Messenger Kids Reviews

Messenger Kids Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Messenger Kids — Made for Kids. Controlled by Parents. Made for Kids.
Controlled by Parents. Parent Dashboard: Parents can manage their kids'
contact list, and monitor messages on the Messenger Kids app. When kids block
contacts, parents are notified. Fun Filters: Kid-friendly filters...

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It never feels like there is any updates

Hi I love your app but every time I update it just feels the same bc when I get on it it’s the same and it kinda bores me out so make some more changes ok and the thing about how you can see your friends contacts it’s not Weird bc then I can see if my friends have my other friends accounts bc then I can see if there copying me or if they just want call them and see more like I do bc none of my friends live near me so that’s the reason I have kids Messenger and can y’all make it too where you can text people and they can see it well you have no internet bc I’m always out of the house with no internet bc I don’t have a phone so make it too where you can talk to your friends with no internet and can you more emojis bc the emojis that y’all Already have I’ve used most of them so find more emojis to do and grownups let your kids have MessengerKids and if y’alls kid doesn’t live near there friends like me then get MessengerKids for them or if you think there Responsible for it like me get for them also well I still love MessengerKids bc when I saw you could use music to your videos and add stuff to photos I was so Excited but one day the music went away and one thing make the next update have the option to add music to the videos again and I like the Parent Controls also so that’s what I want y’all to do ok I gotta go bye thanks for doing MessengerKids bye 👋🏻 Hi again kids messager


Messenger kids is AMAZING but please a few recommendations

Hello I have been using Messenger Kids for about a year now and I absolutely love it! It has so many fun games and stickers I also really love the filters. But I do have a few recommendations and a glitch as well. There is one glitch that happens to me quite a bit is sometimes if I send a thumbs up another one appears under it and wont go away. Other than that most glitches have been fixed. I wish there was a shop like one where you could use the points you earn in games to buy stickers filters or like special emojis for your picture. I also wish that there was a multiplayer mode where you could get on and play a game with your friend at the same time is them like for instance send them a link to this game in messenger and play at the same time with them like race them or see who can hit the most orbs or jump higher on frog leap something like that but at the same time. I also wish that in the video maker where you can add songs and fiters i wish you could hear audio too so if i talked you could hear it. I also wish there was more than fifteen seconds for the videos. One last thing is if you could like have a weekly vote for everyone using messenger for a new filter or game and then the one with the most votes would be added. If you added those on i would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Anyways your app is great keep up the good work.


Moms are Boss but remember..YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE PG13 is the earlier 90’s version!

Our children now a days are growing up, and learning things that should not be learned at these younger years of life! Innocents is very precious, and has great importance to their compassion later on! This is being stolen from them very early on for Realistic facts,also some kids with way too much Responsibility, or some none at all! Lacking Accountability completely. Oh don’t forget the kids given too much room to fast because they are pushy and winning so the parents just give in. Now those kids think authority doesn’t count for them. Here is a thought to think on…when you go on a shopping trip at least two of them you will encounter . Sadly it’s almost every where where we go! I do Love a lot of the features here. Navigation can be made smoother and Application access when going into profiles. But Parent controls are adequate for my hubby and self. Over all it works well other platforms Parental control settings. Helps keep our boys.”just that boys” learning things at a slower pace and understanding. That if everyone said too do it doesn’t make it acceptable. You wouldn’t wear a cod fish as a hat! Just because everyone says or does. It doesn’t mean it’s always acceptable.


Great app but a few suggestions

So I’m a kid and I use MessengerKids and I like to talk to my friends and play the bunny bridge game a lot but there’s an issue with it that makes me frustrated. The issue is this: in the tutorial it shows you the exact pieces you need and the bunny doesn’t start moving until all the pieces have been placed. When you start the real game, it doesn’t give you all the right pieces and the bunny doesn’t wait until you’ve completed a path. It starts moving after 2 pieces have been placed. I get that it’s a puzzle thing, but the bunny moves really fast and on the first level I played today, I tried placing a piece but it didn’t work, so that’s really frustrating. If you could maybe wait until the path is about halfway completed and if you could set out some more actually useful pieces, that’d be awesome. Also, I was thinking about this recently, last year I did this thing called “let’s look for cool filters” but when I watched the video at the end, I couldn’t hear what I said with most of the filters activated. I don’t know if this is still a problem, but anyways, there’s one more thing I wanted to discuss. There was this ADORABLE shark filter and I named him Leonard (pronounced Len-ird) and I haven’t seen him since! Please please please please PLEASE BRING LEONARD BACK Thank you, A kid who uses MessengerKids


Great app

Hello I love MessengerKids it is fun and cool but I do have some suggestions like I love the filters but can you make more like its fun but maybe put more filters that older kids might like and I love the stickers and stuff but you should make it to where when you take a picture you can edit it and put deferent filters and stuff that would be nice . And I love the games but I would like it if you could keep all of the games and make new ones too . And so you can play games with each other when you are on a call with only one other person but you cannot play games with friends when you are on a call of 3 or 4 people make like a couple group games . And I wish you could make like a way for kids to look up other kids on there so like if you want another friend you could like talk to them and then get to know them so you can add them to your contacts. And like if you’re friend has another friend that they would like you to talk to you need to make a way for kids to be able to talk to other kids if they know your friend. And like on the games you should be able to share a game with a group chat so make like games for more that two people that would be nice . So any way thank you for reading this I really hope you take my advice please do 🤗🤩 Love Harts 💜❤️❤️💜


love it

I really really love MessengerKids I always use it to message and call my friend but I do wish you could just audio call and I like that there's games because there's something to keep me busy And there's a ton of filters and there's a lot of parent control so your parents will probably agree too am a kid and I could never message my friends because my mom is a little protective and she want to find an app where I can talk to and call my friends but it had parent controls lots of them so that way she could keep track of what I did and make sure I didn't get any trouble so if you're a kid you will love this I recommend the ages 7 to 10 years old and parents you will also love this because you can see what your child does you can contact your child and your children can call or text there friends with you knowing that you're safe and your children can't add any contacts without your permission and kids there's so many games and so many filters and you can add as much friends and family as you want and keep in contact with them as long as you have Internet it is so fun and I highly highly HIGHLY recommend this please download u will love it have a good day and You are awesome and you deserve MessengerKids thank you for reading and have a good day😁😊


Love it but a few suggestions

Hi, I’m a female kid who is 9 years old. I’ve had MessengerKids for around a year and a half and I LOVE IT!!!! If you’re a parent and you’re thinking about getting your kid MessengerKids, DO IT!!!!! It has parent controls and parents can delete messages from other people that they think is inappropriate for your kid, and tons more. Anyways, I have a few suggestions. #1 ; I’ve been reading other reviews just ‘cause and I saw that people have been saying/wanting “you get points when you play games and you can spent the points in a shop to customize your profile and app” and I really agree with them but I think that you could get more points the higher your score is in a game so please add that, almost everyone wants that. #2 ; The different look of MessengerKids is really cool (in my opinion) but I’m starting to feel that it’s kind of boring. Maybe you could have the option to change it from the new look to the old look and back? That’d be really cool. #3 ; I miss setting my emoji, and if you’d bring them back but instead of only kid contacts but to all contacts, I think that’ll bring a lot of cheer to MessengerKids . Well, I’m done with my suggestions. Bye bye!! P.S. If you’re a kid and you don’t have MessengerKids , show it to your parents and GET IT NOW!!!!


Omg you should get this!!

Okay so I’m a kid and a love MessengerKids so much!!! I have been using it for a little over a year now, I got it around November or December of 2019 and I am loving it now that I am able to still safely talk to my friends and family during Covid-19. Just one problem....I used to use a tablet but now I use my phone, and on my tablet I was able to change the theme of my app and choose my own personal emoji and stuff but now it is organized like my moms messenger and I think that if your a kids account you should have the option to decorate your app and choose your emoji and stuff! Also, while there is an option to mute I also think you should be able to turn your video off. If you are doing something and you want to stay on call cause it will be quick, there should be an option to just mute and turn your video off :D otherwise, MessengerKids is the most perfect thing for kids to talk to each other and if you are reading this, you should either set it up for you kid, or if you are a kid ask your parents about setting up an account for you! It’s totally safe and parents can control your contacts and supervise the messages you send and/or receive! Bye now, sincerely, a kid user of messenger


It needs some twitches but it’s a great app

So MessengerKids is one of the best apps I have I have like 1 million friends and I love it really but my parents set up my timer all the way to 9 o’clock but whenever I do it MessengerKids I talk to them over 9 o’clock and I really like MessengerKids but my parents keep forgetting how to change it because they want to change it to like 10 o’clock instead of nine except it doesn’t let you after you did that it really won’t let you change it so that’s kind of annoying and also I think it’s not fair that we can do like the other person you’re talking to has different like things that goes on their face and stuff when you’re chatting and whenever I have mine I get it I keep getting bored of those so I would like to like take mine out of all of the big face things I would like to pick my own I would like to have all of them I’d like everybody to have all of them and not just one person has these other ones and then I don’t have that one I think that’s unfair and it’s just yeah MessengerKids has really really annoying things that bothers me a lot but I really love it and it just needs a little twitches just a little but overall it’s the best app I’ve ever had thanks for listening I hope you think about what I said


Awesome but could change

So I have MessengerKids and it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Me and my friends love to chat with each other and have video calls especially during Covid 19 but there could be a few adjustments: the main reason I gave MessengerKids a four star review is because when it’s past eight o’clock or something it says “MessengerKids went to sleep” which is so annoying because I can’t even text my dad! It says something about switching my account!!! Number two: sometimes when I’m doing my homework or just hanging out my iPad will just start getting ONE BILLION texts and calls and it’s so annoying I wish there was some kind of decline button or like a disable button because people will just spam me all day long and they’ll call me and hang up and call me and hang up and it’s soooooo annoying!!! Number three: it’s cool in all how you can decorate you app and stuff but it would be nice if you could make it a bit more detailed because being able to color your app and switch your picture whenever you want is making your app unique and I love that but if you could make it a bit more detailed that would be awesome. Thanks for reading my review and it would be helpful if you could change at least one thing about MessengerKids in my review.



I love MessengerKids! It allows me to chat with my younger cousins and a few of my friends. I only have a couple of complaints. One being that it doesn’t sync across devices, so I can’t use it on my phone without my mom signing me in. This is only an issue because I rarely ever use my iPad, so my little cousins get angry at me when I don’t respond to their messages often. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but it would be great if it were changed. The other problem I have is that the general interface is designed with seven year olds in mind, so it is a little childish to me (no offense to anyone, that is just how I feel). I just think it would be nice if there were a couple options you could choose from, like a minimalist design where it is just little white icons/emoji, and an abstract theme, with colored shapes, lines, and dots—instead of the colorful (and slightly scary) monsters that there are right now. It would also be cool if you could pick the exact color (using HEX codes or the slider thing) for your messages and buttons, instead of just the presets options. In summation: I love MessengerKids, but wish I could use it on my phone more easily and that you could customize the theme. Thanks for reading my review!


it very glitchy

So me and my friend were talking in the video chatting and stuff and we started playing a game together and not thinking anything of it to the point where my screen froze and you can see all these rainbow colors she said I can’t see you I sent it her a picture and she was like she didn’t respond to me for the whole entire night kids messenger is very glitchy I playing a game one day while I was getting all these answers right but it said I got it wrong that was odd I thought what I did in much of it I could pull all the answers up and then turns out I got them all right when I started speaking to my best friend she was really sad that I had to leave and go to a different school we kept on texting I miss you and they really need to change this the fact that it says your abs asleep at like 7 o’clock in the morning I mean like please work on the stuff that you do and let kids text all they want instead of saying your app is asleep at like 7 o’clock in the morning I get kids really want to text at 7o’clock in the morning like my app doesn’t say it’s a sleep but it does to my sister that’s kind of weird and I feel like it’s a glitch if you like glitchy stuff like this please download this game if you want


Love it but I have a question

Hi I love MessengerKids. It’s amazing 🤩 and awesome 😎. I have a question though? Can you make a Facebook for kids? I think it would be really cool. And it could have like Facebook for adults have everything it has but for kids and you can post pictures and then other kids can comment on that picture and other pictures. And you can play games and post like a score on a game or something like that and they can post funny videos and videos about like animals and toys things like that but if you do make a app like it please don’t put adds on it and they can make music to share with other kids and you could put music from like movies and videos and stuff. Not inappropriate things though 🤮🤢. And you can make stories and books for other kids to watch/read or add to it. And you can teach other kids how to speak a language like I’m learning Spanish other kids could help me spell words in Spanish. And you can friend other kids or talk to them put not be friends with them. Oh and talk about slime because I like slime and my friends like slime and other kids like slime. And make and create emojis and to share them. Sorry this is so long.


Sweet App, Needs Work

This is absolutely a great ideal app for parent’s and their kids, me being a child user I love how I can talk with my friends through messages even though they don’t have a phone number. I only have one request that would make me give MessengerKids a six star rating if you added this feature/customization to MessengerKids . I know coding is hard and app development is even harder, even though I don’t know how, I would be incredibly grateful if you added a dark mode feature to MessengerKids . I have poor vision and read a bit oddly. I have a hard time reading black text on white, and a lot of white bright light from my device absolutely blinds me and causes me to squint terribly hard. I read best with bold simple font in a fairly large font size in dark mode, aka, inverted colors, aka, white text on black background. If I could make my message bubbles black even, that would definitely help me out more! Thank you for providing a good, safe, friendly app for kids! I know how much effort it takes for app developers and I think all app developers deserve some appreciation for the hard work y’all put into making us apps that we use daily and help us connect with others or help us in life.


For kids

OMG I’ve had a blast texting friends that I don’t get to see you tonight and having fun while texting and video chatting and having fun growing my pet it’s fun to have messenger kids because I can text multiple friends cousins and stuff like that I don’t know but tell everybody that you should get Messenger Kids really funny fun sometimes awkward and there’s a block for a poor stuff like that Like I said OMG I’ve had a blast have a Messenger Kids is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life I get a text friends call them show them new things I bought and I have multiple friends on messenger kids you just don’t know them because they’re really pretty handsome and stuff like that friends of mine that you probably wouldn’t know because they’re really really young and that’s why I like having a Messenger Kids I told you at the beginning it’s really fun to have best thing in the whole entire World it has the best apps in it it has really fun games it’s got stuff you can play together so we can play by yourself stuff you really should make it to where you do not need internet for it and a button to turn off notifications❤️ love Emma Albers!!!❤️😻🥰😍👁👄👁


Choose an idea I will have no more cries.

OK the care for your pet game keeps making me cry so onto idea number one can you have all your pets in the same room and never lose one what I mean is like have your old fat and the pet you have now be in the same place so you will never lose a pet. Now for idea number two there’s like a door in the back of the room you care for your pet if you tap that door can you go to your old pets room and if you’ve had three pets the door would lead you to the pet you have before the pumpkin pet and then to the Snow monster this is just an example. OK this is ideal number three so my idea is you can choose the level of your pet before you start playing and you can choose all the way to the last level to the first level of your pets your pet can be different levels. Oh and please pick one of these ideas and make an update on it please because the update Hass to beMade today and can you make it an update today because I need it to be an before dinner time OK? I really really need is an update before dinner time please can you make it an update on MessengerKids Store before dinner time I really need you to OK? No I’m not kidding I really need it before dinner time I am serious! So can you please make it an update on MessengerKids Store before dinner please??


I love this app! It’s amazing!!

I really like MessengerKids. It’s very well organized I think. Honestly it’s just so amazing because it’s so safe. My mom got MessengerKids for me during quarantine since a lot of my friends didn’t have phones to text or call with. They all had iPads or Computers. So when I first got MessengerKids I was pretty enthusiastic! I mean I think it’s a safe way for kids and friends to text and still talk during wierd times. I think the parent controls are amazing. I think the parent controls are so important for safety that this is an app that kids and there friends are safe. Also, my friend sent me this screen shot if the new update were you can share a song with your friends and make a video. Even though I updated MessengerKids cleared it and restarted my phone I could not find this feature. I searched it up on the internet but nothing helped. So please can you do something or tru and put something about on the internet because it really seems interesting and I would hate to miss out! But that’s really all I think MessengerKids is amazing it has some twinks but not everything is perfect. Overall MessengerKids is great! (My fingers are now officially dead btw)


The game overall

I downloaded this game on my phone because my eight-year-old friend named Jensen and his last name is Spicer wooden really get this game so we can talk I download it on my phone and robots I go back to him and say is it a green can’t he said yes I was so happy it took a while but it has good security inside of the actual game but it is hard to find a parent I downloaded this game on my phone because my eight-year-old friend named Jensen and his last name is Spicer wooden really get this game so we can talk I download it on my phone on Roblox I go back to him and say is it a green I can’t he said yes I was so happy it took a while but it has good security inside of the actual game but it is hard to find a parent I am 10 years old and I’m a girl and my name is Jenny well Virginia Jenny is my nickname but I prefer being called Jinny soul download it on the phone it was super easy to actually talk it it was just like on Apple but different it was way more easier you could change your own profile picture you can just yeah it’s so fun it has so many cool filters and it’s just fun for me and my friend to talk especially on FaceTime with my friend I recommend you download this!


This is exactly what my daughter needed

It was just recently maybe over the past few months where I started to see the change in my 6 year old daughter from that baby whose was trying to figure out how to walk, talk eat etc. You know those general aspects of life we all need to do, to seeing her do Those general things in her own way. There is a point where your baby becomes a person, their own person, with a personality that you can distinguish.. I’ve been doing my best to play with her as I always have, but I’ve noticed that she needs more than just someone Playing with her. She’s becoming her own person which requires her to firm relationships and bonds with other children her age. I can only do so much for her or with her but I’m not a 6 year old little girl and I am her mother. MessengerKids is brand new to us something I had no idea about and even just from the download and the directions as well as seeing almost all of her friends from school have and use MessengerKids to socialize with their peers. Building bonds with your peers is so important and i know she’s in need this interaction and go also feel like she’s not a baby anymore.


Amazing but a few things

So, first thing: when I am on great WiFi at my house it says: Waiting to reconnect, then says, reconnecting, and back to waiting to connect. It’s REALLY annoying! I got the latest version of MessengerKids but it still won’t work! I cant call my friends this way. Two: So, one of my friends keeps calling me either when I’m reading, playing with my brother, or going to sleep or something. So I really think there should be a “Do not disturb, or something because I don’t like when my friends keep calling me when I can’t call or something. Three: there should be more filters! It be cool if you could add more for fun or something! I love how you can decorate your picture with screenshots from games and color it! But I think you could add some more colors and fades and pastels so we can pick out our favorite color! Four: so, I got MessengerKids a year or two ago, and it’s amazing, but there is still the same games! And you can get points, but you can’t spend them on anything. So I think there should be a shop for more games, filters, colors, and more! Overall this is a great game! I feel really safe. Please respond to this.


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Dear messenger kids I am 9 years old and I love MessengerKids I use MessengerKids every day and I Love texting my friends like my friend Sofie my name is Ava thank you so much for making MessengerKids I get to face time and text but there is only one problem when I face time my friend my friend is blurry I can barely see my friends face and I have a question why is there a beeping sound sometimes when I FaceTime my friend is it because I am not connected?? If someone knows why there is a beeping sound please tell me thank you soo much for MessengerKids I really appreciate it whoever made Messenger Kids can we be Friends Messenger kids and by the way I am in 4th grade I am so happy I get to text my mom and friends whoever is reading this you are amazing the Way you are thank you for stopping bullying everyone and I really Love MessengerKids never delete MessengerKids thank you for reading bye!!! P.S if someone bully you never give up on your self never do what a bully tell you to do never listen to them tell your mom or dad or a friend or grown up if some one be bad to you or a bully be mean or some one bully you all ways tell a adult they Will get care of them bye remember this for ever in your life please thank you for spending your time reading this bye!!!


My kids love this.. but literally NO boundaries

I have had MessengerKids for ONE day and my phone is nonstop blowing up. I have turned all notifications off (which I’d rather not have to do) However. There is not any type of a silent mode or an option to not contact the kids at a certain time. Even with zero notifications my phone keeps going off with all of the phone calls coming in from my child’s friends. Like 10x/minute. It is way too much. I have found myself logging on asking my daughters friends to please respect that it is bedtime. There needs to be some boundaries on MessengerKids! Like there should be a “do not disturb” option and also a function that requires parents permission for FaceTiming. Giving them access to chat at any time with friends is a complete invasion of privacy. My daughter respects it once I catch on that she’s FaceTiming.. but I should be able to allow the time frame when she has access to do it period. Already had a “moment” where I had to raise my voice and she’s literally FaceTiming with a friend.. who is in front of her parents.. and they heard everything. Beyond uncomfortable knowing that our privacy is invaded by kids that are just doing what MessengerKids allows them to get away with. More boundaries please or this thing is getting deleted. It is overwhelming after day 1.


Good app but a few things that could be fixed

I love this game . It allows me to talk to my friend with out having a phone number . Also when I'm on vacation in Florida with my grandma , I can chat with my parents back home . But , there is a couple of problems I face with MessengerKids . One of them is , the missions . When I got MessengerKids at first it had a couple of missions like taking a picture or something . Once I finished all of the missions , I had to wait a little while for some more . But since then there haven't been any for several months . Sometimes I go up to the missions tab to see if there are any more for me to complete . But there haven't been for a long time now . Another problem I get when I use MessengerKids is sometimes when I face time a family member or friend , I lose something like the ability to see or hear the person I'm talking to . But it isn't just with me . When I was playing Roblox with a friend while on a call ( which actually works ! ) she started to not beable to hear me but i could hear her perfectly fine. But if Facebook messanger could fix this . Thier ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️rating will be on it’s way .


Contacts list parents can see is faulty

First of all, it’s not easy figuring out how to delete contacts or add new ones once you have finished initial set up. When I finally figured it out (I had to google it, after I tried downloading MessengerKids directly onto my phone to see it I could access parental controls that way), finding out that you access this control from you Facebook account, the contact lists for my two kids were not showing all their contacts. I know this because there were a few relatives I was specifically looking for to delete (not for bad reasons on their part, but just because my kids were bugging them a lot), and they show up on MessengerKids for my kids, but not for me to delete from my end. I had to go out of the parental controls for each of my kids and then back in again several times and each time a new contact that previously had not shown up, showed up. It’s really weird. And even still on one of my kids accounts, from my end, it says she does not have her dad as a contact, but I know she does as she messages him all the time on there. This issue needs to be fixed ASAP!


Very good, but needs improvement.

I have been using MessengerKids since I was 7. It has been fun for me. I can talk to my friends, use fun filters, and send stickers and gifs. However, I don’t appreciate the fact that when new filters come, old ones go away. Also with the missions, for three years it has said to come back later for more. Although It can be good in some ways, I hate when my app goes to sleep. My mom will not change it and it has been horrible. For example, last week I had an unseen text. For three days straight, I couldn’t see my message because of this. On the way to school, my app was still sleeping, when I finish homework, my app is sleeping again. I suggest that maybe MessengerKids should have sleeping limits, or no sleeping at all. For a last complaint, blocking. One time my friend wanted to know what happened when she blocked someone. She blocked me and then when she unblocked me, we still couldn’t talk to each other. MessengerKids has some flaws, but can be good in many ways. I hope you will agree with me and try to fix these, but also keep up the good work!


From a current user...

I am giving you four stars for now. But I have a question. Could you please make it to where you could use the stickers you have downloaded to chat with you friends so you can use them to decorate your photo after you take a picture. For instance, I downloaded ‘Hacker girl’ and ‘Hacker boy’ and I can use neither in camera. You don’t have to do this if it’s too much of a hassle. It is just a suggestion. Other than that, it is a nice app. I can send my best friend photos that won’t send on normal messages.(MessengerKids that comes on my phone as a default messenger) and I can talk to my cousins that I only see at family reunions. And family I rarely see at all. The games are fun to do, and the filters are very funny. I live things that you are able to interact with. Four stars for now, and if you actually “reply” to this, or whatever you want to call it, I will give you five stars because I love MessengerKids.


Instagram Kids please!!

Hi! I absolutely LOVE Messenger Kids!! I had an idea this morning that maybe since Messenger kids is so good, could you think about making Instagram Kids? It would be a super safe app where the kids ALL have private accounts and have to request to their parents to see their friends posts and stuff like that! You can choose and appropriate nickname, You can post stuff (privately) and put stuff (privately) on your story! Every post that goes up on Instagram Kids would be moderated before being seen by your friends! Your friends would ask your mom and their mom to see your page and you can only dm the people your parents say you can! The only people who can follow you would be your friends! I think this would be super fun for me and my friends, I really hope you will consider making MessengerKids!!!! I am really, really, REALLY hoping you make MessengerKids because I am not allowed to have any social media and my mom would let me have this! Please make it!!!! 🙏🙏🙏 Edit: PLEASE MAKE THIS. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


So amazing

I’m 10 years old so I don’t really know or care about the whole grown ups phones blowing up deal. However I’m writing this review to tell you a little bit about the kids side. This game is so funny even if no ones answering you, you can still play with the filters and stuff like that. Also, I feel like it has way better connection than normal face time. Another cool thing is this, so have you ever gotten tired of an apps color or background? Well on messenger kids you can change the background color and text color (parents cannot do this😂)and I think that is a fun touch. Oh! I almost forgot you can chat with up to 4 people at e a time and parents don’t be scared, kids have to get a unique one of a kind passwords order to talk to random people. I highly recommend getting this game!!!😘 P.s. I’m not a very electronic type Pearson I would MUCH rather be playing outside or dancing, however when it comes to chatting with friends, COUNT ME IN!!!😉😁🙃


I don’t see the problem

To all the parents reading this—what’s the big deal? I use MessengerKids often to talk to friends. I have to admit (although I’m not a teenager yet) the filters are a little childish but me and my friend have fun with them anyways because of how ridiculous both of us are 😂. I’ve been reading the reviews, there was a kid younger then me complaining about how we should be outside and not remembering our childhoods using MessengerKids for 2 hours at a time............really? I see no problems with it. Call me a nerd but I play Dungeons and Dragons and MessengerKids is handy when I want to talk to my friend about what we’ll do next. Everyone says it’s glitchy but aside from when you are FaceTiming the person you are on the phone with you always appears closer to the screen then they actually are. If you don’t like getting so many notifications, power the device off. No big deal. I’ve been using this for a few months and I enjoy it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Great but needs improvement.

So i really like MessengerKids , but its limited. Needs to allow more then 2 people to control it for those that co parent like i do with girlfriends and such. The parents should be allow to delete group chats or edit anything without having to go onto there account in there app. Should be able to edit the main picture with pictures and not just taking one and lock it if need to, to keep them from doing random photos. Should be able to lock them from making group chats or messaging certain people at any point n not just block times they can do it. So they can be edited how many times they try to annoy someone by repeat calling them. These would help since i dont have her all the time. Or allow people who don't have Facebook to create there kids account. I have quite a lot of ideas i think could be improved, but over all its great for the little ones. Just working on respect with how to use it properly. Maybe can have videos to show them how to properly use it for kids to learn.



I just got MessengerKids but it will help me connect with my friend who just moved away. I also really like the filters. There’s one bug though. My brother has messenger kids and at he top of his screen it says: “grow a pet” but, it doesn’t on mine. I love animals so this is a big disappointment to me. I also checked and everything says I’m completely updated. So, I think if you’re going to upgrade MessengerKids please make sure everyone gets it. My brother also has a “play a game!” Button on the top of his screen. I would also like that. There is one more bug I would like to talk about. It says “confirm if you’re a parent or guardian” and it says you need to log in with your Facebook account. NOT ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS HAVE FACEBOOK!!! Like what if your guardian deleted Facebook? You’re just not gonna let them use MessengerKids ? Sheesh. Please fix the bugs. For the main part I think MessengerKids is pretty good.


From: Me

Hi I love MessengerKids my parents don't let me have very much social media but they let me have this so thanks so much!!! I really really realllly wish I could give you 5 stars! But, there's just a few things I don't like. First of all, Please make it so we can send longer videos from the gallery! Like 10 mins at the max maybe or like 6 maybe or 7. The other thing is the missions. After I completed all my missions, it told me to come back later for more. So I did. It still said the same thing. So I waited. And waited. And waited. No more missions ever came. This really disappoints me because O loved the mission and I really want more. But Ive got a feeling they're NEVER coming back because it's been 1 or 2 YEARS!!!! Please fix this so I can give you a five star rating! If realllly appreciate it! -Santa Claus (JK! It's Nicknamegirlygirl ಠ‿↼)


Confusing and Actual little control!

So I downloaded MessengerKids for my daughter. It was confusing how to set it up and I felt oddly out of control of MessengerKids . My daughter had fun with it but you get alerted to every call as if it comes in to your phone. So it’s extremely irritating when a friend of hers calls her, bc it shows up for a call from me. I had to delete it when sent an inappropriate photo (nothing major but didn’t want it to get worse) and THEN I find out there’s no way to delete parts of the convo or the photo she sent! No control over that. So I had to contact the other parent to let her know I’d be deleting MessengerKids and to let me know if the convo disappears on their end it does). However, my kid’s profile still shows up on my Facebook app and not sure where to delete that. I had to messenger the kids messenger people, and hope they get back. In sum, for an app with controls, there’s actually little control over settings and removing content. It’s confusing to follow and rings your phone every time a friend calls your kid. I wouldn’t download it.


I have suggestions

I absolutely love Messenger Kids and I have suggestions. Maybe you can make it to where kids to put there own contacts on and they have to have parents to see if they will be safe or unsafe for the kids. Another suggestion is you can let the kids choose daily what filters they want. One more suggestion is that kids can design MessengerKids like use stickers to put all over the contacts or different colors like Christmas colors,Easter colors, or Halloween colors. Technically any holiday colors and just one of the regular colors on regular days. That is all. Thank you for making Messenger Kids. 1 day later. Hi it’s mysterygirl2010. After reading some reviews, I’ve seen some mission problems. Plz more missions. I really need them to train my brain. From:MysteryGirl2010


Great app more filters though

MessengerKids is great for a mom who is a little bit of a safety freak especially about social media this was a BIG step for me I am a teenager and I think some filters are cool like the fish one but we need some more grown up ones it’s hard to send a funny pic to someone with a dumb filter I am all about comedy but I need stuff to work with like a dog face filter from Snapchat that would be nice to have I can co tact my friends and talk to them MessengerKids load pretty fast and the softer downloads faster great idea for kids when you don’t want them to have complete access to the world but I wish we had more grown up filters because I would use them to send to my friends who don’t have this please review this I would appreciate some more filters thank you!

Is Messenger Kids Safe?

Yes. Messenger Kids is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 68,418 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Messenger Kids Is 49.3/100.

Is Messenger Kids Legit?

Yes. Messenger Kids is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 68,418 Messenger Kids User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Messenger Kids Is 49.3/100.

Is Messenger Kids not working?

Messenger Kids works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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