IPSY - Beauty, Makeup & Tips Reviews

IPSY - Beauty, Makeup & Tips Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-30

We’re reinventing the way you discover beauty, making it 100% about YOU. As
the leading source of beauty discovery and inspiration, IPSY combines
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IPSY - Beauty, Makeup & Tips Reviews

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    I’ll try it....

    A coworker talked me into it. Well, it’s not just makeup. It is skin care, serums, haircare, tools.... so, “I’ll try it.” I said. Two years later... DO NOT GET RID OF MY IPSY!! In fact, I get the $10 one every month without fail, and opted for the $25 box every other. I love the facial masks and have learned about the foot masks and other fun items because of Ipsy. Highlighters are my friend, who knew. And the price is fantastic. Now the word sample is funny. I have never ran out of an Ipsy nail polish sample, and the lotions include several uses, depending on the brand. Brands.... I found out I love Sol de Dejanaro from a sample and now purchase the full size. I would have NEVER spent that much money on a full size without knowing, I loved it. And how about the “bag”. Do I love them? No, not all of them. But did bring a nice one to a wedding as a clutch. So cute. Lastly, the infamous shiny envelope!!!!!! Ladies!!! It is Show & Tell time in the office!! My heart warms when I see it. Literally the best $10 spent every month. I will not stop!!! PS - Through that last two years I see Ipsy has been striving to make it is, what the customers want it to be. They ask for feedback, they listen and make changes. If there is bad feedback in the past, it may not be true still today.

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    I’m obsessed with IPSY Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus!!

    Give this monthly beauty box (well it is actually A really adorable monthly makeup BAG holding all the goodies) a try!! You will not regret this inexpensive purchase of only $12 a month for the Glam Bag (5 travel size products mixed with a full sized item in a cute bag). You can also get the Glam Bag Plus for an extra $25 a month that includes 5 FULL SIZE products worth well over $100. Your bag is curated for you based on a beauty questionnaire you keep updated based on your makeup, skincare, and hair product loves, likes, indifferent, dislikes, along with your skin and hair type, color, texture, and your makeup colors and products you prefer. Your bags are even more personalized when you provide a review of each item and if you like the particular item, the brand/company, and if you want more of this type of item. I also look forward to the 2nd of every month because ADD-ONs are available for 24 hours and you can select up to 5 trial size ($3 each) and or full size products ($12 each) to be added to your bag. Give this a try and pamper yourself a little bit!! Did I say these are from high end and up and coming brands that are normally way more expensive per item than your monthly price for 5 items!

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    If I would have known about a “waitlist” I would have never subscribed.

    I saw Ipsy advertised on Facebook and thought it would be a really nice beauty box service, I downloaded the app and subscribed. Immediately after subscribing I was told that I was on a “waitlist” and that if I wanted off I would have to send emails to 3 of my contacts in my email. I don’t have contacts since I use my emails for social media and signing up for websites and things like Ipsy. There are only a few options for which email service you can use which are gmail, hotmail, outlook, and yahoo. I use aol so I was out of luck. If getting off of the “waitlist” was as easy as sending 3 emails, why is there a waitlist in the first place? I understand that your app says “we are in high demand, so you’re on our waitlist” but come on, It really isn’t fair for people who are unable to send the emails to easily bypass the “waitlist” Either advertise your waitlist situation or tell people before they subscribe, don’t wait to tell people that they are going to have to wait to “actually subscribe” until after they have already gone through the process of taking the beauty quiz and giving their payment information. I would like to say that customer service was very responsive and quick to cancel my “waitlist” spot and responded in less than 24 hours which is why my rating is 3 stars instead of one.

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    Great especially if you don’t know what to buy

    I really like ipsy because you get sample size of really great products and especially if you don’t do your make up all the time. If you don’t want to buy large expensive portions of things you get to try products and a lot of things go bad before I even get a chance to finish them. I also don’t always know what to buy and I forget that I need things so it’s already in the house so I don’t have to run out last minute and try to buy something. They send really high-quality top-of-the-line stuff too and I love that you can customize it to your preferences and your skin shading haircolor and all that good stuff. You could also cancel anytime if you decide that it’s not for you but honestly it’s the price of two Starbucks coffees a month and I get make up skin care and hair care samples that are actually pretty large considering. I highly recommend it to people who don’t use a lot of make up and don’t go out that often because that will be enough to last for you. I also recommend it to people who love to buy make up because you can try something and then by the full-size products at a discount if you do decide that you like it.. it’s in all around waiting for me.

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    is fun for a while but gets old fast.

    i loved this when i first started using this. got all sorts of products i wasn’t aware of, learned about how to all those different kinds of products, learned what really wasn’t for me and it was literally like Christmas every month getting new and exciting things. the novelty quickly wore off when i first started receiving duplicate products. a certain mascara one month and then the same mascara again the next month. this happened with several different kinds of products multiple times in my two years of subscribing with them. i tried changing my personalized settings every month in hopes it would help but then they changed their personalized settings from what you don’t want to how often you use each product. that’s when i started receiving all sorts of products i absolutely did not want because you could only rate each type of product at Often, Sometimes, or Rarely. i never use lipstick, not i use it rarely so i was constantly sent chapsticks and lipsticks. the amount of products i was sent every month that i didn’t want/or would not use is when i decided to cancel my account. i know it’s only $10 but it’s clear they started this idea not expecting it to be in such high demand and now they can’t keep up with a wide assortment of affordable products anymore.

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    It's awesome for new makeup lovers

    I've recently just started to get in to makeup, though going in to stores like Ulta and Sephora have always been overwhelming and expensive if you don't know what you are doing. I like Ipsy because it's affordable, fun, and helpful; for just ten dollars a month, every moth they send a themed makeup bag that is different each time with five different items included in it. Typically it's all sample sizes but on occasion they will send full sized product, like this month I got both a full liquid eyeliner pencil and a large matte lipstick which are also really good quality. They carry huge name brands that you'd find in Sephora and Ulta so you're not paying for drugstore makeup, they also give you a detailed multiple choice quiz about the styles and products you like/want to try. When it came to color options I selected "adventurous" since I am the type of person who just wears the same look every time and I wanted to break out of my shell and do more wild cute looks, so far I haven't been disappointed with the colors they've sent me with them being outside my comfort zone. Tl;dr : I'm really happy my co-worker suggested this to me and it's very exciting to see what surprises they have in store each month.

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    I Used to LOVE ISPY......

    I have several issues with Ipsy lately. I feel like when I first started they gave me pretty high quality items and the promised “two full-sized items”. Now however not only have I gotten more and more off-brand and low quality items but it’s getting harder and harder to tell what items are supposed to be “full-sized” when they’re all starting to look like travel/sample sized items. I also feel like the beauty preference quiz is a joke because most of the items I get don’t seem to match my answers from the quiz. Another, albeit smaller but,I feel important issue is that appears all the newer bags are much more plain and uninspired in design. Okay, now these are just my concerns with the products themselves, I haven’t even begun to touch on the app. Ever since the new update it has become EXTREMELY hard to use. It glitches often and very much puts an emphasis on their shop instead of your subscription. Anytime the app glitches it directs you to the shop, or anytime you open it, or click on something, anything. It’s really sad to see this company become so money hungry that it doesn't seem to care about the basis on which they started on. The app is all about spending additional cash and if you really want the items you crave you’ll have to shell out the additional funds. Sorry for the long rant, I truly hope these issues are resolved over time.

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    I’ve been using Ipsy so since last year, so I didn’t have to deal with a wait list. I’ve always been either super happy with my products or a little upset, but I feel like if you review them honestly they do try to make the bags better. It’s not like they pick through each persons profile to find the perfect product, it’s all the computer so when you review and make your profile, it really matters. At first I only got it for skincare products, but I recently changed my profile to try more makeup and got some foundation so I’m really excited to try that. Also, some of the stuff they put in these bags are so worth it. I got this gold flake eye shadow and I loved it so much and I looked it up and for the size I got it was $22. Sadly, I recently dropped that eye shadow on my bathroom floor, so the floor is gold and beautiful now like my eyes should’ve been. Just one great product is worth it and I personally have had great luck. Anyways, I love Ipsy, I recommend it to my friends and anyone also who it’s even thinking about trying it, it’s great even if you want to try it for just a month or two.

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    Great products! Your license to be adventurous!

    I was enrolled in a competitors program and while I love the opportunity to try new products, the sample sizes really don’t provide an adequate amount to experience the full benefits of the item. IPSY gives you the full size item and you then have ample time to experiment with new shades of eyeshadow or lipstick and can make a fully informed decision to purchase that item again. I read the reviews of the products and while some consumers complain about the characteristics of some of the items, the total upside is that you can try them out for several nights/days/seasons and truly know whether the products are good for your skin type...or not. The small samples can not afford you this opportunity. So far, I am overjoyed each month with the selections I’m sent. All you do is fill out your profile honestly and completely and IPSY sends you item that fit your profile in addition to sending items that are edgy and will make you say “WOW! I’m so glad they sent this!!!” I recommend this program to everyone who loves makeup and cosmetics!!!!

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    I LOVE IPSY time of the month!

    Every month, I start paying attention to the mail like crazy waiting and hoping for my package! As a stay at home mom, it’s the one thing that I have to look forward to that’s just for me!!! I started a long time ago with just the Glam Bag, then moved on to the box, and now headed to the ultimate thing that’s new! I’m sooooo excited! The crazy thing is though, is I barely even wear makeup because I have nowhere to wear it to anymore AND I live in Florida, where as soon as u step outside it just melts right off! 😞 I don’t care though, it’s still so so exciting for me to get it every month! It’s like having Christmas or my Birthday every month and I’m lovin’ it!! Yay!! I tried Birchbox years ago when a friend got me a subscription as a gift and can honestly say that I love Ipsy sooooo much better! Keep up the great work Ipsy! Oh! The only advice I would give....is to pay a little bit closer attention to the beauty info we give u guys because it seems like a lot of us get things we specifically state we don’t want. Thanks again Ipsy!!

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    So awesome!

    At first I was hesitant about getting this but now I am so glad that I did! The products they send are high quality, name brand makeup and skin products that you see in the high end makeup stores. They also send makeup brushes, face masks, nail polish and more!! And they aren’t always sample sizes, sometimes they are full sized palettes and lip sticks etc. plus you get a cute little bag...all for $10!! It’s such a good deal! And if I ever get anything I don’t think I’m gonna use I just give it to one of my friends or she trades me something she got in her Ipsy bag! The more you review the products the more their team knows what you like and every Ipsy bag after that will have more and more products that they know you are going to like. AND when you review the products you get points and cash back so if there is a product that you absolutely have to have again, you can buy it on their app with the points that you’ve acquired from rating your products. So fun and worth the price of 2 coffees. I would highly recommend! Keep up the good work Ipsy ❤️

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    Fun products. Good deal. Helpful customer service!

    I’ve had an Ipsy subscription for over a year now. One month, my shiny pink envelope arrived empty with a note from the USPS about it being damaged in transit. *sob* I emailed Ipsy right away (super easy from the app BTW) and sent a photo of the package w note. They sent me a replacement bag right away, even though it was NOT THEIR FAULT! And it arrived in just a few days so I didn’t have to wait too long for something I look forward to every month. The $10 a month is SO worth it! Most of the makeup I wear is now from my “glam bags”. The “samples” last 10+ uses each. Some I’ve used 20 or 30 times and I still have product. Masks are the exception - you can usually only get 2-3 uses out of those. Bags are super cute at least 75% of the time. And when I don’t love them, I can always pass them on to my kids or niece or friends. They’ve been the bandaid for my bag addition for awhile, and my wallet thanks me for it. And I love the opportunity to buy a few extra samples or full size products when my budget allows.

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    I enjoy doing makeup and I love any beauty products. If you’re the same, get Ipsy. For the small glam bag you pay 12 dollars a month. And it’s not a scam or anything, you can stop anytime. This is my first time with Ipsy, I haven’t even gotten my first glam bag in the mail yet, and I already love it! You can even shop on the app it’s not just the glam bags. In the small glam bags you get five items that add up to fifty dollars or more! It’s really fun when you keep it a surprise and not look at the items your getting in your bag. Also, it’s SUPER fun when you do the little quiz. When you get the app it has you take a little quiz of what makeup and beauty products you like the most and how often you want to get them. It also asks what beauty stores you shop at and what stores your interested in trying. The only thing is that I wish the small glam bags were 10 dollars a month again. And omg I love that you get a different little bag each time! It’s so much fun. If your thinking about trying Ipsy I definitely recommend getting the app!

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    Please read this

    Their app could use some work because it does glitch sometimes. But besides that, I just love Ipsy so much. It’s only $10 and you get a cute bag and 5 products. People complain that it’s mostly sample sized products, but come on, you are paying $10! The samples are not like samples you’d get from Sephora where it’s one time use. These are deluxe samples that actually last a while and are easy to pack for travel. Every now and again, you get a full sized product that is in my opinion, a bonus. If you ever have a problem with the colors they send you, just write that in a review and they will send you different ones next time. Also, when you review, you get points. And after you collect enough points, you can use them to get extra products in your next bag. If you feel you want to take a break, you can put it on vacation mode and skip a couple of months. Or adjust bag frequency to where you can skip every other month. There are a lot of perks. I love Ipsy. Give them a chance!

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    Love this

    It’s so much fun getting a shiny, pink package in the mail every month & for only $10/month ! I’ve been a member 10 months now & love it. Even considering upgrading to the $25/month .. but w the $10 - you get a cute, new makeup bag along w 5 products. Usually a couple items will be full sized & a couple will be deluxe sample sized. The app is really cool too cuz you can update your profile at any time, see what products you can purchase at a discounted price, see what items you’ll be getting in your upcoming glam bag & one of my fav parts- rate the items you receive to help further customize your next bag AND you get points each time you rate your items !! You get to redeem those points for makeup/skincare/haircare/fragrance/brushes etc. that’ll come in your next glam bag package. Really, for a mere $10 it’s pretty cool. I’ve waited awhile to write this but I’d say it def deserves a good 5 star review. *** **P.S I was also on the waiting list at the start of my Ipsy subscription. I’m glad I didn’t cancel !

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