PayPal Business Reviews

PayPal Business Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-06

About: The PayPal business app is the best app available to send invoices, track sales,
and manage your money for merchants with businesses of all sizes. This app takes
on the role of business manager for you while you’re busy working on your
business instead of in it.

About PayPal Business

What is PayPal Business?

The PayPal Business app is a mobile app designed for merchants of all sizes to manage their finances, send invoices, and track sales. It offers an easy-to-use invoice maker, sales trend information, and the ability to transfer money and access customer information all from your mobile device.



- Create, send, and manage invoices quickly with an easy-to-use invoice maker

- Send payment reminders to customers directly from your mobile device

- View daily sales and sales trends for your business

- Transfer money to your linked bank account, issue refunds, and send money with just a few taps

- View customer transactions and contact information

- Import contacts easily

- Available for iPhone users

- Free to download and use

- Offers a simple and convenient way to manage your finances and sales on-the-go.

Overall User Satisfaction Rating

Negative experience

Positive experience


~ from NLP analysis of 26,432 combined software reviews.

Key Benefits of PayPal Business

- Easy to use

- Fast and secure

- Catching crooks before they can get funds

- Convenient when shopping

- Good performance

- Full scale functions

- Charges lower card fees

20 PayPal Business Reviews

4.2 out of 5


It’s only good for selling items online

I am electrician and I just wanted to get my clients other ways to pay the invoice so I complete a job for a customer and I invoice them and they choose to pay via PayPal which is fine PayPal charges me a fee to use their service again that is fine or where I have a problem is I have already completed the job it is 100% done and they pay via PayPal I still cannot collect my payments for 7 to 21 business days depending on how PayPal decide to pay out the invoice because PayPal is only structured for selling items online so I have to go into the payment and say that it’s already in the mail even though the job is already done and then I have to contact the customer and tell them to acknowledge that they received the item so if the customer takes time to acknowledge that or if they don’t ever acknowledge it in PayPal then what happens do I have to wait forever or is there a chance that I won’t even get paid so at the end of the day is it worth it for subcontractors to even use this service Any case I’m done using PayPal business unless I’m selling something online as a contractor I don’t believe this is a good platform to use you get charged to use their service and they make you wait to collect money that you should not have to wait for



As a business owner we decided to give PayPal business a try. We own a plumbing business in North Carolina mainly providing service work. With the lower card fees that pay pal offers when taking debit or credit we were excited at first. However after taking several payments there was a limitation placed on our account we could not even take debit or credit card payments. During this period, as a business owner this is essential to our business to be able to process cards. We provided our license from North Carolina and other documents and after 72 hours the limitations were removed. We think at this time we’re good to go now. Wrong after taking one payment for a plumbing job then we’re told that they are going to place a hold on that payment for 21 days. Unfortunately as a small business we rely on capital to keep the business going as plumbing materials are not cheap. We called customer service several times to get help with the issues and are consistently transferred to a call center in India where there English is less than proficient and were barely able to understand the issues we were having. We will no longer use the services provided by pay pal


Unfair chargeback policies

Service oriented businesses risk to lose revenue due to PayPal's unfair chargeback policies. A customer can pay and receive a service, then file a dispute and claim they never received it and will almost always get their money returned to them because PayPal provides you with little means to prove that you provide them with a service. Any funds will be automatically deducted from your account and you will be forced to pay a $20 fee for the chargeback. They will always side with the buyer even if they are committing fraud. This will leave your account negative. So essentially you are losing the service you provided and having to pay back any funds that you were owed. And NO, PayPal will not take into account the fact that fraud is being committed as they are more buyer oriented and less focused on providing protection for your business. Customer service reps are less than helpful. All chargeback decisions are made from a separate department with no direct access for communications. They essentially hide from you by not allowing you to communicate directly with them, make whatever ruling they want on the chargeback, and then limit their customer service reps on how much they can do or communicate to you. I'll be using Square from now on!


Will never use this app again unless someone decided to answer the phone.

I’ve used PayPalBusiness for the first time cause it was recommended by a friend with a similar business. I was so excited to use PayPalBusiness and I’ve used PayPal before and it’s super reliable. So I had three clients send me money and each one was posted pending. Then it stated I needed a card on file. Well I have a card on file for the money to go to but I still went through this process. Then it stated they would send me a few cents in two different transactions within the next 2-5 business days. So now I’m waiting even longer to get my money and I don’t send out products until I receive the money. Then I keep calling no answers so I attempt to write to someone over a message system they have and it wasn’t helpful at all. I am supposed to wait 21 days for my money to get into my account or until the client confirms they have their order well of course it doesn’t give them the option to confirm their orders so my money is just chilling with PayPal while I’m needing to pay bills and get more merchandise in I can’t do so with my money being held almost a month. I’ll stick to my Apple Pay and Venmo. Thanks for nothing pay pal.


Nothing worse than PayPal

NEGATIVE 10 STARS!!!! We have 2 service companies that we operate and we didn’t learn the lesson the 1st time using PayPal to accept CC. For one of the businesses there were other FREE ways to get paid and access those payments immediately and customers were elated because there were no CC fees to pass on to them; so PayPal CC processing was eliminated. Unfortunately in the new company, some people wanted to pay us with a CC and we signed up for PayPal PayPal forgetting how abysmal PayPal is. It is the worst. If you have a service business and can find some other CC processor, do your business a huge favor and use it!!! Stay away from PayPal!!!
I’ve read other comments about PayPal holding a payment for 21 days. PayPal claims that this is on the basis that ‘new sellers’ have a higher number of charge backs. Absolute nonsense. Old and new businesses have charge backs. They should pay interest on the money they ‘hold’ as it could have turned over a profit many times for the business owner had they had access to it. Having it sit in PayPal’s account, making money for PayPal, while the business owner waits to get paid for work already completed is ludicrous.


PayPal the highest fees as a % of money transferred ever

PayPal has become this insipid Payment Servicer that only charges fees and few know or complain. They are getting away with robbery. I am sorry the service may provide a degree of on line security, I really do not know. The day the penetrate PayPal which will be no more difficult then invading Visa the flaw will show and PayPal the middleman will be exposed for what it is. Very little. Visa lends money. PayPal Charges you for putting your visa charge through them. Since PayPal has very little money on hand per account it is so far Immune from the hackers. There will come a day when the Credit Card company's will wake up and realize the cost to self insure versus the cost that PayPal Charges is cheaper and this myth of PayPal will remove another middleman who carves dollars off small transactions. They must regulate Paypal as a lender not just a Servicer as the charges are Bank fees ,just because they lend nothing is no alibi for them to skate by and carve dollars off peoples transactions and hides in the back ground. If I was younger I would develope a system that put PayPal out of business as the provide no service but remove the head aches from Banks that are or have been too slow to catch on..


Customer Service

PayPal keeps acting weird l need help figuring out a problem managing users I’ve been contacting in message center, and out of now where l start getting this message
“Our apologies, but messages are currently unavailable. Please close this window and select another contact option.”
I don’t know why I’m getting this I’ve been just trying to get help like normal. Also l called their business phone number but I’m never connected with a realtor person instead a robot. I really don’t like robots especially with customer service calls ugh. I really just need to get it to contact with support to resolve this situation so l can have my Virtual Assistants fulfill orders, the problem is they’re not located in the U.S, but PayPal keeps identifying their region as U.S. but now it’s really hard to get in contact to resolve this issue. I don’t know l thought PayPal would be good for the business, but if this problem can’t be resolved, because PayPal wants to block me when I’m just asking questions l might just have to go use Square or something else. Or just wire tap to pay my suppliers...


Faithful PayPal user

Omg I have been with PayPal since 2005 and haven’t looked back since. PayPal is easy fast secure and so pleasant to work with. Never in my life have I been so satisfied with one company so much. I have had multiple attempts from crooks in Arizona trying to steal my PayPal debit info and PayPal always seems to amaze me with they’re tactics at catching them before they try to get my funds. This world is terrible at stealing credit card info and seem to find a new way all the time at getting card info without having the actual card in hand, but PayPal always seems to be ahead of them and I am so thankful for that. PayPal is the best online bank and it’s such a pleasure to be a part of everything they do. Thank you PayPal for always keeping me in the loop and keeping my funds secure. Without PayPal omg I would be lost and have to result in using an outside banking source. PayPal is definitely highly trusted and secure and I would recommend PayPal to any and everyone


JudyPat in Texas

Love the convenience of PayPal when shopping . . . BUT when shopping on eBay, there’s a problem. It’s when PayPal “freezes” my credit cards for no good reason . . .FOR ME. Right as of this minute, I have eBay sellers clamoring for payment due to my two Visa cards being “cards non grata” only to PayPal. I have arrangements with a few fav & frequent sellers that allow me to buy by the month saving me lots of shipping costs. This somehow doesn’t fit PayPal’s algorithm for shopping so my credit cards get “whacked” like PayPal knows everything. These sellers that I’m paying are the top sellers on eBay, by the way. I may have to go to another way besides PayPal, there must be one! Tomorrow I go pick up new cards. PayPal, if you’re reading this, keep your mitts OFF THESE NEW CARDS! Of the two Visa cards I getting replaced, the credit card is the third generation due to your freezing of my card. There was never legitimate concern over the sellers that I was paying. Hear me, PayPal?



App probably works as expected but the customer service here is not worth the “convenience”. Impossible to speak to someone who is not reading off a script. Most of the time you’ll be speaking with the computer/phone tree anyways but if you get lucky enough to get an actual human.. don’t expect any help. Company will randomly decide when your account activity is concerning and will put funds on hold for almost a month— they claim there are ways to get your money sooner.. it’s not true. I mean, I guess I wouldn’t really care if a lost a few ticked off customers either.. they make enough money in fees, and I’m assuming they’ve gotta be earning a NICE amount of interest on all the money they’re withholding from people for no good reason. I’ve had this account for almost three years and can’t access more than $300 a month. Never had any fraud, or disputes on my account.. PayPal has just decided things should be this way and there’s nothing I can do about it. Look into other options.. someone recommended Square, and I think I’m going to check them out. Trust me, at least find a company with decent customer service.. RUN


The downfall of PayPal.

I don’t recognize this company anymore, before the split with eBay I could get PayPal on the telephone now I can’t even get them to respond on the Internet they don’t answer telephones anymore. Their first excuse for not having phone service was to blame it all on Covet 19, now they just tell you to go to there website well I’m on their app and engage with a person I think, and that person never answers my first question or any questions. I have money tied up with this mess PayPal has become, an embarrassment I can’t find the money that’s been sent to my company account which means I can’t transfer it into my business account and I don’t have an answer for the company that sends me money monthly because I can’t get anything answered from PayPal. I will call that company in Chicago and let them know to skip PayPal and send me a check PayPal has left me with no other choice 4 1/2 weeks is a long time to wait for your hard-earned money I ran dozens and dozens and thousands of dollars through PayPal and eBay a year ago but. That was then this is now, goodbye PayPal forever. Jimmy Papa Fort Worth, Texas


Starting a business? Look elsewhere.

First transaction funds held for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21 days. PayPal will never see a dime of my money ever again. Coming or going. Assuming a business has to have a shipping tracking number is arrogant and small. Service business? Run. Sending a bill for time wasted filling out the business app, waiting for the business card, and setting up my QuickBooks financials with PayPal.

Update- No response from PayPal after multiple attempts to contact and many days of waiting. Just saw EBay dropped PayPal and won’t allow PayPal transactions any longer. They are dropping them because customers have a terrible experience with PayPal, customers and sellers can’t control the transactions at all, and PayPal charges a premium price for terrible service.

PayPal’s bones will be discovered among the bones of other internet dinosaurs such as Alta vista, AOL, and geocites. You because more cumbersome and unresponsive. While the rest of the world dumped dial up speeds you made people wait and wait and wait for service and even their money and for that you will go extinct.


Terrible Customer Service

As a business owner on Shopify I would’ve expected PayPal to be a great asset for my business however it’s far from that . It took one month for one transaction to process whereas I still have two pending transactions that have not been processed and cannot be found by PayPal. Several phone calls, several callbacks later & I thought that I was finally able to have everything resolved and not even 30 minutes after I hang up with a customer representative I receive an email stating that my account has been permanently disabled. It’s so confusing and frustrating especially not knowing what happened and not doing anything to have caused it but to try and seek help from PayPal themselves which resulted in John being very snippy & not explaining why this happened or provide another solution. It seems to me that PayPal doesn’t care about finding solutions for their customers they just do with the average millennial does & block them. I should’ve known by how much time it took to wait for a transaction to go through that PayPal was unreliable.


business owners beware

If you own a business and don’t ship they will limit your account and you will fight time after time for limitation after limitation. I have now sent in my federal ein, state paperwork, and county business license and every other document that even the banks don’t ask for 4 times now to be limited 4 times saying they don’t know what my business is. I used there card swiper from them and they still said because I didn’t show tracking info and they didn’t know what my business was. They literally had my tax classification, I had sent it to them 4 times, and time after time after 2 to 5 payments I was limited and funds held. The last time it almost lost my business. Worst company and even banned my personal account because someone can’t figure out how to read what or understand powersports repair business. If you read this stay away far far away. If you risk it good luck make sure as soon as money goes in you withdraw every penny that second because they will keep you from it.



Nowadays I feel as though every app should be able to perform phenomenally and have all the same everything that their website has I mean otherwise why the heck are we paying over $1000 for a computer in our pocket if the apps that it run can’t deliver peak performance as well as full scale. Anyway I digress. PayPalBusiness is good however there are functions missing from it that are on the website so because of that I give it four stars. I mean it’s PayPal it’s not launching a rocket ship so I mean really what type of reading are we to give some thing that takes money to send money to people I understand it’s a convenience see what I mean why are you continuously popping up and asking me to review like why is it really that important you PayPal well if so here you go no maybe if I leave this review you’ll allow me to get my money sooner


PayPal app vs PayPal the company

I would give a 5 star rating for PayPalBusiness itself not the company! PayPalBusiness was designed for efficiency and is very seamless to use for creating and sending invoices, making transfers, viewing sales trends, etc. However as a new small business, PayPal has truly disappointed me with the fees and funds availability! It’s completely frustrating to call and not reach a representative. Or to message receive a response hours later via the chat. It’s also mind blowing to have my invoices paid and have to wait up to 21 days to have access to the funds. How does that even make sense? The entire point of using PayPal is for efficiency and immediate access to funds. I should accept checks for my business at that rate and it’s likely that those funds would in fact be available sooner than using PayPal. Not to mention, I wouldn’t be charged anything but perhaps a monthly service fee then from my bank.



I’ve been with PayPal now since 2015
It’s not so bad. I use it because it’s trustworthy for payments to me from my clients. However I did have a chargeback on my account once that was not fair, due to a client agreeing to my policies before booking. However PayPal refunded them anyway. If it ever happens again I’ll be completely done with them. Other than that incident, I’ve been satisfied with them and how I’m able to receive my money whenever I need to.
Hopefully it upgrades a bit more and we can receive bank routing numbers, and other perks etc.
and possibly the option to charge customers the fees or have it split between the client and business owner. I don’t know, just suggestions.


Small business stay far way

If I could give them zero stars I would. Where do I even begin . PayPal business practices is a total nightmare. The only good Thing PayPal does it allows you to creat an account then after it has collected your information and you start so called conducting business it all goes down hill ... after you have provided good or service to the buyer there is little to no help from PayPal , al they do is transfer you to a so called call cénter where they are suppose to assist you and give the upmost excuse why they can’t help you ... then place a hold on ur funds because they have yet to confirm tracking number which is provide on the PayPal account . Then proceed to tell to wait 24 hrs till the fund is released which a total lie, then go on to tell you to wait 21 business days till the found are released... how do u expect people to do business if you have this shady practices .... oh an beware if you do a small typeo in your account they won’t even help but do advice to create a new account



This business app does not let you update your business info. It will show your personal info (name, email, etc) on PayPalBusiness , but then when you send invoices, the invoice will have your business info on it. You will not be able to see the business info until AFTER you send the invoice. So if you need to change your business info, you have to do it in PayPal in a browser, which defeats the whole point of using the business app. So basically if you have frequent changes to your business info, PayPalBusiness is not for you. And if you don’t have frequent changes, keep in mind that you WON’T BE ABLE TO CHECK YOUR BUSINESS INFO until after you send the invoice. Additionally, customer service completely lacks knowledge of PayPalBusiness. If you call them about any problems, they will tell you to use PayPal in a browser because it should work there. I don’t know why PayPal bothered to release PayPalBusiness when even their customer agents are saying to not use it.



PayPalBusiness fails to give you all the important details upfront, like not being able to send invoices from your personal paypal, prompting you to HAVE to set up a business account if you want to be paid from your client. But won’t disclose right away how you’ll have to be subject to review for up to 21 days for creating a new account, in order to have access to any money sent to you. If you’re money is on hold, you have to inconveniently ask your client to confirm the amount 48 hours after they pay your invoice and even that doesn’t confirm PayPal will lift a hold. Their customer service department are idiots as well, each and every one I spoke with giving me different pieces of information that mostly turned out to be incorrect, and brought to my attention each time I spoke with a new rep and told them what the last one told me. I will never be using this application/service again nor will I be recommending it to any of my clients/colleagues in the future.


Makes delivering my bottles of Gingartum amazingly easy!

When my husband and I first started our company I knew that most of the delivery and logistics of getting the product into the hands of customers would be my job. Gingartum is a nutraceutical to juice that Helps with all kinds of ailments and delivery to our customers was vitally important. The beautiful thing about the PayPal system is that the minute someone placed an order online I received notification. Having the USPS labeling and payment system as part of the automatic service of PayPal invoicing has been a timesaver! I just have to open the clients payment line click to print the packing slip, then print the Postal label that goes on the priority mail packages. Pack the juice in foam and bubble wrap, box, label, tape and drop it off at any post office. I love it!


Simple, a must have

This has been an integral part of my business. It allows me to take all types of payments along with creating a business invoice that I can write detailed descriptions to help show customers not only how much they are paying, but also, what they are paying for. Having PayPalBusiness has actually secured a couple jobs for me, considering credit card was the only option for payment. It also has been essential for my out of town customers that has rental property in the area. I’m able to perform the job, send the invoice, and get payed almost immediately. Once you set PayPalBusiness up to your business and banking, it’s the easiest and fastest way to get your money from a customer paying with a credit/debit card.


Releives tension for my online transactions

Paypal to me has been the difference in making a purchase and not making a purchase from unfamiliar online retail sources. When I come across items which look to be great deals from unknown retailers the first thing I am looking for is do the offer PayPal for the transaction. With some many people getting ripped off online it is the only way I feel safe about conducting a transaction with and unfamiliar online retailer. With PayPal I feel safe in knowing that my money whether spending or receiving it is covered from any scrupulous activity from online predators. PayPal is my safety net for monetary transactions..... really the only way to go..


My business wouldn’t work without this

I’ve been using PP Business for about 6 years. Recurring invoices, instant availability of funds, a credit card, opportunity to offer flex financing to customers... the list goes on and on. It makes my business possible. My only complaint is the instant check cashing ability is garbage! 99% of the time the funds are denied because the process company simply doesn’t do its job. And even what they are supposed to do is complete nonsense. You shouldn’t need to contact my client to get permission to cash a check! That’s why they gave it to me... It’s embarrassing and incredibly unprofessional. Bank funding is now immediate to next business day. There is no reason to hold funds for 10 days - it’s 2019.


Terrible Customer Service

I’ve had a personal and now a business account and since I’m receiving payments PayPal decides to limit my account due to POTENTIAL FRAUD?? I’ve had to jump through hoops get fed by a CSR and a Manager who’s supposedly a seller, that they understand my frustration but we’re going to pass it on to the next person and basically not assist at all. How does PayPal expect a small business to thrive and survive when they won’t even give access to the money that their customers gave them? There’s nothing worse than to look incompetent to a customer PayPal is making me and my business look that way I’m very unhappy with the way I’ve been treated this past several days with lie after lie. Please adjust your algorithm so other small businesses like myself will never have to go through this situation I’ve never once had a bad check I have never once had a bad review about me!


Worse customer service ever.

I’m a relatively new to this business thing. I was influenced to used PayPal for invoices and sending and receiving payments. However my experience with PayPal has been a real pain. When my customers send their payments, PayPal insists on holding my payments until my customers confirm receipt...even with tracking, it takes a week or sometimes more for them to release my money. However, they take out their fees immediately. I don’t understand why they insist on holding my money so long. Not happy with your service. I can’t do business if you keep holding my money. Customer service only reads the same message over and over. No help.

Review update.
Finally found an agent to help me. I have hope now dealing with PayPal. We will see what happens now.


Horrible update please fix again

I was totally pleased until the update I received May 5th 2019. It has made PayPal unuseable on my mobile device where I usually do all my business - it isn’t showing me the unpaid invoices or paid invoices just a loading screen that says pull down to refresh. I do not have access to my laptop at the moment and this has greatly affected everything I needed to take care of today for work. PayPal needs to be updated /fixed again . Or just don’t release a buggy update that makes things worse then before . I had no gripes before and see no treason for this update anyway



I use PayPal for Absolutely everything! With all my invoicing, purchases and card running via my site, local and social media sales PayPal is the one and only I offer and Ive always had nothing but the Best Customer Service and Support! When your dealing with over 100 transactions weekly it makes it so much easier knowing it’s all being done through 1 source and with that being said, again with a company that protects both my customers and I with 5 star Service. Thank You PayPal! This Lady has a bit less stress because of you!


The only reason I gave 1 star is because there wasn’t any negative numbers

Setup an account over two weeks ago at the request of a client in order to be paid expeditiously...set up the account invoiced the client and was paid’s the thing 1. Paypal immediately took out $60 for a “processing fee” and placed a hold on the remaining amount giving varying excuses, the payer reported the payment as fraud, we placed a hold to make sure the product was received ok, it’s a security feature to protect you, yadda yadda yadda...then I was apologized to and told the hold would be released...when I went to withdraw the money I got a message that it would be on hold for 72hrs for review...waited 72hrs went to withdraw money and got the same message 72hrs for review them it happened again...almost 2 weeks later I’m still without my money less the fee Paypal took out...


App is great but it’s Paypal

...and Paypal doesn’t honor their own invoicing sibling. So money I invoice clients for work performed 1) gets flagged as needing to ship despite the invoice clearly showing it’s not a physical good sold, 2) gets flagged as some kind of foreign drug transaction, probably because Paypal hires third world deadbeats who see drugs as their only option in life, or 3) some kind of arms deal, because it wouldn’t make sense to invoice a client for hours worked with an invoicing app, right? Idiots. Just idiots. Nothing short of total idiots. Conceived by idiots. Programmed by idiots. Managed by idiots. Just complete idiots. And GIGO. The whole Paypal infrastructure is gigo. They should be banned from Apple products for being so horribly stupid, which is a direct violation of Apple’s Rule #1: No Stupid Idiots. What? It’s in the operations manual. Would I lie? Well, maybe as much as Paypal lies. That’s fair right?

Is PayPal Business Safe?

Yes. PayPal Business is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 26,432 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.2/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PayPal Business Is 42.4/100.

Is PayPal Business Legit?

Yes. PayPal Business is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 26,432 PayPal Business User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PayPal Business Is 63.4/100..

Is PayPal Business not working?

PayPal Business works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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