Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Reviews

Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Reviews

Published by on 2021-11-10

Whether you're tapping out a quick email or writing up a long report,
Grammarly’s real-time writing feedback will help you make sure your work is
tip-top. The keyboard for iPhone and iPad works in all your apps, no copy and
pasting required. The Safari extension has you covered when you...

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Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Reviews

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    Okay I guess

    I just got this app and I already don’t like it. I installed this app because I saw the adds quite frequently and it said the app checked how much sense the sentence made. I don’t really need any help with grammar, but I would like the function of checking sentences for the most efficient way to write sentences and get your point across. But I found out that you have to pay money for the only function that I wanted. Some people would be okay with that, but on all of the adds, they said it was completely free. I guess I don't like apps or people that lie to me. Plus, it is not like you only have to pay 2 dollars and never pay again. You have to pay around 8 dollars a month! I also don't like having to give this app full access to whatever I m writing, but this was not a huge deal, because I don't really type very important personal information but it still makes me feel uneasy. I am writing a book on my iPad with a hardware keyboard (it is in my case that I bought for the iPad). though it refuses to work with that and personally, I don't enjoy typing with little letters when I could be using a keyboard that is easier to type on. If none of this bothers you, please get the app. The grammar advice always makes sense, but I'm going to delete this app immediately.

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    It’s a NO-brainer...get it! No, as in no for me, but brainer! Ha!

    I got this app because my husband has it downloaded on his laptop and I love it. I am pretty bad at grammar, so this app was a life saver. However when I downloaded it for my iPad; which I have the Keyboard laptop case thing on it, well the app pretty much didn’t like the Keyboard case. It told me to turn it off and use the keyboard that the app provides. Which is the touchscreen option and that’s completely inconvenient when you have to type a long 24 page papers. I also hate the fact that after you switch on the Grammarly keyboard, you get another thing that pops up and says, “allow full access”. By the way, I’m so glad they gave the option instead of just taking full access. But anyways, I’m against full access because when you allow them full access, you basically sign your life and rights away. They tell you that all the information you type or previously typed, like credit card info and address, will be collected and stored in their personal database. And that’s not all, but I rather not sit here and spell it out for you (ba-da-ting). Not-happenin-over-here-captain. So I installed it and 5 minutes later deleted. You can try it for longer if you want, but do it at your own risk! I’m telling my husband on you Grammarly.

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    I wish it new Spanish

    I think it’s great. It’s serves its function. My only comment is that since I write Spanglish at times to my family in Cuba the autocorrect gets lost and just replaces every word. It’s a constant battle. Other than that it works awesome ! At times, it’s better to stop obsessing over miniature flaws and focus on what’s actually important. Personally I feel like a Hipócrata because I am here giving my opinion when I know NOTHING about apps or technology. I just care and every chance I get to write and raise my voice I take it. Personally, who cares what people have to say. Most of the time what they is a lie to bring someone down. Believe when I tell you that if you don’t matter people who not stress it. The reason you matter is the reason no one will stop. People can’t seem to be happy for others. That’s fine let me them be. Now, stop taking in all the comments and negativity and BULL. Open your eyes sweetheart. PS. I wish there was a review about the correct and less misleading search tool. Maria R.

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    I absolutely love this! But...

    There are some minor things that I would like to carve. First off, I'm a brand new user on my iPhone, but I use Grammarly a lot on my laptop. Not the best at typing on the iPhone, so I thought ’let's use that app that I have on my laptop.’ so I downloaded the app. I opened my Google Docs, which is where I would likely write my stories, and then I started to use it. I like to use a lot of apostrophes as well as a lot of quotation marks. But it seems like if you attempt to try to put it with a sentence, they face the wrong way. Here’s an example: ”Sally slid her pale hand across the smooth marble countertop, not knowing what she was getting herself into.” In the beginning, the first quotation mark is the wrong way. I know it may not bother you, reader, but it does bother me very much. I’m a person who gets annoyed when the little things aren't correct. Please fix this as I really love Grammarly but I can't stand this issue. It happens when I use apostrophes, too. For instance: On the wall it read: ’nice try, but you won't beat me, oh, did I forget to mention your beloved sister?’ See how the apostrophe does it as well? It bothers me so. Please fix this. Thank you for reading my long review. Again, it bothers me so much that I would have to delete this app on my phone, but not my laptop. Thank you so much, Potato.

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    Grammarly is great but please make some developments •PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING•

    I'm my experience with Grammarly, I have been using it to type messages and sometimes when I type names, it changes it to a different one. My friends would get confused so I just wouldn't use Grammarly for texting. Another thing I have issues with in Grammarly is that it tries to put my separate words into ones together. I was typing my review and it put the words ”with and in” together. When I put commas in between my sentences sometimes it says I'm wrong and I'm not. It is not like my reading class which actually gives way more information than Grammarly. I'm sorry if you feel offended but I just think you need to make some improvements. Otherwise, of my issues, I give this app/keyboard a 👍🏽. It is a great app and I hope you make some developments to help me with my problems. I don't want you to get mad so please don't. I'm just telling you what you can make improvements on so you can make your app better. Please respond to this and thank you for making this great app.

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    Bluetooth Keyboards Limited - Some punctuation typing is inefficient

    Overall, I like it although there are some issues that I find switching back to the built in Apple keyboard away from the Grammarly keyboard. First, I noticed that when using a Bluetooth keyboard the Grammarly functionality is not available. This is quite disappointing since I use my iPad to type quite a bit of material and by using my Bluetooth keyboard it negates the functionality of Grammarly and I can only use it if I’m typing it on the screen. Second, I have noticed that when typing and searching for punctuation marks it’s quite difficult to find the exclamation point which is only available after changing not one, not two, but three different screens. This is grossly inefficient when typing long documents as it slows the writer down quite a bit. Fix these things and I’d use it more frequently, I’ll reevaluate it over the next year and if not fixed I might discontinue my subscription. On plus side, I use it at work with Microsoft Office and it works great.

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    it’s good..

    It’s good, it’s not the best but it’s good. I hate how they want full access, that’s a little suspicious and sometimes it corrects wrong things (like if you write a whole story, it’s more than likely Grammarly will be wrong on 30% of your “errors”) Grammarly on the iPad is really bad but it corrects your obvious errors and there are some glitches for me on the iPad Pro, like when I want to add something to the dictionary it does it but the next time I go on grammarly it’s like it resetted. And I kind of hate how when you check your field and it doesn’t teleport to the part of the field it’s talking about, like it just stays wherever you were at. You’re staring at your keyboard the whole time and not looking at your actual text kinda It’s a great app on the computer and I’d highly recommend it for typing that way but on all devices, you should always proofread after you check the field bc it doesn’t correct everything like how you’d like it to. It checks a word based on the previous and the following. *DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK FOR PRIVACY CONCERNS*

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    Grammarly Review

    I gave this app one star. I was just simply doing my business on my phone and then an ad for Grammarly popped up. It looked like a fun game or something so I downloaded it. (Turns out the app was not what is advertised that it was, which is false advertising and that is illegal.) So, once I downloaded the app I turned on notifications and gave the app permission to email me. After I realized that the app was not what it was advertised to be, I deleted the app. Not too long after I deleted the app, I got an email from Grammarly. I thought this was strange since I deleted the app. But, Grammarly kept on and kept on sending me emails. I was getting fed up with it so I tried to reply to their email, and the email basically said that their support team would not reply to me. It had a link to their support team website so I clicked on it and went to their site. When I got on the site I searched and searched and could not find a single way to contact them and it is getting BEYOND aggravating that they keep sending me emails and there is no way to stop them. It’s stupid and annoying so there is no way this company is getting more than one star.

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    This app got me an 80 on a paragraph presentation...

    I’m what you might call an A student in 7th grade. English is a bit if-y from time to time but pretty consistent with an A-/B+ on most reports. I downloaded the app for the first time a few weeks ago and decided to try it out on an history paper and got the standard A. I then tried it out a few weeks later on my most recent English assignment and everything was good except the grammar which got me an 80. Grammar is meant to be exactly what you fix. Your standard autocorrect keyboard doesn’t go below the level of the 4th grade. Your “world class linguists” must still be sucking on pacifiers at this point. It couldn’t even get the capitalization right! It in fact messed it up. Your Tv ads show college level students getting an A on papers when using grammarly, when in actuality unless they’re willing to pay for premium they should’ve considered dropping out of middle school because they will be bombing every college english course in existence. Whoever designed the marketing for this app is a first class idiot. It’s not clever to charge for something that actually works. People like me will just uninstall.

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    Full access is necessary

    For any keyboard like this, it cannot see what you type, if you don’t allow it to. That is the entire point of these apps(especially this one in particular, while some others, the main purpose is elsewhere). This keyboard app is supposed to correct your grammar/spelling. However, it cannot correct your grammar if it cannot “see” what you write, and it cannot see what you write without “full access.” So, if you don’t want that, then don’t knock the developers for writing and making the software that they claim to be making. Also, just for the record, all of your information that you type is still going out online. When you put a credit card into a website, that info is sent out via internet, and collected through multiple parties regardless of what keyboard, software, or device you are using. If you can’t handle that, then go hide in a cave.

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    Great app but I have some ideas to make it better

    Grammarly is so easy to use it’s literally the best app out there for grammar and spelling it’s very useful and has its benefits the only thing I don’t like about the app is that it doesn’t capitalize words that need to be capitalized and I also don’t like how I change the keyboard it makes it a little harder to type but what I do like about it is that the . It is on the main keyboard so you don’t have to press needing to get a period this is very useful thank you so much for making this app I wish I discovered the app sooner. this makes it so much easier life it’s way better than Microsoft word. Grammarly finds things that Microsoft word cant which is very very helpful and fixes his sentences which is also good except for the capitalization I wish it would fix that and yeah five-star rating oh and one more thing I wish it told me where to put a period

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    I’d give it a six out of five if it weren’t for these problems

    Hi! I just love your Desktop application, it is so useful and it works pretty well, except for the fact I can't make it work on Google. However, your app for mobile is very disappointing. It doesn't let me automatically look things up, the little green button on the corner of my screen only checks my spelling errors, which I don't make many of those anyway, and it doesn't check any of my grammatical errors. I made some very obvious ones to test it out but it didn't do a thing, and grammar is my biggest problem and the reason I downloaded it. I might have just used autocorrect with a normal keyboard. Also, I thought this would be a tiny feature I could put on my customized keyboard, but instead it gives me a whole new keyboard. This honestly is not a big deal, but there is a feature most third-party keyboards have called ”swipe input” that I highly recommend. All in all, make it more like the desktop application but include the swipe input. Sincerely, Unsatisfied P.S. Wrote this with your keyboard ^~^

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    Needs better accessibility support

    I am a blind user, and for me, Grammarly is somewhat usable. I don't use the keyboard to type. When I'm done typing I just switch back to the Grammarly keyboard, tap the Grammarly button, and it allows me to correct my mistakes. One thing I like about the corrections is that it tells me if I accidentally capitalized something, or if I added too many punctuation marks, ETC. It makes things a little easier knowing that I can correct those mistakes easier to find and correct. But I wish that accessibility was better. On iPad, once you go into the Grammarly keyboard, a VoiceOver user can't switch back to the Apple keyboard. Frustrating, because I have to go into settings to disable that. However, it lets me switch back to the Apple keyboard on my iPhone, so I don't know why it doesn't work on iPad. Any, I like using Grammarly on my phone like I do any other device. Grammarly is totally unusable on a PC or Mac, I've got a Mac with a bootcamp of Windows, but it just doesn't work on desktop.

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    MAC is good & I-Phone is not so good

    I have Paid for the Year for Grammarly to use on my I-Phone and MAC Computer. On my MAC, there is an excellent program that does a lot and helps out with documents and saves them on Grammarly's web-sight and gives you a lot of choices when writing up a report. With the I-Phone app, Grammarly is missing the documents folder on Grammarly's website; that dose not allow access to my projects I am working on my computer. I have tried to log in using my I-Phone on Safari APP just like I have done on my computer. The difference is my I-Phone dose not allow access; instead, I am directed to download I-Phone Grammarly. I do have Grammarly already on my phone. The computer version and the I-Phone versions are not the same. Grammarly needs to allow multiple access of your saved work on different mac platforms like when using an I-Phone, MAC, or I-Pad that can access the same files. With my I-Phone there is not as strong of help as when I'm on my MAC computer. My I-Phome is missing Options Like: Set Goals, Overall Score, Correctness, Clarity, Engagement, Delivery, and Plagiarism.

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    It's great but each new version sees performance dips

    I really like this keyboard actually, it does something even the stock keyboard doesn't really do. It has sentence predictions alongside of the normal ones. This really feels like a great alternative to the stock keyboard but with each new version it seems like the keyboard sees performance hiccups. With the current version, the keyboard seems to cause a delay when sending messages. The user presses the send button but then there is a delay before it actually sends. Not a huge issue, but it is something the stock keyboard doesn't do. Also, this keyboard does not seem to learn the way the user types similar to SwiftKey or the stock keyboard. Again not a huge issue, just the predictions are pretty much locked to what is in the dictionary already. You can have it learn words you type, just not the way you type.

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Is Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Safe?

Yes. Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 38,330 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Is 40.7/100.

Is Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Legit?

Yes. Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 38,330 Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard Is 40.7/100.

Is Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard not working?

Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Grammarly - Grammar Keyboard.

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