Zwift: Ride and Run Reviews

Zwift: Ride and Run Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-31

Zwift blends the fun of video games with the intensity of serious training,
helping you achieve every one of your fitness goals. Pair a Zwift-supported
device to our app, and get started today. Train. Race. Make new friends and find
new competitors, all from the comfort of your home. D...

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Zwift: Ride and Run Reviews

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    Addicting - also one bug that needs to be addressed

    Zwift is hands down the most addicting way to ride an indoor trainer. The way they’ve made it into a game makes every ride a competition against both yourself and hundreds of other riders. You can compare yourself instantly with riders from around the world to see how you stack up. The only drawback is that if you lose internet connection for even a second during a ride, the app won’t upload your complete ride. I’ve heard from support that they’re working on a safeguard for this. But, I logged a ~16 mile ride with over 1000ft of climbing only to have it log the first 7 miles of the ride only. I hope this gets rectified in the future for all the zwifters who deal with spotty Wifi connections!

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    Premium price, lackluster value

    Being a video gamer and an avid cyclist, my impressions is that Zwift wants to charge a premium price, like World of WarCraft, but fail to offer certain elements of online gaming that are commonplace. For example, a custom ride or game is not available to ride alone with your friends so you are stuck riding with everyone else in the virtual world and dealing with tracking them on the enormous list of riders nearby. Riding with friends (side by side) is very challenging and Zwift has failed to add a tether mode so groups can more easily stick together in the massive world of riders. They also need to add the ability for at least pc players to host worlds and rides for certain groups to ride together. For $15 a month, Zwift offers too few places to ride. I have seen it all already after only a couple months of membership. Again, other games offer massive worlds which take many hours to explore. In short Zwift is a novel idea and in some ways it is implemented in good ways (there wonder training regimens which a member can follow to improve) but the game is too one dimensional as a game. Some days I just want to ride (play)alone or with a buddy, if they can do that since Halo 1, why hasn’t it happened in Zwift yet?? As soon as I can start riding outside, I’ll save the $15 a month and cancel.

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    They Should Be Glad There Are No Competitors

    When Zwift works it’s great. The problem is that it works about 50% of the time, with most of the issues occurring during mass events. Contact customer support you say? Expect a return message many days later blaming your equipment: turn your modem off, update the app (there is no auto update despite being updated on a near weekly basis), and there’s a problem with the Bluetooth. They never take credit for issues. The funny thing is this is the only app that has problems, so blaming my equipment solidifies the problem is with them. Zwift should be pleased no competitor is out there. When it works the app is a lot of fun, but the anxiety of climbing on a bike and being unsure it will work makes me wish something dependable would come along. I’m writing this after the third app crash in two ride attempts. Surely that is not considered dependable.

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    Zwift running

    My husband and I liked the idea of him riding while I run, both of us using Zwift for working out together. While the idea of Zwift running is a good one, the execution is not living up to my expectations based on what I have seen with the bikes. I have tried the original Milestone and the Milestone-turned-Zwift foot pods and neither is able to stay connected. The drop outs are so frequent and aggravating that on most of my treadmill runs, I end up turning the iPad off and just watching the little graphs built into my treadmill. It’s become a question of which is less annoying, the hit-and-miss function of Zwift for Runners, or the boredom of that little blip on the treadmill marking my progress.

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    Incredible Virtual Fitness Platform

    I am amazed with zwift as a platform. Prior to zwift an indoor workout of 60 minutes was a boring slog. Now 60 minutes goes by in a breeze. Setup: I use zwift on Apple TV 4k. I ride on e-motion rollers from inside ride using a powertap with BLE for power and cadence. I never have connection issues between the powertap and Apple TV. For heart rate I use Apple Watch paired with the zwift companion app. This works well most of the time. Occasionally there are pairing issues between the Apple watch and the companion app. Zwift has enabled me to commit to fitness in a way that I have not been able to do in quite a few years. I'm losing weight, getting fit again, and I am having fun while doing it!

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    Updated: fixed their login bug in latest iOS 13 build

    As great of a workout it can be when it works, their app organization feels like some desktop UX that was ported (poor affordances, no size scaling, unclear navigation hierarchies). But, the real loose-poopie kicker is that whenever you Log Out on iPad OS 13.* you may not be able to log back in, like ever, at all. That means constant emails back and forth with Zwift support and asking for refunds, and lost workouts. The team seems to be prioritizing other work and not thinking this is a worthy bug to squash. Could be a 4 star product. Could be. But it ain’t. The competition in this space is heating up, I’m looking forward to that competition keeping teams on their toes.

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    Zwift revolutionizes indoor cycling training

    I have always disliked video games but love zwift. I did not like indoor trainers, in fact I gave my old one away as indoor training was boring for me. Zwift makes indoor training challenging and fun. Forget freezing days outside and all the pre-game getting ready. Forget the wet days, mucking up your bike and dangerous road conditions. Forget riding in work traffic and dodging crazy drivers. Save the good days for the bike and all the other mess avoid and jump on zwift. Group rides are great, preset workouts and group workouts are aresome. The races are my favorite! I compared the peloton and this comparison! On a scale of one to 10...zwift 10, peloton -38.

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    Latest update July 18th on iPhone

    Was working perfectly (with an occasional minor issue) for the last year + until the update. Both my wife and I have had countless WiFi drops, Wahoo Kickr stops responding to grade changes etc. Complete disaster for us. I have an iPhone X and she uses an iPhone 8. Both having a terrible user experience since update. Deleted and reinstalled app, checked WiFi connection, did a spin down etc. Nothing is helping. Been zwifting since almost the beginning of Zwift, never had such a horrible user experience. Side note...I hear we are getting another crappy Richmond type course that nobody likes in exchange for a hefty price increase coming up for legacy users. For the record, the only reason people Zwift is for Watopia. Maybe we can get more worlds like that sometime instead of all these UCI course remakes?

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    Bike genius

    Zwift has revolutionized my training and helped me increase my fitness even though I am in my 50s. My wife and I often ride together — it is a great way for us to spend time together and stay young yet ride the workouts which are appropriate for our different fitness levels and experience. On those days I consider not riding because of weather or being sick of four wheeled death machines, Zwift ensures I will get that workout in. And it is super addictive as well as allowing for very precise training. I thought it was crazy to spend $1k or so on a smart trainer until I demoed Zwift. Then I did not hesitate to swipe my card.

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    Zwift a game changer

    Been riding Zwift for a couple years now using various trainers and bikes. Always engaging. The addition of more courses, new bikes has been fantastic. One thing is Zwift requires a rock solid internet connection. Bluetooth seems to be the best way to connect to trainers and HR monitors. I have been using the Apple Watch with companion app for HR. The companion app is also excellent now with race results and other metrics. My current trainer is a TacX NEO 2 and I run at 100% trainer difficulty. So impressed with how well it tracks with outdoor riding with power, HR and resistance. Thank you Zwift for creating such a great training platform!

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    I have been riding and racing for over thirty years and have been Zwifting since the beta days and I now can say I don’t ‘dread winter any longer. I now am retired in NC, for milder winters, yet still ride Zwift on the days when the weather or daylight is marginal. Now though I ride in the summer too when the real feel gets over 100 and it’s just too hot (I have gotten less tolerant to the extremes beyond 65-70 degrees as I have aged, 🤫) My feeling is why ride if it’s not a complete pleasure. Further I have meet people from all over the world on Zwift that I now count as friends and several of whom I have now met and ridden with IRL. Very cool.

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    Cannot get it to work for more than 3 seconds

    I really, really don’t want to leave this unfavorable review, but I’ve been trying to use the iPhone Zwift app all morning. It hangs up within 3 seconds of clicking RIDE. It won’t even WATCH for more than 3 seconds before hanging up. It becomes totally unresponsive. Tech support responded quickly, but said they can’t help me, they don’t know why I’m having the issue. I have an iPhone X, but it’s supposed to be compatible, no problem. I’ve rebooted the phone, deleted and reinstalled the app; same results. Zwift appears to work on the computer, but my computer doesn’t have Ant or Bluetooth. So I’m stuck. And Zwift seems to have quit responding to my requests for help. I’m at a loss, can’t use my new trainer with Zwift. If there’s ever a resolution, I’ll modify or leave a new review.

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    It’s great!

    I really enjoy Zwift so does my husband and we wouldn’t be without it! Our son gets a free membership through ours and often asks to go on it. Yes it can after a while get a little dull, but that’s why it’s for using as well as getting outdoors. I’ve really enjoyed cycling with a colleague in another State and the women’s events. I’m doing a training plan at the moment, which Is keeping me interested. Yes it occasionally takes a little patience to connect sometimes and it has dropped out on me when riding. It’s not perfect but what is, it’s a great addition to my cycling routine.

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    Used To Be Great—Spoiled By “Improvements”

    I’ve been Zwifting for a year and have reached Level 25 (highest in the package). When I first started the Zwift “worlds” offered routes that varied considerably in difficulty and that was ideal for those of us who don’t climb mountains on our bike club rides. The past two “worlds” that have been released now force everyone to do very high difficulty routes (much higher than I’d do in real life) regardless of the route selected. Watopia, London, and Richmond are very good, the new worlds—Innsbruck and New York are simply awful. Hope the developers can get their mojo back soon and understand that most of their subscribers are mere mortals who want to ride normal terrain. This doesn’t look like a tough fix to me—get busy folk!!

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    Best indoor training ever

    I have been cycling competitively for 40 years now. Never did I have so much fun training. I can cover all aspects of training and do it in a competitive environment if I want to. There is simply nothing better. Training is now independent of weather, time of day and traffic on the road. And it is at leadt as much fun as outdoors. The App itself works perfectly for me as long as I have a stable internet connection. For me it is a true revolution in cycling training comparable to the invention of power meters. I am really enjoying this.

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Is Zwift: Ride and Run Safe?

Yes. Zwift: Ride and Run is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 4,701 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Zwift: Ride and Run Is 38.1/100.

Is Zwift: Ride and Run Legit?

Yes. Zwift: Ride and Run is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 4,701 Zwift: Ride and Run User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Zwift: Ride and Run Is 38.1/100.

Is Zwift: Ride and Run not working?

Zwift: Ride and Run works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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