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About: MedHub-AI develops deep-learning video analysis algorithms that provide accurate diagnostic insights
and practical guidance for physicians.
Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel.


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1. Extend the benefits of MedHub to your iPhone while you’re on the go! Simply download now and login with your existing account to start completing tasks.

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View Calendar, Complete Evaluations, Submit Work Hours and Log Procedures on the go. *This app is a companion to this app solutions for existing trainee and faculty users* Extend the benefits of this app to your iPhone while you’re on the go! Simply download now and login with your existing account to start completing tasks. Features Include: • Access with institutional Single Sign-On credentials • View Calendar, Conferences and Schedule information • Send and complete Evaluations • Access Evaluation summaries and performance progression • Submit Work Hours and view weekly compliance summaries • Log Procedures and review requirements progress • Procedure Verification for Faculty & Residents • Receive helpful reminders and push notifications • Use iOS dictation to submit Evaluation feedback User Requirements: • Valid this app trainee or faculty user account Additional features that will simplify trainee and faculty tasks are in currently in development and scheduled for release in 2020, including: • Messaging • Program Resources

Top MedHub Reviews

  • By Khan FW

    Easy, handy, and accurate

    Hi guys, I am enjoying this app, it’s accurate, very easy to use and super handy. Regards

  • By Hamish44

    Amazing app!! Great!

    This is a big plus for he iPhone. I've used the this app app for quite some time now and it is extremely easy to use! I log my Duty hours on time each week and now I can see my evaluations. No complaints!

  • By Dr. A A Ron

    Needs quality of life improvements

    Needs some major reworking to the patient logging system so it Is not so cumbersome and time consuming. For starters it would be beneficial to be able to put in a date range for all the days you see a patient and count a log for each day, this is especially beneficial for inpatient service. Second the age entering should be a numeric entering system not a scrolling menu, that only seems logical. Have one blank for months and one for years, scrolling takes too much time. As residents we should be able to save locations and names of attending/supervisors. It’s tiring to have to input the name of the location and supervisor each time I have to save a case for an away rotation. Finally the forum shouldn’t blank out right after you submit a log, it should keep all the information in case you want to log multiple procedures for the same patient etc. please implement these changes to help make logging less time consuming, thank you!

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