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Published by on 2019-11-20

Classroom is a free service for schools, non-profits, and anyone with a personal Google account. Classroom makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect—inside and outside of schools. Classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, an...

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Google Classroom Reviews

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    Super Buggy

    I’m a student, so I was required to download this app for school purposes, and it glitches so much. Every single time it updates they say that they’re making it “better,” but really, it just messes up all my classes. It has deleted my classes before, and because I need to be able to access those classes to be able to get and turn in my work, it affected my grades. The “to do” section seems like it would be really helpful, telling you what you have left to do and when it’s due, but it glitches so much that it’s an inconvenience. I tried to access it the other day to find out what homework I had to finish, and instead of showing me what was due the next day, it displayed all the homework I had ever been assigned for every class I was currently enrolled in, marked as missing even though I had turned it in months ago. This app is terrible, and what makes it even worse is that if they just put a little effort into it, it would make classes more convenient and accessible, but instead it’s doing the opposite. Along with all of that, it’s super slow. Every time I try to open it, it takes an exorbitant amount of time to load, even when literally everything else that I might need WiFi for works fine. Even if I go to a place that I know has faster WiFi in an attempt to fix this problem somehow, the app still takes the same crazy long amount of time to load.

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    Great class management tool but need improvements

    I hope the developers actually read this... First of all, I am very grateful for this tool/app. It certainly makes my life easier as a teacher with two big classes. In general, it is a very helpful tool to manage your class and students. With the addition of the ‘material’ option in classwork, it makes it really convenient to post agenda, handouts, or just information if I want to keep record of them (because the posts on the stream gets pushed down over time). However, on the app, the posts always don’t show as its complete version. The posts are always cut off below the first two lines, which makes it very inconvenient for students who use their cellphone to access more often than on a PC. Some of my students don’t have computer access everyday so it makes it really difficult and a little discouraging for them to keep up with all the information provided online, especially when they are all trying to improve their computer/ internet literacy. I truly hope this issue can eventually be resolved in the next few updates.

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    Google classroom review

    For the most part, it is awesome. There is a programming glitch between the chrome version and mobile version. If my students need to insert a pic into a doc and do so from their phone, they can see the pic in the Google doc. But most of the time, that pic is not visible in the doc on my end when I open the same google doc from my computer. We have not figured out how to do it from the phone. Many of my students do not have computers at home. The other inconvenient thing has to do with posting assignments. If I accidentally make an assignment with an attached doc and forget to “make a copy for each student” I am unable to edit or add it. I have to delete the whole assignment and start over. That can be time consuming if my instructions are long. Other than these two items, it is awesome! I’m in the process of having cataract surgeries and being able to zoom in on work has saved me a lot of grief grading papers. Thanks for providing such a wonderful tool for both students and teachers!

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    USED to be great...

    I have been using GoogleClassroom since it first came out. In fact, my classroom is 95% paperless because of it. I have found great ways to utilities it my classroom and have overcome some my OCD issues regarding change whenever it gets updated. HOWEVER - just recently, things have begun to get screwy. I have made it a habit of scheduling all of my assignments on Sunday evenings. This frees up a good portion of my week and if changes need to be made, I just have to adjusted days and times. In the past week, when I tell my students to go the assignment on the GoogleClassroom, it’s not there. When I check my feed, it says the assignment isn’t scheduled for another 6-12 hours or so. And the times are ALWAYS unusual - like 625pm. Why would I schedule a junior high class assignment for 6:25pm? The due dates are also messing up. I do not share the classroom with another teacher, so I’m the only one who has access. No one else in my district uses GoogleClassroom the way I do so I feel completely alone in this. FIX THIS!

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    Pretty Great!

    I️ know there are a lot of people out here who are saying that they hate google classroom and that it’s needlessly advanced, and all I️ have to say is; catch up with the years! This is where technology is now, and if you don’t get it or think it’s overly difficult, then you clearly were not trained or taught this form of technology. I️ think, for those of you who actually understand how this stuff works, it’s a great tool to use in classrooms that makes schoolwork and homework much easier. I️ do practically all my schoolwork on the computer, using google classroom. It’s really a great idea for a simple way to do schoolwork and such. Plus, no matter how much you fight it, this is where society and education is headed anyway. There’s nothing you can do about it, except learn, appreciate, and accept it.

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    I Like It, But I’m Silenced? 🤨

    Let me start off by saying that I love Google Classroom. It’s a great tool for me to have so I can check my assignments on the go without having to rely on a computer (except for WiFi and Service). Except I noticed a small bug that I may not be the only victim of. On my phone, I can only make class comments for certain classes. Like for my English class, I can press Add Class Comment, but it just takes me to a screen saying there is no class comments making me unable to add anything. I love this app and all, but I would really like this to be fixed so I could communicate with my classmates/teachers through Google Classroom. I’m only 13, so your probably not gonna listen. But please have an open mind towards my review. I hope I’m not the only one going through this problem and that getting this fixed will help a lot of people.

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    TINY DISCLAIMER! I AM 11 YEARS OLD!!! I go to a catholic school, therefore there is a lot of work. My school pays for chrome books, well technically we pay for them, and so google classroom is something that is no option. In today’s society, nobody but the Amish can live without technology. So that is what our school says we need to do. They say we need to explore the great bowels of technology. Currently it is 2:27 and I am sick with the flu. But I have assignments I need to do at home. And of course I accidentally left my lap top at school. So I can just whip out my phone and look at all of the things I need to do and BOOM!!! All done! Google classroom is a must have. Now probably no one will listen to me because I am 11, but I just finished my five page essay on American economy so HAHA!! All in all google classroom is a must have for those who catch illnesses easily, and constantly need to access the internet. Although I did see some problems. There is a glitch every time I go down to my ELA folder. Every time I press on it... it just takes my back to the google classroom home screen with all of my classes. But other than that this app is GREAT!!!

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    Thanks so much, this app is so helpful!!! I forgot what my math home work looked like, and I signed into her class and I found what it looked like and copied it on a piece of paper since I had lost my home work. This is good for situations like mine and I highly recommend it for students like me that have lost there home work. Thanks again!!! This app deserves 5 stars!!!! If you are looking for an app to find what your homework is then this is the best app possible. All my classmates use this app and the teacher recommends it for us to use if we can’t find our homework. Give this app five stars and be happy, it’s the best app for this you could get!!!! I’m so appreciative and thanks again. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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    Classwork Update

    I’ve had his app for a few years now and most of my teachers use it. It’s helpful to be able to access work that my teachers put up quickly and without needing a chromebook. However as of late there’s been an update where a new “Classwork” tab has been introduced. I have updated the app to its current version however every time i open up this app, a small pop up shows telling me i need to update. When i click the update button it just takes me to the app store but nothing changes. I did delete the app yesterday and redownload it. Though that solution didn’t last. The first time I opened the app after redownloading it the “classwork” tab was there but when i open it today it is back to pop ups and no update.

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    Helpful, but unnecessary

    I’m a high school student, and this app makes school life all the harder. I think it’s a great organizational tool, but I also think that Google Classroom gives teachers the excuse to almost double the amount of work we’d normally get. It also doesn’t really help that the school that I go to makes it a REQUIREMENT for all teachers to use. The app just makes school life harder. Most people go off on how it helps the teachers make things easier, but in reality, they assign us with a ton of work with the click of a mouse, while we submit the work at four hours of grueling work just to make sure we don’t fail the class. Finally, this app isn’t at all friendly to people that can actually stand to look away from their phone for more than two hours. If you don’t hear, or miss notifications, then you’re screwed, and ultimately have no excuses for it.

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    Terrible app

    As a student I hate google classroom, the app is terrible but because Ebackpack recently shut down it is the only option for schools to use. First the typing system is terrible and doesn’t work well. To type you have to press a button on the screen and press somewhere else to open a text box. This alone is fine but to pick the font size you have to zoom in and out to get the correct size. This would also be not preferable but fine if the typing wasn’t so sensitive and while zooming out it opens up 3 text boxes. This pales in comparison to the big problem of the app crashing. I can not express the hours upon hours of work that has been deleted by the app crashing. Often I will be 3 hours into a project for it to crash and not only delete all progress I have but also delete all the saves I had in the file. Overall google classroom should only be used by schools If it is the only choice.

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    I was a student at a school with G Suite, then I wasn’t.

    This is a must have for the classroom! After using G Suite at my old school I really forgot just how much harder it is to do everything without something GC. Google Classroom is so easy to use and is absolutely one of the most powerful tools introduced to the classroom for teachers. Classroom helped me stay organized with a folder that wasn’t full of papers I forgot about from a few months ago, but rather I could see each individual thing easily and access my grade, my work, and if it’s late or due. Keep in mind, I am not a teacher, I’m a STUDENT. It’s rare to hear this come from a student, so my review is definitely saying something.

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    This is an amazing app it is just like the website except so much faster. It is so user friendly which is something I was not expecting. In less then 10 minutes I was able to go through all the stuff marked 'late' and prep myself for an English essay!! It was an easy sign on process all I had to do was sign in on my school account and I was let right in!! All my classes were lined up and will definitely be using this more then the website!! If you are thinking about this app I highly recommend getting it. I can tell that this app will help me get my English grade from failing to passing in no time.

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    Not the greatest tool for education

    Its a way for teachers to make more boring work for their students. All of my teachers in school use this, its horrible. I cant tell you how happy I am when there is an actual test on PAPER. Sometimes google deletes my documents too, or it doesn't save properly. Also, I absolutely HATE google docs and slides, it makes no sense at all, don't even get me started on the formatting issues. The controls are the exact opposite of what you expect them to be. I mean I’m in a whole class where I'm taught to use Microsoft word properly, and then we do all our work on google docs....I guess the drive feature is cool, and the fact that you can share it. But its absolutely USELESS when google docs and slides are so crappy and hard to use with their non-logical controls. If you read this far thank you, but google, will never be as good as Microsoft word.

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    Google Classroom is Good

    I am happy with the overall performance of this app; however, I wish there would be more optional question types to ask as a teacher other than just “short answer” or “multiple choice.” Also, another problem I experienced is that I can’t choose my classroom color preferably unless I upload a picture of that particular color. Even still, color choices are very limited in the classroom. To the contrary, I really do enjoy the active discussions and environment of the classroom, as a student and a teacher. Being able to mute disciplinary students and upload various amounts of topics/assignments have been proven extremely useful to me. It would also help to have a dark theme, whiteness is too bright.

Is Google Classroom Safe?

Yes. Google Classroom is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 148,070 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5. Justuseapp Safety Score for Google Classroom Is 70/100.

Is Google Classroom Legit?

Yes. Google Classroom is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 148,070 Google Classroom User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Google Classroom Is 50/100.

Is Google Classroom not working?

Google Classroom works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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