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Remind: School Communication Reviews

Published by on 2019-12-27

Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. Whether you're in the classroom, at home, or anywhere in between, Remind makes it easy to stay connected to your school community. * Communicate in real time—on any device. * Keep personal contact information private. * Translate...

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Remind: School Communication Reviews

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    This is an awesome app

    This is an amazing app to use. You can use it for many different things, you can use it for school or just for groups for school. You can use it for work. You can pretty much use it for anything related to learning or working. It’s an awesome app to have because it has helped me to remember things for school I mainly use it for my beta club stuff. You can add friends and different things in it, and you can also, you can make your own profile. You can add friends on it and it’s just a really good app to use if you forget things like I do and I just love to see what things and opportunities for school and mainly my group for school, beta. Whoever made this app is amazing I could give them a huge thumbs up, and also I want to give he/she a hug because of this app I am able to remember things for beta club. THANKS FOR GIVING ME TJIS OPPORTUNITY to make a review. P.S. I want to say thank you again and I want to meet the person who made this app because they are a genius or they all or all geniuses

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    Great for teachers

    I love this app. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because I think you should be able to send longer messages. I often have to send 3 messages to relay the week’s reminders, which is annoying to me and the parents. Also, I have to keep a parent contact log and I wish there was a way to sort the dates of messages sent directly to the parents that aren’t whole class messages. I have to go into each parent and do them one by one and it takes forever- so a sort drop down menu filter would be nice. What’s great? The fact you can go back and look at old messages. I actually had a parent try to sue our school because she said her child slipped on the bathroom floor and lost a permanent tooth. On the day her daughter was playing with the sink water, she did slip and lose a tooth, but her mom texted me through remind and said, “ thank goodness the doctors said it was a baby tooth, her permanent one is getting close to coming in.” Lawsuit saved! I also like that it lets you attach pics. I often take pics of school flyers or homework sheets and send.

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    This app is...kind of......ok-ish. This app used to be great! I will be honest and say that the app WAS awesome in the past. However, now it’s just a necessary annoyance. I use it now only because I need it to keep in touch with the schools that my children attend. The stream of messages with no division of which school or class is annoying. The inability to leave a school is annoying. Yes. I get that there is a way to delete a school, but it doesn’t work every time. Try it. It won’t always work. I have a teacher who has two different groups. They both go to the same stream because they were both sent out by the same person. That gets confusing because I have to check the header of each and every message to see which group is being referred to instead of them being able to be separate even with them having different codes!!! It’s a different group!! It shouldn’t come in on the same screen as the other group!!! It’s just annoying!!! This is the situation for the most active groups on my app. Good luck trying to keep track of everything with this crazy app!!!! I’m so sad to leave a two star review for what used to be one of my favorite apps. :-( :-( :-(

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    Remind is a one of a kind tool to use in classrooms, clubs, and really any organization that needs mass communication. It is really simple and easy to use. It can take less than a minute to send a message to the group, and even allows private chats between students and teachers. I think one of the best things about Remind is that it allows teachers to communicate with students without the awkwardness of private phone numbers. It is all done through the app so the numbers are confidential. However, the only down side is that it is very difficult to send large messages to the group because there is a character max of about 130. If Remind were the change it to about 200, I think it would make communication even easier. Sometimes there just isn’t enough space to say all that needs to be said, so the new max character count would aid in that aspect. Other than that, Remind is a high quality and effortless way to communicate within organizations!

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    Good so far, but could use improvement

    I really enjoy using remind because it’s user friendly and extremely compatible with all of my apple products. Even my students without smart phones are able to use remind through SMS. I also love the feature of allowing parents to join a class. However, there are a few features that are lacking. I don’t like that my characters are limited when I send an announcement. I tend to send a lot of attachments and that seems to lower the character count additionally. Also, I like to create videos of my solutions to problems and send them to students. Remind doesn’t allow for videos to be sent. It does allow pictures to be sent, but if I have a multitude of pictures (for example a packet where each page is its own separate picture), I have to send the pictures one at a time in their own separate messages. I’m looking forward to updates that will make Remind even more useful for my students and myself.

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    So happy with this App but..

    This App is great! I am glad I can finally keep in contact with my teachers over the weekend or even when school is out and there is no after school tutoring. There are so many great things about this app to talk about but I do have one complaint. See I move a lot being a military family and also moving schools. So when I try to switch my schools to my current one it kept saying that it wasn’t advised to do it and wouldn’t let me it took me 46 minutes until I was able to get my school switched with the help of a teacher. I thought it would automatically switch when I became registered in a different school because I am in high school and it said I was in middle school. And because it said I was in middle school I couldn’t join any of my high school classes on remind. I would just like it to be less complicated in the future. But otherwise this App is 5 Star!! I recommend it to all of my friends all the time!

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    Love Love Love this app!!!

    The Remind app is simply awesome! I struggle with anxiety when it comes to my kids, one high schooler and one kindergartner. I find myself wondering how they are, if they are ok, what’s going on with them while at school etc. My youngest started kindergarten this year and as most of you know that can be a struggle in itself. The first few weeks there were tears, asking teachers to call “mama”, etc. The Remind app has helped not only myself but my little one adjust to going to school and being away from me. Knowing I can check in on them or the teachers can check in with me with updates, emergency’s, class assignments, school functions etc.. its a total game changer! My high schooler can stay in contact with teachers even after school hours for homework questions, help with assignments, etc. Thats a plus itself! I can breathe easy knowing I can be & stay in contact with my kids teachers at anytime! I’m so grateful for the Remind app. We Love it!

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    Love this app

    The Remind App is great. I had never even heard of it until the beginning of the school year when my daughter’s teacher sent all of us parents a link to do it. It’s just fantastic. But if you don’t have a school, or teacher that’s on top of it and sends out the reminders then clearly it’s not going to work. It’s great though to get reminders the night before, or the morning of, ab any changes or special events at school. They even use it to tell us if school is cancelled or delayed due to snow, and send class pictures from special occasions. And you can comment or ask questions, privately, or publicly so other parents that might have the same questions can see it. It’s also secure, it’s individual to each class within each school, and the admin has to approve your request to join, or send an invite link. With life being so hectic this is truly something helpful 😉

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    Mostly Great

    I mostly like the premise of this app. It does exactly what it says it will do mostly perfectly. Students like it and it’s easy to use. However, a couple things drive me crazy: 1) it’s impossible to clear notifications. I HATE seeing the notification tag on my devices and it’s impossible to get rid of them. I have spent an eternity combing through the thousands of messages I’ve received over the past three years, none of them are unread, yet I still have four notifications that will NOT go away. Grrrr. 2) I know that app designers want us to constantly use their apps, but this one goes too far. It will send me 20 notifications a day, with no options on which to receive and how. They’re either off or on which makes the app either useless or completely obnoxious. There’s no in between and that is annoying. I’ve now uninstalled this app for the second time. That means I only use the web browser version, which is not as convenient, but at least it can’t bombard me with notifications that are impossible to remove. Please fix and I will reinstall!

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    Remind is AWESOME!

    I have been using this app to communicate with my students’ parents/guardians for several years! Starting last year, I started added grandparents (as long as parents approved) because they wanted to support their grandchild with anything they had going on at school. I teach 3rd grade & our administrators do not allow us to text with children, for obvious reasons. I can send group photos when I take special pictures like: First day if school, homecoming week dress up days, fire prevention week, and this week we are doing Red Ribbon week! Everyone enjoys knowing what’s happening at school! This is a format that allows me to share “great things” instead of just negative phone calls. Parents are much more helpful when they see the teacher as a positive and meaningful person in the life of their child! Remind gives them this new perspective! Thank you for this app! Teacher 3B! 🐝

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    Update: The developers reached out to me promptly and corrected the error! It is now working properly. Even with this one issue, I highly recommend this app! There has been the number 1 beside my app for over two months now! I have contacted Remind multiple times and asked for their help and nothing! I have done everything I know to figure out why it is there. I even archived the group that the red dot was beside and it still won’t go away. This is beyond annoying! I have two kids that are in multiple groups that I receive notifications. I don’t want to constantly have to worry that I’ve missed a notice because of this problem. Can someone please help me with this matter?!?! This is a great communication tool when it’s working properly! I do wish you were able to write more words in the body of the message.

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    Easy easy easy

    Easy to set up, easy to get subscribers, easy to use. Great app for keeping groups informed. I use it for my Sunday School class to keep them informed of events and needs of the class. I have been using this app for almost 2 years now, and I'm still happy with the product. Recent update to the app however, have made it more difficult for me to see the messages. I am visually impaired and need more of a high contrast between text and background. Even when using the accessibility options in the Apple iOS, messages are still difficult to see because of the color schemes that were selected by the developer. Unfortunately, pastels seem to be the big thing now so this is not the only app I have difficulty with. Perhaps allowing users to pick a color scheme in settings would be appropriate I am looking forward to the day when the app takes advantage of Dark mode to make viewing easier.

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    Stopped before it started

    I’ve heard and read so many great reviews for this app, including from my colleagues so I after two terms of hearing about it, I finally decided to try it. Lucky me! 😒 I’m not sure what I did wrong but within seconds, it has already been a fail. I’ve tried uninstalling and installing and was still a total fail. After setting up my classroom, I went to enter some contacts and it got stuck at asking me what I wanted people to call me, which I had already done in the initial setup. Already strange that it was asking me this again. I typed my name again, and chose “Ms” for the title; then hit next. First it changed what I entered and added an “M.” in front of my name and no title. It then would not advance to the next screen. I repeatedly hit next and it just kept repeating the same screen name question. I even uninstalled and when I installed again; it eerily would reload and show the last screen from before I uninstalled it - still asking me what name. A major glitch to be sure. It just kept blipping “What do you want students to call you?” Call me baffled and disappointed.

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    App has been acting up

    Partially though the year my app notifications just stopped. I would suddenly realize I hadn’t heard anything in weeks so I’d check the app and see everything waiting for me. Then promptly forget to look into why. Repeat over and over until finally I turned on mobile notifications and turned push notifications from the app off. Went looking for info about school and realized I never figured out what was going on with the app. At this point I could just delete it. Now it says I have 29 notifications but nothing I do clears the number. I would also love to clear messages sent to the jr high teachers and teachers from previous years. I remove the teacher but those old messages stay there under conversation. I feel like it would free up phone space if I could delete them. The app is wonderful when it works especially when teachers use it but over the last year it’s been hit or miss... mostly miss.

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    Great Ap for parents

    My only child started kindergarten this year so Remind was brand new to our house & this level of communication between parent & teacher was a pleasant surprise. Remind does exactly what you’d want or need it to & is very simple to use. 💕👍🏼🏆 The only reason I left the 4-star rating rather than 5 is that a few times (usually last minute early mornings) the message or announcement will show a sent time stamp of a few hours earlier than it’s received. If his teacher sends an all-parent notice out at 645am there have been a few times we don’t rcv until after 9/930am when kids are already off & gone for their day. The bummer is it’s likely too late to address. I’m not certain however if the problem is somehow the school / teacher piece or within the apps function... I just know other neighborhood parents, w/ different classes & teachers, have experienced the same issue.

Is Remind: School Communication Safe?

Yes. Remind: School Communication is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 401,731 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Remind: School Communication Is 100/100.

Is Remind: School Communication Legit?

Yes. Remind: School Communication is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 401,731 Remind: School Communication User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Remind: School Communication Is 90/100.

Is Remind: School Communication not working?

Remind: School Communication works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Twitter Reviews for Remind: School Communication

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@CNN As Americans face a reckoning over the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and others, Atatiana Jefferson's three siblings want to remind America that amid its demands for justice in police killings, protesters should not forget their sister.

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