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Reviews (32)


Done with Sally’s online

How many times am I going to have to get excited about my items that are shipped to only find out much later ...all out of stock!! You will not be charged!! However on my orders page low and behold all shipped... all items displayed... shipped to me it says with shipping tracking right there.....nowhere does it say items are no longer in shipment. As a matter of fact there’s a hyperlink to buy it again.....have to search around when items don’t get delivered to realize there are no longer available. I called about another order and have yet to receive a missing item ... and for some reason one box was returned supposedly for bad address or something when it’s the correct address I have to call again. Frustrating and you need to workout the kinks.. I don’t think I’ve been charged in the end for the unavailable items but I will be researching because nothing makes sense and it makes me uneasy now.


App has annoying flaws

I have to click on the “remove from cart” option and the “yes” to confirm multiple times before it decides to remove the item. Sometimes I have to restart SALLYBEAUTY for it to work/remove the item. Also the “save for later” option doesn’t work at all. I have an iPhone 12 Pro so my phone definitely isn’t the issue, and everything is updated. The “try it on” option also doesn’t work anymore, but when it used to work the colors never showed up the right shade anyways. All around I love SALLYBEAUTY , it’s easier to use than going to the website every time I get hair supplies and I can browse as I please and it’s not like I’m always trying to remove items from my cart, it’s just kind of annoying.


Really bad communication and no help from CS

I submitted an order on May 6, 2020, there were 36 item and I only received 3 items. After a week I decide to call CS to find out we’re the rest of my order was. After an hour of wait for somebody to answer, I was told the rest of the order was cancelled because the items were out of stock. At no point did I receive a notice of the rest o f my order being cancel. I went back to there website and added the items back on to my cart and they all showed availability for more then one. I believe somebody at the warehouse is not doing there job and is just cancelling orders. I called back to tell them the items show there still available and the CS said yeah we re stock weekly and at the time you order they were out of stock. I order exactly a week from today. CS was no help at all, she didn’t even offer to help me resubmit the order for the items I didnt received. Very poor customer service.


Sally’s Review

I love going to Sally’s, the downfall is that I can never leave without spending a ton of money! Most of the items you can find a lot cheaper elsewhere! Unfortunately the other stores don’t carry some of the products I use religiously.. Customer service at the Sally’s in Pompton Plains could use some training in kindness, especially the older woman (possibly the owner or manager) that works the register at times. She definitely needs an attitude adjustment!! As for the other employees, they could use some product knowledge training.. Every time I go there with a hair issue no one has a clue how to help me! And god forbid you need to return something, it’s like you have to bend over backwards to get your money back! Oh and make darn sure you have the exact credit card you used to make your purchase or you can forget about getting refunded in any way, shape or form!!


Very wonky and glitchy app

I love Sally Beauty. I’m normally in in-store shopper, but with the current crisis, I’ve taken to online shopping. That being said, this is more of a time than any to make sure that your app is working properly. SALLYBEAUTY is so frustratingly glitchy that on multiple occasions I’ve just given up on my purchases. The amount of times I end up having to close and reopen SALLYBEAUTY is crazy. Deleting things out of your cart is a hassle, browsing products is difficult unless you search through their categories, reviews glitch so often so you end up reading reviews for one product that you previously looked at when you’re looking at a completely different product. Overall I’m super disappointed with SALLYBEAUTY . I expect a lot more from an amazing company like this.



1. They bill you separately for each item that you purchase. So if you check your bank account you will see 15 different transactions. 2. When you go to see your past purchases it doesn’t show you what you actually paid for the item because it doesn’t take into account how much you saved with your coupons. So when you want to cross check each item that was billed to your bank and what Sallys has— you will not know what you paid for what. 3. I had to keep emailing them to tell them that they were not adding the points to my account even though I was purchasing a lot online due to the Pandemic. 4. Prices online are Much higher than at the Sally I used to go to in person. 5. I bought a box of gloves. Was billed. Waited a week. Then I got a refund. Then it showed that the order was CANCELLED. I did not cancel it. If the item ran out why did they let me buy it. Or why not just tell me in an email “sorry, the item ran out”. Instead of a random CANCELLED. 6. It’s been three weeks since my purchase and I had two UPS tracking numbers. I received the package today and there are three boxes of gloves missing. Why??? Why does it say items were shipped? And DELIVERED? I am missing items!!!


Frustrating, wasted too much of my time!

I log in just to get a blank screen. When I do get the products to come up and add something to my cart, the whole cart deletes if I search for more products. So I start over, have to search through products again to add to cart, and again deletes everything. I finally gave up with SALLYBEAUTY after 20 minutes of trying and pulled up the site on my laptop. There was a sale 4/$20, I assumed it would be any 4 products included in that sale. No it was for four of the same product, who needs 4 bottles of the same product unless you’re a hairdresser. After reading these reviews I really regret ordering online, as it seems many people are not getting their orders. I can’t even get logged in to find my order.


Just use the website

SALLYBEAUTY is aggravating. While I appreciate the ability to “try on” the hair tints before purchase, SALLYBEAUTY itself functions poorly. For example, when hair tints, should you choose to pick a specific item to view, there is no way of continuing to shop the hair tints. When you press the back button, you are sent to the home page. This makes comparing products VERY FRUSTRATING. Also, the cart doesn’t update well. The feature to remove an item from the cart was not working. It did work when I subtracted the quantity but would not let me just delete item. Also, I would continue to shop and come back to see the item back in my cart. Finally, I closed the screen for a moment to look at a text message. When I went back to SALLYBEAUTY , my cart was empty.


Not ordering from the app ever again!!!

our local store was "temporarily closed" and i really needed to redo my hair. they told us to go on SALLYBEAUTY so i thought i would try it. i ordered all the stuff i needed. BUT it's not clear when it will get here and how to track. it gave me 3 different shipping tracking numbers and i'm so confused. i hate it. it's not clear and it says it won't be here for another WEEK. it's already been a week. so i'm very disappointed. i don't understand why it's taking so long! it said 2-3 business days but i guess that's 2-3weeks instead!! i'm very upset with this purchase. UPDATE: i received one thing from my order and i have to wait 2 more days to get the rest?? i ordered all together ! the store has opened and i can't believe i just waisted money and time.


Love Sally, Meh App

I think Sally is great, but SALLYBEAUTY , not so much. There’s a LOT of lag (for the record, I have a brand new iPhone and the latest OS, not even a quarter-filled memory, consistent LTE and WiFi signal, so it’s not my phone). Adding items to the cart takes forever. It’s easy to end up with twenty of something because you can’t tell if it’s taken your tap or not. It’s hard to see some item photos; mostly because they are too small. Trying to move things from your cart to the Save For Later list doesn’t work. Please, PLEASE do some usability testing on SALLYBEAUTY. I want to like it; it is probably going to frustrate casual users too much to use.



Years ago, I was recommended to Sally's by my hairdresser. She would say how much money she would save using products that were similar to named brand items that were much more money. I have been using Sally products for years, and I love that you earn rewards with your purchases. I’m constantly getting money that I put towards my purchase, and I always get free shipping. I highly recommend Sally’s to anyone who loves their hair, but also loves saving money.



I received a coupon in my email, went to Sally’s to make a purchase and was told the coupon had to be in my account in order to use. I verified that the email I received the coupon matches my account info. They told me I had two profiles neither had the coupon. They proceed to tell me they can’t scan the coupon even though there is a scan bar on the email. Then I go home very frustrated and download SALLYBEAUTY and there is a coupon. Please pull it together, why send emails with coupons if they can’t be used. Tell us to only use SALLYBEAUTY . This would have saved me some embarrassment. There is no place to report issue in SALLYBEAUTY . Which could have saved you this embarrassing review.


KAYTLIN is a star!

Just wanted to say that I worked with KAYTLIN and placed an order online. She was excellent, very thorough, as well as very patient! An item was out of stock and even though I could not order it at the sale price and they weren't able to give a rain check due to new company policy, she made me feel better about missing out on the sale price of the item by giving me a discount on my total order placed today.


Don’t order sallys. Just go to the store

I placed an order over a week ago and nothing’s even been ship despite it saying they ship the next day. No confirmation, no tracking nothing. I should have received my order by now. There is no way to cancel and order once sent either. There’s a way to click on refunds but when I click on it it says I can’t bc my items haven’t been delivered yet. What a waste of time. I’ve emailed customer care 3xs and haven’t heard back yet either. Never purchasing online ever again. Just go to their store and get your items IF you absolutely have to. Going to be looking for a new beauty supply store now.


Sally's rocks

Every time I go into my local Sally store I am pleased with the great customer service and information I am provided when I ask any question I need an answer to I am not a professional but Sally's has professional quality products that help me chief professional look being an amateur I love the online service app and I love being updated through my email of all promotions


Glitchy app

Love sally beauty, nothing against the company. SALLYBEAUTY however could be better. It’s basically unusable, every time I click on a product (literally any product, tools, color, etc.) I get a white blank screen and have to restart SALLYBEAUTY after waiting a few minutes in case it decides to work. But unfortunately it happens every time so I cannot view any items or add to my cart. Just stick with the website, it’ll save you time and the headache of constantly restarting SALLYBEAUTY until you realize it just won’t work. But again, nothing against the company at all, it’s just SALLYBEAUTY that needs some work!


Got a lot to work on.

App isn’t user friendly. I can’t even sort items in any way (price: high to low, etc) only filter by certain categories. I already had an in-store Sally’s account with just my phone number but SALLYBEAUTY didn’t give me the option to add it and it created a new account for me. So my app orders and my in-store orders aren’t synching. *Not about SALLYBEAUTY itself but a tip for shoppers* : I paid extra for express shipping, placed my order November 8th and tracking currently shows to be delivered November 30th. If you don’t mind, just get regular shipping as it would probably take just as long as paying for express shipping.


Updated- thank you customer service! :)

Though the hold time was very long, I know they are understaffed and doing the best they can. The lady I spoke to was very kind and very helpful. She explained everything to me and my complaints were for naught because I was the one not reading numbers properly, so MY apologies to Sally’s. Though I am sad the rest of my order was cancelled unknowingly (mostly sad because at this point I have some serious grays peeking out and I really needed that dye LOL). I know that falls under a diff dept though. I’m still a Sally customer and I hope this mess gets sorted out for everyone very soon. I also hope that color comes back into stock! Thank you Sally for being upfront and handling my needs with kindness and honesty! If I could give the customer service rep 5 stars I would 😊


Not worth it

The only thing SALLYBEAUTY is good for is pulling up coupons. It stopped letting me add things to cart, some of my coupons stopped working, it doesn’t show everything that Sally’s sells, and recently I tried ordering from SALLYBEAUTY where I used two coupons that covered my purchase and I’m elite so I got free shipping. After putting in my order it charged me for shipping despite being elite, I had to cancel and call to get my coupons back. This whole app is a joke you have better luck going to the store hoping all your products are there 🙄 You should also work on showing whether or not a product is in stock at the stores online and in SALLYBEAUTY .



I recently discovered SALLYBEAUTY Dec 2019 and I love it! The rewards program is awesome and I’m already at Elite status. Not to mention that in addition to coupons I’ve received the weekly sales are amazing. And on top of all the great benefits I always receive my orders within 2 business days for purchases over $25. I’ve purchased all my hair care needs from Sally’s and will continue to be a loyal customer.


Stepping up their beauty game!!

I have been a loyal customer of Sally beauty for over a decade. This is a one stop shop for anything hair, skin, and nails. On top of an already amazing product assortment - Sally Beauty has been brining in tons of new lines. Customer service in store is always exceptional, and I am so happy to see there’s an app!! You can get online exclusives and see all of your reward cash all in one place now!! Fantastic Job Sally Beauty!!!



I’m so glad Sally’s finally has an app. Was so thrilled when I found out that it finally came out, but what would make it even better is if there were an option to order online and pick up at store rather than just having to wait for the items to arrive.


Can’t make purchases

Everytime I’ve tried to make a purchase on SALLYBEAUTY since Black Friday, it has crashed when I went to checkout. This time it crashed just applying a coupon and I’ve given up shopping on the site. There are no easy to find help buttons on SALLYBEAUTY to report this either. Every other feature is decent.


Love that there’s an app but...

So far the only thing I’ve found that I don’t like, is there’s no button to save an item to your “saved for later” or “wishlist”. I could be wrong but I looked all over for a button while trying to save something, and there wasn’t one.



I have been anticipating SALLYBEAUTY for so long!!!! So far I love SALLYBEAUTY . I’m sure there will be bugs that need fixed after awhile. But so far it is amazing!! Compared to the website, this is going to make my experience with Sally Beauty so much better!!❤️



Beyond better than shopping thru the website! It’s easy, fast and so far it hasn’t deleted the items in my cart. My only complaint is that I can’t see or add items to my Wish List or Save Later. Otherwise I’d give it 5 stars.


Needs some work

Good start, but there are bugs that need to be worked on: (1) as others have stated, expired coupons still show in my account and cannot be applied. (2) I’ve had to turn off notification badges since there are no notifications that I can find and the badge won’t disappear.


Was happy until I went to check out...

As I have seen in other reviews, as soon I went to check out, all the items in my cart disappeared! Now it won’t let me add ANY item to my cart, just keeps saying “whoops, something went wrong!” Also, the coupon codes did not work and it was charging me shipping, even with Elite status. Hopefully this issue gets fixed fast!


Super easy to use!

I buy lots of product for my daughter, beard products for myself as well as clippers and trimmers. SALLYBEAUTY works perfect, it's easy to use, and makes it even easier to use my rewards from their free loyalty program!


Great app

It’s so much easier to pull my rewards up now. I don’t have to worry about logging into my email at the checkout. It shows me all the current sales and coupons available.


Need the card in my Apple Wallet

Sally’s has all the products that I need. But I’d like to have the rewards card in my Apple Wallet. Double tapping is much easier than opening SALLYBEAUTY other than that, SALLYBEAUTY is nice and responsive


Dude.. where’s my order ??

I luv luv SALLYBEAUTY so glad to have sallys ay my fingertips My only problem is I can’t find out how to see my previous orders and for some reason it’s not collecting my bonus points 🤪


No. SALLY BEAUTY does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 27,006 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SALLY BEAUTY Is 16.9/100.


No. SALLY BEAUTY does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 27,006 SALLY BEAUTY User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SALLY BEAUTY Is 16.9/100.

Is SALLY BEAUTY not working?

SALLY BEAUTY works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Donna
Aug 23 2022

I have always had trouble with Sally's app! It is very frustrating to say the least. Sometimes, I am in too much pain to go to Sally's in person so I TRY to order through the app. It has only worked 1 time for me. By that I mean, is it either doesn't accept your expiration date of your debit card or you can't get your cart to come up and when and if it finally does, it won't let you add or delete anything! I guess I won't be using it any longer. It is no use. I have been trying more times than I can count, I can't get anywhere. I called Sally Beauty customer service a few times and the only thing they say is, "there must be a glitch in the system" well, how does that help us? It doesn't! To Sally Beauty, you are going to LOSE a lot of money if you don't figure out how to make this app work all the time! I had items in my cart that totalled almost $100.00 and never did purchase these items, and I cannot go to the store at this time. I don'y know when I will be able to. I will try to purchase these items from other places. It's a shame! Customer Service is friendly but they don't seem to care or are worried that their app has serious problems.

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