PayPal Here - Point of Sale Reviews

PayPal Here - Point of Sale Reviews

Published by on 2020-12-21

Get paid on your iPhone®, iPod® or iPad® with our free app and a card reader
that’s right for your business. Accept credit and debit cards, send invoices,
track cash and check payments. It’s only 2.7% per US card swipe, chip or
contactless transaction. No long-term contracts, commitment...

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PayPal Here - Point of Sale Reviews

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    Horrible card reader connectivity, app freezes

    The card readers are horrible at best. Bluetooth connectivity is impossible to work with, constantly can’t find the reader, disconnects or freezes- sometimes in the middle of processing a card. Then you have to force close the app, resign in, attempt to look at transaction history (most of the time that won’t pull up) to see if the transaction went through and then start all over again. An absolute must is to bring back a reader that connects to the phone via the jack that accepts chips. There would be so many fewer issues if they got rid of the Bluetooth nonsense. The app itself is set up nicely, would like to see a better breakdown of sales (when you have different sizes it only shows the main item sales not a breakdown of sales by size) customer service is ok when you finally get ahold of them but expect to sit on hold for awhile. Overall there is a lot to be desired and it’s hard to stay with a company when you have a line of customers because you can’t process a credit card. We are currently looking into other options for at the very least a backup because the readers and app are so unreliable. PLEASE MAKE A HEADPHONE JACK CONNECTED CHIP CARD READER!

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    Perfect for My Side Gig

    I use PayPal Here to process card payments at craft markets. The app is simple to use and has all the options I need. I love being able to set up a list of items to punch in at checkout. Card processing is pretty straightforward, and the fee PayPal charges for each transaction is very reasonable. I also like being able to check my PayPal balance, review transaction history, and transfer money to my bank account through the app. The card reader itself works fine, as long as you use it right. Just make sure it’s turned on and connected BEFORE you start a transaction. Otherwise it may not read the card. If your phone has trouble connecting to the reader automatically, use the “connect to card reader” option, and it will find it immediately. The battery on the card reader is better than I had expected. It’s lasted through a few 8-hour markets. It also charges pretty quickly.

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    No issues

    I’ve been using this app to accept cards for about five years for my business which is a service business. Only way I can accept cards on the road is with my phone and I always use the PayPal app. I’ve never had any issues with them holding money. When I charge my clients, my money is always in my account instantly. I have the PayPal card myself so I can use my money seconds after running a clients card. I did have a jack issue one time many years ago and PayPal security caught it immediately and shut my account down till I contacted them. All my info had been changed and their security team allowed me to change my password and then they reset all my info back to correct and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. Not a dime was taken from my account and I was super happy with PayPal’s performance. I recommend this app to anyone who is mobile and needs a way of accepting credit cards on the run.

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    PayPal Here Chip & Swipe Reader

    I’ve been very pleased with the PayPal Here app and the accompanying card reader. I’ve been using them without any problems every weekday for the past 2 months. I have only had one instance where the card reader seemed to freeze up and not connect to the app; to get around that issue, I hand keyed the customer’s CC number into the app and proceeded to charge the payment. Other than that one time, I have had absolutely no issues. The PayPal Here app and card reader work amazingly. I’m able to accept all card payments and at the end of the day I transfer the amount over to my bank account. The funds transfer over without any problem within about 48 hours. If I want to use the funds immediately I do have a PayPal MasterCard.

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    PayPal is a joke

    If you’re interested in partnering with a company that allows you to accept credit cards from your customers, then will make you wait and eternity before releasing your money, this is the company for you! I cant understand why anyone would want to use PayPal! So we went through all the set up and started accepting payment from customers on PayPal and what a nightmare! Thank God we only ran two or three customers cards through PayPal! They are holding funds on two of them for up to a month! When we told PayPal we did not want to wait that long and that we would like to refund the customers money, we were told from PayPal that unfortunately the returning funds would come out of our account as the customers funds were tied up in PayPals holding account! What a joke! Obviously at least one of PayPal’s gig’s is making money from interest of people’s (my customers) funds as long as possible, claiming they’re trying to verify transactions that have already been approved on my customers cards!!! I think this should be considered fraud! I would definitely stay away from this company and would not recommend them to anyone!

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    App fails and says “we are having trouble completing your request right now” when I try to log in.

    Two events now and the app has failed us. July 2-4 the app went down on two different phones, two different phone carriers but we both got the same red banner at login that said they were experiencing difficulties. This happened again a couple days ago during a 10 day event, at the peak of sales. Luckily I ordered a backup chip/card reader with another company and that ones been great. Paypal is a total let down and worse is is cost us sales. We looked so unprofessional and when we called Paypal they said the have no other tickets for the issue. I’ve tried several times o er the past few days of the event to log in and keep getting the same error message. Can’t imagine what would have happened if we didn’t have the new card reader with the other company. This event cost us $2400 in booth space rent. A down card reader would have been the death of us! Bad for business, we are very unhappy with PayPal right now and won’t be using the app or card readers ever again!

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    Better than Square

    I switched to PayPal here almost year ago and i love it. For about 4 years i used Square and when my photography business started growing, Square blocked $4350 of my last few sales and forced me to refund because transactions were higher than average. So i thought it’s good for Square. I’m growing and they are growing too. So there was no way they would process my money and deposit to my bank, i had to refund the money to clients, which was frustrating for both them and for me. Then i did all my invoices through PayPal. Thanks for amazing services and card readers charge stays for much longer hours. Also, i love PayPal capital, that gave me a loan for my business so i could invest in more equipment. Amazing! And apps work great’ Arken Insta @ newyorkfaces

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    Worst business app AWFUL Impossible to use

    I’ve been using PayPal for over a year for a small business I run part time. I tried Square this summer because I started doing shows for an easy way to take credit card payments. When my Square stopped working I stopped into Staples to upgrade my reader. I decided on PayPal Here because it was half the price of the Square reader and I already use PayPal. I downloaded the app to set it up. The first issue I had was after I submitted my application for review. PayPal has a fingerprint ID option but still requires a password. Then they ask for info to verify my identity but I found it impossible to upload any info from my iPhone. I’ve tried all week to verify information with no success!!😡😡 Next, I tried linking the device to my phone. It’s totally undiscoverable!! Finally I now have a 30 day reserve on funds in my PayPal account. WHY ON EARTH WOULD ANYONE USE A SERVICE THAT HOLDS THEIR MONEY FOR A MONTH? THAT’S NOT SECURITY. IT’S EVIL!! They also say they can hold it up to 180 days and require a reserve at all times. I realize there may be unscrupulous sellers out there who take money and close accounts but why create a barrier for businesses who’ve demonstrated they have a history of good business practices. This is the single worst tool PayPal has created. I’ve been happy with their service until now. Very unhappy with PayPal here. ☹️ If I can find alternatives I most certainly will.

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    I actually like doing business with PayPal

    I have been a PayPal customer for 10+ yrs . I can any swipe a card and it processes the funds immediately into my PP account and I can instantly access the funds via my MC PayPal business debt card within 1 minute or less . Some of the below complaints I’ve seen are from people that don’t understand how funds are transferred to different financial institutions and how fund processing operates within banks and when processing occurs. If you have low risk financial history, chances are that you will not have delays with fund movements/transfers/ ECT . I have banked with many institutions and PayPal is my most secure company and the service experiences alway excel over most of the brick and Mortar banks in the US I have been associated with . Hope this helps !!

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    Great mobile credit card processing

    I honestly have no idea what these people are talking about that are giving this a poor rating. PayPal as well as the hardware has worked very reliably for us. I guess the only inconsistency that I’ve noticed is that when we change cashiers, and phones, the new phone doesn’t automatically connect to the card reader. I often have to go into Bluetooth, forget the device and rediscover it. Our business is seasonal therefore it’s great that we don’t pay fees on the months that we are not doing business. We may pay a little higher fee than some other services but at years end, we come out ahead.

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    Love it, except for gratuity part

    I wish I had not done the latest update. It used to be that I would enter the price, enter the card information, then hand my phone off to the client where it would prompt them with “confirm total”, and give them an option to add a tip. Now it’s showing me that portion before I enter the card, which I have to ask them if they want to add a tip. I never want to make my clients feel obligated to add a tip, although tips are very common in my industry. I wish I could hand the phone to them like before, and they could discreetly add a tip (or not). I’ve missed out on tips from the last few clients, because I would run the card, and it would go straight to “processing”. It’s better when the client can confirm the total.

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    Wow! So easy!!! I love this ap!

    I have used Pay Pal for a long time now, well over 10 years. When I decided to start accepting credit cards for my business I consider switching to something like “ Square” or another one of the mobile credit cards programs, I had no idea Pay Pal offered it. Once I realized Pay Pay had Pay Pal Here I was excited to try it! After using it I couldn’t be happier!! Sooooo Super easy to use, very pleased to keep my account with Pay Pal! The money it there instantly!! The only complaint I do have is Pay Pal customer support group is sometimes hard to deal with, but I do t have to call them often because the ap works great!!!!

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    Awesome! Always has been...

    I see some ppl complaining on here, & not sure why. It works perfectly and I use manual entry or old swipe reader. Money is always available instantaneously. The only exception, on 2-4 occasions over a few years, they locked or declined a large transaction. $2k plus which is understandable since it’s more unusual for my usage. But a phone call usually cleared it up easily and immediately. A little hassle for customer/user on other end trying to pay as they would get a call from their CC company. But all in all the best platform around in my opinion.

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    Pay Pal Here ?

    It doesn't work, currently using an Iphone 6S with OS 9.3 It is 2016 already and by now they should've figured it out !!! That been said the app works halfway but it just won't read and no it is not the reader, tried a new one already, at the end it is useless!!!! Everything else can be easily done via browser ...update: it is September 2017 and still doesn’t work ! Unbelievable ! Tried with iOs 10.3.3 and iOs 11 as well to no avail... Reply to developer: Hi how are you, like I mentioned in the review the credit cards reader just won’t work, already tried a new one to no avail. We are aware that we always have the option to charge the purchase which happens to be conveniently for you, higher fees as opposed as swiping a card. There is no problem with the phone, we are also using Square which works flawlessly. Update Sept. 22, 2017; version 2.8.4 installed and it worked once, for the first time ever the card reader worked. Thank you very much ! Update Sept. 27, 2017; again it stopped working, the credit card reader simply won’t read the cards. Got another new reader but it just won’t work !!!!??? deleting the app and switching businesses to a different method, it is sad that after over 10 years we need to modify our billing procedures. Please FIX this issue !!! Thank you

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    Being back the old tip screen

    It used to be when collecting a payment using a chip card, once the card was inserted a tip screen would populate on the iPhone/iPad super easy and convenient for the client to then add the tip before continuing on to the signature screen. Now this latest update forces the tip to be collected using the chip reader so now instead of just handing the client my phone I have to unplug the card reading device being it over to the client to make their selections (which is not the easiest thing for a senior citizen to read or use what with the all the buttons that confuses them) before then handing them my phone to sign. Why the extra steps!?? It was perfectly fine the way it was originally set up. This makes me now want to go find a new cc system to use. What was once so convenient is now unnecessarily difficult.

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Is PayPal Here - Point of Sale Safe?

Yes. PayPal Here - Point of Sale is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 8,697 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for PayPal Here - Point of Sale Is 37.7/100.

Is PayPal Here - Point of Sale Legit?

Yes. PayPal Here - Point of Sale is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 8,697 PayPal Here - Point of Sale User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for PayPal Here - Point of Sale Is 37.7/100.

Is PayPal Here - Point of Sale not working?

PayPal Here - Point of Sale works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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