Wirex: All-In-One Trading App Reviews

Wirex: All-In-One Trading App Reviews

Published by on 2023-12-23

About: Download the Wirex app today and discover seamless and secure ways to store,
buy, exchange, spend and earn variable interest on crypto and traditional
currency at competitive rates available. Open an account in minutes Used by 4.

About Wirex

What is Wirex? The Wirex app is a platform that allows users to store, buy, exchange, spend, and earn variable interest on both crypto and traditional currency. It is used by over 4.5 million people worldwide and aims to make crypto and fiat currency equal and accessible to everyone. The app offers a range of features, including a multicurrency Wirex card, zero exchange fees, next-gen rewards, high limits, no fees, flexible price plans, X-Accounts, and Wirex Credit. The app is secure and compliant, combining anti-fraud technology with practical measures like Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and sophisticated device authorization.



- Multicurrency Wirex card for spending crypto and fiat wherever Visa and Mastercard are accepted

- Zero exchange fees for effortless switching between crypto and fiat at Over-the-Counter and interbank rates

- Next-gen rewards, including Cryptoback™ rewards and Wirex Savings Bonus

- High limits, no fees, and free ATM withdrawals up to £400 / €400 / SG$400 / US$250 per month

- Flexible price plans, including a free account, Premium, and Elite plans

- X-Accounts for easy and secure savings, with up to 20% AER on fiat currency and up to 16% on crypto

- Wirex Credit for instant borrowing of stablecoins against BTC or ETH collateral, with zero set up fees and no lengthy credit or affordability checks

- Secure and compliant platform with anti-fraud technology, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), and sophisticated device authorization

- Resources for staying informed, including a Community page, Help Centre, and 24/7 Support Team.

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Key Benefits of Wirex

- Simple verification process

- No extra selfie with ID required

- Three useable cards

- Countis (UK) is a better issuer than Glabtars issuer

- Friendly user app

- No fees for transactions between Wirex apps

- Adapted to the iPad

20 Wirex Reviews

3.6 out of 5


Good enough still bugy

First of all im happy cuz i got my card yesterday after 1month and yeah late better never so then i ordered GBP card too and i did go for add 10$ on first card and its worked but i saw my request for GBP card failed 😶 and i ordered again seems shouldn't do anybefore card issue 🤷‍♂️ i guess it just a bad bug but how ever its still better than others
---------Aug 3
As i checked other btc debit cards i have to say its the best maybe delivery little long and app little bit buggy but ay least there is some point too like simple verification no extra selfie with id 😬 and much more 3 useable card good enough for btc debit and countis (Uk) is better issuer than glabtars issuer 👌😅



I have had Wirex for around 2 months I think and I added money on it thinking I could use Wirex but that’s not how they work. Customer service is a joke. I can’t activate my card. And I can’t send crypto anywhere. And if you try getting ahold of support there chat bot will not let you type in to the text box it just keeps you going in a cycle and not once have it led me to customer service. Long story short they took my money and never gave me access to it I can’t spend it no where bc there no option. And they say on chain blockchain is up and running but you can only receive. They cheered me out my money and I’m going to the surgeon General with it. After I talk to apple and google one about Wirex that gives you miss direction. Where’s the transparency ercy


Awsome wallet with awsome features

Before every thing i should be so thankful of strong supporting of Wirex , i had an unwanted change in my profile that it leaded to be signed out of my account, i was so worry of loosing ma account and the cashes in it, but by the help of the supporting team of this app i could have access to my account after just one or two days. I really appreciate the supporting team of this app and also so thankful to them 🙏🏿❤️
So Friendly user app it is
No fees for transactions between this app apps
Providing debit cards for u...
So dont doubt to choose this app as your wallet 😉👌🏿


Don’t do it!!

this app has blocked my account for no reason. They stole all of the money that was in my account. When I contacted them first they were emailing in English until I asked about my money and they started emailing in German which I obviously cannot understand. They are playing some game. I need a refund of all the funds in my account but they will not help. Every message I get is from another member of their team. They do not take the time to read the previous messages and literally just continue to ask why I’m writing and to provide more details. Even after I am responding with detailed responses. This is the worst financial institution I have here seen. Wish I had never used them in the first place. Don’t get your money stolen.


In response to the developer

Thanks for all that information. However, I am not happy with what you did to the virtual cards because the virtual cards are very fast to get. I heard that you get them by email. The reason why I don’t like physical cards because they are sent by mail and the mail takes like seven business days. I am anyway using a fake address from the UK since Wirex doesn’t provide full-service to the United States.



I finally get my email confirmed after they keep telling me to install Wirex to continue, I set my password and everything and then they tell me to set a “hint” just Incase I got locked out and they want to verify it’s me .. I type in my hint and everything, then I go to submit it and they tell me “ No special characters, spaces, or regular letters can be used, only Latin letters “ at this point I’m confused and try to google some copy and paste Latin letters and it still doesn’t accept or recognize it. Do NOT install Wirex, it’s a complete and utter waste of time. 20 minutes of my life I won’t get back. I’d rather use PayPal or Venmo over this non functioning app!


I love the idea and company, really look forward to using but....

Been trying to open an account for the past 5 days. Had problems with getting Wirex to work. It has been saying to open my verification email, and it won’t send. I’ve hit resend multiple times throughout the first 24 hours up until now. Still nothing. Wirex is also force closing and not loading at all at times. I’ve tried on multiple different WiFi networks along with 4g. Still nothing.


Update they opened my account

I logged in and they asked me if I want to join the waitlist for a this app card and I hit ok. Now it won’t let me log in on my desktop. Then Wirex on my phone says update now I can’t log in on my phone


Warning: Shady service

I’d used the service long long time ago before they renamed to wired app. One day they suddenly made an announcement and said they stopped service in certain countries, and let people to wait when I still had funds in the account. After one or two years they never restored my access to my account. I contacted the support, they replied after one whole year only to tell me that they don’t have service for my country.
They blatantly stole my money, around few hundred dollars worth of Bitcoin at today’s price.


Purchase refund yet to be credited to my account.

this app is holding my money that “grammarly” refunded. I reached to grammarly to complain about the delay, getting my money after cancelling my subscription and they responded that the money have been paid to I should with my bank. However, I contacted this app and complained about the situation which they responded to and asked for certain details which I provided. This is more than 2 months from the time I contacted them and my money is yet to be in my account. this app, is defrauding people thief money which is so wrong.



More and more perfect, and finally adapted to the iPad, but at present, both ends cannot log in at the same time. I hope it can be improved. In addition, in the profit and loss note of iPad, click the stock, which may display another one. I hope to repair it as soon as possible.


The best app ever

I truly love Wirex so much because I get 4% back on all of my Purchases and It would be very nice if this this app Company would let people receive and send Cryptocurrency Coins on there accounts on this app pretty please this app add that feature to receive Cryptocurrency Coins please I would really appreciate that please.


Account verification problem

I m been waiting for verification in my information for more than 5 days, this is totally ridiculous ,no one has been take a care of this issues ,not even responding to my ticket or emails.


Spam notifications

They send you these spam notifications once you install Wirex like “bitcoin is up, login to buy some”. Turn off notifications in iOS, and then you won’t get important notifications like a big transaction on your card. I’ve noticed that this app is more interested in selling you their services instead of a providing a better experience. Very sad as they do have potential.


Reliable and good app

I think the title says everything. Card came fast, it’s easy to use. Support is fairly quick to respond as well.

One thing I’d love to see is the ability to hide the cryptocurrencies I don’t use. If it had this I’d say it’s nearly a perfect app. Still 5stars though


Useless to non Europeans.

First let me say I never had an issue with Wirex, verification was easy and customer support was always helpful.

I decided to use Wirex specifically for the VCC but now that cards are not available outside EU it’s useless to me, I can’t use my BTC. It’s been almost a year since my card card was canceled, before there was an option to join a queque for when cards became available on my region, now it’s gone! Which makes me to believe I’m never going to get to use my BTC again...



All cards in one mobile wallet , lets get started . im rating not sure for question 3 because sometimes simple is very difficult when its looking back at you. Im proof of that to myself. Thank you.


Good app

A very reliable stock trading platform! There are also online customer service and fast service response! Personally, I'm still more interested!


Perfect for me

umm so far I still rate it as 5 stars to see if I get any perks .. But, so far, it has no value or benefit at all .. I'll ask more some and post detailed information regarding Wirex


Glad to find it

The moment it allowed to pair a card just by touching the back of my phone, I decided to give it a star rating


Hello please answer

When will i be able to get a us card ?



Highly recommended! If you re a bitcoin user and you want to keep track of your coins, definitely use Wirex. It s super simple and easy to understand.


Good app!

Not only does Wirex let you exchange your money, it lets you send money to friends easily. I highly recommend Wirex to anyone who uses bitcoin!!


What I’ve been looking for!

If you choose to transfer Bitcoins to another this app user, you won't have to pay any fee at all!


Not able to use

New iOS software available today that supports contactless cards.... however the new version does not even get me option to use or to even order any calls contactless card that has includes bank account... I reside in Thailand but its been a year since they deactivated my virtual card....



Wirex and its card is amazing. Well executed, support staff is friendly and responsive. Definitely recommended!


Stole my crypto

They have an option to send alt coins and turn them to BTC. I decided to try sending some BCH 5 days ago. I still have not received any BTC. When I check the block explorer it confirms that the amount I sent was received but the current balance on the address is 0. Please avoid Wirex.

Is Wirex Safe?

Yes. Wirex: All-In-One Trading App is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 657 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 3.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Wirex Is 50.5/100.

Is Wirex Legit?

Yes. Wirex: All-In-One Trading App is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 657 Wirex: All-In-One Trading App User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Wirex Is 100/100..

Is Wirex: All-In-One Trading App not working?

Wirex: All-In-One Trading App works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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