America's Test Kitchen Reviews

America's Test Kitchen Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-21

The America’s Test Kitchen app gives you access to the best-tasting recipes
made foolproof for you by America’s most trusted test kitchen and volunteer
at-home recipe testers. Recipes are consolidated in one place—get every recipe
from America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Illustrated, and Cook...

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America's Test Kitchen Reviews

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    New UX needs a lot of work

    The app needed updating, for sure. The new app looks great but the UX needs a lot of attention. First: I search for “roast chicken” which returns a list of recipes. I click on one of them to see what it is, the ingredients, etc. if I decide I don’t want that one and I want to see the next on the list, I should be able to click “back” and see the list of chicken recipes from the search. Nope. It drops you at the main page...where I have to search again for “roast chicken” for the list. Yahoo figured out the expected behavior for moving through search results in about 1995, so whoever wrote this app needs to focus on the basics first, get that right, and move onto the next. Saving favorites seems to be broken for me. I click on what was the “tag as favorite” icon, I’m asked to create a collection, I do that, and...nothing. I’m pushed back to the main page again.

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    New version is better but glitchy

    I like the new format but my favorites didn’t initially show up. I thought I was going to have to find and re-save them - not happy. Once I logged into Cooks Illustrated app, then ATK seemed to remember and load all my favs. When I go to favs, it displays, then redisplays again. When I open a recipe in my favs then close, it resets to the beginning/top of my fav list, not where that opened recipe was located in the list, so now I have to page, page, page to where I left off. Don’t see a way to sort or organize my fav categories, they display based upon when each was created, not alphabetical or a way to organize them on preferences. The “save a fav” tag doesn’t always work, have to click and reclining to get it to work. The Search function in My Favs does not work! Would REALLy like a feature to change portion sizes (+ and -) which will automatically change and redisplay correct ingredient measurements. So we don’t have to remember we are cutting the recipe and ingredients in half, 1/3 or doubling or..... App needs the same feature as Cooks Illustrated app, where the ingredients can be displayed on the right side - separate window, so that you can view and scroll directions and ingredients independently next to each other, not scroll up & down and up & down.

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    Back button error

    They fixed some things with the update (FINALLY, after years of no major updates) but the design is still off. With the new update, the back button is just pathetic. Let’s say you search for “strip steak.” You select a recipe to glance over. When you tap “back,” it takes you all the way back to the Home Screen, not the “strip steak” search results. Who thought that would be a good idea? There are other bugs throughout. Tapping on the equipment reviews reveals no info, clearly bugged. Same for taste tests. Having to tap “show more favorites” is just poor design: how about just show them because I’m obviously trying to scroll further down to see move of my saved favorites! For the $ customers spend on subscriptions, ATK does an atrocious job with their app. Very poor work, consider hiring a different developer.

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    Shopping List in Apps dont sync between devices

    New to the app, but so far the most difficult thing is the apps downloaded on my iPhone and IPad do not sync the shopping list. The shopping list also is not available on the website to pull up the list created. Researching recipes on the iPad and working up a list is the most convenient,However the information does not transfer to the website or sync with the phone and time was wasted. All of my recipes / menu research will have to be done on the iPhone in order to use list without creating double work between devices. It is not convenient to take an iPad shopping... and it is not convenient to work on a small phone in researching recipes... I hope this gets fixed very soon. It would also be nice to create menus. Thank you.

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    Better than the other reviews say

    so I got this app after accidentally buying a year long subscription to ATC and Cooks Illustrated. I had read all the reviews and was worried it wouldn't be worth the time but it was a free app so who cares. it's much better than anyone says. the reviews are mostly from January and February and since then they have obviously done a lot of work on the app since then. you can save each recipe easily and look anything up that you could possibly want. my only issue with the app is that when I scroll through the recipes and I click one, I swipe back to continue scrolling but it brings me all the way back to the top of the list. its annoying but not the worst. but still annoying.

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    Awesome recipes worst app experience

    We can’t deny the recipe reputation that ATK has, but the app is a yearly subscription and the app needs lots of work. I recommend a biometric sign in, because the login function has to be done every time and sometimes it freezes or fails to acknowledge that you have a valid subscription. I called Apple to solve the problem and America’s test kitchen and each one points the finger at each other and both confirm I have a subscription on their ends. The app can be more user friendly, but offers great options such as easy search for recipes based on the ingredients you want to use, and create your own grocery list easily. Saved recipes are great for dinners you want to try or have enjoyed in the past.

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    Huge improvement but with a big annoying flaw

    Recently this app got a total makeover. On the whole, it’s a big improvement. In the past, it was just a way to look up recipes. Now it has featured content, which is great. Here are my top two issues, though: 1. The save recipe button. It was a problem on the old app and it is still. If I’m in a recipe, on the top right, there’s a ribbon “save” icon. If I click it, instead of saving the recipe I’m looking at, the app takes me to my favorites. The button I’m supposed to press to save a recipe is embedded under the recipe header and is hidden from view when I’m actually down in the recipe. This is dumb and confusing. It’s like none of the app developers tried to use the app like a home cook would. 2. This is a general one for every person/company creating recipe apps for phones: For heaven’s sake, please repeat quantities in the steps instead of only listing ingredients list up top. In a recipe book, I can easily move my eyes between steps and ingredients, on my phone, I have to scroll, which often means stopping what I’m doing and washing my hands. It’s inconvenient. It’s so easy to fix! Think of the actual users of the app!

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    Please fix UX! This app has a potential to be great!

    This app has so much potential but the new version has a lot of weird UX bugs: Favorites is SO BUGGY. You can only load like 8 recipes at a time and have to click a button to load the next 8, whereas the old version you could scroll to automatically load. You can create recipe collections within Favorites but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add a recipe to it???? Also if you are browsing in Favorites and click on a recipe and hit the back button it starts you back at the original load page with the first 8 recipes instead of holding your place which in combo with the lack of scroll to load makes it very frustrating. Shopping List is also buggy. I have had multiple experiences where I check something off and it checks a totally unrelated item off that isn’t even near it but keeps the one I was trying to check off... I also miss the feature where if you had added a recipe to the shopping list and decided you didn’t want to make it you could go to that recipe page and hit a button to remove all the ingredients instead of having to check every single one off in the list. Again, so much potential here but UX took a big step backwards in the app refresh for some reason.

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    New app has started to ruin the whole experience for me

    Update: I have changed my rating of this app from 2 stars to 1. The developers of this monstrosity commented on my first review below and stated they had corrected the constant login issue. They did not. It still makes me login every single time I open this terrible app. ATK, please fire your current app developers and start over fresh. I’m about to cancel my subscription. The new app is extremely buggy. Favorites sometimes freezes, or won’t load. Additionally, now the app makes you sign-in every time you open it, it’s more annoying than anything. The only other apps I have that require me to log in each time I launch them are my banking apps, and other such apps that have higher security precautions, for good reason. You’re just a cooking app, ATK.

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    Was useful, but completely broken now

    I had been using the app for over a year with no issues, but the recent changes have rendered it completely useless. You can search recipes, but you can never view them. With every recipe I try to view, whether from my Favorites or a new search, I get a screen saying “Oops, something bad happened!” Something bad happened, all right - they totally broke the app. I tried emailing ATK for support at least two weeks ago, but no response. So now I just have to use the website to find the recipes. I’ve been a paying member for many years. Surely they can do better. UPDATE: It is now a month later, and the issues are not only not fixed, they are worse. I deleted and reinstalled the app, and I couldn't navigate at all. I have deleted it permanently.

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    Great Shopping List Functionalities Lost

    The new update provides a lot of great enhancements, but now I can’t use the shopping list safely. It used to prompt you if you accidentally selected clear all items in the list, so you had a chance to not lose the 50+ items toi meticulously added to your shopping list. It also no longer sorts the items you add on your own into categories and leaves them all at the bottom of the list. Now it’s also lacking the hyperlinks on specific food items to review the results of the taste tests. I really didn’t mind signing into the website if I wanted to read reviews or view a video, I wish I could go back to the previous version of the app. Please fix this!

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    Back button

    I really love the new look and features on the updated app. Glad to see it function more like their website. It has all your favorite recipes and gadet reviews, which I find extremely handy. I don’t really spend that much time on my laptop when I’m not at work so it’s nice to have everything on the app. The one really annoying thing about the app is the back function. When you search for recipes, and hit the “back button” it takes you right back to the search page so you have to start your search all over again. Other than that the app is great!

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    Update stinks

    The grocery list function on the new update stinks. I used to be able to add my own items not from a recipe and it would categorize. Now everything I add that’s not from a recipe found on the app just gets sorted into “other”. I want my “recently looked at” recipe section on the front page again, a lot of times when I’m cooking I jump around and it makes it difficult to have to search everything again. I understand that the goal was probably to make the website and the app the same, but websites and apps are not supposed to be the same in every function.

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    Back function doesn’t work in search

    I’m not a huge fan of the new app and the most frustrating change is to the Back button. When you search, the apps pulls up a list of recipes. Once you click into a recipe to review and want to return to the list to look at another recipe from the list, you click the Back button. Instead of taking you back to the recipe list, it takes you all the way back to the Home page and you have to search all over. Super frustrating for doing recipe research. This is a pretty basic UI function and needs to be remedied ASAP. NYTimes Cooking app fxn is much more reliable now than this new app. I have been a Cooks Illustrated/ATK loyalist for 20 years and this might just be the last straw to make me leave the brand.

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    Much better!!

    Love the new update! This is WAY better than the old version. I always had to bounce back & forth between the app & the website bc it didn’t used to have the comments & reviews I needed. Now it has everything & you can watch the shows! I had a moment of panic when I first logged in bc it says I didn’t have any saved recipes at first but after I refreshed it, they all showed up a few min later- probably just takes time to sync everything. Really look forward to using this! Thanks ATK 👏🏽

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Is America's Test Kitchen Safe?

No. America's Test Kitchen does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 218 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for America's Test Kitchen Is 13.6/100.

Is America's Test Kitchen Legit?

No. America's Test Kitchen does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 218 America's Test Kitchen User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for America's Test Kitchen Is 13.6/100.

Is America's Test Kitchen not working?

America's Test Kitchen works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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