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Published by on 2022-09-22

Build your cities. Train your troops. Solve Puzzles. Expand your empire. Be the
King of 7 kingdoms! All in Evony: The king's Return, the hottest real-time

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Listed below are our top recommendations on how to get in contact with Evony. We make eduacted guesses on the direct pages on their website to visit to get help with issues/problems like using their site/app, billings, pricing, usage, integrations and other issues. You can try any of the methods below to contact Evony. Discover which options are the fastest to get your customer service issues resolved..
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E-Mail: [email protected]

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Common Evony Issues

  • By L Morgan Jr.

    Game needs better customer service

    I had been and still am having trouble just accessing the game. Now I’m in trouble of loosing everything I earned in this game is about to be destroyed over this weekend all because noone has gotten my messages or has chosen to ignore my problem which is about simply being able to access the game . It loads and the gets to the very end with just a tiny bit to go but instead just keeps saying it is loading for hours at a time. Because I can’t get in the game I can’t email or get on to send the ticket stating that I have a major problem. I have not had any way to access the game o be able to file a complaint. The only access I am here but not able to share that I am having a major issue because I cant access the game to complain because that place you go to share your complaint is also being blocked so I have had to ask other places to even be able to let those who fix the game issues know I have a major one. I have no access to anything any part of the game and it won’t allow me to file a complaint. This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen and if I could I would sue to get all my money back because I am starting to hate the game but a friend of mine filed a complaint for me we will see if I get anything I’ve lost back and be able to have access to any options within the game because the problem is the game will not give me any access. Sad garbage madness it deserves a negative star

  • By deepsea J

    Awful customer support and will flat out steal

    There was a glitch in the game while I was buying packages, never received the packages, but was still charged for them contacted their so called customer support only to be told after about a week and the payment being fully processed to contact apple for refund (not sure why I would contact 3rd party to receive a refund,)but I did as they suggest only to be told by apple that those items are not eligible for refund. After telling this to customer support and providing them with the receipts for the items that were paid for they told me that they have no record of the transaction (obviously since I didn’t receive the items) and they once again told me I need to go though apple. Long story short this game received payment for over $200USD worth of packages, did not provide the packages even when I told them if they can’t do a refund just give me the packages that I paid for. This is the definition of fraud taking payment for goods/services and not providing goods or services. I have photos of the receipts and all the correspondence between myself and their customer service representative that has been going on for over 45 days now and they still won’t provide any solution despite the fact that in less then 5 months I’ve spent over $5,000USD on this game. The game is fun however the company is crooked and is just wanting to take your money.

  • By xxxCERBxxx

    Customer support

    Listen game is cool, customer support is slow to non existent, if you lose something good luck getting it replaced , their standard saying is best regards after driving a knife through your rib cage telling you that your imagining things as your stuff did not disappear or mess up. Event packages..... good luck getting the items after you buy and you actually did not get them lol , this app Customer service is a joke however the game is cool but yes it does MESS up regardless what they say. Why would I give you my account for retaliation.... it’s not as if you couldn’t figure it out anyway... your latest response to me is a total joke , I send you a pic stating I did not receive 9.99 event pack I purchased on Dec 1 , you wait until I purchase another Last night Dec 5th to answer , then answer and say you received your items at 11:38 gmt time 😂 time... complete JOKE of a customer support .... and still never address missing troops .... Don’t waste your time on this game if you do , eventually you will need customer support and you will get told your fault best regards this app ... that’s after days of no answer and they investigate the wrong thing on the wrong day at the wrong time 😂 Furthermore I have played this game for years now and spent money on it daily ... to be treated the way I have over 20k troops and a ten dollar event pack is unacceptable when I have spent thousands on this game , but I assure you I will not be spending anymore ......

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Reported Issues: 43 Comments

By ĐØ₦
Nov 14 2022

I need helping getting into my account I’m on a loading screen that never loads. Since your recent update I have experienced this and cannot get in my game.
Player ID44362040
Please help me promptly

By Wayne Abbott
Oct 15 2022

Server -1015
Player name-Lv25?
Last played- 10/14/22

By Vincent (Blu Saffron)
Sep 15 2022

Good morning

I sent a Plea/Request on the 9th of September and no reply except that my message will be sent to someone else.
My message reads as follows.
Hi, evony. I'm not a rich man.
When I buy a package to hopefully get Usable Generals and I get Two of the same useless Generals it's heartbreaking and very discouraging.
the name of the |generals is Guan Yu
I already had two of them of which I broke one into fragments and now I got two more, they're totally useless at this stage. I need generals like Elise or George Dewy to enhance my game and now am discouraged to purchase more as it's too great a risk. please reconsider and take the two generals and send something that can be used in my game.
kind regards

By Sahra💘
Aug 11 2022

My second account is unlink due to my phone suddenly stopped working on Saturday, possible help link it back in order I can login again.
It was linked to my Google play account.
Detail my account:
-nama: sahra💘
-Id: 186597996
-server: 663
-keep: lvl 26
-Alliance: SOD

By Beast Slayer!
Jun 16 2022

I can get customer service to relink me accounts up and now will loos everything I have build because my bubble time is going to end. I have sent in tons of customer service tickets, but they aren’t doing anything. This was a good game but a crappy customer service who just wants your money.

By Zorro 855
Apr 29 2022

Game stuck at "Checking new updates". Please look into it ASAP, SVS is coming!!!!

Apr 27 2022

I can not log in game, I dont remember user and pass but I linked with my Apple Id under account: [email protected]

I’m in server 494 monarch name JK 1201. Please help me in urgent

Apr 26 2022

He'll sir/mam,
One of ma friend waiting for his red wings from past week as he qualified in all start with 84th rank with is good rank and totally eligible for his wings but he didn't got it yet. His in game name is TypeTwo600 and id 94055915.
Hope you will take this in consideration and reply asap.
Thanking You,
Regards : Mangesh Zaskar { in game name: @Master}

By Rubylands07
Mar 17 2022

My account is unlink due to my phone suddenly restart when I login, possible help link it back in order I can login again.

Detail my account:
-nama: Ruby
-Id: 113659112
-server: 674
-keep: lvl 30
-google play id: RubyLands07
-email: [email][email protected][/email]

I hope this gets resolved soon because this week svs starts and I also hope I get auto bubbles before svs starts until svs finishes


By Rubylands07
Mar 17 2022

My account is unlink due to my phone suddenly restart when I login, possible help link it back in order I can login again.

Detail my account:
-nama: Ruby
-Id: 113659112
-server: 674
-keep: lvl 30
-google play id: RubyLands07
-email: [email protected]

I hope this gets resolved soon because this week svs starts and I also hope I get auto bubbles before svs starts until svs finishes


By Z purge
Mar 01 2022

i cannot and don't Know how to enter to my account Z purge in server 457 In SNP alince keep 28
during to phone issue when i start game it get me from beginning and in server 1012
i need to help in log in my account Z purge
kindly help me please

By Dan Berg
Feb 02 2022

I upgraded my Samsung mobile to latest Android UI version.
Now it's not possible to start Kings return any longer.
App doesn't start. it locks before finishing launch.

kind regards,

By Ryan
Feb 01 2022

Plz help lost my acc will like to retrieve my castle I'm on 526 sever keep 28 Ryan's place

By Danny
Feb 01 2022


I collected all the fragments for Askia Muhammad I this month.
I composed this General in my Items menu, but he does not appear in my list of Generals.

I’ve also been experiencing extreme lag, similar to other users who have commented before me.

Please advise. Thanks!

By Blunt girl
Jan 25 2022

I having issue to buy package on Ebony my if are expire .is the any possibility I could buy package without going to googlepay I'd, verifications

By Mark Harris
Jan 23 2022

My game is freezing and will not load after I updated the game yesterday. I can only load sometimes but freezes up after a few I was able to get my bubble up today but I can't play the game can someone please help withis problem

By Florin Cazac
Jan 15 2022

After playing 2 years i GOT Big problems with this Game. And now i cannot find me account. Custom suport inexistent. I sent emails,i try more óptimos, nothing. Better not spend time and money with Evony!!!

By Cris
Jan 12 2022

The game will not load. I stopped and started the game. Didn't work. I turned the phone off and back on. Didn't work. What next?

Dec 29 2021

PLEASE help recover a castle in server 688

By Calla92
Dec 13 2021

Same problem as the most commenters seem to have. I can't login - If I try to start the app it says that someone logged into my acc and I just have the option "leave" or "restart" - nothing of both works. so pls, how do I get back my acc?? Name is Calla92 - Server, unfortunately I don't know.

By caeren aurellia
Nov 08 2021

My account in server 617. “Anabelle 😱” i cant log in there. Everytime i did log, it keeps kick me out. Please solve this problem quickly. Svs is coming. I cant log my account with my other phone too. Im using facebook but it said “linking account failed. Please check settings on your device” but i did have linked my account with facebook. Please respond as soon as possible, i need solution.

By Ray East
Nov 06 2021

I have a base in Empire "Server 817". I have friends in "Server 823". Is it possible to move the account/Base to another Server. so we can join the same Alliance.?
How can I do this?
Server 823, Monarch: Lv19 Raymond 1. would like to transfer, and join Server817, Monarch: Lv21 Hidden Dragon.

By Octavio
Nov 04 2021

Recuperar mi progreso del juego

By Brentcadwell
Oct 28 2021

Trying to recover my account help please

By Amit
Oct 19 2021

Its been about 30 hours since this ticket no. 633828 is raised, the issue is very small but no one is responding back.

My Google play id is still the same but it doesn't have access to my K29.

Please help me out immediately, its not my fault at all. If you are taking time to resolve this issue atleast put a 7 day Bubble on my keep, so that it remain safe.

Awaiting your response

By Rose
Oct 09 2021

I cannot find the mine level. What do I need to do and where is the mine to upgrade so I can go on with the levels.

By Tyler
Oct 02 2021

PvP in my alliance rallies stopped showing up so I checked for update and downloaded it 3.89.21 now it won’t load past 1/5 of the bar deleted and reinstalled same issue kill event is about to start and I can’t get on to bubble

By Arthur de Beer
Oct 01 2021

I did buy a pack and it did not work i treid it 3 times.
But i checked my account and there it shows i have payed 3 times.
How tjis problem can be resloved.
Kind regards Arthur

By Unitykings
Sep 18 2021

I can’t login back to my account
Pls I really need to get in to the account because I have try a lot in the game I’m the leader of my alliance means i created alliance
Pls help me with my login
It keep saying another person login to my account I should restart it
Then I do still the same thing pls I really need your help
My server k769
X1005 y922
Pls look into it and let me in

By Ow sadat
Sep 15 2021

Can I spend some months without playing evony and latter on find it the way I left it without being destroyed

By sristiBanik
Sep 12 2021

I just lost my access can I get that ac back please

By Johnnie Grant
Sep 08 2021

I'm having trouble logging in. I'm with omo alliance server 469, please fix this problem.

By John beckwith
Sep 02 2021

Previous comments i am from server 560 thank you

By John beckwith
Sep 02 2021

Also i did not recieve some of the bonuses from getting the packages would like to get them was supposed to a bonus with speed ups with the package that is what I am talking about would like to recieve that to make things right if you can plz reply back thank you

By John beckwith
Sep 02 2021

Hey i need to know i spent money on packages last couple days and got two generals spending about 300 and got a duplicate general was wanting a new general not the same that i had tell me what i need to do i have spent quite bit of money on this game but irritates me that I got a duplicate general

By Rajshri wahane
Aug 27 2021

Please help me 575 king atm, hoe team glaxa, and just no, dtr team lj , tarn, and one team cloud 0 They are forcing me to quit the game, how can they do that? I want to buy a package, I am playing well and they are wasting my hard work.

By Rajshri wahane
Aug 27 2021

Servers 575 tourchering me , They are getting me out of the server, and it's not my fault, I have to buy the package, sir, they are forcing me not to commit suicide.

By phil
Aug 19 2021

Monarch Decymacca, server 220, unable to connect via mobile app. Blogs suggest evony near to clear failed logins so i can try again.

By David laughner
Aug 10 2021

I need to recover my account

By Cliff C Niemand
Aug 08 2021

Please assist me to get back into my evony game .

By Jeff
Aug 04 2021

I lost troops in BOC that. Did not heal. I have sent numerous messages to their customer service with no response

Aug 03 2021

I have more than enough proof of one person having multiple account. They even taunted using bots and we seen them manipulating the scores! THE MONARCH ONLY GROUP IS CHEATING! NOT REAL PLAYERS

By Sam
Jul 09 2021

My grandson managed to delete my account, I have sent everything you want and you have not helped after 8 hours! Sort it now please

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