Canvas Student Reviews

Canvas Student Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-31

Access your Canvas courses on the go and in the classroom with the Canvas
Student mobile app! From any device, students can now: • View grades and
course content • Submit assignments • Keep track of course work with to do
list and calendar • Send and receive messages • Post to discussio...

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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Canvas Student Reviews

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    Great in most ways, except one MAJOR flaw

    The Canvas student app is really responsive and high functioning, almost easier to use sometimes than the actual desktop site. It makes doing school work while on the go a total breeze. HOWEVER, I knocked a star off because there is just one MAJOR issue that I hope they can fix in a future update. I’ve noticed that whenever I navigate away from the app and then return (for example, checking a module for an assignment due date, navigating away to my calendar app, then navigating back to canvas to read further) the app backs out from where I was and returns to the main screen. This is really ANNOYING and I wish it would be fixed. I don’t close the app, I simply switch to a different one, but when I return I have to navigate all the way back to where I was, often needing to click through multiple menu bars to get back to my place. It’s really aggravating when trying to multitask (as all students usually are), especially when phones these days are trying to make multitasking more intuitive and easier to manage. Hopefully that can be fixed because otherwise this is a really successful app.

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    It's improving! Getting closer!

    I'm getting much happier with the new updates that have rolled out recently. Most of the functionality is intact, which makes it really good for getting a forum post or two done during down time somewhere. Some things that are still a bit difficult are picking up discussion conversations that you have posted in. There is no way to quickly find or jump to posts that you have already made, which makes it difficult in larger classes with protracted discussions. Perhaps tagging people in a Facebook name type format and then being able to jump to that particular point in the discussions would help this? The only other major problem that I've found (and this may just be an IOS problem) is that if I switch to another app to copy and paste some material or even just the web page url itself, the app closes itself and I lost my entire post. Like I said, this may just be an IOS thing with memory management but it is still a major pain in the rear to lose a long post that was typed on a mobile keyboard. Overall it works well for me and I'm pretty happy with it! Keep up the improvements, it's about there!

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    Good, but…

    From the beginning, the app was fine. I enjoyed using it and it was a good way of keeping up with my grades (assuming my professors uploaded them in the first place), but this recent update, as of April 16, is annoying to say the least. If your class are heavily discussion based, good luck. You now have to scroll though everyone’s posts and comments to finally reach your own. It gets hard to tell which one is a post and which one is a comment because there’s no real indicator except for a very thin gray line. If you want to edit a previous comment or past that you made? Tough luck, you’ll just have to replay again and add to the madness that is already this discussion board. Not only that but the scrolling never loads everything and often gets stuck when it reaches the bottom and has to load more also causing the app to crash. It was so much more efficient when all of the comments were in folders under the original post. Not only that but the notifications are still broken in the sense of, when you get a notification and you click on it, it still doesn’t take you to the right page.

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    Previous user

    I downloaded the app because it allowed me to interact with my instructors & fellow classmates. Somehow there was an update to the app & I can’t get into it anymore. There’s a function that allows a person to reset password & every time I try & request a new password via email, I never get anything from canvas at all. When I go into my school website on the computer, my info works just fine so I’m getting the password right they just don’t have my info in their system or something. I have also had other issues but nowhere to go & try to get help for this app. I’ll be deleting it off my phone since I can’t get in anyway. And it will remain deleted unless they go back to the way the app was 2 weeks ago. Fix your app idk how that needs to be done but it isn’t working for me & there’s no one to call or email for issues unless you’re logged into the app🙄

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    More accessible and easy to use than the computer

    I enjoy using this instead of having to log on every time on a web browser and having to boot up my computer, it’s also wherever I am. I do have a couple of occasional issues though, sometimes the app doesn’t load, it just keeps showing the canvas logo rotating forever (I think it may have something to do with having do not disturb on, I don’t know if it’s exclusive to my 2017 model iPad Pro 10.5 or if it could be a generic issue). Also, when writing a long reply on a discussion, the letters sometimes can start to fall behind, even to the point of a full second delay and then it will start back spacing if you made a mistake and won’t stop for a minute. This problem may have been fixed just this week with a canvas update (not the app, just canvas in general). The only thing I would like added is the option to edit a post/reply in discussions, I really wish I could do this without having to log on online and just use the app. But overall all, this is a great app to use.

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    Trash Canvas App... 😡 DON’T GET IT!!!!!

    I use Canvas all the time for my middle school so I know my way around it. When I got into this elite program for gifted students called Duke TIP, I was very excited. It gave me the chance to learn about things last actually interested me for a change and get some interaction with lots of different kids over the summer. One night I was logging in on my computer to Canvas. We were messing around with it and I thought it would be a good idea to get the app... oh boy was I wrong. 😡 The first of my problems was getting my school put in. I put in every variation of Duke and Duke TIP until finally I got the right combo, after like 15 minutes. I was relieved that I finally got it to work, even if it took forever to load. Then I had to enter in my email. I had a special email for the class I am enrolled in and apparently it is not a real google account. I kept trying and trying until I just gave up. So if you ask me, do not get the canvas app if you have a special class or something that may not be considered a “real school”. Also do not get it if you have a different email or do not have a google account. So if you have anything like i stated above, DO NOT get the canvas app. I rated it one star... for good reason.

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    Great for faculty only, calendar is useless

    Nothing auto uploads to the calendar. If I have to personally check 10 sources to make sure Im on schedule, this is basically a very complicated syllabus with a forum attached to it. The format allows and inadvertently causes faculty to make busy work for the student by uploading more and more materials with more deadlines to keep track of, but since it does little to organize or enhance workflow, it has essentially made it more work for the student as you are looking through 50 pages of materials to make sure you’ve covered all the bases. I’d rather have a paper syllabus and take home handouts as needed, then have to keep track of hundreds of files, notifications, emails, forms and dates throughout the term. Its idea of a solution inadvertently creates a bigger problem. You’d think everyone having remote access to something would make the workflow more efficient. Instead it just opens floodgates to 40 people at a time thinking “Oh, I’ll just say or add this one more thing...” At least add a global search tool.

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    Great App, but Needs a Few Minor Tweaks

    First off, I want to say I love this app. Very easy for students to stay up to date on their schoolwork. I have used other programs such as My Big Campus and Blackboard Learn, but this app puts both of them to shape in terms of how easy it is to navigate. I could barely use their apps because everything was a mess, so good job with the creation of this app. However, I would like to make a few suggestions. As soon as something is posted to Canvas, it should you should IMMEDIATELY get a push notification and/or email. Sometimes, it takes several hours even though a grade, post, or assignment was posted a day ago, so make the notifications faster and more efficient. If I view a notification on the Canvas app, it should view as read on the desktop version. I notice when I view a notification on the app, it will show I have not viewed it on the desktop version. Also, find a way to allow users to do the “What-If?” grade scenarios on the app.

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    Unable to Use

    For years, I have had this app downloaded on my phone, because all of my classes now require canvas (a stupid decision in my opinion, every student I know absolutely hates using this interface). However, I have not ONCE been able to log in to my account, because it won’t let me find my school. When you open the app, it has a page that says “find my school,” or something to that effect, but every time I type in the name of my school, it says it can’t find it. Which is ridiculous, because every class in my school uses Canvas, so please explain to me how an entire school just went missing. On top of that, the website is completely confusing for students, it took me about 3 months just to get my bearings. I feel like an old woman trying to use this website because I just can’t get a feel for the technology. 0/10 would not recommend. If you’re a teacher and considering using Canvas as your main interface between you and your students, please do them a favor and look elsewhere. I would recommend Google Classroom. That site is super user friendly and easy to understand. I have no idea why my school system ever switched.

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    Works pretty good. I like using it, and do.

    I definitely get benefit from using this app for three classes now. Starting on the 4th. I gave it 5 stars because it is useful. Recommendations for improvement include: the Echo 360 videos do not have audio on my iPad; the People section does not have the groups; power point slides get rendered a little off, but good enough, and there is a way to copy to Power Point for IOS so that is ok. Pretty good integration with Office and OneDrive on IOS; the discussions it would be nice to have a toggle to a view with all reply’s expanded, then back again to only top level posts to be drilled down into. The first two made it so I had to lug my personal laptop on business trips in order to do all I needed for the classes. Still, I found this app worthwhile. Keep on improving it so that it can be used equivalently to the full PC browser based version.

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    Great app, could use minor update

    I absolutely love this apps usability. I just have a couple suggestions to make it a little more user friendly. Not sure if this matters, but I go to Ashford University. First, it would be nice to have your own posts displayed at the top of each discussion, so they are easier to locate. Instead of having to scroll down through every other post just to find your own. Second, although the notifications are nice, they can also be a bit annoying. Especially since clicking on the notification does not take you directly to the specific reply of that post. It simply takes you into the app and then you have to “guess” who commented and on which post. Those are my only two suggestions/complaints. Other than that, the app is awesome! Fix these two things and I’ll change my rating to 5 stars.

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    Meh. It’s ok but it has some issues so it could definitely be better.

    It’s a good app and a little more user friendly than Blackboard but it has organizational issues that can be hard to handle. I wish there was a way to customize your course selection screen and the access points for your modules once you open your course. I have to jump through hoops to get to where I need to go for some assignments. It’s time consuming and frustrating. Also I wish there was a feature where you can add events or assignments to your personal in app calendar. I have one class that does not enter the time or day assignments are due directly into Canvas and therefore the assignments don’t show up in the calendar. I’d be willing to manually enter due dates from the syllabus if the app would allow me to but unfortunately the entire calendar is locked down. I can’t even export it to my phones calendar or reminders. Very frustrating to deal with but it hasn’t killed me yet so 🤷‍♀️

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    Great app, it is really on the fence of getting a 4 instead but with all the bug fixes it’s okay, if you have problems with the app just ask people who know it will enough, most people complain about the app but it’s actually pretty good. It sends notifications thru text and notification just in case it did not work, I really hated how it handled files but know it is okay, I also hated how it handled assignments but know it’s really good, it might need a place to put your email for teachers and students a like, I don’t like how it has the messages layer out like reddit, it’s not even the good reddit one, it’s the bad see reply one and you have too keep pressing and pressing, it has a very useful Hud where you can see all your classes and you can change and customized them, it also has access to drive and outlook. Thx canvas

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    App issues

    Reasons why I dislike canvas 1. If you log into canvas from multiple devices, and say, you check some announcements from your phone, and then log into canvas from your computer later it does not recognize that you already checked all your announcements already. This is the same for grades and any other updates 2. If you get a notification saying an assignment has been graded, and you click on that notification, it takes to to the comment/submission portion of that assignment (which doesn’t show the grade) and if you hit “done” it take you to the home page. So that’s really annoying, because you have to start back from square one. Might as well not click the notification and go to canvas since you’ll be redirected back to the home page anyway 3. If you are on canvas and then switch over to a different app, almost instantly canvas loses your spot, so when you come right back to canvas you are back in the homepage. There are more issues with canvas but it does work, it’s just annoying that it can’t remember a lot of things.

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    Helpful, but glitchy

    While it helps to have an app that allows me to continue my education even while putting a child to sleep, there are a great many problems. The biggest is the slow keyboard response. When writing, one must be willing to be overly patient. In this era, we should be able to type at will and have the technology move with us. More often than not I must type and wait for each word to appear. It is common for the app to take more than 10 seconds to respond to my typing and mangle the sentence into an unintelligible mess. The other failing is the annoying tendency for the app to relapse into previous versions of the screen in which I am working. If I complete a post or reply, it would suddenly disappear as if it failed to upload the post. If I retyped my post, it would all of the sudden remember the past and double post. Unfortunately, this is not only a problem in the app but also the desktop version. Please fix this!

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Is Canvas Student Safe?

No. Canvas Student does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,968,998 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Canvas Student Is 16.1/100.

Is Canvas Student Legit?

No. Canvas Student does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,968,998 Canvas Student User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Canvas Student Is 16.1/100.

Is Canvas Student not working?

Canvas Student works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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