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Published by on 2024-02-06

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Reported Issues: 40 Comments

By Jim omert   2 months ago

Trying to update Max Trainer SE for the first time with the app. On the app, it says it’s installing and 1 minute remaining. It stays at 0% complete and never increases. Uninstalled app and tried again, same result.

By Melinda Monk   5 months ago

JRNY app loads up on my treadmill but then freezes so I can’t select any workouts

By Tiffany   5 months ago

Could not use my treadmill for a solid month.. Jrny app isn't responding.

By Leslie Cornelius   5 months ago

Blue tooth will not connect to jrny app. Have tried everything posted for this issue. Please advise if there is something I can do to fix.

By shamir   1 year ago

My treadmill does not start and keeps returning the message "JRNY keeps stopping" This is a very problematic app and I wish I could use my treadmill without it.

By Dan Vickey   1 year ago

Tablet sits on "I'm getting ready, start moving to warm up" screen.


I can't use my bowflex bike! I'm getting an OAB error. Very frustrating to make matters worst, customer service isn't available on the weekend!

By Will Coleman   1 year ago

After about 5-10 minutes during a explore the world bike ride the music stops after a song is finished and no new songs play, it just stops and I have to reboot which completely interrupts my workout. I've even unplugged the machine and rebooted and it does not fix it permanently. This is happening more and more frequently. I've had the bike for 18 months and it worked great for the first 12 months. Not sure what changed but obviously software changes or updates have caused this issue? What can I do to get this fixed??? Thank you!

By JC   1 year ago

Music cuts out partway through workout. Crashes at journal view. So sick of this crap.

By Suzanne   1 year ago

Have not even had the M9 for a week and it has frozen 3 times during workouts. I have done the JRNY and manual workout and still freezes, reboots, and does not save any of the workouts. I have only had this for 5 days, really regret this purchase after reading other similar comments. Seems they are selling a machine they know has problems and everyone is reporting the same problem.

By AndyTread22   1 year ago

Every single time I do a workout journey crashes and I have to restart with lengthy reboots. I would NOT have bought this product if I knew it was even half as bugged out as this.

By Joella Belsher   1 year ago

I keep getting a jrny keeps stopping message on my treadmill. I just updated it and now I can go past the jrny screen w this message popping up every twenty seconds! Unplugged and re plugged in twice

By Mark Cox   1 year ago

I have the typical freezing / shutting down issue on my Bowflex M9. Due to a work injury I haven't used it in a couple of months but I just started using it again and thought the update would fix the issue as had been suggested it would but the problem is still occurring.

By Christina   1 year ago

Bike screen gave an error code then shut down and restarted. Will not allow me to log back in - just freezes.

By Jacob   1 year ago

Error message 0AB on TM 22. Tried suggested reboot. Nothing. Can’t use at all

By MB Finocchiaro   1 year ago

We kept treadmill unplugged during storms. New update to JRNY and getting system failure from it now. It will not load.

By Pedro Mora   1 year ago

JRNY downloaded new version directly from the M9 tablet and now JRNY does not start. It keeps loading and stays there.

By Keely Hass   1 year ago

JRNY crashes, freezes, lags, I can never get one complete workout in because it’s always shutting off!

By Leo   1 year ago

I cannot get into my video apps

By Anna Mischke   1 year ago

When trying to even use my bowflex 10 it just freezes on the JRNY loading screen. Have rebooted, unplugged, reset, etc. and nothing works. Wasting hours of time on this piece of junk.

By Jeff   1 year ago

Cannot complete the fitness assessment. Gets stuck on one stage and doesn’t move on.

By Oliver   1 year ago

Error message 0AB on TM 25

By Tommy   1 year ago


By Keary Breisch   1 year ago

Music just stops after 10 minutes. Twice the entire app just froze in the middle of the workout.

By Cheryl McElhany   1 year ago

My Bowflex M9 Max Trainer keeps pausing during my workout. It won’t even run 30 seconds without pausing. The burn rate needle doesn’t move & the tablet will just come on in the middle of the night & not shut off. This machine is on 5 months old. This is so frustrating!

By Abraham Weinstein   1 year ago

The app is not locating my schwinn ic4 bike even tho my phone bluetooth will

By Joseph Ruessing   1 year ago

App just spins after login. On the tablet of my t10. Have checked all cabling, power cycled main cut off, unplugged entirely. Have checked my home internet for possible firewall issues.

By Bob Miller   1 year ago

Jrny will not save my fitness assessment which I have taken already 3 times for over 6 minutes each. I cannot proceed with workouts with this app because of it. No information on how to fix this annoying problem!

By Tiffany Rose   1 year ago

Resistance is stuck on 4

By Christopher Underwood   1 year ago

Bought M9 and screen freezes every single work out just about... Error message console disconnected from machine. Replaced tablet, speed sensor, wire harness, small computer chip at the bottom of the tower and none of these worked before Bowflex sent M6 for a replacement and the M6 has beed great. Less electronics = better product in my opinion and this goes with every product. Bowflex was good with their warranty and trying to make it right but in my option the M9 needs to be pulled from the shelves and fix the issue before selling anymore.

By Mohammed Alhattab   1 year ago

Jrny app recorded my first workout which I was trying my M6 machine, it was 39 seconds, then when I am trying to work out it doesn’t save my record and a message appeared say workout less than a minute is not saved. I can’t delete the first record

By Richard Tello   1 year ago

JRNY crashes multiple times during workout

By Sheelah Cabrera   1 year ago

Using Samsung tablet. Can take up to 20 to 25 minutes to log into the JRNY app.

By Maggie Maestre   1 year ago

Workout freezes then reboots then workout never registers.

By Kevin Quinlan   1 year ago

Updated JRNY App now will no longer connect to bluetooth. Can't even get the option to pair anymore.

By Jon v   1 year ago

Jrny freezes and reboots in middle of workout

By Andrew Taylor   1 year ago

Jrny app got sliw saving workouts. Now it won't connect to BXT216. IPad pro connects with no problem.

By Fulton Connor   1 year ago

App will not allow me to get past assessment which I have already done to activate videos. Have restarted app a number of times. Please provide guidance.

By postanote   1 year ago

The Bluetooth connection will no longer work. JRNY app does not see my Bowflex T116 Treadmill, though it shows up in my phone's Bluetooth device list as visible. Powering down/Unplugging and plugging from the wall socket of the T116 or restarting the app or restarting the phone does nothing. This was working until the JRNY update occurred.

By James Ralph Easterwood   1 year ago

The last two days lost 5 exercises on bowflex M9 because screen freezes and reboots. There is zero issues with my high speed internet connection Been using M9 trainer for several weeks with zero screen issues

Common dislikes about JRNY app

- Update no longer allows you to adjust the time slider on the custom workout

- Calories/minute scale only goes from 0-30 compared to 0-100 in the previous version

- Max gives only 2/3 of the calorie burn that was previously getting

- Recorded and saved data shows user well below the burn for each interval

- Can only take the Fitness Assessment one time

- Doesn't sync calories burned with the Activity app on watch

- Major 3 bugs that keep user from using premium feature

- No uses for treadmill speakers

- No outside app workouts tracked or recorded

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