Nanoleaf Smarter Series Reviews

Nanoleaf Smarter Series Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-19

Operating HomeKit-enabled smart lighting has never been easier—the Nanoleaf
App features support for the Nanoleaf Light Panels, Rhythm, and Zigbee HA1.2
smart lights. Perfect light is only a finger tap, or a voice command away.
Download now to own this ultra-advanced light switch! Th...

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Nanoleaf Smarter Series Reviews

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    The app is bugged out

    It takes a long minute for the app to actually load and bring you to the home page! It’s so glitchy, upon opening the app, when the name loads up onto the screen the graphics freeze! Then when it’s done thinking about it and comes back to life you are unable to do anything yet because now the home screen is frozen. 30 seconds (a long time in this situation) must pass for it to pop back to life. Ok, now that we have life I must say that it’s a bit confusing on how to create your own patterns. I do love love love these lights, I just wanna have more fun with them. And in order for that to happen the glitches and confusion must go away! Lights make me so happy, and that is my goal.

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    Terrible experience

    "Smarter by design." I have never laughed so hard at a company slogan before. I've had absolutely nothing but bad experience after bad experience in using both the app and the product, especially together. The app is horribly designed and layed out, designed to look nice but functionally it barely works. Connecting to the device is extremely slow and that's if the device can be connected to at all. Attempting to use the app with a Nanoleaf account does not make things better. I have been signed out of the app every time I close it and now attempting to log into my account it say it doesn't exist. Attempting to make a new account, regardless of what email is used, I am told the account already exists. This is an absolutely atrocious user experience that no one should have to deal with, especially for $200 plus. For that type of money it should work at least half of the time. Do NOT buy this product.

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    When it works it great.

    This app is a lot of fun to play with. My wall looks pretty killer with my 50 piece set. My controller panel has been a little flaky though, and there have been instances where the app and my wall have connectivity issues which results in me taking the time to restart the device. It’s kind of a pain. I spent $1,000 bucks for some lights, I expect them to work well. With that said, the app is open to creativity, and is a great outlet to share and download ideas and designs. It’s really fun and I can’t wait to show my guests. All in all, despite the setbacks, the app is a hit. Also, the layout tool saved me. There’s no way I would have got my design up first try without it.

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    I got those because they look fantastic, spent 4 1/2 hours trying to set it up and literally 3 minutes after it's all set up it disconnects and stops working and will not reconnect at all making it useless and unable to function or control the lights! And even worse it only works on 5ghz networks so that definitely doesn't help either! Also I forgot to uses over half your battery life! I have about 45% battery at the end of the day usually and it's at 28% after 45 minutes of messing with this app and it still not working! Really really doesn't help at all! Could have been an amazing product but it does t work very well with this app that's complete garbage and literally no customer support either and that makes it even worse. It could have been such an amazing product but they made it bad so frustrating they did that!

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    Don’t get!!! 2 years of issues

    I have had this since it came out and it has not worked for months. Customer support is VERY confusing. They have lost my account in their system. Emails, account everything. Here is an example of a page long troubleshooting process.....🤯 and I am not sure of all the steps. All of my 17 other smart devices work flawlessly.......except Nanoleaf it doesn’t even register the products I purchased from them 💩👎 For Alexa and Smarthings, you need to login using the same email you signed up in the Nanoleaf app for it recognize and discover your devices. In Google please ensure your email that you setup your Nanoleaf account should show up as a registered email in the app. This is required also to send voice commands. ie in Google (Settings>home members> your Nanoleaf email should be registered in there) First, ensure in the Nanoleaf app Cloud Sync has been enabled so your device is on cloud and can communicate with Google/Alexa. To do this, go to the Nanoleaf app> Settings in the menu> go to MY ACCOUNT, CHOOSE CLOUD SYNC TURN OFF/THEN ON. This will give you a new timestamp for today! If you don’t see the option to turn off/on cloud sync there, then hit the right > next to home while in this menu and then turn if off/on

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    Awful app - ruining the experience

    Love the lights, hate the app. First off is the inability to use the faster wifi in the house, all devices need to be in sync with one another and because this doesnt work with the 5g wifi or whatever its called i have down grade my phone and my other devices to use nanoleaf. Second is the connection issue. This is making consider selling them and purchasing a different brand. This is ridiculous that this app has been around for many years and the same problem was happening in the beginning as it is today. I dont recommend these panels to anyone and I wont until Nanoleaf addresses and fixes these issues.

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    Unusable App, Flakey Device Connectivity

    This app is terrible, not well designed and the device itself is almost always unreachable. I have to believe most of these positive reviews are fake, as if you go online most of what I see are complaints. I had this for maybe two days before it had to be reset. For this much money your product should be at least decent instead of broken more than 95% of the time. I have a stable WiFi network and no other accessories with these types of problems. Both myself and my partner work in IT fixing issues with tech all day, I can assure you it is not human error. The app looks like it was designed by engineers instead of actual designers who understand UX, and it’s also ugly as sin. Go with Hue where there’s some actual support and reliability. I’d never buy anything this company makes again. Utter garbage.

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    Elaborate app that doesn’t do the 1 thing it needs to

    I got the Nanoleaf panels and set up the app - but the app seems to be trying to be waaay more than just programming these panels, it’s really deep with home/room/shopping/etc. But...any tab I can figure out to be associated with just the Nanoleaf panels don’t seem to work. In my “Dashboard” is a “Basic - Color - Rythm - Group” set of tabs across the top, but the pages are completely blank. Color calibration, my panels don’t show up, panels don’t show up anywhere despite successfully pairing and nowhere to attempt to pair or setup again. Setup was a little confusing as it kept asking about some “home” systems that I’ve never heard of and wanted me to setup some “shop” account in addition to the new Nanoleaf account I just created. Maybe trying to bypass that messed something up. no response through their feedback/help.

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    All of my smart lights and plugs connect without a problem, I spent $1200 on these panels 3 days ago and still can not connect them to my phone, my iPad, my work phone or work iPad. I have 2 different routers one for work and one for personal, both with 2G options and these lights will not even show as a accessory, I’ve uninstalled the apps 10+ times, tried different networks etc. I’ve turned off my firewall on both routers and still nothing. This app or panels are absolutely junk if they cannot connect to a phone!!! $10 China made lights connect without a problem Nanoleaf!! LIFX was bad, so i bought these but wow these are 10x’s worse. Anyone reading this, save your money. ALSO these WILL rip your paint off, so be prepared to touch up spots. Problem with LIFX was they wouldn’t stick and their app was very complicated but at least connected!!

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    Great until the recent update

    When I first got the starter kit and panels, I was excited to try everything out. Downloaded the app and everything just worked flawlessly. I downloaded scenes and had everything set up nicely on my dashboard. Unfortunately, they recently updated the app and it’s caused nothing but problems. I’m having multiple issues connecting to the panels, the dashboard is gone and cannot find any of the scenes I had downloaded (Even though in itself cloud sync it can still see I downloaded them). It’s a huge mess and incredibly frustrating having to try and connect to my panels for over an hour until giving up completely. If the company was smart they’d roll back to the last update until they can fix what was going on with the recent one, but it’s highly doubtful.

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    Horrible Support

    The product works decently, but I purchased this in large for its compatibility with Apple HomeKit - which is not working properly. More specifically, using Nanoleaf Canvas with HomeKit automation is not working. This may be some configuration needed (though I doubt it) or a firmware update, but Nanoleaf support team is horrible, so I don’t know. And that may be the worst part about this device - it’s support system. They don’t have anyone you can talk to live. They enforce emails to convey technical issues. I spend two weeks and four emails to spin in circles just trying to communicate my problem. Apparently, they just get bored and stop replying to my emails. This product is too expensive for shoddy support and for an advertised capability not to work

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    Garbage Firmware Update Ruined the Product

    I had a perfectly functioning, 30-panel set-up. Then, along came this piece of garbage firmware update designed to make the product better. But now it is completely unusable. I have reinstalled the product 4 times now. After spending 30 minutes or so each time, and FINALLY getting to app to work, 30 minutes later, the app won’t connect and the lights have just defaulted to bright white at 100% intensity. Horrible. Nothing works. None of the programs. The buttons on the hardware itself don’t work now. All this immediately after installing this crappy “update”. Whereas I once had a piece of living art on my wall, I now have a $500 LED lightbulb. I’m so disappointed. I’ve only had the product for three weeks, so I barely got a chance to enjoy it.

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    Lights are no longer responding after latest update

    This is a really cool app and set of panels but the latest update (or firmware update or both, not sure) has caused my leaf panels to stop responding with the app. I’ve reset my phone, the panels, the WiFi, and I still cannot get the panels to connect for more than 5 min (I have to reset each time). This app was working perfectly before, so I’m said I’m that I’m having to give it 1 star for now because of this. I hope you guys can fix this issue!

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    Panels are great. New app not so much

    I’ve owned these for a while and have never had any issues at all. Panels look great and are bright enough for any condition I throw at them. Unfortunately, I’m not sure why the developer decided to completely redo the app. It’s by far one of the prettiest, yet least intuitive, least functional apps I’ve ever used. Definitely not user friendly at all. It seems like they were more concerned about the overall look of the app and not at all concerned about usability and ease of use. If I was looking to buy this product today and knew how not user friendly the app is, I would not purchase it.

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    Don’t waste your time and money

    If you love wasting two or more hours troubleshooting, setting the lights back to factory reset, deleting and redownloading the app, resetting up the device and reprogramming your lights after every app update, this is the product for you! The lights stop working in some way every time there is a software update. This time it was the scheduling. Last time they wouldn’t turn on. The time before that all my scenes were deleted. Support is nonexistent and their site’s copyright hasn’t even been updated in two years. Their only QA appears to be crowd sourced. Buy a Hue LED strip- it’s cheaper and it’ll actually work without giving you years of headaches like this does.

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Is Nanoleaf Smarter Series Safe?

No. Nanoleaf Smarter Series does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 14,250 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.5/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Nanoleaf Smarter Series Is 14.5/100.

Is Nanoleaf Smarter Series Legit?

No. Nanoleaf Smarter Series does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 14,250 Nanoleaf Smarter Series User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Nanoleaf Smarter Series Is 14.5/100.

Is Nanoleaf Smarter Series not working?

Nanoleaf Smarter Series works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Nanoleaf Smarter Series customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Nanoleaf Smarter Series.

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