Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster Reviews

Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-04

Tally makes it easy to save money, manage credit cards and pay down balances
faster. Tally members have an average lifetime savings of $5,300. Tally is
only available in certain states. You need a 660+ FICO Score to qualify. (Scroll
down to see where Tally is available and which cards...

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Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster Reviews

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    What you need to know about this service

    First you need a minimum fico credit score of 660 to be approved for a line of credit. So if you don’t have that high of a score don’t even waste your time trying this option. Secondly when I spoke to the rep over the phone they could not be specific on how balances are paid down or off. They did advise that you can specify how you want your debt paid by using the line of credit. The run down is this. Your APR is going to range from 7.9%-21% roughly. I’m just making this comment so it’s easier for us consumers to see it. So they have a formula which I was unable to get from the rep over the phone. So since I don’t have their formula on how the APR brackets break down as far as the interest rates you might be funneled into I can’t really comment on that. But if their minimum fico score is 660 I think it’s pretty safe to say your going be in their higher APR bracket. And depending on your credit worthiness and debt history and payment history probably has a factor as well. Just saying this app sounds great and I would love to have just one payment and all cards paid off and just pay tally at a lower interest rate. Realistically though for me it sounds like tally would become another debtor added to my portfolio especially if my line of credit doesn’t cover all the debt of the cards. Just be vigilant before proceeding with this offer. Hope this helps someone. Consumer with debt

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    This app sounds good and all, especially with its high reviews, but now I’m actually wondering whose writing these reviews for them. It starts off by making it simple, easy to use, and immediate debt relief. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and it takes about a week to get through the process, and FYI if you don’t have a minimum 660 FICO don’t even bother downloading the app, because they won’t help you at all. My score is around 650, no major derogatory marks, no late payments, solid credit history, my only current problem is high credit utilization because I was laid off work a few months ago, and with the holidays and all it’s been a tough quarter for me. I currently have a job, and everything is being paid on time, I just wanted a lower interests rate and to make it simpler a single payment to Tally. After downloading the app, I added on my credit cards and after all my personal information was added the app said “we payed 3 of your cards for a total of $8,000, your total tally debt is $8k” my bills are being paid, cool right? NOT! 2-3 days later they send me an email stating nothing is actually being paid, I need to now provide work history, pay stubs, bank statements, 2 forms of ID etc....after providing all of this, it took another 3 days for the verification team to get back to me to deny me of any credit at all, so I guess it’s back to my regularly scheduled payments on my own, deleting my account and app...see ya Tally!

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    Horrible Service

    Update: Horrible Cookie Cutter response from company. They try to explain the way they conduct the verification and imply that it was my fault for not getting back to them quick enough. If they had actually taken the time to read my review, I clearly state that I was never informed of anything whatsoever. I was not contacted stating I had 14 days, I was not contacted at all. I had to figure things out myself by calling them. Then when I did call them and told them I had not been contacted they didn’t extend my time to verify or apologize or anything. Just plain rude people. The app itself seemed to work ok. I set up my cards, just two. I was all prepared to make my first payments. Then the app stated I had an error and my account would be closed in a few days. After that I contacted customer service to figure out what was going on. They told me I hadn’t responded to their email for requests on further documentation. I never received an email other than the initial setup emails. I informed them of that. They did not give me any extra time to get the documents they requested and simply closed my account. I’ve got great credit and always make my payments on time, there was no reason for me to be treated so horribly.

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    Life Saver

    Tally has been such a life saver for me. I had racked up debt spread across 4 credit cards after 6 years in college. Each one had a different due date and I was struggling to figure out how to manage them. I applied for Tally and was denied at first (I wasn’t making enough money as I hadn’t started a full time job yet) but I applied again once I was employed and was approved. Now instead of having to try to worry about what card was due when I just have to pay a very decent monthly payment to Tally and I usually pay much more than the minimum payment but it is significantly less than when I was paying just the minimum for each card separately. It also boosted my credit score immensely even while I’m still paying off my debt to Tally. The app itself is great and easy to use, easy to set up your cards. What a great app I am so thankful for it.

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    After the usual marketing harassment to sign up for Tally, I decided to give it a try, they wouldn’t accept some of my cards because they had a debt under 5K, so I decided to transfer balance from another card and have one big balance so Tally could then make the payment and then I will pay them. Not only they didn’t cover the full balance of the card they accepted, they kept making ridiculous high payments to that card leaving me with the debt of the card still and a tremendous debt with Tally. They absolutely ignored all emails and settings changes asking them to stop making payments on my behalf. Now I have the credit card debt and a minimum monthly payment to Tally close to 700$ monthly, besides being in collections because I cannot meet the minimum payment. I tried to contact them regarding a payment arrangement and cancellation of my account an they came up with a payment that is as ridiculous as the former one, specially for a college student. This is not a debt free friendly app BE CAREFUL!!!! and understand how this works before you get involved, they don’t want to help you like other debt relief programs, all Tally wants is money, YOUR MONEY by getting you engaged in an endless cycle of debt

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    Scam or legit?

    Update Went through a lot of processes finally they accepted me It is perfect As usual i saw people’s reviews and tried this app I have excellent credit score with 300 months payment history without late payment. Giving sensitive personal information is not advisable for any reason unless the requester is legitimate and accredited I gave them all my credit cards, debit and social security With Permission to pull my credit score . And I was accepted and told $3000 credit line was issued to pay all my credits and they have already paid my credit cards. But on the process of paying they suggest me to pay my closest due payment to make sure there is no past due date. After three days I opened the app and it says all cards haven’t been paid and i have to contact them. And on the email i have to submit paystubs and w2 tax return bla bla Conclusion Why pretending as if they paid then was not paid. does legitimate company do that ? Or this is just a catch Then what makes it different from other loan companies or credit cards with promotional period and balance transfer with Zero APR . They can approve with out any documents just online . Update Went through a lot of process finally they accepted me It is perfect

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    Life saver

    I was stressing unbelievably about being able to pay my credit card off because I realized my interest rate was 27%! I am currently disabled and unemployed, and unfortunately don’t have the luxury of being able to rely on family and friends for help... just when I thought I’d lose more money to interest charges, I stumbled across this app and miraculously made the cut for the credit score requirement by 9 points. I love that there was no hard credit check required to apply. My due date was 3 days away and Tally paid my cards on time as promised. My debt might not be completely gone, but knowing I don’t have to worry about those insane interest rates is a relief to my debt stressors alone. I definitely recommend this app to anyone sharing the same stress!!! Thank you, Tally!

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    Waiting Verification

    ******update******* Verification complete after a week. I really appreciate how responsive the service team is via email. I think it’s great as I don’t like calling companies And I prefer a record of conversations. My payments have processed and I’m happy with the company thus far. Applied August 28th in the evening. I was instantly approved with a 4K line 14.9% apr. my credit score is 699, I don’t have anything bad on my record just high utilization (60%). The app decided the best cards to pay and how much. The payments were pending and expected to clear in three days. The next day I received an email account needs to be verified. The line was removed and payments were stopped. I sent in the requested documents that day. I am still waiting on verification (it’s been 5 days). I think the app and line is a great idea. And it is true it doesn’t work with some cards, but worked with my major accounts: Citi, Discover, Capital One, and Wells Fargo. I wish the verification was advised before approval. It’s not the best feeling to have a line open then removed for verification as if it was never granted in the first place. Hence, why I gave three stars. I will update when verification is complete and the results from the process.

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    The app I’ve been waiting for

    It’s hard to find the right system that works for you. Whether it’s scheduling out your day or starting a gym routine. But when it comes to helping to consolidate debt, Tally knows exactly how to help. My wife and I were skeptical at first, but we NEEDED something to help us with all of our outstanding credit cards. The interest was WAY too high and we needed a plan to get back on track. We took a shot with Tally, and now we have a way to get us back where we need to be. They are more than helpful and are there for you 24/7. They got me a lower interest rate and now I can relax knowing that we will be debt free much sooner than we had expected. I want to thank Tally and all those who helped to put this app out. It was much needed.

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    Don’t take the loan if it’s higher than your current APR!!

    While Tally seems like a great idea, and I’m sure they are well meaning (maybe I’m not so sure). Well, hoping this app is rooted in the idea to help people, I’ll continue to say that I went through the application process and was approved for a line of credit at X% APR. Yay! Unfortunately the APR I was approved for was higher than any of the credit cards I’m trying to pay off. There was no warning and no information on the FAQ page for “What if I get approved for a higher APR than my current cards?” I was immediately taken aback and called the customer care center, who were actually very helpful and said they would take note. They essentially advised me over the phone to not move forward with the loan, BUT WHAT IF I DIDNT CALL?! How many people have gone through this process and are now paying a higher amount than they would otherwise pay?! Will remove when they add a warning prior to accepting the loan, and/or add an FAQ section for this information.

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    This is beyond amazing

    After using this service for almost two years i literally do not have any complaints at all. For me it has worked as advertised and this service has helped me improve my credit score to 750+ which has guaranteed me the best APR possible for my credit class and has saved me a lot of money. Everytime i talk about this app to others they don’t believe me or think im getting paid but this app is legit and has been ever since its inception. The fluidity of the app and the user friendly experience make everything really easy for the consumer. The customer service is amazing and quick. Keep up the good work Tally. You have a customer for life.

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    Great app but has potential to be amazing

    I can see tally being an amazing app but it's currently just great. There are some limitations on the cards they accept which is kind of a bummer (currently won't support my target, kohls, Home Depot) cards that have super high interest. Also my bank special credit card (USAA) isn't supported. Had an issue when I changed my passwords on my credit cards. They had to manually reset the card relink feature (known issue). I gave the app 4 stars because I honestly believe they will figure out and add the features I've discussed. I've saved $40 the first month. Can't give you less than 3 stars if you are going to save me $500 a year. Also I would love it if they could increase my limit more than $5000.

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    Crazy About Tally!

    So, Tally approved a credit line for me, and without my asking....they increased it due to my diligent payments! That was awesome! A while into using the app, my Capital One Card was no longer updating it’s balance and eventually no longer supported for the time being. But you know what? Tally has been providing excellent service to me by giving me one easy payment.....and contributing to the increase of my credit score due to lowering my debt to credit ratio. It’s okay. Thank you, Tally, for the service you provide. I hope the issue with Capital One is resolved, and I intend to contact them about it! I can make all my payments individually, but I like this app! It’s cool and easy!

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    Love this highly recommend

    I absolutely love this app and would highly recommend. I had a 700 credit score but had about 12k in credit card debt with Wells Fargo. I wasn’t able to get a loan to cover the full amount but I was able to get a loan to cover 80% of it at a much much lower APR than what I have on my credit card. Plus a loan looks much better on your credit report than unsecured credit card debt. I can see how if you have several store cards and/or a low credit score this might not work for you but if you have decent credit and commonly used cards this is an amazing way to really help get you on top of debt.

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    Great Idea!!

    I’m just writing this review because I think this is a great Idea and I want them to also operates in Arizona! One of the biggest university in the whole country is Arizona State University, and as you could imagine, the US school system does not really teaches you how to deal with credit cards, debts etc. Therefore, a lot of students have financial problems. If you allow this service to operates in AZ, It would be a grate service, not only for the people how lives here, but also for you as many people will actually use this app. Please, speed up the expansion process towards Arizona! :)

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Is Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster Safe?

Yes. Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,881 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster Is 23.2/100.

Is Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster Legit?

Yes. Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,881 Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster Is 23.2/100.

Is Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster not working?

Tally: Pay Off Debt Faster works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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