Geek - Smarter Shopping Reviews

Geek - Smarter Shopping Reviews

Published by on 2020-11-30

Get trending products at 50-80% OFF what you would pay at your local stores. Get
the smartest deals on headphones, watches, speakers, phone upgrades, car
accessories, and electronics directly on your phone. We go directly to the
manufacturers to get you the best deals on stuff you want....

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Geek - Smarter Shopping Reviews

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    Not as good as they let on to be

    First, this app should NOT be rated for age 4+ due to them selling adult items that a child can easily access. I have ordered many items through this app since the beginning of the year. At the start, delivery was good and fairly quick compared to their time estimates. Now, three months later, items late on delivery are more and more frequent. I am currently waiting on an item due in January and keep being told to wait longer. I have had ONE item from an order arrive and the entire order would be marked as having been received after that ONE item was marked received with no way to change it. When contacting customer service about it, I was told to contact the local post office myself to see where it is. I am still waiting on an item that was marked as arrived after having received the REST of the order, but not it. It hasn’t shown up. All items are sent individually, so it is insanity trying to keep track of what items from an order have been received. Some items have been of good quality while others are defective. For one item, I had ordered PINK and they sent me BLACK! How do you mess up that? Thankfully, I was able to send a picture showing the wrong color and was refunded for that one. You are taking your chances on which you will get. The longer this goes, the less impressed I become with this operation.

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    Pretty cool

    They advertise items to be ridiculously cheap and the catch is that you pay close to full price of what an item would normally cost with shipping. Sure it sounds like a sham, but All if not most of these items, are super unique and you would never find them anywhere in any retail store. If you like to be different and stylish at the same time, and not some copycat, I'm sure this phase will have something right up your alley. What I found was weird is that it was suggesting items that I had verbally talked about while my phone was in my lap, and they started popping up as things I had not yet searched on the app, or on the web yet, wich kinda educated me on watching what I say around my phone since it's most likely recording you to listen for keywords to better yet assist you in helping find what exactly it is your looking for lol

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    Was great but the return polices have changed

    I used to love this app, but it’s gone down hill. When you purchase something it comes from China so it takes longer to get to you. A lot of stuff is obviously knock offs, but every now and then you’ll get a good deal. I’ve ordered many things off this app and about half the things I order never show up or when I receive them they aren’t like their product picture. The company had a really good no questions ask return policy-I assume this was due to the crap they sell which are knock offs. Recently, I ordered an item and low and behold the item that arrived was not as described (It was a t-shirt with a graphic- except the graphic was blurry). When I tried to contact support I was prompted with a message saying due to some users taking advantage of returns or “return abuse” they would monitor my account for such actions. This was a total surprise to me as -yes I’ve return stuff in the past, but it’s because of poor quality products or stuff never arriving, but I was surprised because what was once “return anything no questions asked” is now, we are going to watch everything you do. Really???? Be careful when you order from this app. It’s a bunch of foreigners making a quick buck. You might lose your money if your “returns” become a problem in their eye. Total scam.

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    Pretty good app but needs a little more work

    I really like this app and really enjoy browsing through items that have really low prices. Although I really enjoy using this app, there are still a few things that need to be worked on. One of those things are the search bar. Browsing through items not knowing what I want is what I usually do. But when I am looking for a specific thing, I use the search bar. Most of the time (depending on the item) I can find what I need easily. But for example, say that I were to search for an iPhone 8. I would have to keep scrolling for about 2-3 minutes before finding an iPhone 8. But when I keep scrolling through phone accessories, close out the app, reopen the app, there would be various types of phones on the home screen alongside more phone accessories. As much as I like the feature that makes items similar to the ones you recently viewed, show in a recommended screen, it would be nice if whatever I search for can show first instead of having me scroll through pages for 2-3 minutes. But overall, this is a really nice app if you are looking for various things for the lowest prices.

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    A Staple App to have!

    I don’t have any other way to say it other than that! I get stuff all the time for 80-95% cheaper than anywhere else that sells what I’m looking for. If your into name brands then you’ll be able to find them here as well it truly is a great app!! They connect directly with sellers and companies overseas to get you the discounts on what your looking for. Also in my experience with other Apps or Sites is that the will usually try to sneak in a little bit of a profit in the shipping costs but they don’t burn you on the shipping costs and they don’t have any type of minimum amount of items required to get your stuff mailed. Does take like 30 days on average to get the package in usually but, the also offer multiple types shipping options to fit your deadlines if you have them.

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    Ordering and Actually Receiving Items

    This app has many, many, many items. I have ordered several pieces, which I have not received as of yet. That would be my only issue thus far, is that shipping takes so very long, before you receive anything. The majority of items appear to be coming from out of the United States, example China, which means don’t expect anything within less than a month. I purchased sweaters for my dogs in extra large, there is no doubt that they were really a size small. I have a pitbull, a small one, and I gave them away to my friend's pugs, which they almost didn’t fit. That’s just how small they were. So I wouldn’t suggest purchasing any items like that. I still have many items that I am waiting for. So I’m afraid to order anything else until I receive everything that I have ordered and then maybe I’ll know what to order from that point on and expect it to be at least a month.

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    Surprisingly good

    I was skeptical at what kind of quality items I'd be receiving due to the price but so far I've received 2 items within a couple weeks. Shipping time is pretty varied because a lot of the products come from China. Some from US as well and expedited shipping options. Easy to earn discounts just by opening the app. Support is very quick to respond. Only thing I'm not necessarily a fan of is paying for shipping for each item individually but since items come from different stores it makes sense. There's also quite a few products that are free, you just pay shipping (only a couple dollars) so can't argue with that especially because there's 30 day return policy for most if not all items.

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    A couple flaws about the app but despite that

    There are a couple flaws that make the app not as smooth flowing as it could be for lack of a better way to state that but if you get what I’m trying to say it just applies to the search filters and things along those lines and the only other thing is that the only things that you mainly find the real good deals on are those that you will wait a month to receive except for the occasional item here and there you get lucky to come across though even those items that you pay the little extra for to get in a week are still at a fair price so all and all I have to say it is a very useful app and is convenient out side of the couple things that I find a little off might be fine to others so that is why I give a 4 out of 5 stars in my opinion

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    Great Resource

    I’ve ordered a good deal of items from this site. The site itself is easy to use and offers many great bargains. Some come via boat over the great pond so they arrive two months later but many ship via a US Agent and arrive within days. Have never had a financial transaction issue with them. I did not receive an item once. It took a little more than it should have to get a refund but nonetheless, I was granted a refund quickly once request was submitted. Sometime I buy something that is such a bargain, I’m sure it’s junk but honestly, most all it has been adequate for the job, works great or was just a really good bargain. Nothing comes with big names on it but it works so who cares!

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    Geek not too Geeky

    I try and try again with this store which is Wish in every way. Used the Wish app many times which is a crap shoot then switched to Geek. I’m a level6 and with schemes and hollow discounts galore it boasts great deals on name brand stuff. The local stores located in the states aren’t too bad but anything from China is a gamble and a knockoff of the real thing. If you order say 10 things from Chinese stores the tracking ends once it hits our shores. Then 7/10 may arrive at your door. The ones that don’t may arrive several months later if customs seems it ok. The ones that do arrive takes a month or more. Quality is bad overall and cheap. Clothes from Asia are two sizes too small so order two sizes up always. Materials are strange and unrecognizable. I have had some luck with Bluetooth speakers minus earphones. Some clothes, gloves, sunglasses, fishing lures, parachord, flashlights, backpacks and stuff like that are quite good. Bad stuff includes tasers, Laser dot sights, tri Rail forends and anything electronic from China will work but will fail after a short while. Hope this helps those of you to manage this sight better and with less disappointment. Remember if it’s too good of a price to be real then there’s a real reason for that and Wish/Geek mastered the art of fleecing and deceptive price switching after you put in cart. Plus they charge a high amount for shipping on some items.

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    Great app and Great has products!

    I have bought many times from this app. They are good about making it right if the item didn’t show up or arrived late. They also have a realistic viewpoint of arrival times than most apps give, some will swear a Chinese shipment might take one week when the reality it my be several. While I’ve had only thing go wrong (and it was just a very late item) they did the best to address the situation and even after it was handled still emailed me that they did the whole process right. That was awesome, if never had an app or online company check there own work out! Thanks, I’ll keep buying off the app, and when I’m not on an iOS device, then the website!

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    Great customer service

    I ordered through this app for some of my electronic needs during the holidays and I must admit that they are very fast in the customer service department although some of the things I ordered did not arrive or were damaged they were very fast and easy to deal with when I asked to speak to customer support they answered me back immediately and refunded my money that day no questions asked. I am very pleased to know that if I have any issues with my orders that they are the quickest and most reliable in the customer service department then Anyone I’ve ever dealt with... keep up the good work it definitely makes buying thru you guys much more comfortable...

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    Terrible absolutely terrible

    I used to love this app the customer service was on point and understanding but recently I made 5 orders of which not a single one of my packages arrived . After messaging support the automatic assistant says it takes extra time so it says I could wait so giving the extra time I waited and I waited a whole month and a half after deciding it’s been too long I meaaahes support and said I wanted to speak to a representative I message them back and forth and apparently by their records it’s arrived and since I waited too long to message them when they have on record that I messaged them about every item they won’t refund my money my family has stopped using them and I advise you not to use this app they are a bunch of theives and pay people to leave good reviews on the app they are terrible and don’t care whether you get your item or not they just want your money they are a bunch of scammers

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    I have been a devoted Geek/Wish customer for years. Unfortunately over the last 6 months they have had vendors that take orders and never ship the product. The shipping record on the website shows the product never shipped. You contact the Customer Service folks and they tell you it’s delayed 30 days. After 30 days still no product and you check again and it gives you a tracking number which shows it shipping. Actually it never shipped and by the time this has transpired you have “exceeded the refund timeframe” and they just keep your money. Once is unfortunate. Twice is frustrating. Three times it’s a pattern. If you want to buy the $1 or $2 stuff there is like risk. My last purchase was $20 plus shipping and it just lost. I don’t know if this is a response to Trump or a scam. Either way I recommend you do not purchase anything over a dollar or two at most.

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    I was ignored when I contacted support

    I ordered a watch band for my apple watch and I would frequently check where my package was using the tracking number. I was home the day and time that my package was marked as delivered however no mail came that day. I contacted support about it, they even have a section where you send them a message about an item that was marked as delivered but not received. They proceeded to tell me to check with my neighbors and post office both of which did not know what happened to the package and then the Geek support people told me there was nothing they could do. No refund, no replacement, nothing. When I asked if there was anything else that could be done, my message was ignored. I tried again thinking maybe it was a fluke or something but still no answer. So I was basically cheated out of my money and then ignored when I tried to get something done about it.

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Is Geek - Smarter Shopping Safe?

Yes. Geek - Smarter Shopping is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 41,944 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Geek - Smarter Shopping Is 45.0/100.

Is Geek - Smarter Shopping Legit?

Yes. Geek - Smarter Shopping is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 41,944 Geek - Smarter Shopping User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Geek - Smarter Shopping Is 45.0/100.

Is Geek - Smarter Shopping not working?

Geek - Smarter Shopping works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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