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Evony Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Build your cities. Train your troops. Solve Puzzles. Expand your empire. Be the
King of 7 kingdoms! All in Evony: The king's Return, the hottest real-time
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Fun…at first

In short, if you became interested in this gane because of the puzzles, the game is not about them and you’ll quickly become frustrated. Better find another game. If you’re into developing cities, war and waiting around for stuff to complete (or paying money), seems like a fine game. I downloaded for the puzzles — which is what the game heavily advertises. I quickly realised that the game is not about them. In fact is mostly about waiting. You complete a puzzle and you have to wait 5 minutes to play a puzzle again. You need to build and develop your city to unlock more puzzles and there gets to a point a couple of weeks into the game that it takes DAYS to complete the updates you need to be able to play more puzzles. You only get 6 daily puzzles — which the game forces you to wait in between playing each — and a few weeks in the daily puzzles start to repeat, so you end up waiting only to play same puzzle you already solved. There’s also some other puzzles you can complete but those are unlocked by playing the game (i.e. upgrades and a lot of waiting around for things to complete). I was expecting a linear puzzle solve game; you solve puzzle 1 and it unlocks puzzle 2 and so on. These puzzles in that fashion would be great. I guess it’s probably not good for business but that’s a game I’d download and play until the end instead of getting frustrated and uninstalling like I’m about to do with this one.


Game needs a few tweaks

Great game but for the people who spend thousands of dollars there should be more benefits. For example resource spots 15+ should only be accessed by k30+. By the time u reach k30 most construction upgrades cost 100million 200million 300 million + for each resource when upgrading buildings. It cost a pretty penny to get to k30 and above. The new updates are making it easier for people who don’t spend as much which is fine. But please cater to the big spenders as well because we k30 and above are mostly “middle” class as far as strength goes on the game. Most of us have spent thousands of dollars and are stuck in between being weak and strong. Simply because the game gets more expensive to increase power once you reach k30. Source of life also cost too much and are too hard to get. You spend 5k on the game then get beat in svs and can’t recover because you’re a rookie and don’t have strategy like bet players. Next thing u know 5k down the drain and nothing you can do but slowly build your troops back the slow way and get beat up every svs or be forced to bubble. That’s no fun especially when you’ve spent big money. Make some benefits and incentives for people who spent money especially those $99 packs! Thanks


Game needs better customer service

I had been and still am having trouble just accessing the game. Now I’m in trouble of loosing everything I earned in this game is about to be destroyed over this weekend all because noone has gotten my messages or has chosen to ignore my problem which is about simply being able to access the game . It loads and the gets to the very end with just a tiny bit to go but instead just keeps saying it is loading for hours at a time. Because I can’t get in the game I can’t email or get on to send the ticket stating that I have a major problem. I have not had any way to access the game o be able to file a complaint. The only access I am here but not able to share that I am having a major issue because I cant access the game to complain because that place you go to share your complaint is also being blocked so I have had to ask other places to even be able to let those who fix the game issues know I have a major one. I have no access to anything any part of the game and it won’t allow me to file a complaint. This is the most stupid thing I have ever seen and if I could I would sue to get all my money back because I am starting to hate the game but a friend of mine filed a complaint for me we will see if I get anything I’ve lost back and be able to have access to any options within the game because the problem is the game will not give me any access. Sad garbage madness it deserves a negative star


Awful customer support and will flat out steal

There was a glitch in the game while I was buying packages, never received the packages, but was still charged for them contacted their so called customer support only to be told after about a week and the payment being fully processed to contact apple for refund (not sure why I would contact 3rd party to receive a refund,)but I did as they suggest only to be told by apple that those items are not eligible for refund. After telling this to customer support and providing them with the receipts for the items that were paid for they told me that they have no record of the transaction (obviously since I didn’t receive the items) and they once again told me I need to go though apple. Long story short this game received payment for over $200USD worth of packages, did not provide the packages even when I told them if they can’t do a refund just give me the packages that I paid for. This is the definition of fraud taking payment for goods/services and not providing goods or services. I have photos of the receipts and all the correspondence between myself and their customer service representative that has been going on for over 45 days now and they still won’t provide any solution despite the fact that in less then 5 months I’ve spent over $5,000USD on this game. The game is fun however the company is crooked and is just wanting to take your money.


Buggy and a cash grab

This game has always had ads literally everywhere, popping up constantly and all over the screen. Playing longer than 5 minutes you get the point, you know where to go to buy things with real money, repeating it constantly is annoying and excessive. You’ll make a lot of money with micro transactions regardless of the million shiny buttons and banners to direct players to the store and the incessant pop up’s that actually drive people away. Second up, constant bugs. Your marches get stuck at 0:00 for ages, the game lags out and doesn’t do the things you triggered, crashes, events not working as planned/announced, and just now today it won’t even load because “your device doesn’t have enough space” when there is 30gb of free space on my phone! Is anyone testing your releases? Every “fix” pushed breaks even more things. Overall it’s a decent enough time killer if you’re willing to have micro transactions pushed down your throat and deal with the bugs. Rather complicated to learn everything at first and you’ll still be finding out how the game works for ages. Eventually you level up enough that it’s a push things a few times a day and wait ~3 days to several months for something to upgrade so it gets pretty boring unless you’re active in an alliance doing rallies.


Customer support

Listen game is cool, customer support is slow to non existent, if you lose something good luck getting it replaced , their standard saying is best regards after driving a knife through your rib cage telling you that your imagining things as your stuff did not disappear or mess up. Event packages..... good luck getting the items after you buy and you actually did not get them lol , this app Customer service is a joke however the game is cool but yes it does MESS up regardless what they say. Why would I give you my account for retaliation.... it’s not as if you couldn’t figure it out anyway... your latest response to me is a total joke , I send you a pic stating I did not receive 9.99 event pack I purchased on Dec 1 , you wait until I purchase another Last night Dec 5th to answer , then answer and say you received your items at 11:38 gmt time 😂 time... complete JOKE of a customer support .... and still never address missing troops .... Don’t waste your time on this game if you do , eventually you will need customer support and you will get told your fault best regards this app ... that’s after days of no answer and they investigate the wrong thing on the wrong day at the wrong time 😂 Furthermore I have played this game for years now and spent money on it daily ... to be treated the way I have over 20k troops and a ten dollar event pack is unacceptable when I have spent thousands on this game , but I assure you I will not be spending anymore ......



If your not a coiner you should join active alliance. There are no lone wolfs in this game unless you have billions of power. That may not save you either lol. The more active your alliance and you are as a member the easier bubbles are to buy from alliance shop. You don’t have to coin to get bubbles just have to be in good alliance. This is definitely a game you’ll have to put time in to level up. Game is made for players who pay but if you join them you can benefit from them. Join there rallies to kill monster it would take a non coiner years to kill. I’ll be honest chances of a non coiner making it to keep 32 is almost impossible. Lol it’s impossible unless you pay at least a little. Best way to get rss is to never open anything ever. Untill you are going to upgrade buildings or make troops, traps. The better your alliance the faster you’ll grow. Battlefields are unbalanced. So one week your alliance may win easily next week your alliance won’t stand a chance. Svs is worse because of coiners. You would think say sever 150 would dominate sever 230. Lol not how it works in a game that is pay to win. This game would be awesome if there was no paying at all. If everything could be earned by simply playing. If you have hope of reaching keep 35 without paying don’t bother never gonna happen. Your life would be this app and you still won’t make it to k35 without paying.


Save yourself

Do yourself a favor and don’t download this game. I have been playing for about 7 months now, and am still an active player. That’s what this game is good at, getting you hooked through feelings of accomplishment whenever you upgrade a building and failing to realize you’re digging yourself deeper and deeper into the whole. This is a pay-to-play game, anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Yes, there are players who don’t spend money, but they aren’t actually playing the game. You’ll notice after each update to the game that the developers and company only care about making money through macro transactions and continuously widen the gap between players who spend thousands (yes thousands) of dollars and players who spend 5 or 10 dollars on the weekend. There are so many flaws left untouched, yet they keep adding new things for players to spend money on and further the gap. This gaming company also has the worst customer support I have ever experienced, and I have played a lot of games. The game quite literally steals money from you. They also make it their mission to keep as much information from you as possible on how things work in the game, that way when you make mistakes, you have to pay to correct them. Sooner or later, you’ll realize you’ve invested so much time and possibly money that you just got to keep going with it.


Fun but no support

If you like growing your city and the thrill of war then this game is for you. However, plan to spend some money ($100s to $1,000s USD) if you want to actually compete otherwise expect to play for years and years or get crushed by much larger players. In addition, there are several frustrating glitches in the game that will cause you to lose a battle or wipe out your resources. Don’t expect customer service to reimburse you or even respond in any timely manner. In fact, don’t expect any customer service at all. To be transparent this is my main reason for the low rating. Timely manner definition to everyone is all relative and may vary. My example is 1 month and still no resolution to the server glitch that caused my problems. Customer service responded in a week and half after I wrote to them but only stated that the “developers” are looking into it, however no resolution or judgment for my situation has been addressed so far and I don’t expect in the near future for this to be resolved. Several members that I played with have quit this game in frustration due to this app glitches and lack of support. Some members have spent in the range of thousands of dollars. Just know what you are getting into before investing time and money before you start playing. Happy hunting to all.


Amazing game! Questionable support.

Let me start off by saying I have been playing this game for a few months. I love the ideas and principles of the game! Keeps you entertained for weeks on end and constantly has new events so that the content does not get old. However, when a problem arises, don’t expect support to be any help. I have had a problem where my general Hun Xin can not Star any gear of any quality for whatever reason. Over a week ago I contacted support to try and get the bug cleared up, and have been trying to get them to believe me since. The first support technician was going to check the logs to see what was going on, and that was on day 1 of the ticket. I am not currently on day 8 of the ticket, have sent screenshots, have downloaded the game and uninstalled it twice to try and fix any bugs, and can not get a response now from support. I wish they would have just told me a week ago to uninstall and not waste my time trying to fix the problem. Until they are able to hire additional service employees( if workload is high) and/or get better in the service department, I am going to have to take a hiatus from the game. I hope that they make a turnaround as this is one of the better games on Evony Store if they would just put everything that had into it.



UPDATE: This game has become so bad that it is unplayable. Real support is non existent. Testing done in production environments. Failure to provide timely resolution to anything. Server reboots without warning. It is a waste of time and money. If there were negative stars I would give them. The only thing good is the players. Update: I have issued 7 tickets and no real attempts to address the problems have been made. Within 24 hours I was asked to tie my user id to my name and email account, which in some countries is a violation of privacy rights. The responses provided are not responses and are largely ineffective . The platform is very unstable and and cause significant real losses to those who have paid for in-game enhancements. I will not adjust this review until the ticket backlog has been meaningfully reviewed. I would also encourage those who have suffered losses to do the same. The negligence of the support team and defect rate in game is so high that the game developers should start over, or fairly compensate those who have suffered losses. Update 2 weeks and now have 13 unaddressed tickets relating to in game losses. All I have received is bot generated responses. These are sent daily around reset. At best I would would never spend a dime on the game and at worst not play it at all. I am only on now to await resolution to inform other potential players.



I agree with HemiJGetMoney all the way! You spend all this money on the game and come SVS you’ve lost everything with basically no way to get your troops back without continuing to spend $. You get K28 and everything slows down building wise. At that point you are really in the middle. Your not strong enough to play SvS effectively, you can hit all the small keeps. That’s it. That’s not really that much fun for no rewards. So your caught in the middle. You have to spend large amounts of $ to grow any bigger, therefore most people stop playing. You choose to play for the long haul or not. It’s basically impossible to grow after that and have fun being competitive. If you join an alliance, which you must, they make it better but the ‘big cheeses’ dominate the game and that’s not fun either. The lack of RSS is stupid. And if you don’t continue to bubble 24/7 you will lose everything! They make it too expensive to do that for too long without playing it every-single day! For those of us “middle class” who have JOBS that demand attendance (how dare they) makes it virtually impossible to keep playing. If you aren’t going to give us RSS, atleast make LONGER bubble times easier to get and less expensive!


Zero support and not a free game!

I contacted customer support back on July 26, 2021 because the game was very glitchy (please note I’m new to this game) and was unsure if this was normal. I keep getting the red signal like I don’t have internet, when I’m connected to the internet and also have good cell signal; the game is set to use data if internet is slow or down. I have been burned on these glitches, one example was during a kill event I had replaced my truce agreement but when I came back on later there was not truce agreement and I had been attacked. I did get an initial reply fairly quickly asking for more information and what I lost in the attack. I replied and shared my battle report. Haven’t heard from them since. Prior to this I had spent more than I would on a “free” game and expected better customer service. As another reviewer pointed out it is very difficult to build up without spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars or years on the game. If I could give them no stars I would. There are other war games that are easier to play with better customer service. I only started this game because of the puzzles; FYI, you only get them as you level your castle and that gets very difficult to do without spending money. The ONLY thing good I have gotten out of this game is meeting some really cool people.


The FUN stops the first time you get attacked.

I was enjoying this game, building stuff and making an army, sending my units out to collect resources and attack bandits and other npc units. I spent mist of a day working my keep to level 6 and researching and upgrading support buildings. Then I was attacked and I lost some resources, which is fine, but I lost the army I had been amassing all day in one attack. No thanks. That’s just not fun. On top of that I noticed global chat saying support for this game was garbage.?and soooo many things pushing you towards micro transactions. But really, I wouldn’t have deleted it except for my entire army getting wiped out by a much much stronger player. That just makes it pay to win, pay to shield etc… Clash of Clans is way more rewarding, even if you never buy ANYTHING, you don’t lose your army when a bigger player attacks you. So, I gave one extra star for the fun I did have, but getting attacked and losing your ENTIRE ARMY is not fun at all. Plus, too much micromanaging, why not have an auto train so I don’t have to log in to collect my rss and build my army… having to constantly harvest and click to make troops becomes a chore instead of being fun… though I might have held out longer if my army hadn’t been demolished by a much stronger player.


Terrible - False advertising

I kept getting ads for this game. TONS of ads. After seeing the same ads week after week, I decided to try it out, because the game looked fun. -That game, being what appears to be a man trying to get gold, while avoiding lava and animals, etc. Pulling levers to make sure he gets to the gold, and avoids the hazards. I downloaded the game from the ad, and couldn’t even find that part of the game anywhere. I thought it was maybe just a small part of the game, and tried to “play” to get there. After a while of not knowing what I was doing, trying to find a point to the game, I gave up. There is nothing else shown in the ads, and I previously assumed that what I was shown was the main game. But the game in the ads is something I couldn’t even figure out how to do after some searching. Everything is super complicated, and therefore really disappointing. If this game isn’t about trying to get gold while trying not to fall on spikes, get covered in lava, or attacked by a big cat, then why is that all the ads show? I was tricked into downloading this game, and I’m not happy about it. Make the ads show the real game, not something completely different. I know I’m not the only one who downloaded this game, assuming it would be the game in the ads. I’d give 0 stars if possible.


Evony not a strategy game

This was a really entertaining game for a short while. While it’s fun building up your city and joining an alliance, you will quickly find out that this app is not a really a strategy game. This game is a numbers game that pretends to be about strategy. For example, if you’re city is a level 10 it can easily be over powered by another opponent as long as they are a higher level than you. Unless you spend real money to purchase truce agreements your city remains vulnerable without a shield 24/7. This proves extremely frustrating especially when you spend money on packages that contain city clues. If you’re working on collecting items like this, it’s not worth it. If you activate a key it alerts the entire server so an opponent that is a higher level can come in and take your city that you worked hard to obtain. Unless you spend real money to level past them, there’s absolutely no strategy you can come up wit to win your resources back. It’s similar to s pyramid scheme than anything else. If you have lots of money to continue purchasing truce agreements, you’ll continue to get raided by opponents with a higher level than you. Good luck!!


War Games

This game has many facets. Puzzles, Engineering, Kingdoms, Armies, Generals, Buffs, creating your kingdom from many parts and balancing their alliances, power and other players who war like you to become a hive of players to protect one another from other players who will try to plunder your resources and armies. It takes a certain amount of skill, intelligence and luck to succeed in this game. Customer Support is almost nonexistent but they appear to pass along information to the developers. You can spend a great deal of money on this game to grow quickly to a superior kingdom, but know this, if you do not have the skill sets to wield this kingdom you will become disappointed and quit. If you take your time to grow your kingdom, you will develop the skill sets needed to have a great deal of fun and meet many other great players who will share their knowledge of the game with you for free. This game is played over several years. If you do not want to pursue that type of involvement, do not play. I hope to see you someday on the battle field.


Buyer beware

So I’ve been playing this game over a year here’s my opinion and advice. The game is fun but as with all multiplayer games there’s good and bad. The game has costs and rewards the costs are time, in game materials like gold, gems and speed ups. Everything takes more of these than you have so you must play the game and gather resources from tiles. Beware the developers use excessive superlatives like “large, huge and massive” and nothing is ever “large, huge or massive” except maybe for how much of something you need to advance build and grow. This is however a war game and many players only attack and steal from you so most new players quit before the grow enough to defend themselves the solution is to join an alliance that will guide and protect you as you grow. Be aware the game is full of bugs at least for me it is as 80% of everything doesn’t work or you don’t receive the rewards you have achieved like spin the wheel of fortune and never see the winning items in your inventory. All in all it’s a good waste of time, fun but frustrating as there’s no actual help so don’t bother asking all you get is canned responses and echos.


Misleading advertising/Devs pls respond to this review

You most likely found this game from an ad. That ad most likely displayed you solving puzzles. While you really don’t come across any puzzles in the game, the devs keep replying to reviews from individuals saying that they didn’t have the patience to play through enough of the game to reach the puzzles. To the devs: If your ads are going to contain only puzzles and no actual gameplay from the main part of the game (which is similar to clash), then why do you tell people to keep playing the game because they are impatient when you don’t have any puzzles in the beginning of the game? Or, why don’t you have enough puzzles throughout the game that’ll please the consumer? If y’all can spend absolute bank on ads, y’all can make a better game. (This is just an example) Even if you incorporate micro-transactions on the puzzles (if the puzzles are already appearing more often than now) it’ll keep players happy knowing they got the game they paid for and should stick around longer, AND it puts more money into your pocket! I mean, everything business after all. Just food for thought. But to wrap it up, it’s misleading advertising that’ll make most people delete Evony shortly after downloading


Oh its the puzzle game alright-

Yes oh my gosh! The puzzle game you all have been waiting for! ….the adds say. Boy oh boy it was none of that, its so funny to me how bad the animations are! GOD don't get me STARTED on the red hot killing slime bought right from nickelodeon on eBay itself. You can even tell they have been clipped out of something! I don't mean to be rude, because the game isn't that bad, but the fact that nothing has a animation of its own and that its all images, and i get everything is a image everywhere, but i feel like this game said “good enough” and left it there. I didn't understand the beginning but while i was watching it I was like meh- looks good, I’ll try it first i guess, but the fricken animation though, also the different locations don't really do anything, cant really tell, they just look different. Im just begging, so much more detail PLEASE! Every character gets its own animation! Also when the player touch the spikes, i know it’s supposed to look like he is falling on the floor in pain, but when he grapples into it, by god its Jesus himself. I feel like the game would be a lot more enjoyable if it was better detailed better animations that don’t look like they were made out of paper! Please. thank you if you read this.


It’s a cool game but it could be better

I like the game but there’s a couple simple things that would make it a lot more enjoyable. For example, whenever you upgrade something in the monarch like the tavern, market, farm or even the barracks that it would evolve. Like it would get bigger and cooler looking and you can see more people working in it. It’s kinda lame that every time you upgrade something it doesn’t change visually. I was disappointed that didn’t have this. There’s other games just like this but it evolved the buildings you upgraded and that made it a lot cooler. The thing that appealed to me the most was the “mysterious puzzle.” It looked cool in the adds but I was really disappointed that you can only play a couple times every time you upgrade your keep. Please make it so that there is like, i don’t know, a thousand puzzles or something like that that you can play as much as you want. And that different puzzles give you different rewards. I don’t think I did a good job describing what I and MANY other players want but these simple things would make the game 100% better. I promise you will get more players. Please, please, please listen to my advice. Thank you


Technical issues

The game is really fun I have enjoyed playing it for a long time now and recently ran into some issues where my construction time would be stuck and any kind of upgrading would get stuck unless it was under one day I contacted top games I made a ticket actually quite a few I sent in the video of what was going on where my construction was stuck I sent in two or three videos and continue to have these problems after a week of issues with this and fearing that there would be no advancement for me in the game I sadly had to quit unfortunately they did absolutely nothing to reimburse me for my jams that were spent in all of my speed ups that were spent in wasted on construction that simply will not move it was not my fault that that happened and the fact that they stopped correspondence with me after I did everything they asked really upset me so now I’m trying to restart my whole game and if it happens again I will never ever play any top games again because it’s really frustrating and rude maybe I can get it to work the second time around.



I enjoy the building and strategy but the game has a lot of bugs and issues that have persisted throughout the year and a half I’ve been playing. The support team is slow to respond and try to clear their tickets before any answers or resolutions are made. Every time there is an update my ticket gets cleared and I have to fight with support all over to get an answer. After this last update someone in support said they would find my ticket and then work with production for compensation, we are on day 16 of the event and still no resolution or compensation. I have to take a screenshot before upgrading or making anything to show I have the requirements because of a connection error that happens after hitting that ‘upgrade’ button and suddenly I no longer have the items or resources and the upgrade has not been completed. They have a battlefield event which is sometimes fun but it’s 2 hours long. You can’t leave or you do not get rewards. One bug made it so that we could join battlefield but the map wouldn’t load, no one could move, and we couldn’t leave so we had to sit frozen for 2 hours. No compensation.


Don’t bother

This game has a real problem with its basic set up. Mainly, anyone can attack anyone no matter what their power level difference. Today alone I was attacked 9 times by a group where just ONE of the members had power of 65million, while my power is just 400K. And there were 3 others attacking too. Since I’ve only been playing a couple weeks I'm a newbie, but I end up spending all my time, money and resources fixing my city and healing troops. This same type of attack happened a few days ago and I spent 2+ days healing my troops, then I finally get them going again and somebody else annihilates them ALL. What’s the point? I’m part of an alliance, but these MUCH bigger alliances just slaughter all the newbies. The weird part is that they don’t really even get much reward because we don’t have anything to steal. It’s like a pro boxer beating up a 5 year old and stealing his half eaten sucker. I guess if you hang in there long enough, you too could become a newbie killer. Aww...such a lofty goal!! Okay, I’ve ranted enough. If you’re the kind of person that loves to burn ants with a magnifying glass or pull the wings off butterflies, this game’s for you! For the rest of you, I’d look elsewhere.


4.8 stars is NOT an accurate rating! Only fun if you pay and can bear the lag

this app has some of the best mechanics in its category but is almost unplayable and is not really a “free” game to play. It has terrible lag at the worst times. It usually happens during battles and has lost me hundreds of thousands of troops because I could not maneuver them properly. The pay to play is very obvious once it takes over a year and a half to upgrade a single building or someone has T12 troops a couple weeks into the server making them untouchable for months to come. It’s a real shame since they would have an absolutely amazing game minus the lag and pay to play. this app has and continues failing to take proper action on fixing the problems within their game and continues to open new servers. I would be the biggest fan of this game if they took their customers seriously and made the necessary fixes. I promise you the 4.8 star rating is not a legitimate or accurate rating based on the many complaints I’ve seen on their Facebook page, comments on their posts, groups and people in my realm. I ask you to check for yourself so you realize how big this problem is.


Revised review after over a year in game play.

Still 1 star! Honestly would love to give it 0 stars. There is one simple reason this game deserves 0 stars, customer support. Over a years time I have had a few issues with the game. Every single time cs says to bad or my favorite there is no issue here to address. I sent in ss of a problem before and they told me that crap. How can you argue with photo. The most recent was a glitch in a battle we had. The game for some reason said we only had half the amount of troops then we actually had. This led to us losing a lot. When we addressed this with cs again to bad we are not going to help. This puts customers in a very bad position. On one hand you have a fun game with only minor issues. On the other hand when there is an issue cs is just horrible, I mean horrible. The best I can say is if you are looking for a well thought out and put together game. Filled with mostly nice people to have fun with and p2w is there but not awful then this is your game. Just be willing to either not coin or coin and know that cs is the worse and you will be upset at some point thinking “why did I support this game with real money!”


Fantastic Game ! 🙃👍🏿☝🏿

Love this game so far , graphic designs cool especially you have the freedom to choose your own culture in a way ! Easy to play and so much free gems ,resources and etc ... Hoping to play more in the future with my new guild that makes it even more challenging ! Awesome and I'll stay ! We got nice people who became my friends ! The best thing is awesome rewards that we receive for every incident or improvements ! Thanks Ebony ! More power to you guys ! Awesomeness ! Keep it up ! Infinity and beyond !👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿☝🏿🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟thanks ! Infinity and beyond ! Forever Still going and going .....I am here to stay and continue the legacy as a gamer ! Thanks this app and more power to you !👍🏿 UP UP AND AWAY 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 MORE POWER EBONY 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿Still here, all the way thanks Guys. All the way and going and going 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿❤️❤️❤️👍🏿5 STARS OUTSTANDING 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿EBONY FOREVER GAME 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️FOREVER FIGHTING EBONY GREAT GAME EVER ❤️🙏🙏🙏 excellent game ! My FOREVER GAME 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿❤️❤️❤️👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿



ok this game keeps me sooo occupied and it’s really fun. In the game there are little puzzles and you have a list of so do’s that keep you wanting more. You build your kingdom I guess and conquer others while keeping yours safe. You can upgrade buildings and train warriors. When you build and I know this with other games, it take HOURS for the build to finish. But with thus game most only take a couple minutes. Although if you want you can speed things up or instantly finish. You can chat with others and make alinences with others. There is soo much to do in this game and I greatly recomend it. There are tons of levels to keep busy and it’s super fun. You will regret not getting this game. It’s amazing I recomend putting notifications on so everything feels faster. I hope you get this game. And have a nice daaaaaay!!!



Beware before really getting into this game. In the beginning it all seems legit and easy to play but if you want to build and grown it takes a lot of time and resources. Farming for resources is one way to get the materials you need but at higher levels you may have to send all your military out to farm for you to have the resources needed to upgrade. This I know for a fact and it is true you needs hundreds of dollars to grow in this game unless you plan on waiting a year to upgrade your keep from even level 28 to level 29 you will need 272 actual days for it to level up and don’t forget the resources needed 340 million resources so yea if you have all the time in the world to wait then go for it. But wait if you have a lot of money to throw away they do sell packages so you can build your army but be ware if you do not have a bubble to keep you from attacked then all your efforts and building can be wiped out. Yes completely Annihilated (DEAD) so now you can either spend more money to revive them or spend it on rebuilding. I play the game and not the creator of the game so what I said here is honest and true. Just a heads up


Don’t do it!!!!

Been playing daily for over a month. First off the game is NOT complete. Sure there mini puzzles to figure out at your free will but somewhere on the third island the puzzles tell you “coming soon” it’s a LIE, it’s not “coming soon” it’s been saying that for 6+ months. Secondly the game is indeed pay to win. By the time you get your castle to 21 and your going to 22 it will take you 35 real life days to complete the construction, unless you pay up to get it done faster. Thirdly, all new players are randomly placed on already established worlds, who some have been playing for months and months. There’s ZERO way to catch up and conquer that alliance because all his team members are also toxic and will love to keep attacking you over and over again. The devs don’t care... they allow it to keep happening because it’s common market practice to make noob players mad so they BUY power ups and membership. If you’re going to play this game I advise you to go to settings, make new charter and look at the worl server map and join any worl that says “new” and no king yet... now you might have a chance.


Great Game! If you have thousands to spend...

This WAS an awesome game, that I have been playing for well over a year and a half. A couple of months ago there was an upgrade that allowed for players who were already at the top (thanks to spending thousands) had the opportunity to spend more money and become the best. Now they are again upgrading the growth, so those that were already playing catch up to get to the last upgrade will be trampled by those willing to spend money. Make no mistake...this game will cost you thousands to be able to compete and not be a farm for the larger players. Customer service sends out template messages when anyone complains about the new update, all they seem to care about is lining their pockets. I have resisted leaving and trying other war games, but this latest update has finally sent me to try other games. If you love strategy war games, and have infinite money to spend, this is a great game! But if you have a budget, STAY AWAY! There is no way to compete without throwing away thousands of dollars.


Kind of a lifestyle...

Had to uninstall. The price of packs are not horrendous, unlike some other games like this, so I give it that. It is laggy, and buggy. It is the funniest boring game there is. It is a psychology course for sure with the flirtatious whispers, which turn into an extended therapy session, lol. But this game requires TIME!!! I like a game I can pick up or put down at any time, without guildmates or “friends” being upset with my absence. This requires you to check in constantly to check your shields, start new construction, tech, etc. If you spend money, It is in the back of your mind CONSTANTLY!!! It becomes intrusive, like some players, lol. Which brings me back to the chat. If you have a teenager, or a spouse that craves attention that they do not get at home, have them uninstall ASAP and take them out more, lol. There is heavy flirting that goes on, and a demand for “pics.” There is no regard for age here, or rl relationship status, and if there is an exchange for personal info, could become dangerous. I have seen some “stalker types” on this game. Should be an 18+ only game, IMO.


BEWARE - You'll be playing with the developers....

I've been playing this game for about a month. I joined an Alliance team with about 5 to 6 people that were also newbies like me. Suddenly, 2 players begin to grow at a very fast rate which made me play more often to catch up with them. Suddenly, the main general mysteriously left the team and the 2 "newbies" are now in charge of the Alliance. Amazingly enough, an offer from a more powerful Alliance was given to the main guy who advised me to move with them so they can help me grow stronger. Of course joining this advanced Alliance requieres investment. Not just the $4.99 deal but probably more than that if you want to keep growing and not being attacked. One of the packages they offered during a so called "Children Event" didn't include what was offered. It's been 2 weeks and they haven't provide a resolution to the issue. As a read other comments, I'm not expecting to get a refund nor what was offered due to their lack of communication and responds. Since it seems they take the time to read some of these reviews, my ID is Manich.. BEWARE!!!


Customer service is a joke

Be prepared to have bugs happen to you that can take away weeks worth of work and for customer service to call you a liar even with pictures. Their buildings end game require an absurd amount of resources to build and if you get the “red fan of death” when starting the build kiss all the resources you just put into the building goodbye. It won’t matter if you have time stamped pictures showing you had millions of resources before and nothing after. Not to mention most times even getting in contact with customer service takes 4-5 days to even initiate a ticket. *update* more customer support woes... have an example of someone running many bots on our server 10+. All the information has been sent into CS via ticket and in game mail and they keep deleting what is being sent in. Basically the person running all these Bots is a mega coiner so I never to see any action taken against them because they are a cash cow for the game... extremely sad that if you spend enough you get to break the rules on top of all the other advantages.

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Yes. Evony is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 58,912 Evony User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Evony Is 22.0/100.

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Reported Issues: 7 Comments

By Valerie
Nov 11 2022

It could be a great game if it wasn’t for the bullies. Server 1077, for exemple, has been taken over by a bunch of them. The worst is ID 180934279 with his insults, his hate speech against Muslims and Turkish people, his wishes for other gamers’ family death. Complaints have been sent again and again to Evony’s developers and Apple co. But nothing have been done against that player. He keeps bullying, attacking always the same gamers, insulting them, wishing their family to die. Probably because for Evony, he is an heavy spender.

By Valerie
Nov 11 2022

It could be a great game if it wasn’t for the bullies. Server 1077, for exemple, has been taken over by a bunch of them. The worst is ID 180934279 with his insults, his hate speech against Muslims and Turkish people, his wishes for other gamers’ family death. Complaints have been sent again and again to Evony’s developers and Apple co. But nothing have been done against that player. He keeps bullying, attacking always the same gamers, insulting them, wishing their family to die. Probably because for Evony, he is an heavy spender.

By Lynaire
Jul 07 2022

I'm cannot warn you enough ..don't start!!! And certainly don't let under 18s! the bullying, pushy manipulative behavior of players who've been in the site for a while, is out of control. If the game developers checked online and played they realize that some players accounts should be deleted and banned from the game it's really unsafe for younger people and I think the whole game should be pulled actually if you do go one check out the chats and see what your getting into it's barbaric Lord of the Flies mentality ... I will miss some gamers I've got to know but it was a terrible mistake to even start

Apr 29 2022

hello, the server is down?? we can not play, all is down.. please check the server

By Robert Harper
Apr 26 2022

Left several messages asking how to resolve lag resulting in being unable to log in for 5 days. Got pummeled during that time sent in the problem what happened and told to send a picture. Have not heard back. This game take alot of time or money hell both.

Played over a year invested money for nothing. Customer service needs work. Dont waste your time and money like I did. You get hammered from lagging and glitches and the discounted emails right after to pay money and be restores. Would rather the issues get fixed bit then how are they gonna cash in.
Over a 30 months invested this has happened over a dozen times this was where I pushed the issue or walked away. Customer service decided for me Im out.


By 82764251
Dec 08 2021

hello. I have a problem. I have two evony accounts and accidentally unlinked Facebook. whether it is possible to restore
id 82764251.
ratomir alt. was last enabled with this account 103642118839280
Regards Pawel

By Dan
Nov 09 2021

Hey man,I don't understand this Dark Magics issue as my Wi-Fi signal is thru the roof and my ol' lady is right next to me with no issues with data or wi - fi,yet I can't enjoy your fine game?! Help me understand this. PLEASE. !!!!!

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