Uphold: Buy BTC, ETH and 260+ Reviews

Uphold: Buy BTC, ETH and 260+ Reviews

Published by on 2024-01-19

About: Uphold is a global, multi-asset digital trading platform with more than 10M
users. Our mobile app allows you to purchase and trade 200+ cryptocurrencies
(BTC, ETH, XRP, XDC, DAG, ADS, CSPR & QNT), 27 national currencies (Forex), 4
precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium), and more than 50 U.

About Uphold

What is Uphold?

Uphold is a digital trading platform that allows users to purchase and trade over 200 cryptocurrencies, 27 national currencies, 4 precious metals, and more than 50 U.S. stocks. The app offers low fees, deep liquidity, and premium staking options. It also allows for fast account setup, recurring transactions, flexible limit orders, and easy fund transfers.



- Purchase and trade over 200 cryptocurrencies, 27 national currencies, 4 precious metals, and more than 50 U.S. stocks

- Specializes in hard-to-find cryptocurrency assets

- Charges zero fees for deposits and withdrawals

- Smart routing algorithm sources assets from 26 different exchanges

- Publishes assets and liabilities in real-time online

- Offers premium staking options with up to 25% APY on eligible cryptocurrencies

- Fast account setup with instant deposit options

- Autopilot tool for automated, recurring buy orders

- Flexible limit orders with up to 50 simultaneous orders of any amount

- Easy fund transfers using just an email address

- Designed for simplicity and great for beginners.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Negative experience

Positive experience


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Key Benefits of Uphold

- Been using Uphold for more than 2 years with no major issues

- Modularities in the use of currencies

- Leading the pack in platform usability and customer support

- Easy to use and straightforward

- Resolved issues and credited funds within 24 hours

20 Uphold Reviews

4.6 out of 5


Uphold really stands out from everyone else

I am not sure why there are so many negative reviews about this app. I am personally using this app for more than 2 years and never had any major issues with anything. Yes there are some minor glitches here and there but, guys, I haven’t seen a single bug free system. Not even in the products of those trillion dollar companies. I am a rigorous user of this app and kind of made quite an exhaustive use of their platform since I am a long time user. I must say, one thing they have is really unique which is bringing such a modularities in the use of currencies. You can literally convert between any pair of currencies and if you have their debit card, you can also spend them. That means for example, if you want to buy a gift for you friend living in let say, Switzerland and you have some bitcoin in your account, you can just convert them in Swiss Frank right away and use their debit card to make the purchase without paying international transaction fees or restrictions. This is really a true democratization of currencies. I am pretty sure the this app team is already addressing the issues and complaints the customers have. But, one thing I must say that if you use all the features of the platform instead of using this app just as another crypto exchange, you will definitely find it unique.



This company has either really terrible customer service, is running a fraud, or both. I verified my account in order to deposit funds. Once I try to withdraw they verify me AGAIN only this time they RESTRICT MY ACCOUNT immediately after (you can deposit but you can’t withdraw... shady restriction). They’ve restricted it for a week, I have sent countless emails to try and get support and if I got a reply it was a few days later so they can tell me “they’re working on it” a process a simple as verification, they need weeks to work on that apparently... what’s more likely is they realize they make more money the longer your funds stay in play and so they trap you for days to weeks on end, holding your money hostage and taking a percentage on every transaction (more transactions are likely when your money is locked in your account). Over a week in and I get logged out of my account and can’t sign back in. No word from support, no word about my money, everything just gone and with no one to talk to. I’ll be filing a lawsuit against the company, if you were thinking the same get in touch with me and we can make this a class action. Apple check who you allow on the AppStore before you get mentioned in the case as well. this app let me back into my account and give me money before I take drastic measures over 100$ and 1000$ in lost potential profit being I had the money available to me right now, but I will take those measures if necessary.


Outage every time you start making a profit

It’s crazy how everything works fine until you start making a profit and want to sell. It’s infuriating to have to watch on a different app your profits slip away because you can’t get into this app to sell. Had Uphold for less than 24 hours and lost all profits because I didn’t have access to my account because of server issues. Magically it finally work after I loose every single dollar and more I had gained. Totally unacceptable for a company dealing with money. I can accept the risk of investing and loosing money on bad investments but to lose money because the company you are buying through has an antiquated system that for some reason never works when you are making a profit just seems like a scam to me.

Already looking for an alternative. How can a company be so irresponsible when it comes to others money? There has to be laws for such incompetence. My suggestion is don’t waste your time or money with Uphold. I honestly have never hated an app this much. Be warned, you could loose EVERYTHING because of their incompetence because it never works when you need it the most. Thank god I started with a much smaller amount than I originally planned to invest. Now reading through all the reviews I can already tell it will be a miracle if I ever get my money back because of the difficulties everyone is having pulling their money out.


Please Read and Don’t be Me

I’ve been holding Xrp for some time now- nearly 20,000 of them to be exact. My account out of the blue recently came up as “under review” which I’ve had previously but it was just due to proof of address and small stuff like that- my assumption was an expired credit card/etc. I reached out only to be told that “ Based on a regular review of your account, we regret to inform you that we can no longer offer you an account.

We’re unable to disclose the reason for these reviews, or their outcome, and we fully appreciate how frustrating this can be.”

I was also told somebody would be in touch shortly to go over getting my refund and that somebody hasn’t reached out. I’ve hodled nearly 20,000 Xrp just to have my dreams shattered my this app. I messaged and asked why Uphold still allowed me to deposited money til I was blue in the face but sending to another wallet or withdrawing my money was disabled…heck they’ll even let me convert my Xrp to another crypto. They then said they’d get me in contact with somebody to issue a refund. Since then I have yet to hear from a soul. They sent me an email with a link for reasons they may suspend your account and the reasons listed are incredibly vague and essentially say we can suspend or close your account for any reason and will keep you updated if/when you’re assets become available to you.


Garbage programming

After signing up for Uphold with the Brave browser rewards I could not get ID verification to work. You can upload pics of ID just fine but it wants you to take a selfie and it won’t work on Safari or in Brave or any other browser. “A network communication problem has occurred. Please try again.” After contacting someone in chat on their website they suggested downloading Uphold and trying again through Uphold instead. Except after installing Uphold and trying to log in it then wants me to verify I’m logging into Uphold by clicking a verification link in my email. Ok sounds fine except clicking the verification didn’t let me in Uphold . I then told the person I was chatting with about the new problem and he wants to now end the chat and switch to an email ticket. The same person Carlos L responds to me in email with a generic pre written response to upload my ID to the site and if I’m having problem then upload a screen shot of the error message instead of my ID. Like what? I already told you the message and what it said. That’s why you asked me to use Uphold . Then you app doesn’t work and so now you want me to show you the website error message because your app verification link doesn’t work? Whoever is running this service is trash. Too bad Brave browser picked this elementary company to partner with for cashing out your rewards. I’m uninstalling both this and Brave.


Uphold IS the Bar

this app is leading the pack as far are their platform usability and especially customer support. There is some sort of sentiment out there that because crypto is so in demand, seemingly, endless bottom of crappy customer service. this app is taking a completely different approach and destroying others like it by providing customer support found in most every company in the USA. I’m sure they will be the first out of the gate with phone support as well while others are leading there support services with We Do Not Offer Phone Support. I have had all of my issues r solved lightning fast and when I rendered a poor response to their update, they replied sincerely and thoroughly understanding my position and helping me around the new platform. I love it now and they helped me love it even more. I have been in customer service and scaling my company for over 20 years in 5 countries and I can tell you with confidence that this app will be at the forefront of this ecosystem for a very long time especially if they continue to value their customers such as myself in the future. Much Mahalo from the middle of the Pacific.
Ps sorry for the typos. I’m surfing 🏄🌊


Use another platform

My brother told me about this app so I can buy XRP. Uphold is very confusing and not only that, but it doesn’t show you when the market numbers are moving. You always have to keep refreshing to see if the market is up or down.

I used Uphold for about 4-5 months until I was hacked. I wondered why Uphold signed me out and I had to reset my 2 step Authenticator multiple times. The last time I logged into my account I saw that some transactions were made that I did not authorize so I reached out to customer support. They somewhat helped me to escalate the problem to a higher team, but with “further investigation” they said they could not help me. I was advised to file a police report since their security team could not give my money back. I went to the sheriff’s department to file a report and there was a delay. Customer support sent me a couple of emails that stated that the conversation receipt will remain open for four days. I told them that the police report is in the process and they still sent me the same email. I got fed up and decided to just close my account since they could not even help me.

I do not recommend using Uphold. I suggest finding another platform or stick to coinbase. These crypto apps don’t have the best security support.


Never have had a good experience.

I have used this app for 2 years now, I am fully aware of all their changes to the services, in which they seem to like to change ‘willy-nilly’ for users and cause restrictions to your account. I have used various debits/credits in the past and never got restricted from purchases. However, I get a 3d secure message on Uphold that shows a blank message and does not seem to access my bank or send a notification. I believe they are running a scam. They have card information and these cards work. They send me emails saying my bank has declined this card yet, there is no proof in my bank account that these cards were even charged. I have already contacted my bank, I have made foreign transactions before no problem. This is ridiculous. They also have taken over 2 months for me to help access my account and I thought this was terrible service. I have multiple forms of proof of identity to my account and they were ignoring my emails on purpose during bullish runs with crypto and have cost me thousands of dollars already. I am not using this service anymore and I hope everyone stays away. There are better ways to invest in crypto and I see that they are behind the curve on all of them as well. do not waste your time.


Started ok ended up mediocre

I was excited with the capacity to keep the crypto and use it without having to convert all into fiat before using it
But the problems arise,the card declined in purchases and were charge in the account multiple times anyways and no number to call to claim, the support replied only after a month via email, seemed to solve the problem , return the funds but a few hours later was partially deducted again, same happen with purchases made a few weeks back that were deducted and deducted again for a second time
If you don't keep an eye on your account it will drain you, they may be heading the right way but nothing seems to work properly yet, the 3 stars it's mainly for the Almost non existent customer service


Uphold is an organized mess- Total chaos

this app greatly lacks Configuration Management and has no Conduct of Operations. this app touts and has all the right wording to make you believe that this is a well oiled operating company. But unfortunately, it operates as if there is only one person doing all the work where it normally takes several efficient working professionals to successfully accomplish many transactions for customers. My personal experience has been absolutely horrendous with just the second deposit which locked up my account for four (4) months and then placed my account under some sort of review. The review lasted another three (3) months. Then the this app review determined that my account needed to be closed and then this app would refund my money back to my bank account. It is now going on two months and my funds still have not been transferred. Believe me I have been emailing customer support asking when my funds will be deposited. this app has consolidated all 30 of my emails under one (1) trouble ticket number and is under some review. Sooooooo, if you enjoy this type of nonsensical business practice then go for it. Don’t say you were not warned!


Do yourself a favor and use another app

After having problems with Robinhood, I decided to look for other apps to try for crypto, and I decided to give this app a shot since it was highly reviewed. Big mistake. I deposited 20 dollars as an initial deposit to test the waters and it’s a good thing I didn’t deposit any more than that, Uphold is total garbage. Not only are the market prices not accurate, but when you go to exchange currencies, they take a fee while claiming they have no trading fees. Not to mention I signed up back in January, changed my mind about using the platform and tried to withdraw the money. They restricted my account and made me wait 3 months before a customer service rep finally unblocked my account so that I could withdraw my money, which was also a hassle since they make you install an authentication app to withdraw. No authentication needed to deposit tho. This is by far the worst investing/crypto app I have ever had the displeasure of using, and I would give it negative stars if I could. If I had put a sizable amount of money instead of just 20 dollars I’d have considered taking legal action. I feel sorry for anybody who put in anymore than that.



Update: BEWARE! After all the trouble I had below I have been fighting them for a month to delete my account. I’ve already moved all of my money out and deleted any connected accounts with this horrible service. They give you some kind of generic response that if you want to delete your account first you must go remove all the money from your account! I did that before I even asked them to delete it. I couldn’t get my money out of this junk fast enough!

Don’t ever use Uphold or their website to invest! Their service is absolutely horrible and they will leave you completely stranded with no way to login. I had to watch all of my profits dwindle away and then lose my investment because there sorry website could not handle traffic and would not allow me to login. I sat there during the most critical time with one of my investments and had to use another website to just watch it dwindle away because there’s is constantly down. I lost not only all of my profits but my investment. Then to have them charge me for their services should be illegal! You owe me a refund of every penny you charged me!


Horrible!!! They’re Support is terrible and they steal your money!!!

I am in shock what this app has done to me! My account was placed in an “account under review” back in March because we accidentally typed in the wrong user ID. I tried finding out what was needed for the review to be resolved, they’re chat was not working because they were “too busy”, so I filed a support request which they never answered! Two months later NO response to our support request and the only thing we could do with the account was add more money, we COULD NOT withdraw any funds! We ended up filing another support complaint ticket!

It was only once we sent the complaint they started responding saying they needed more information to lift the review. There was NO phone number to call, no chat sessions working, only email and it took 3 more emails to find out exactly what information they needed. I answered with the requested information but they still closed my account and I have NO access to my funds!!!

We lost THOUSANDS of $$s because of their control! We have been unsuccessful reaching this app and have had no response as to our $$$!


Reply to everyone’s reviews

Okay, so deposited money into my account (a good amount) before I read the reviews, and I got really worried because I saw a lot of people saying they weren’t able to get their money back. And so of course I decided to withdraw some just to see if I would have the issue but I never did. I’ve taken money out without a problem. I also saw a lot of reviews about their customer service never getting back with you but I mean yeah they took a few days when I emailed them about something but they did respond so maybe y’all should look in your spam or something? IDK. But overall it seems to be okay I’ve been able to take money out of my account without any issues, only reason I gave them 4 stars is Bc the customer service did take a few days to respond. Other than that it’s a pretty good app and I was able to buy “xrp” which I couldn’t buy anywhere else it seemed like.


Good Customer Service; Clean Interface

I have used multiple exchange-type sites and wallets for crypto that claim to be the easiest or the best. I’m coming over from Kraken (so the this app site is amazing compared to that horrible excuse for a website). While it’s not a traditional exchange it does work very well for moving money between currencies and I was able to purchase Ripple using Litecoin/ETH from an external site. Overall very easy to use and straightforward. I had an issue with a transfer of Litecoin from an external site to this app and I contacted support and they were all very helpful and resolved the issue and credited my funds within 24 hours (considering we are dealing with blockchains and potentially disappearing money when things go wrong - I thought that was pretty good timing). Very pleased and will continue using this app to store my crypto going forward. The process to get my account certified took less than 20 minutes.



This is one of the few places you can actually buy XRP which is the main reason I got into crypto in the first place. It seems everyone is upset because they are trying to pump and dump and get their money in and out quick to make a fast dollar. If that’s your goal maybe this isn’t Uphold for you. There’s a short waiting period to remove funds but I haven’t had any issues doing so when I’ve needed to. Uphold itself is easy to use and very user friendly.

It also seems like people aren’t reading the fine print about what you actually have to wait for as far as removing funds but it tells you everything you need to know you just have to SLOW DOWN AND READ THE FINE PRINT. If I start having issues I’ll change my review but I’ve been using this since January and have had no issues so far so 5/5 from me.


Very disappointed

I started using this app less than 2 months ago and at first things were fine. I used my bank account to transfer funds to this app and would then transfer the funds to another wallet. AFTER I did a transfer they introduced a 65 day waiting period where I would not be allowed to transfer the funds I had prior to this new policy. Very mad about this and had I known about the 65 day waiting period, I never would have done it.

I spoke to support and they told me to use a debit card for immediate transfers. So ok I used a debit card for my next purchase- a few hours later I tried sending it to my wallet- did not work it said I was still in the waiting period from the previous transfer and had to wait 20+ more days. I spoke to support- they said it would take 24 hours. 24 hours went by and I still had the same problem. Spoke to support again. They told me there was a few of about $2 so to transfer $2 less. I tried that and I STILL HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. My funds are not available.


Untrustworthy Company

At first I really liked this app, but apparently I messed up by purchasing bitcoin because soon after my account was placed on hold and required my driver’s license and selfie. The problem is that once I uploaded my DL I didn’t get any information about my account until I emailed them. I was told I’d get a response in two hours and it’s been over a week. I have since then sent two more emails with no response. I sent my last email today asking for my funds and I’m not sure they’ll even see it. I think if something as serious as account security is ignored by this app, as well as having customer service requests ignored, it cannot be deemed as trustworthy. Simply google “this app account on hold” and you’ll see many people are in a similar situation. Reddit is also a good place to see that accounts on hold is a common occurrence. this app is BBB accredited, so I will be reporting them to the BBB and suggest others in this situation to do the same. My suggestion is to find another company to work with.


Uphold have stolen my XRP

I recently made a transaction from my US bank account to purchase XRP using the this app app. The transaction was made from my Debit card and provided this app with an instant payment. I received the purchased XRP in my this app account only to find that two days later this app have deducted three times the amount of XRP from my account, claiming that they have sent it to a customer refund wallet. After many attempts to communicate with this app via email, they have stated that the transaction did not clear from my US account. I contacted my bank and they have confirmed that it was an instant transaction and this app did indeed receive the funds , I can also see that the funds left my account. this app have effectively stolen my XRP and an amount of XRP which totals much more than the transaction in question by them. Be warned this company is doing wrong by people and unfortunately has extremely poor service/communication, there are better exchanges please don’t risk you hard earned funds with this company.


Was misled about uphold.

I was told by a friend and when I signed up by this app themselves that I could deposit whatever I wanted to this app but I would not be able to withdraw anything before verifying my identity. I’m currently replacing a lost ID so for my particular situation this was perfect, I could invest in my favorite cryptos and since I’m holding them there’s no need to withdraw or send them to a wallet yet so my verification could wait. I invested 400 dollars or so over a month and everything went smooth. That is until I reached whatever invisible limit they set, because now when this giant crypto dip happened and I wanted to buy way more, I’m not allowed to buy anything without verifying my account? Not withdraw, just trying to invest. And now the markets bouncing back and I missed an opportunity then as well as still not being able to invest now. Very disappointed with the service. Had I known I would be limited on what I could buy unverified I wouldn’t have bothered to trade with this app.


Faster and cheaper than the competitors

Uphold seemed like too good to be true years ago when I first got it. Now that I buy BTC everyday O revisited it and realized it’s FASTER and LESS EXPENSIVE than it major competitors at least when new accounts are compared. You can actually receive BTC from Uphold within 5-7 days from the first day unlike Coinbase which can take 10-14 days. It’s good for buying BTC with debit or credit. Otherwise go to Paxful.


Hidden fees?

UI isn’t bad. Could use additional features like adding graphs of currencies. I like that they have forex along with metals as well.

My main concern and reason for negative review is because it seems their fees are very high. To the naked eye, it looks like this app is charging only 1.05% to buy/sell bitcoin. However, I compared selling identical amounts of bitcoin back into USD/USDC on 3 different apps (this app, Coinbase, and Evercoin). You would assume coinbase would be highest however, ended up getting more $USD value on there and evercoin compared to this app. Two reasons why - 1) Btc market rate was sometimes lower on this app than competitors. I also notice that when I sold, the listed market rate at the time was $3901 but as soon as I click through the next screen to confirm, I saw that the market rate this app stated was now $3877. I hit cancel and went back and the btc rate was at $3901. I would advise you to check this as you also make a purchase or sell.


Works when it wants to.

This would be a good app but when you cannot buy or trade coins when needed you are stuck with the price of a following market. I will hit buy on a token & have sufficient funds to do so but the account stays frozen will not let you buy. Can you imagine a 20% to 80% raise & the only thing you can do is watch. I’ve tried to contact the this app team but they was very much unable to fix this problem. I would suggest using a different exchange that works correctly & has good customer support that you can talk to . this app did write me back on issues but they didn’t have the skills to fix issue. I would not want no one to go through what I’m going through.
Please this app don’t write me back on this comment to act like you care you have had your chance fix this issue.


This App is freakin annoying!

I felt like I lost $50! Invested $50 in bitcoin through Uphold. When I wanted to sell the bitcoin I had to come up with authentication using ANOTHER APP - to get my money I complied to this rediculous request. I downloaded the other app and it wouldn’t connect to the this app account. I logged out of my this app in order to see if logging back on would work (and this connect the Authenticator to Uphold which it suggested it would) NOW I CANNOT log in - I need the AUTHENTICATOR to log back in? What the heck??? I try to file a complaint and apparently you have to come up with ANOTHER PASSWORD For it???? Can’t do it without the AUTHENTICATOR - this is dumb! I’m going to contact you guys if you don’t give me my money back, I’ll rip report this and a miserable rate on Uphold Store will be the least! Deleting the this app app!


Very disappointed

First of all, I’m not the type of person to even write a review...for any reason. I am a disabled veteran with no time to be screwed over. But I was so blatantly dismissed as a customer that I am compelled to write this one.

I didn’t even get the chance to fund my account. I couldn’t get the 2FA to work with my IPhone 8, so they locked my account. Fine. As a customer though , I felt like they should’ve helped me get back into my account. It would make sense right? But no... it didn’t happen. They just told me they couldn’t “approve” my identity and basically blocked me. But they have my drivers license, address and a photo of me. They basically taking peoples information and giving them NOTHING in the form a service in return.




Nice to transfer quickly in and out of different crypto and fiat currencies instantly; but the fees are very high so you want to limit this... which for most “traders” isn’t a bad thing long-term. Would be nice to have larger deposit limits than $1K without the forms; example Gemini allows wires with unlimited amounts of funds, so you can wire there and then send some funds to this app if you want. Great place to safely store $XRP because you’re going to want that here real soon. Customer service is pretty good too. Coinbase is trash...


Easy Fiat to Crypto Purchases

Makes buying crypto super easy!!! I’m in the US and use my debit/credit card to buy directly from $dollar to an ever increasing selection of crypto coins. Full XRP support just added! Buy and hold, covert to other coins/currencies, or transfer out to other exchanges or crypto wallets. When ready to cash out, convert to fiat of choice and send to your bank. Easy!!!


Easy process.

It’s very easy to add your bank account but why does it take sooooo long, 5-7 business days, for funds to go to your account? !! Also, why are we not able to transfer funds using credit cards? I think if you add the credit card feature back on we would be able to transfer more funds. Please bring it back. And hopefully you folks can add IOTA as a digital currency to purchase in the future. Thank you.


Amazing service, the UI took a step back this version

To start off with, this app is still my go to place to purchase XRP directly. I no longer have to pay high debit card fees for BTC on coinbase and transfer to an exchange to catch an XRP dip.

However, I will say that 2.0 was a step backward in UI. The look is cluttered, and there is blank black space on the 7 plus, which makes me think it wasn't designed with the bigger screen in mind.

Still functional, but not quite as pretty nor intuitive.


It works, despite strange UX and support

I originally became interested in this app because they used authy for 2fa.

Originally I thought the concepts of cards and overall ux on the web was strange, Uphold is much more intuitive now.

I have had an issue with support being either incompetent or condescending when dealing with a question I have. I had a withdrawal go to my wallet, I then sent back btc to the address that this app sent me it from by accident.

Support was not wanting to acknowledge what I was telling them, playing dumb or explaining the simplest things to me seemingly they just want to close their tickets.. also idk if I’d want to put trust pilot reviews in my release notes. I feel less confidence seeing them displayed given how many fakes I’ve seen recently.


Excellent Customer Support

After I botched a transaction this app customer service provided, from the first chat, to emails, a positive resolution in less than a day. Communication was responsive with a quick turnaround time between emails. It was very reassuring to see the level of effort put forth to clear up a discrepancy over a small amount of crypto currency.


Faster than I thought

My account was approved and funds transferred in one day. I like how it shows me the current price of my currency value at the top and I can refresh it at anytime. Uphold does not deserve all the bad reviews. Even transferred coins from Changelly to this app and it went very quick and smooth!


Horrible customer service and thieves.

This platform is horrible!!! I was lied to through email. Every email contradicts the last. I was told my funds after a failed transaction would take 24 hours to complete then be released back to my bank. It’s been over 37 hours. Also, they won’t even respond back to me at all. They literally read my DMs on twitter and say nothing. Don’t waste your time with this platform. They have no live ppl to talk to and again they are extremely rude and won’t respond to you when they know they screwed up. Download Coinbase

Is Uphold Safe?

Yes. Uphold: Buy BTC, ETH and 260+ is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 44,416 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Uphold Is 33.0/100.

Is Uphold Legit?

Yes. Uphold: Buy BTC, ETH and 260+ is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 44,416 Uphold: Buy BTC, ETH and 260+ User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Uphold Is 55.6/100..

Is Uphold: Buy BTC, ETH and 260+ not working?

Uphold: Buy BTC, ETH and 260+ works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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