. So frustrating to be throwing money away at a game that my son loves and learns from. Please change this so that we can actually enjoy the features of LEGO completely. Secondly the arrows at the bottom left and right corner are exactly where my son holds the iPad/phone. I think the arrows have a much better spot at the top of the page. Lastly the parent side of things should be telling us how long the play pack will stay available.


Should have read the reviews

I am a huge this app fan, and have a huge basket of duplos for my two year old as well. I tried LEGO with him, and he enjoyed the train enough that I closed my eyes and spent $20 for everything. It’s the most I’ve ever spent on an app, and thought it was very expensive then. I now know that updates are not included. I’ve read the MANY “you bought a 4/5 discounted bundle” responses from the developers, and yet they don’t make it clear up front that all future updates will cost additional money. I wish I could reverse the update, because now I either have to delete LEGO entirely, spend the additional money, or really upset my toddler that he can’t open the tractor game. Not happy at all.



I had my husband buy this with family sharing because I thought I read it would transfer. Unfortunately now I’m seeing that it doesn’t transfer and we were supposed to buy with our daughters account (we don’t have credit associated with her account for good reason). Will update this review after I found out if customer service is reasonable enough to reimburse our money. *update: customer service offered us a credit to repurchase on our daughters account. Apple ended up refunding us the purchase, though, and so we just repurchased from her iPad. I still wasn’t happy to authorize a credit card to be used on a toddler’s account so please figure out family sharing!


Great game but you have to buy new levels

Unless you get the annual package, you have to constantly purchase new worlds because they appear on the game and of course your child wants them! So they nag and nag about getting the new level. Don’t get suckered into paying $25 for all levels (only the current ones they have you’ll get) or $5 for one world because you will be bugged to buy the rest. And new worlds are always added so it NEVER ENDS. Check out Sago Mini World, they are similar and create new worlds that are always included with your subscription. You pay monthly or annually kind of like this game but you get all the worlds or none. Instead of this game where you spend $25 thinking you’ll never pay that again for new levels... hahaha.


Too expensive!!!

My two year old enjoyed LEGO right up until she couldn’t access the next level. TOTAL MELT DOWN! I think it’s really uncool how LEGO gives NO option to hide this, so’s the child is not upset and as parents we’re not made to feel completely horrible should we choose not to purchase more levels (although I believe this to be the creators intent) NOT COOL >:( !!! Also, there are “NO bundle & save options.. NO discounts of ANY kind! I gotta admit.. I thought getting this game would help me with entertaining with my little one being home everyday & working from home myself, instead it added more stress to a very challenging time as it is. I’m afraid if I delete it, she’ll only make her more upset. Com’n this app, I’m sure you can do better for you’re current & potential customers.


Constant crashing and doesn’t work offline

My son liked the free offerings from this game so we decided to buy a 9.99 pack of 3 activities. Well as expected the first time we opened the game I connected to the internet to download the content. While downloading the game crashed multiple times. We finally got all 3 activities downloaded and 2 minutes after he started playing it crashed again. We opened the game back up and it needed to download all 3 again (crashing multiple times) every time LEGO closes, whether through the constant crashing or if we just close it, it always needs to download again, making it useless on a car trip or anywhere offline. Very Disappointed!


The App Gets Really Expensive For What it Is

LEGO cost $20 and each time there is an add-on my 4 and 6 year olds will beg me for it. So far it’s added 3 add-ons. In total $35 for an app that my kids enjoy, but only use for 10-15 minutes every once in awhile before getting bored and moving on to another app. But every time there is a new add-on, cue the meltdowns until I break down and purchase it for them. For what it is I don’t think it is worth the cost. It would be nice if there was a setting to hide new add-ons so my children wouldn’t see that there was something new. Toca Life World has a setting where you can lock/hide the shop, why can’t LEGO? I guess that would lower their sales.


Cute App But Can’t Purchase Add-Ons

My 2 year old is just really getting into LEGO and he’s doing well with the train activities. He loves to play with construction vehicles and farm toys also so I was wanting to purchase them but it says they’re unavailable. The only one I was able to get was the airplane and it’s a little too advanced for him (I know LEGO says 4+). Would love to be able to purchase the ones that are advertised that I actually want!


Not really enjoying this

So like I’m a 8 years old writing this review and I thought this would be like you can build your own house as one option but it’s the not. I just like building and creating houses and stuff because and 2019 I remembered when there was a app like this where we can build houses but I was trying to find this but I can’t. And then I saw this. I checked LEGO and it kind of looked like it and downloaded it. Then I tried but it’s not fun. I just wanna build houses and not instructions what to build. Also I saw someone talking about the egg and cheese sandwich. But I I don’t even know where to find it. I’m upset right now. -Tunq


Buying “all the activities” doesn’t include future activities

Don’t purchase the pack that includes all the activities in an attempt to never have to buy anything from LEGO again. They just added a new activity and now my kid is whining because it’s locked. And I’m not spending another $5 on an activity that probably isn’t worth it. As, most of this game wasn’t worth the cost. The building areas are especially frustrating. It’s hard to find the color and type of block you want, and even harder to tell what you need from the tiny picture.


Great kids game that's fun for adults too

My son absolutely loves this game. It's great for young minds because it gives a little structure to the gameplay to get them started but also lets them free play. He would spend all day playing if we let him. The only problem with LEGO is that I spent the money to buy the additional levels and he can only play it on my phone, not my husband's phone or our tablet. For the cost of the game, I really wish he could play it on other devices in our family.



This is a great kids game my little sister is learning so much from this game and I’m am so happy for her and that she’s actually learning a lot from this game and I couldn’t be more happy and proud of her so thank you and i love how she learning so much from this game it’s really amazing and this game makes her happy and me happy so I want to say thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I hope you invent more games like this one and agin THANK U! 👑😜❤️


Your kids might like it but it’s not a good app

I love this app and duplo products so it leaves me confused that they would put so little effort into making an app for children. LEGO does not seem to have educational merit. Not sure if my kids learn…. Anything at all. It’s basically nonsense. $4.99 for each “theme zone” or an unseemly $30 for all the theme zones. Each zone has themes like airport or zoo, but nothing connects them together and what you do in each zone is… You just drag pieces around and stack them up like real pieces😳real metaverse stuff going on here. Anyway, my kids play around with it and usually get bored quickly. Waste of money.


Bring back Halloween!

Love LEGO paid $20 for it but a new level came on for five dollars more and of course my son had to have it but at the same time he cries every day that they took away the Halloween level. He says the developers hurt his feelings. I have to try to explain to him that Halloween is over and that will bring it back next year but as you know toddlers can be pretty upset. LEGO is fantastic though!


No In-App Sharing for Purchases

I have three kids and I bought LEGO thinking they could all use it on their devices. They can’t. It’s a really cute app and they loved playing it on my device. Now that they each have their own iPad though they are upset they can’t play the locked games. Apple support told me that this is an app that doesn’t do family sharing for purchases. I would have spent $30 just so they all could have had it. I’m not spending $66 though. Too bad. Don’t buy if you’re trying to share it with all your kids.


Deceiving pricing

Paid for LEGO for my grand children. Thought I was purchasing the whole thing for $4.99. Received a message saying payment did not go through. Tried again. There were still several games that were locked so I tried again. Realized later that I had spent $15 and still many games are locked. Very frustrating for the grandchildren when they can’t play many of the games. Other apps Have unlocked all games when you paid the money. I’m sure it’s my mistake but not happy about it.


It was better

As a kid i played this game younger brother was playing it so i got the game again and BOY ALLOT HAS CHANGED 1.everything wasnt free anymore wich i understand you guys have to get your money...but why have it free in the first place?2.there arnt many places (not like there where more before) but i wish JUST the special (hollidays and such) you had to pay for. I hope your not offended by this!


Does not support family purchases

Warning to other parents!! I downloaded the free app and then thought that my boys might like some of the additional games. So, I purchased a bundle of two additional games. I was surprised when I tried to restore purchases on my son’s iPad and it informed me that I couldn’t because his iPad is registered under a different AppleID than mine. Definitely not a family friendly purchase!


Do not waste your money!!

It still haunts me to this day that I paid over $12 for LEGO. Not worth it whatsoever!!!! It is so limited!! Watch the preview video, it shows you literally all you can do at each place!! Which is basically nothing. my daughter QUICKLY lost interest in this. She loves the duplo train app, there’s so much more to do and it’s FREE. Money is super tight for us right now and it STILL makes me sick to my stomach that I bought this.


In app purchases not shareable - problems for twin mom

I really like LEGO , however, i won’t unlock it because I have 3 year old twins, and if I unlock the extra games on one of their iPads it doesn’t unlock on both. I wish I could just buy the whole app, so both of my kids could play it. In app purchases don’t work on family sharing, and these are too expensive to have to buy twice.


Winter Holiday not working

When we try to unlock it does not work. Very disappointing 😒


Unlocked content does not work on same account different device

I am disappointed that I unlocked he extra content on my phone but it does not unlock on my iPad. It’s the same iTunes account. These games aren’t expensive but I should. Not have to pay for it twice on the same account


You are the best!



Winter Holiday NOT working

I purchased the upgraded pack of games, and it won’t let us play winter holiday. It’s telling me “The payment did not go through” but obviously my payment went through b/c the other games are unlocked and playable!


Winter holiday NOT working!

I purchased all the additional packs but the winter one isn’t working. Saying that payment isn’t going through but it took my money for it.



Don’t waste your time or money on LEGO. There was only one “building” game and the other games did not keep the interest of my 4 year old. Bring back the Duplo train, that was a free app.


It takes forever

Not a good app but not a terrible app either


I wanna go to all of them but wint let me so now i have to play this stupid number train!



LEGO Dumplin

Love it! Great game



We’re huge this app fans and starting our daughter off on Duplo. She loves LEGO, well worth every cent.





Ugh to much money to play more game’s

So bad because you have to pay to play more games if you’re a kid and most kid don’t have money so just no. And the other thing is that the first one is so booring

Is LEGO Safe?

Yes. LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 47,420 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD Is 63.7/100.

Is LEGO Legit?

Yes. LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 47,420 LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD Is 63.7/100.

Is LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD not working?

LEGO® DUPLO® WORLD works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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