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About: VCA Antech is the leading provider of pet health care services in the country with a nationwide
clinical laboratory system.
Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States.


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1. How does it work?
2. What is myVCA?

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1. myVCA is your tailor-made guide to raising a healthy and happy pet.

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Product Details and Description of myVCA

myVCA is your tailor-made guide to raising a healthy and happy pet.

· 24/7 Live Chat with Licensed Veterinary Professionals

· Get health care and medication reminders

· Quickly book appointments

· Order pet food, treats, and more

· Access personalized pet care information

Not a VCA client? Find a hospital near you at Learn more about CareClub at

Top myVCA Reviews

  • By LEB442534

    So easy to use

    As long as you enter your Information the same as when you signed up for the care club at the vet it automatically finds you and asks questions to verify it is you. You are able to update photos, update any errors that might be listed, update phone numbers and it's SO EASY to make an appointment! The app lists what all you have remaining for the care club and access to chat with the vet which is very exciting to me because I don't have to wait to see the vet to ask a question! Very easy to use! Great App! Thanks!

  • By Cairn Terrier Mom

    Fabulous app, Real client service

    I can only say: customer service for a FREE app rocks! I moved and tried to change the VCA hospital location in the app itself. After several tries, a new download and an attempt to swap by using the map option it still didn’t work. I dropped an email and within the hour help was on the way. I received a phone call, the Error I received was analyzed and my app was up and running with new VCA hospital correctly showing up. Let’s say this once more: Human help for a free app! Five stars and thank you !

  • By Nancyy20H

    Updated review

    Update— after emailing them, they got my account up and going! Very easy to use. I have been able to converse with a vet over the weekend using the app and my usually vet called me this morning to follow up on my dogs prob! Great app now that I can actually use it. Original review: I was It can’t locate my account. I have called the vet they have reset my account and I still can’t get logged in. I have uninstalled the app. Tried logging in with Facebook too.

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