Square Point of Sale & Payment Reviews

Square Point of Sale & Payment Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-21

Square Point of Sale is a free point-of-sale app that enables you to sell
anywhere and in any way, your customers want to buy. Payments, items,
inventory, analytics, eCommerce, CRM— are all integrated with your point of
sale. No startup fees, monthly fees, or termination fees. Just pay...

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Great app for small business, okay for friend to friend

I absolutely love SquarePointofSalePayment and I would recommend it to anyone who has a small business or more. It does a great job of organizing the transactions that take place throughout the business day, week, month, year, what have you, as well as helping to keep your books straight for tax purposes. The only thing I would complain about, and it is just due to my impatience, is the mere fact that the availability of funds from time of transaction to the time in which that money is accessible seems, to me, a little excessive. Now, yes. I understand that it’s electronic communication and banks have to talk with other banks to make sure the funds are transferred to the correct account from the correct account; so on and so forth but it just still seems to drag on. Especially when you’re in need of said funds immediately. This leads me to my last point with regard to the slow availability times. What is the point of an instant transfer if the money in which you will be transferring is tied up in limbo? Seems to me if it is only that easy to do an instant transfer in which you require a fee to use, why can we not access our incoming monies just as quickly considering a fee per transaction anyway. Well, there you have it. An honest review from a loyal and honest customer. Hope that it may help to improve the already seamless work flow SquareApp provides as well as to help a new comer decide whether this product is right for them!


Withholding my money for 90 days without explanation

I know many people that use square and like it my experience wasn’t so good I got everything all set up no problem, took my first payment than after that I couldn’t transfer my money. I received a notification saying that I had more setup that needed to be done so I went through the 11 step set up questions/ info that they asked for shortly after that I received an email said that my setup was submitted successfully and it would take 2 days to review. 4 hours later (on a Sunday) I received an email saying that my account was deactivated with no explanation why, so I called them the next day to try to figure out why and all they could tell me is they couldn’t support my business. I did some research to see if anyone else had this issue and apparently it fairly common. So I called again the next day to try to get it figured out and get my money that they are holding and got the run around I ended up talking with someone in account services and she couldn’t tell my why it was deactivated, they only thing she would say is I could refund the payment and ask for a check from the customer (who requested payment by credit card) she repeated herself 4 times and than hung up the phone on me while I was asking her a question. I would recommend that NOBODY use square due to this customer service or lack of service now I have to wait 90 days to get paid when I was depending on this money to continue doing business



Stop using square immediately! They have changed their terms, and now a small business like mines is brought to its knees, because they flagged me as potential fraud, I am not fraud I am a plumber, I did a job for a regular client of 3 years, have been using square for years, without issue... Not today, The client paid as usual with the same card they have used for years, but square said it was fraud, are now holding my money and have gone into my actual bank account and removed the funds from the last payments from this card, draining my account completely and putting it into overdraft....WHY? Oh wait there is no customer service to answer that, hours and hours of phone calls to another country have netted me nothing, now they refuse to give me my first payment that started this, and have taken back the last payments made with that card, I talked to my client, they called their card services, and they said no problem on their end, and also no refund on their end. So square now has several thousand of my dollars, some of which they actually stole from me, and wont return...I dont even know what to do, And I have no idea how to get my money back, I cant even go do work because I have no money to put gas in service truck..they took it all... This is what happens when computers take over... You cant reason with a computer.. Now im broke.. And NOT a Fraud..


Could be good could be bad

I used this service and app for a personal account service. To get paid for side jobs in a way I thought was more of a convenience to my customers being able to pay with a card over cash New day and age right? I would eat the processing fee’s to make a happy customer. until my account was frozen and put under review after receiving a couple hundred dollar payment. If your using this for personal use not business make sure you mark it as “miscellaneous goods” not “miscellaneous services” or anything else because even though you set it up as an individual, personal, non business account if you get “suspended” and “under review” it says 1-2 business days it took me more like 10 to finally even get to talk to someone who told me what I should do besides send me and email or a link in our chat to fill out a form that doesn’t even work correctly i.e. uploading documents. Very aggravating and frustrating that’s for sure. Because you don’t want to take anymore payments that way Incase they close your account you don’t have to go explain to your customer why they need to pay again and provide a refund and refund receipt(that’s the easiest part, especially if they have an email address) the whole “under review”/“suspension” can be drug out by square as long as they want. Why was their no problem for the first few months? Very frustrating!


An excellent app and service

To begin, we have been using Square for almost 4 years. Over that time we have integrated square more and more into our business. We are happy to report that this has been a great decision. SquarePointofSalePayment is always being updated and keeps getting the features that we ask for. All you have to do is email or call and tell their customer service department what features you really want to see in the future. Then sure enough in a month or two the very thing you asked for is added in or has some beginning resemblance of what you had asked for. Do not be deterred by the negative reviews. Most of them are people who have decided that the review section for SquarePointofSalePayment is the best wY to ask a question to the support staff. Or they may be engaged in some kind of shady business that is prohibited by square. On a different note their fees are strait forward and are completely out in the open compared to other merchant service companies. Overall I have been satisfied with the product and the support staff that make it keep working. Thanks square for making a POS that is easy and powerful. Cheers.


bad bad very bad worst customer service ever

I started using SquarePointofSalePayment for side jobs and charging customers is easy and simple it the best and it’s fast but when it comes to getting your money that’s a different story coz they make it so hard and right away they deactivate your account just because they think that your transactions are high risk ok let say that the case then when that happens they put a 90 days HOLD ON YOUR MONEY and when it’s time to pay they don’t pay it and they don’t even reply to your emails not on Facebook or instagram or nothing soon as you email them they say how can we help and ask to provide your account info after that they don’t reply it’s been over 6 months that it’s says my balance is being transferred and nothing everything is wrong about this company and I’m going to sue you guys if I don’t get my money that you guys said you were going to transfer 6 months ago..I’ve been so patient with you guys but enough is enough you got one day to fix this or don’t even try after coz I’ll see you guys in court


Worse Company I’ve Ever Came Across

At first, I was really starting to get excited about working with different companies to create a seamless process for both me and my customers. The ability to have multiple payment options and payment resources was awesome. However, since I’ve signed up I’ve been running into nothing but issues with Square. I have literally done nothing wrong at all! I have an official registered business with a business tax ID. I created an invoice for a service I provided to my guest and square is holding my funds after I’ve given literally everything they’ve asked me for. Without any explanation they’re holding my funds, suspended my account then deactivated after I’ve done everything they asked me to do. I’ve emailed numerous of times with no response and I called and the rep literally stated he doesn’t know why they deactivated my account what kind of professional business are you running Square? I trusted you guys with no only my personal and business information but as a platform to collect my funds for me and this is how you treat your customers? This is unheard of! Someone should be able to explain what’s going on and steps on how to resolve the problem if something else is required of me. Having your rep tell me idk and not receiving email responses back is not going to work!


App Update Causing Issues, Features Still Lacking

Newest update has some nice features, but it is causing some issues. The first issue I’m coming across is that I am unable to add inventory to a new item I created. Keeps giving me an error and says to check my network connection, however, I am connected to our network so this should not be an issue. Item exists on our iPad (where I created it), but does not show up on our Square register, nor does it show up online. I also see that I no longer have the option to create a separate checkout link on an item. Please work through and address bugs / issues. In addition, one thing we would love to see is to be able to set a pricing structure on a single item. For example, if a customer purchases/orders Qty 1 of an item, they receive it at “X” price, but if they purchase Qty 12 or more, they get a price break and receive the item at “Y” price. Giving this review 2 stars due to bugs that need to be fixed, and due to features recently implemented that should have been implemented long ago. Also due to features that are not yet implemented that should be. SquarePointofSalePayment is good overall, but lacking in features that allow for versatility in order to improve efficiency for businesses.



My account was deactivated for something that I was wrongfully accused of doing. Someone filled a dispute saying they didn’t authorize the $200 transaction (2 months after the transaction) square TOOK $200 from my bank account and closed my account (that was only my second dispute in 2 years with them and the first dispute was settled in my favor). Here we are almost 4 months later after I started using another site for my business, and finally I get an email that says “the $200 dispute was decided in your favor” I thought... well finally. Makes sense because the idiot that did the dispute lives across country but claimed they never even made the payment (like how the heck could I make a payment on behalf of you when the invoice was sent to your email) but anyway they decided in my favor... YAY I GET MY $200 back! NOPE... WRONG... SORRY NOT TODAY... square then tells me I have to wait another minimum of 90- maximum of 180 days for the money to go back in my account!!! IM SOOO P*SSED OFF!!!! So there is literally $200 sitting in a square account no longer active and I just have to wait another 100+ days! Not happening. I contacted BBB and will be posting on every social media out there. They have the WORST customer service ever. If you even get the LEAST bit aggravated on a call with them, they just hang up.. DO NOT, I REPEAT DOOOOOONOOOOOOTTTT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE


My little business

Granted I just started my own little business...but square allows me to be super mobile. I can go anywhere at any time and take payments! I get my money right away and I haven’t had any issues whatsoever. They included my own card reader for free, it arrived quickly and my customers just swipe and go! I love, love, love the ability to do this! I am horrible at maths and this includes all my sales tax, discounts, gift cards for my customers instantly..it allows me to be free of being stuck in one place. For anyone running a business that needs you to go to them I highly recommend Square Point of Sale! You can’t go wrong..and I’m grateful that they don’t charge a ton of money to do it. In my little business every cent counts and other services charge way more for smaller amounts charged. With Square I always know how much it’s going to be..no hidden fees or charges. Thank you Square! You’re an amazing tool for us that are just learning to be on our own and rockin it like a boss! Which I am, my own! I couldn’t do it without you.


Took my money!

I’ve been using Square for seven years, never had a problem with anything. I had a fraudulent charge attempted on my card after putting seven dollars worth of gas in my motorcycle, A scammer tried to draw 300 and square stopped it. I actually talked to a human, and they said they’d send me another card. The representative said they were putting a block on my account so I couldn’t lose any money, but that means you can’t contact the company either, if they block you on your card, that blocks you from corresponding with them as well. They wound up sending me three new cards and a new card to the criminal who tried to steal my money. Now, they have $500 of my money they’re holding and will not let me transfer it to my bank, nor will they let me use Apple Pay or speak with anyone. Worst customer service anywhere! Going on two weeks now and I need my money, $500 is a lot of money for a small business, do not get square for payments! Go anywhere but don’t go here, they will leave you stranded like they have me. Update; tried to use Apple Pay today thinking I could get some of my money, declined my $35 purchase and two minutes later there was a $100 fraudulent purchase attempted. I have no idea what’s going on with this company, but it’s definitely not reputable.


Fix it

So I read some reviews and looks like other people are having similar issues. I’ve used square before and I liked it so I started using square for a small side business with my Etsy so I could do in person orders and transactions. The first time I went to identify myself and my bank information I double checked it all and it told me I wasn’t able to be identified. I emailed them and didn’t hear anything back. I looked online and they gave me a bot/automated responses to talk to and then when I got a real person they copied and pasted exactly what I had already read online and told them I couldn’t do. And after an hour of waiting on slow responses they finally told me “Your last application to accept cards was not approved, square offers a limited number of application attempts this decisions is final. I know this is disappointing I wish there was something I could do.” I asked them since they didn’t have the ability could they connect me with someone who does and I never got a response. I applied 1 time, I put everything in correctly, and I asked them why it wasn’t approved and pretty much told me “I don’t know I can’t do anything.” I use square at another job and I love it, was super easy to set up and use and sign in on, but I can’t make my own account?


Small Business

At first I loved square my first transaction was great. Then the second. Then I decided hey I wanna do an instant transfer which almost all businesses and payment places allow. EXCEPT SQUARE!! If you don’t get 50-70 transactions you only have 1-2 business day transfers which takes forever sometimes even longer than that. You guys should really think about lowering that because not everybody is going to make that that quick. And I’m stuck using them cause the website I use is connected to them. It’s so frustrating like I’m a small business, just starting out I’m not making 50-70 transactions anytime soon. DO THEY LET YOU KNOW ANYWHERE?? Nope i had to contact support just to find out... no warnings nothing. Not even on they help page. So now I have to wait even though I NEED those funds. And I cant do anything about it. That’s horrible... atleast lower it to 10 transactions. 50-70 is insanely high for someone just starting out... we need those funds to help with our business and pay for shipping... hence why the customer pays for shipping. But if I cant access the funds for shipping how the heck am I suppose to pay for it. Make my customer wait 3 days for y’all to send me MY money. Ridiculous ... as soon as I do make enough Im switching to someone else for sure.


Worst customer service, glitchy app

Go with PayPal instead. They may have a higher processing fee, but it’s worth it over Square’s nightmare of an experience. I wanted to use this for selling at a craft fair but could not get the card reader to accept card payments in SquarePointofSalePayment (kept getting a glitch where a window would pop up asking me to order more hardware even though I had the hardware already). I emailed square, Facebook messaged them, and tried calling them. I also tried posting in the community message system but there was a glitch there too that didn’t allow you to ask questions. Go to their Wikipedia page, you’ll see that their phone system is fully automated (no live help). When dealing with people’s money, you should not make customer service so stressful and impossible to access. I can’t believe this company is so successful with how awful my experience was with them. If you don’t believe me, get your free card reader with square and PayPal and see which is easier to set up. No reason to only try Square and wait forever for it to fail. Update: their response to me on this public review is a lie. I did try contacting them. Eventually I got a generic response that my account was blocked by them. That’s it, no ability to contest it.


Beware Holds for 90 days

I got Square to be able to take credit cards where my Etsy shop couldn’t help me in making sales. I had a sale over $1,000 and they held my money (I was told for a period no less than 90 days) and they closed my account for no reason. I had submitted all the information about my sale and they said they could not support my store even though I had never had a problem before. I tried to contact costumer service to talk to someone to just get answers and the customer service is nonexistent. I called the number and was pretty much told to go f myself the lack of care they put into their customer service. Not even an explanation. I do these things all the time with Etsy, what was the problem doing it when Etsy is integrated with square? Not only did this screw up my sale, but now they have made my bank account negative by withdrawing money they have no right to take from me. They cancelled my account and the customer wanted their money back and I couldn’t even issue a refund so the customer did a chargeback with their bank. That’s not my fault at all but I’m being punished by square for bad company practices. I do not recommend square to anyone, especially if they are going to eventually have sales more than $1,000.


Quick and Easy but...

SquarePointofSalePayment is great for transactions and selecting your products, but it lacks a few things. 1. The customer list is not available if you are not connected to the internet. You can still take payments but it records them as payment by “Square Customer” and does not attach their payment to the customer information. This is a problem when you import your transactions into another program like quickbooks. 2. When you download transactions to quickbooks the product information does not come through, only the category information. 3. It does not automatically reconnect to my iPhone personal hotspot when I use that as my internet connection. I have to go into settings and turn off WiFi and turn it back on several times. If they would just put the customer list on the device like they do the product list, it would be much better. Seems like a simple fix but for whatever reason they have not done it even though suggested many months ago. 4. There are also no normal transaction numbers. Instead of a regular number for each transaction it gives a long string is letters and numbers mixed with capital and lower case letters. A normal consecutive numbering system would be much nicer for accounting and for the customer.


If I Was Able To Give Zero Stars..... I would

I personally feel like square is a scam. I was told my bank account verification would take up to 4 days to be verified. I’m On the 6th day now and I still have no access to my hundreds that my customers has paid me. And the only thing they keep telling me is another 24 hours. On top of the approval for the verification after its approved I have to wait another two days for the funds to transfer into my account. So many companies that operate today are on a instant transfer/deposit basis with a small fee. I’m absolutely fine with that but when you charge me 15% plus an additional fee when customers pay with their cards and can’t instantly or even within at least 24/48 have my cash deposited into my account that makes me worry a bit. This has completely slowed down my business and I’m in the beginning phases of launching. And to have already let my customers down because of the lack on squares behalf makes me so frustrated. I only wanted to use the services for the invoicing part allowing my customers to pay through the link that I was able to send out to customers. That part is so convenient and I loved it but how they handle your cash AFTER it’s received in. Scares me and I don’t do scammers. There’s too many hackers and scams happening today and to have someone hold YOUR funds captive with no explanation is bizarre. Square I’m giving you zero stars ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Would not recommend


“Ghost “Payments

I have a customer that pay with debit card I got the payment SquarePointofSalePayment was giving me a confirmation of the customer payment….. 2weeks later customer come back to pay “again” because he noticed that the payment was not reflected in his bank account. I check in my system and there was no payment found for this customer. Even in my bank account it doesn’t appear. I never NEVER check to confirm that all the payments are really in my bank. I been using square for 7 years and I don’t know that this can happen. Also I made invoices from month before the appointment (I got deposits) for the customers and at the time that customer come to pay I don’t see the invoice payment reflected in the transactions area. Also this can be inconvenient if I want to track ALL the payments received in the day. (Even the invoice is made it a month before, customer come at the appointment, and pay today the payment is not reflected in my payments received today). Please be careful with SquarePointofSalePayment and track writing all the transactions. Customer service they don’t have idea in how to help me with this problems. I’m using the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Just for reference.


Non-Existent Customer Service

Recently signed up for Square and even ordered a Square card, only for my card to be suddenly removed and my account in a state of limbo due to a deactivation that I’ve received no notice for. When attempting to contact Square through multiple outlets such as phone/email (messaging was unavailable for my account), there was literally no way I could get in touch with a live agent regarding this issue. Everything is automated and you get no reply via email. Completely garbage service that I put in money for, and now I have no way of retrieving my funds from my account. Do not use until they actually put in a customer service team because clearly there isn’t one. This isn’t just a disgruntled user—I’ve again tried every method to get a response and in spite of this I have not received any communication whatsoever. - Edit: Recently received email communication from them after several weeks, and their customer service was great. Reverting to 4 stars because they seem to have redressed this issue.


I don’t trust it with my money anymore

I have processed $2,400 with square. 4 separate transactions. Absolutely legitimate address of clients contact info and everything they ask for on the invoices. Each and EVERY SINGLE time I get paid they will not allow me to transfer MY money because they are doing a “periodic” review of my account. Customer service is a huge waste of time for a company that co tractors and business who work Mon-Sun rely on they’re hours are too limited. Chatting with them is also pointless as you will be essentially spammed with automated messages and it makes almost no sense for you to put in the time and effort to submit a well said and important question. At the moment for the 4th time I am seeing the money in my square balance unable to transfer and ya e been given the same automated response that I’ve received the last 3 times. I just don’t trust square and will discontinue using it. Hard earned money hat they keep for as long as they want with no reason as if they play important some part of your hard work and negotiations. It makes me so frustrated. Going to go back to accepting checks. Takes 1 day and it’s a smooth transaction. I recommend you using a different company.


I love Square Point Of Sale!

We are artists and have been doing art shows for over 40 years. We have used several different companies to process credit cards over the years and all of them have been complicated and expensive with a lot of paperwork and monthly fees until we discovered Square! It’s so easy with no monthly fees and you can do it anywhere! We recently opened a brick and mortar gallery in Inverness, Florida and bought their Point Of Sale system with iPad. I can keep track of inventory and sales and print reports. They allowed us to buy the register system with monthly payments and set up was super easy! I am about to add employees to it because they keep track of all that too! It also automatically adds sales tax if you want. Emails have always been a problem for us...keeping track and sending them. With Square, they keep track of customers and I can send out a campaign in a few minutes with their templates! I can see at a glance which emails worked and who responded. I can work with the 80/20 rule and concentrate on the 20% of customers that are repeat buyers and buy 80% of my products. We love it!


Very disappointed

You deactivated my account saying it was suspicious activity on it the same day I opened it. I had ONE customer who swiped her card a couple times because square declined it for the whole amount..therfore she swiped for multiple small amounts to add up to the amount charged for the services. I believe this may have been the reason for the “suspicion alert” but no one called to speak with me on it, just instantly asked for documents that I don’t have on a “new” business! So because I didn’t have a tax ID, (however, I sent you guys my tax return instead, which obviously wasn’t good enough) you guys closed my acct, and either forced me to wait 120 days for my payment, or hassle my customer to refund her card and her bring me cash instead! It was very inconvenient to me and my customer, and it makes me look very unprofessional when I’m trying to build clientele! Because of this, I’m still yet to have received my payment Ive earned, from my services provided ! Also, you guys do not accept phone calls regarding issues like this, so instead of speaking directly to a live person to gain better understanding, it’s jusy a wait time hoping that you guys understand what actually happens, with results that are non negotiable, rather the service provider accepts it or not. Horrible experience and do not recommend this system to NOBODY!!!


Invoice balance issues

I use square a lot and it’s great, but hopefully this message will reach the developers. I’m having an issue. When I send an invoice the customer is only able to pay the deposit amount and nothing more. I believe the customer should be able to pay whatever amount they choose as long as it exceeds the deposit amount, or fully pay the invoice in one transaction if they choose to. Furthermore if I make a change or additional line item after the deposit has been paid, the customer can only pay the new deposit and not just the full balance, causing them to have to make two separate transactions in order to complete the full payment. This has caused major confusion to my customers, and it’s becoming easier for me to just send two separate invoices for deposit/balance payments. Very frustrating and not intuitive to my customers.


Never worked

When I signed up for square the first thing it said to me was that i wouldn’t be able to accept payments? Which is the whole point of SquarePointofSalePayment so why would this even be a thing? I tried everything on my own trying to figure why and how to fix this. I tried fixing my information thinking that i might have something in wrong. i thought that it might be my card swiper but when i logged in on another phone and tired there’s it was still the same problem. So finally i figure out how to contact square and talk to someone on the phone. The lady was so rude and couldn’t help me at all. I told her that I’d tried multiple times to edit my account information and she told me that since i had done that square won’t be able to fix the problem. To confirm i said so i won’t be able to ever use square and accept payments and she said that’s correct. I asked her if she could tell me why, or what i did that made my account do this and she couldn’t give me any explanation at all. When i got an email asking how my phone call was i told them this exact situation and said yes when it asked for a follow up call from someone else. It’s been three days and still no call. I won’t be using square ever again even if i could 🤣


Worse payment app DONT GET IT

I applied for the square app and they said successful didn’t ask for any other verification but when a client sent two payments they would not let me transfer it to my account but they did charge the client..... they wanted all kinds of verification before I could deposit it into my account and when I went through with the process there system wasn’t saving my information.... so I tried to refun the client and before I clicked refund it said it would be refunded in one business day..... it’s been three business days and the client did not receive their money so I called square and now they are saying 7/14 business days.... not only that but they took out money from my bank account which was the first payment the client made but they never let the money go into my account.... THEY TOOK MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT REAL FAST BUT WILL NOT REFUND THE CLIENT REAL FAST AND THE MONEY THEY TOOK OUT OF MY ACCOUNT NEVER WENT INTO MY ACCOUNT BECAUSE THEY WANTED MORE VERIFICATION BUT THERE SYSTEM WOULD NOT SAVE THE INFORMATION DO NOT USE SquarePointofSalePayment.... GET PAYPAL THEY WORK MICH FASTER PAYMENTS GO THROUGH INSTANT AND SO DOES REFUNDS AND THEY DONT WAIT FOR YOIU TO RECEIVE A PAYMENT AND THEN HOLD IT AND TAKE MONEY OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT PAYPAL IS MUCH BETTER.... SQUARE AMD CASH APP IS HORRIBLE THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND THIER CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!!!! Don’t get it !


Fine... until something goes wrong

Then you’re on your own. It’s actually impossible to get support fixing an issue at this time. There is no number or email address, or contact information of any kind available. You are asked to look through the FAQs and support threads. If what you need is not there, you “contact support,” which takes you through a process to “open a case,” after which someone will email you. The first page of this process, which asks for your location, has been broken for several weeks. There is no option on the screen for answering the question, so you’re unable to move on. I’ve been receiving an error message at login ever since I switched phones, so I am unable to get into SquarePointofSalePayment at all. Meanwhile apologizing to all my clients for not being able to take cards currently. So I search through my old email records to find when I had successfully talked to Support once before, and send a message to that address explaining my situation, giving all the required details, asking for help. Their response is “you’ll have to open a new case.” Okay. I reply that the Paige for opening a case is broken. Over a week later, no reply. I can’t even believe how ridiculous this is.


They Allowed Fraudulent Customer To Take Me Merchandise & Money

Watch out for certain transactions someone in Africa bought my merchandise even signed for the delivery filed a claim with their bank and square gave this person and refund even after I provided all proof that they authorized the order even signed for the package. They claimed there was nothing they could do because the frauders bank sided with them despite the countless documents of proof I had. Once square takes money out your account u cannot even dispute it with your bank because of a contact they have where they have the right to take any amount of money out of your account fraud or not proof or not. I find it disgusting that they allow any fraudulent person to order your products file a claim then not only get your products but also make u repay them so u basically loose out twice and square won’t help u at all their only answer was seek legal help??? How do u take a person in a completely different country to court?? These things need to changed immediately people shouldn’t be able to scam u out of money and merchandise and u have proof and square sits back and does nothing❗️



The simplicity of square is what sells me. I have no previous use of any pos system and they seem very scary when purchasing one for he first time. I went to square as it seemed like a simple package deal no extra or hidden costs. Turns out it was the best move I’ve ever made for my business. Setting up the register for he first time was a breeze and adding items to ring up was as basic as it comes even I who’s never use one once before the square was rocking and rolling in minutes of setting it up. I don't do instant deposits so can’t comment on that side of square but I received all my CC transactions on time and never had any issues that weren’t resolved immediately. I also use square payroll that saves me time and fortune compare to Adp! User friendly and simple that’s what makes this work so well.


Worst Customer Service Ever

I own a business and utilize this company to process transactions with my customers who choose to pay me with a credit card. I have been with square for near close to 2 years and my business starts to take off and you guys decide to disrupt my business by not processing a transaction while I’m out of state working for my client is a huge mistake, you not only lost my business but also the business of those I have recommended. The customer service lacks tremendously on your part and timing is terrible. I provided as much information as I could to process the transaction and yet its not enough? You guys need to re-evaluate how you do things. Another thing is your company never asked me for any of the information before and Ive had transactions up to $6,000-$7,000. Now that the amount has increased you give me crap? What I find bother some is how honest I was in providing all the information you ask for and yet where is my personal information now stuck on your system, how safe is that? I explained several times that I was out of state however you still chose to disrupt my business.


Read the reviews!!!!!!

I have had square for two years for my business. They are constantly changing their service and it gets messed up every time. Their instant deposit is a joke. For an extra 1% you can have instant deposit but what they don’t tell you is that you have to have at least a $1 in the account to have this happen then they say you will get the money deposited 2 working days later. Well that screwed my pay to my suppliers and employees. Thanks square for being greedy and a crap company! If you read the reviews, this company will only give you a link to talk to a human and/or have your issue resolved if you make a bad review. They have no customer service unless you complain. That is just bad business practices! This company just tries to hold your money as long as they can until you make a public complaint. Good thing they can’t pay to have bad complaints erased! It keeps the public informed! I’m sure now there will be a response after this review but that is just too little to late and you never see a change in a review afterwards. That should tell you something right there!


Constant updates cause more work. Customer service is non existent.

I’ve been a Square user for six years now, and I think it’s finally time to terminate our relationship. They have a habit of constantly updating SquarePointofSalePayment , which creates a problem where my employees can no longer find the buttons that used to be there for very simple transactions. It causes me to have to spend more payroll on training, and sometimes we don’t even know that SquarePointofSalePayment has updated until we have a line of customers. Also, occasionally when they update the system the hardware is no longer compatible with the software, and then you end up having to buy more equipment. It’s next to impossible to get anyone to talk to you if you need assistance. On the recent update they decided to display all of my yearly sales data right on my register system where any of my employees or customers could see it with the touch of a button. There’s absolutely no need to have that kind of information on a point of sale system. I think it’s time to find a company that cares as much about my time and my data security as I do.

Is Square Point of Sale Payment Safe?

No. Square Point of Sale & Payment does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 325,819 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Square Point of Sale & Payment Is 19.3/100.

Is Square Point of Sale Payment Legit?

No. Square Point of Sale & Payment does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 325,819 Square Point of Sale & Payment User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Square Point of Sale & Payment Is 19.3/100.

Is Square Point of Sale & Payment not working?

Square Point of Sale & Payment works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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Why should I report an Issue with Square Point of Sale & Payment?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Square Point of Sale & Payment to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Square Point of Sale & Payment customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Square Point of Sale & Payment.

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