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Published by on 2022-09-22

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By Michael Gallagher
Nov 15 2022

Game won’t load….bubble about to drop. Will get attacked by server king, because he’s an asshole. This is the 4th time this has happened. So, I’ll end up getting annihilated yet again and have to rebuild with no help or compensation rom the developer. Letting my bubble drop and get annihilated is on me,..that’s the game. But, getting annihilated because my app won’t load is on you. This is not part of the game.

By Simon
Nov 12 2022

Game has crasy

By David spencer
Nov 06 2022

How do I get the game back I uninstalled it by mistake please help

By David spencer
Nov 05 2022

Just uninstalled ebony by mistake can't retrieve it

By David spencer
Nov 05 2022

I've uninstalled the app was on lv29 been playing for months how can I retrieve it

By TsarNicky🐯
Oct 11 2022

Keep getting, “Update, not enough space”, and I have an iPhone with 110GB still available! I have done what I can do. Please help! Svr 712, name same as above. Thank you.

By Rob McKevitt
Oct 10 2022

Evony won’t load. Error message is “your device does not have enough space” but there is 29G of available space on my iPhone.

By Andrew etch
Aug 30 2022

Game won’t load

By Anthony clavio
Aug 29 2022

My Evony account ID 68383530 was hacked and stolen from me. Unknown person got access into my account and was able to unlink me and takeover account. I sent messages to customer support but so did unknown person from my account and was able to have my access cleared. I believe even though I was getting hacked Evony Support team made the error of clearing me from account instead of the hacking thief.

By Craig Keim
Aug 26 2022

Something needs to be done in server 794. Warrior is hitting people during nap and his resources are so big that no one can stop him. You guys need to step in and delete this account. I am Monztermeat from WaH alliance. We have tried to maintain peace with this fool but the others are talking very bad and insulting bad in world chat. My phone number is 479-477-2444. Please do something about this.

By Pete evans/ Loki2
Aug 16 2022

My account link was lost. Now I cannot get in and customer support refuse to help. Its svs in 3days and all will be destroyed if I cannot play/ bubble.

By Chris Sokolowsk
Aug 10 2022

Made 2 purchases, and used double down coupon on both - submitted a ticket 24 hours ago and still haven’t heard anything from anyone.

By HeroFelix
Aug 06 2022

Game won't complete loading on my iPad

By Waheed
Jul 12 2022

I can’t inter the game I deleted and I reload the game it cut balance I don’t know why ?
Still can’t inter the game and show that balance bending

By Lilli
Jul 02 2022

New update ruined my app. Gets stuck quarter loading... unistall an re reinstall....this sucks

By Larry Conaway
Jun 04 2022

The new event with mask I quit getting mask and I am working on lvl 18 in the new event

By Candice Kenner
Jun 02 2022

seems to be locked on loading ,, moves about 1/4 bar and just stays there,, deleted app, reinstalled app. same deal.

By Nicole
May 28 2022

Game won't complete loading on my S10. I've gotten in game one time in 2 days and only for a short time before it crashed. Started with last update.

By Tania Hema
May 21 2022

App keeps freezing or crashing when in world map on Huawei Pro 30

By Cath
May 20 2022

Working in my city but keeps freezing when go to world map

May 20 2022

My Evony app keeps crashing/not loading on my Samsung S10. Sometimes I manage to load the app but then it crashes when playing. 10sec to a coupla minutes into gaming. This happened after the last update

By Bradley Burns
May 18 2022

The new version update will not install on my phone, it keeps saying pending

By Todd Addison screen Tballer
May 14 2022

The app just started after 5 weeks to crash about 15-20 seconds into game using fully up to date ipad

By Suzanne King
May 04 2022

My timers are stuck. No gather or construction and my research needed a big speed up to restart. Can you help please?

By Santa Claus
Apr 30 2022

Same as Randy.
I updated now can’t login to the game stuck on download at initial start screen. It’s SVS today 😨

By Mr Wolf Server 779
Apr 29 2022

La mia bolla non è stata messa ed è da 2 ore che il gioco è bloccato sulla schermata principale in cerifica di nuovi aggiornamenti!
Se perdero tutto sara un problema enorme!

By Lancelotz (server: lead by example)
Apr 29 2022

My game crashed then is stuck on the loading page stating 'checking new updates' and won't ever load/open. I got up to level 28 and spent a lot of resources getting there, I don't want to lose everything.

By Brook Johnson
Apr 29 2022

My app will not load on I phone, server 945.

By Levi Andrade Ribeiro
Apr 29 2022

Down, not conect

By RandyShaffer
Apr 29 2022

I updated now can’t login to the game stuck on download at initial start. It’s SVS and my bubble is going to drop. Come on. Fox this!!!! If I’m burnt I want completely compensated and given a little more to level up at least dang!!!

By Ray ayers
Apr 29 2022

It won’t work and I am up to level 26 witch took a long time to get to I am 2nd in command in my alliance please tell me it will get fixed soon and I won’t loose my hard work in getting as far as I have that I won’t have to start over

By Maria Smoley
Apr 20 2022

Hello Evony,
I'm trying to get this fixed, because it's really annoying.
I'm losing all my food down to 700k, that is after I train, do construction, heal, train troops. So if for example I have 10 Million food and sitting in idle I can see my food get consumed and it will stop at 700k. My level 16 warehouse holds 1.9million + 520.8k, but that should not matter though unless I get attacked. Please help

By Darrin-Tj
Apr 19 2022

I really love this game only been playing a week and im experiencing crashes, can't load the game anymore

By Jesupee
Apr 16 2022

EVERY TIME I go from keep to the world the game crashes and I can't re open for a couple minutes. Tried closing cache etc, sent tickets, no reply.

By Corrina
Apr 03 2022


Whenever I train troops, craft gears, just whatever something take longer than 1 day, the timer is stuck. I have refreshed the apps many time, but just doesn’t work.

By Şeref Hoca
Mar 30 2022

when i want to login it says you've been disconnected because someone login with your account. means i am hacked?

By Lydia
Mar 16 2022

Evony locks up and CRASHES continuously. I have tried to correct the issue myself such as forcing stop , clearing the app cache/data. I am still having the CRASHING issue. 😑

By Chris Ricci
Mar 15 2022

App keeps freezing when it is downloading resources. It the gives me the dark forces error.

By Jeff Martin
Mar 10 2022

Half of the stuff that I’m upgrading hasn’t moved with time it’s like stuck on the same time.

By Micah J Diamond
Feb 23 2022

I just paid for one of the packages and didn't get the ass for my package.

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