Renpho Reviews

Renpho Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-21

Good health comes first! Renpho is the best helper in your journey to becoming
fitter. The app can track multiple body composition metrics (BMI, Body Fat %,
Body Water, Bone Mass, Basal Metabolism Body Age, Muscle Mass, etc). The
cloud-based App’s intelligent data analysis and tracking a...

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Renpho Reviews

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    Only minor bugs - fantastic otherwise!!

    When you first set up your account - which I had no trouble with - you select units. I selected lbs for weight/mass. When I did my first weigh, though, the app was showing #st#lb. People don't realize that st means stone, which is 14 lb. It's not used in the U.S., but it is still used in the U.K. It is still a form of measurement with lbs. Then I realized the app didn't save my unit setting correctly when I set it up, so I just went back in and set it to lbs again, and it held. A little bit of patience to locate and check the unit settings could have made this app a better experience for other reviewers who didn't know what st meant. This app communicates seamlessly with LoseIt and Fitbit and Apple Health. I no longer have to enter my weight or any other of the metrics manually anywhere. THAT is impressive. Fitbit doesn't even bother doing this! My biggest concern would be that connectivity, and Renpho works just as I hoped it would. The measurements and values themselves are consistent with a recent body composition analysis I had at my gym. The app is aesthetically pleasing, and you can choose your color scheme. Most of the screens and accessing data and charts are fairly straightforward. You can even look at trends based on time of day of the measurements. I'm very pleased with both the app and the scale.

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    Weight does not show on app

    I purchased this scale to replace my Aria as it was an original Aria scale and has just aged over the years. Unfortunately the scale has severely disappointed me with its inability to record data to the app. Both the app and the scale recognize with a symbol that a Bluetooth connection has been established, however after weighing in, the app simply shows “- - -“ where the all the data should be. Customer service has been very responsive, however i tried everything they told me to try (didn’t work), and then when I responded to them letting them know and gave them all the information they requested, they responded with an almost identical email asking me to do the exact same things. My guess is they outsourced customer service and the CS team copy and pastes pre-written solutions to problems so they can respond quickly, however the responses prove to not be helpful at all, thus eliminating the purpose for having the “Customer Service”. I like the idea of this scale, however there is no reason to have a “smart” scale if it cannot record the data for you. I’ll give it until the end of the weekend to hopefully be able to figure out what’s going on and if not... I’ll have to just purchase the Aria 2 and recommend all of you do the same.

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    I had such high hopes for a smart scale. I needed a lot more detail than just simple weight and thought this was a perfect choice. It was given to me as a gift and I was very happy initially, But the percentages that it gives you are dangerously inaccurate. I weigh 174 and I am 5’9” tall. If I actually had the fat percentage that this said that I would need to be at 5-7% body fat, I would be dead. It currently lists my fat free weight as 130 pounds. Seriously. It also does not calculate BMI correctly and adds any change to your weight as fat rather than distinguishing between fat and muscle as it is fraudulently advertised. I have emailed and attempted to communicate with the company about this repeatedly and all they ever say is if you are unhappy with your purchase you can return it at any time. They don’t even try to deny that it is broken. What was sold to my family as a smart scale to surprise me with is nothing more then a regular scale with distracting special effects and bells and whistle’s that don’t correlate to reality. RENPHO should be ashamed of itself For continuing to market this product as if it had an ability to correctly read your body mass index and muscle through your feet. It is fraud and bulls***. Very very very disappointed.

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    Good Scale readings a bit Quirky

    Just got the scale this past Saturday and though I’m still overweight I have been exercising regularly over the past few months. So I first tried “athlete” mode and I had only lost 1.1 lbs from when I weighed myself from the previous week, which was kinda surprising because I had started keto and I did more steps I had done ever over the past few months of working out. So I switched it over to “regular” mode and the scale dropped an additional 2.5 lbs!!!🤔 So I’m confused as to how switching the mode of this scale actually changes your weight! I’m pretty sure peoples weight is the same regardless of athlete or regular mode 🤷🏽‍♀️. Body fat %, muscle mass, etc should change but it doesn’t change what you actually weigh! So after switching to regular mode everything is great, I love that it syncs to my fitbit that’s so awesome! But if you are using athlete mode know that you’re almost 3 lbs lighter than the scale is reading. Please fix this RENPHO.

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    Regularly loses sign in info used in guest mode.

    I will end up returning this. The scale essentially only functions as a weight scale without the app, which I will only agree to use in guest mode given the privacy terms they lay out in their agreement. It doesn’t stay logged in and locks my login out after a few days, never to be retrieved again since their password recovery option doesn’t appear to work (even though I use 1Password and know I have the correct info). There is no true guest mode. When you download the app your choices are sign up or sign in, and there is no way to see information without giving an email and password. That is not a “guest” mode. Not sure it even matters to use a fake email, since password recovery only seems to work if you have a full account, not guest. The idea that my whole family would have to share a single device paired with this scale has been more of a pain than I initially thought. So everyone has lost their data 3 times in the short time we have owned the scale.

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    Slightly Disappointed

    Whereas this scale is pretty cool if you are JUST losing fat, if you are trying to gain MUSCLE, it will just record that you are getting fatter, not more muscular. I am a guy who used this scale to rip down to 170lbs and for that, it was awesome. Problem was, I wanted to use the NEXT two months (same low carb diet) to hit the weights HARD so that any weight I gained... I knew would be muscle. No bueno. According to this scale, the first week, I gained 2 lbs of fat and THAT was discouraging because I am ripped and could SEE the muscle gain. Very optimistically skeptical in the beginning to even think that this company could calculate all of that data simply from the bottoms of your feet but that IS how they marketed it so slightly disappointed that I can’t use it the way it was marketed.

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    Easy to use, lots of metrics

    I am loving my RENPHO scale and have been using it for about a month to measure my fitness efforts to lose fat. My favorite things about it are the metrics showing my place in the range of healthy values, and the charts. I wish the graphs would capture and show muscle mass over time. One area people who are losing weight are very concerned about is how much weight they’re losing is fat versus muscle. Everyone wants to lose fat and gain muscle. It also helps encourage dieters who may not be losing weight but see that they are gaining muscle. Skeletal muscle on the graph view is not as important to me and could be eliminated in my opinion if needed. I think if you added the muscle mass weight graph view this would be a 5 Star app. Thank you for helping me with my weight loss goals!

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    A time-saving tool to get or stay healthy

    Before this scale, I wouldn’t weigh myself very often, and ended up gaining weight quickly without even noticing. This scale has made it so much easier to keep track, and I’m not doing that yo-yo anymore! The scale requires so little work to document so much data, and then links directly to Apple health, FitBit, and more. The only hesitation I had in purchasing the scale was that you have to open the app for the readings to sink, but since I have my phone on me most of the time anyway, that has not proven to be a problem at all. The much more accessible price tag is well worth having to open an app when you step on the scale.

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    Terrible Update - Revised

    The update eventually happened, but the scale reads different weights within seconds of attempting another weigh-in. My husband has had 10 lb fluctuations in his weight all within 5 minutes. Depending on where the scale is placed, we weigh more or less. I gave this two extra stars from my original review since the scale now works, but that’s relative. Old review: I typically update all of my apps when notified. This update was for “minor bug fixes,” but the problem is it will not update and now has just rendered my scale useless. I’ll change my review once the update happens and works. Until then, I’m thinking a scale with Bluetooth capabilities may have been a waste of money.

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    This scale is awesome

    I just received this scale - it shipped super fast. Not sure why people may have had an issue installing the batteries, it’s very easy, just push down the little door, install batteries (included), push door up. Done. You can easily find and download the app in the App Store. Pairing the device took no more than 3 tries. You have to get the timing right (start pairing the device, when you see it show up on the screen, step on the scale and THEN tap the device icon. If you do the sequence correctly, it’s seamless) Yes, at first it showed my weight in stones, but it’s so easy to switch between measurement units that I wouldn’t even have mentioned this as an “issue”. At first it only showed my weight and BMI, but then I realized you have to step on the scale with your bare feet so the sensors can scan you for the rest of the measurements. (The scale was ice cold when it arrived - it’s proper winter outside). Once I took my weight with bare feet, it immediately took all the measurements. I love this scale, it’s great, and I’d recommend it to anyone.

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    WAS pretty good

    Somewhere around mid December ‘18 my Apple health app started (seemingly) randomly logging 1850 calories burned in a single hour under the Resting Energy tab. This is about 1700 calories more than any other hour of the day. I couldn’t figure it out because it didn’t happen everyday and when it did it only logged this spike 1 time per day. I searched high and low in Apple help pages, scoured the internet, deleted all other Health-linked apps and nothing. No answers anywhere. Until Now. Today I checked my Resting Energy in the Health app and all was normal. I took a shower, weighed myself and just happened to check my Resting Energy... you guessed it, that hour showed a 1800 calorie spike. I went back and checked everyday for the last 3 months. Every day from December 18th through today was flawed-when I used this scale and app to weigh myself I got the 1800 calorie spike. Everyday that I skipped weighing myself, the health app behaved perfectly normal. Before December 18th, the scale, the app and the Health app played nicely. I’m guessing that they had a bug in an update somewhere around December 18th that has yet to be fixed. Bummer, I only chose this scale because of its ability to sync with Apple Health. I hope they fix soo. So I can update my rating.

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    It works well enough!

    I wouldn’t really know how accurate it is because I have no point of comparison. But I like the convenience and connectivity of the scale connected to the app and the app connected to my native Health app. So in that aspect it deserves more than a 3 star rating. What I would like to see happen is the ability to select whether or not one is pregnant. During my pregnancy I’ve gained 20 lbs. So it kind of skews the numbers. Yes my baby only weighs approximately 4 lbs at this point in pregnancy but once I give birth and all the fluid and such exit my body along with the baby, I’ll be lighter in weight much more than just the eventual 7-9 lb baby later on.

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    So far, so good

    I feel I made a good investment towards my health in purchasing the scale and downloading this app. So far the scale works good. I withheld a star because I think that the instruction booklet that came in the book could have been better. Also it would be nice to have better and more instructions within the app, that are easy to access, instead of videos. Setup took me a while, and I'm computer savy. Furthermore, so far app isn't sincing to Fitbit (on my iPad). Finally, app won't allow me to be logged in to both iPhone and iPad. I don't know how to log out of this app. Inconvenient.

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    Talk about big brother!!! NO!!!

    I read the privacy policy. Wow. These guys want to collect every tidbit of data about me from anything and everything that electronically connects to me or this app. ***Developer response, “We don’t sell data to third parties”. Then why do you collect it? Why do you want access to my email and my contacts and everything else?*** I just want to weigh myself and track numbers. I don’t want some wanker in Timbuktu seeing my entire life. I hit the disagree button .. but the app automatically defaults back to agree. I kept going back to hit the disagree, and only the agree button stays highlighted. Disagree doesn’t even seem to be an option, other than it appearing and giving the illusion of privacy. I cannot get the disagree button and get it to work at all. I’ll be returning this scale.

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    Scale with App

    Had the scale and accompanying app for about three days now. Really like the features and ease of use once you get it set up. Downside is the setup. First the pairing is wonky as heck. It takes you through one through some steps that seem totally unnecessary and then, never does tell you that you’ve successfully paired. I went through the whole process twice just to make sure. The second issue was measurement preferences...I selected “lb” in settings and then had strange “st” read outs that took me a bit to sort out. Once those issues were sorted, usage was easy and we look forward to many years of usage.

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Is Renpho Safe?

Yes. Renpho is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,198 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Renpho Is 46.7/100.

Is Renpho Legit?

Yes. Renpho is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,198 Renpho User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Renpho Is 46.7/100.

Is Renpho not working?

Renpho works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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