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1. The MeatStick app allows you to control and monitor The MeatStick: Achieve Meat Perfection Every Time.

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Product Details and Description of The MeatStick

The MeatStick app allows you to control and monitor The MeatStick: Achieve Meat Perfection Every Time.

Take your cooking to the next level. Cook perfect meat, every time.

Top The MeatStick Reviews

  • By Mr. Rowe


    I’ve had the MeatStick for almost 2 months now! It cost a pretty penny, so I was only able to get the one. If you can afford to get multiple sticks with the Wi-Fi range boosters, it’s definitely worth it! Their customer service is amazing! I had an issue and I reported it through the app and the responded with a solution the very next day! Definitely worth the money! My steaks have been perfectly cooked and nice and tender!!!

  • By Rawhide Girl

    I’m loving my MeatStick!

    This has made such a difference! I purchased the MeatStick because of its size; I have a Foodi Indoor grill and needed something that would fit in the grill and still give me the ability to move the meat/chicken around. It works great! You can customize all the settings and alerts, so the food comes out perfect every time.

  • By Thee Duster

    Great device

    Easy to use and set up. It is very reliable and the probe is ingenious where one end is for meat temp and the other is for grill temp. The only issue is on smaller cuts or where you are not able to push the thermometer in the required depth you will have to use a different thermometer. I highly recommend

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