Funko Reviews

Funko Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-13

The Funko app is the definitive collection and value tracker for your most
prized Funko collectibles. Funko has partnered with Pop Price Guide to bring you
daily trending values for over 17,000 Funko verified collectibles. We’ve
listened to our fans to bring you the best collection trac...

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Funko Reviews

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    Has a lot of bugs that need to be fixed!

    I’m happy that Funko made this app, because I believe it will be updated more frequently than Stashpedia. However, there are a LOT of bugs and features on the app that need to be updated, and I don’t believe Funko should have released this app yet, as it is not ready. The mechanics for searching for items is extremely poor. Too many results come up, and it’s hard to specifically search for anything. I’m glad I can add my pint size heroes and pocket Pops to my collection now, but it’s impossible to search and find them, so adding them will be a frustrating process. Additionally, I preferred the way Stashpedia categorized my collection far better than this app. Recently released and oldest released is a poor way to categorize it, and I was very disappointed to see that there was no longer “recently added.” I also liked the option to see where my exclusive pops had come from, and which were commons. I have over 500 items, and even more with the edition of pint size heroes and mystery minis, and I cannot easily locate anything with the new categorizing system. I’m going to keep collecting Funko products, because I’m a huge fan of Marvel, but I hope bug fixes and important changes come to this app ASAP. Stashpedia had its flaws, but it was far better than this app.

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    Not updating my collection fully

    Lemme explain. It is super easy to search for a Funko pop on here, that part of the app is phenomenal. And you can easily just add the Funko pop that you just got into your collection. When I go to my collection page, it will tell me the total items, and total price of my collection. No problem. But the problem is that if I go to filter, and I wanna know how many Star Wars pops I own, it will say Star Wars (49). The problem is, I have a lot more than that. It has said (49) FOREVER. Once I got my 50th, it never updated. It should say something like 70. And pretty much if you go to filter, and wanna know how many Walmart Exclusives, Overwatch Pops, 2019 Pops, etc, you will have to count manually. Also, it is not perfect. I have a Marvel Collector Corps pop (Deadpool riding on Unicorn), and it does not recognize it as a Marvel Collector Corps exclusive. Some more flaws: it does not show every franchise (Marvel, Harry Potter, Stranger Things, etc.) in my filter. I have 9 Game of Thrones pops and it does not give me the option to show those pops only. Once these problems are fixed, the app is great but a nice feature to add is to see your friends’ collection

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    Where is my collection and wishlist after a migration is completed??

    Where is my collection and wishlist after a migration is completed?? Why can’t i sign in using the application?? I don’t know what to do anymore...😭😭😭😭😭 This new application is severely buggy and a complete let down. I’m extremely very disappointed because the migration does not work at all. My entire collection is gone therefore I have no idea what I wished for and what I already owned. The Funko website will allow me to sign in and request for a migration, however, whenever I open the application there is nothing on record along with an error. Signing out, delete and re-downloaded the application does not resolve the issue but only leaving you even more confused, frustrated, and clearly unhappy. Due to this issue it’s extremely inconvenient I never know if I should pass or purchase a pop anymore simply because I just can not remember my my entire collection. Overall this new Funko application is not reliable! Honestly, I miss Stashpedia so much I least I can somewhat keep track of my collection and create or view my wish list. Why didn’t y’all run a beta test before making changes?? I have nothing good to say about this application anymore... 😱😨😰🤨☹️😫😩😖😤😡

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    Very disappointed!

    I was using the original app before this update and it was better. It kept the collection just fine. This new update did NOT merge my account and I now have to manually enter over 400 into the my collection. It did attempt to merge by taking me to safari and having me login. After several attempts, the old app deleted my inventory. I was looking forward to the update very much with the third party integration. With this new app I can’t really search for a POP as easily and smoothly as before. The new update returns no results but I scan it, which is fine but expected this feature not to work that well just yet. It was surprising. Very confusing and frustrating as well. I will continue to use the app because of the third party integration, but it still needs much improvement, not only in the UI but with data it should have. Search needs to be improved drastically, or at least use the same algorithm from the previous app but hey I’m not the developer. Overall it’s useful but still needs much work.

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    Needs so much work

    I was looking forward to this app because the old funko app was bad, i liked the idea of pops that look like you for icons but the organization and searching was hard to use and rarely ever updated new pops, but i love how it had all products from funko Stashpedia was a great app, it had great organization, searching was not the best but it way better than the old funko app, but it let you search for specific products I thought with this update those problems would be fixed and the good part would be merged, but the result was horrible, there are only a couple of good things and a bunch of horrible parts Good - it has all funko products, the writing in the search bar doesnt have to be perfect to work Bad - its slow, you cant seatch for specific products, the merging did not work at all so i have to manually put all back in. I have added things into my wishlist and collection and it took forever to show up, the uniqe organization from stashpedia is gone, i cant organize by category, licensing, or exclusivity in collections or wishlist, and when you search through discovery not all the items show up, not all products are named correctly, even if you put the correct name or licensing not all the products show up and it gives you products that have nothing to do with it It could’ve been a great app but the end result is terrible, it shouldnt have been released and they should’ve asked what their customers would have liked for the app

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    Needs work.

    First things first. I am 100% positive that this app will improve with time and become an amazing tool for collectors. I understand that what we had may have been better at present but my hopes are that with time and patience we will have an outstanding replacement. Collectors of all people should understand that acquiring a desired item does not come over night. This app is decent overall. I’m a little upset as I was one of the people that also were not able to transfer over their collection from the original app. As I was re logging my collection one by one I ran into a few issues that I’m sure some other people have had as well. The app crashed randomly approximately 8 times I was doing this in about a 1.5 hour time span. I had to use the licensing page to search for my pops because searching things like “Dragonball” or “Jurassic park” don't bring up any related products for that term. Some licensing terms are non existent. I.e. star vs. the forces of evil. Some items are not categorized correctly. Under licensing tab for dreamworks it brings up skeletor instead of how to train your dragon etc. Some things are mislabeled. Had to add my Stygimoloch pop and found that it’s just labeled “stiggy” in the system so I was unable to locate through search. I hope this feedback will help you locate some of your issues in hopes of making your final product what it needs to be for current and future collectors alike.

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    3 Stars for effort, I Guess

    Overall, the new Funko app does what it claims. However, I would go back to stashpedia in a heart beat if I could. Pros 1. Look is more polished than Stash app 2. Appears to include literally every Funko release: albums, skatedecks, rock candy, pocket pop, minis vinl, etc. 3. Search inquiries don’t have to be exact to yield results. Old Stash app wouldn’t pull results unless the inquiry was phrased almost exactly. I like that this doesn’t limit the current app, but it also leads to my first Con, as the volume of results is a huge negative. Cons 1. Searching is a pain, especially when trying to sift through multiple types of products across the name of a character (even more difficult when it’s the name of the line - ie: Rick and Morty). Definitely need many and more Search filter options to make finding specific things easier. 2. I can no longer see the collections or wishlists of my friends. If the function exists, I can’t find it. This is by far my biggest gripe to date. 3. There are less filter options for my collection and wishlist. Stash let me sort by line, which I loved as a way to quickly see what pops I’m missing. With the additional types, i would also love to have a way to sort by brand - Minis, Rock Candys, etc.- and by line - Ad Icons, Rick and Morty, etc. Many and more filters are needed given the volume of items.

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    Needs updating desperately

    I was really looking forward to this app coming out and now that it’s here I’m seriously disappointed. Even though I followed the steps correctly my stashpedia content didn’t import into the new app. There are pops that I had added on stashpedia and could look up on ppg that were not included in the new app. You can’t filter the results when you search for things. I don’t collect mystery minis or pocket pops and yet they are mixed throughout the search results and you can’t filter them out. Multiple pops have the same picture and it’s difficult to determine which pop is which. When trying to scan my pops many of them came up as not found and yet they come up when you search for them. I know this is new and that funko took on a huge task but this app should be far better than it is or they should have delayed the release of it. Especially considering all the new pops that are coming out right now.

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    Missing features that previous app had

    I feel like this app is going in the right direction but boy does it need a lot of improvements. Stashpedia had a lot of sorting options that this app just does not have. Why can’t I just look at only Pops within a certain category instead of all the other garbage that are funko products but I couldn’t care less about? It’s infuriating, trying to find the certain pops I am looking for. I don’t understand why they didn’t just implement this from the stashpedia app. Plus there are a lot of times when certain pops appear twice on the list like those are two different pops when they are not. What is up with that? Also, when I put a pop in my collection that was on my wishlist it doesn’t automatically removes it from my it so I have to do that myself as well. Again, stashpedia had this feature. Why get rid of things that worked out well in the past?

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    A few steps away from awesome

    I am hopeful about the App...but a few quick suggestions about the collection and wishlist button... I think it would make sense to separate the collection and wishlist button. Perhaps putting one on the right and the other to the left. It would also be convenient if you can add a numerical field to the collection button versus having to click on the button numerous times. I don’t see the value of having two wishlist for the same item but perhaps there’s a value to Funko knowing how many people want of the same item. I would think that would inflate the number of people that wants a particular item...

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    Still can’t share collection

    I have been collecting POPs for a couple years and my collection grew from a 53 POP collection that I bought from a guy to over 1300. Part of the fun was hunting for them but also adding my collection to Stashpedia and being able to share my collection with fellow collectors as well as share it when I was doing a trade. I was excited about the new app, but I stopped collecting cold turkey a couple months after the new app was released. Not being able to share my collection was an enormous change that hit me harder than I anticipated. It has been several months since I bought my last POP and now I’m selling my entertainment collection because I don’t want to add my entire collection to PPG just to be able to share it. It’s been fun, but Funko buying out Stash without a share function was the end of my collecting.

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    Awful since it updated

    The search engine is horrible. On the old app I used to type the name of the Pop I was looking for and it would come up with the exact one i was looking for immediately. Now i have to scroll through pages of other Pops to find what I'm looking for. Not to mention they removed the feature that lets you filter out the dorbs, action figures, and other Funko products... Why? Why would they significantly downgrade this app when it was great to begin with? Also I'm very annoyed that none of my collection or wishlist carried over from the old version of the app. I gave up after trying to add 4 of the 15 funko pops I have to my collection because the UI is slow and buggy and the search engine is awful. Im not even going to attempt my wishlist which was over 40 Pop figures. I would give it zero stars if I could. Its embarrassing that the devs would release it in this state honestly

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    Update is terrible

    I loved the prior form of the app (you know, the one available yesterday), but the new update is so glitchy and just horrendous to deal with. When searching for pops, it seems to list the least relevant search results first, there will also be instances where the app says “Showing 32 results for [insert search phrase],” but then also says “No results for [insert search phrase].” Upon exiting and returning to the app, it will completely forget what is in your collection and wishlist until you add one Pop! back into either category. The Funko logo is even cut off in the discover section. Upon first glance, the update makes the app look really nice, but appearance is the only thing this update somewhat has. I know this is just an update and that many more updates are sure to come, but I am disappointed that this update even came through at all with all of the glitches that are on it.

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    Needs one thing...

    I love this app so much, its extremely helpful when it comes to seeing what you have in your collection and how much its worth, but I noticed people buy pops without the box, which are worth less than a pop with the box. I feel like there needs to be a feature where i can put my own custom price on a certain pop to know what my collection is actually worth, but at the same time still displaying the value of the pop if it had a box. I understand loose pops can have different values depending on how much a person sells it for, but at least i will know how much i can make if i were to sell it at that certain price.

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    I miss Stashpedia

    The new Funko version of the app needs a lot of work. The search is very bad. Does not show what you are searching for most of the time and will glitch out and keep showing you the same things, crash, or will show you no results at all. I miss being able to sort my collection and wishlist in to categories/lines. It made searching through my collection so much easier. Now I have to search through it by alphabetical order or by price to find everything in one line. I also miss the friends option where we could follow our friends and see a feed of everyone’s recent collections or just tap and see a friends collection. If you fixed just these issues alone, the app would be a lot better.

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Funko customer service directly
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Is Funko Safe?

No. Funko does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 2,283 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Funko Is 15.7/100.

Is Funko Legit?

No. Funko does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 2,283 Funko User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Funko Is 15.7/100.

Is Funko not working?

Funko works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Funko to your problem using the strength of crowds.
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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Funko customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Funko.

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