AppClose Reviews

AppClose Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-29

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AppClose Reviews

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    I like the looks but....

    I like some things (that you can select certain kids for events, the way the calendar looks, options for viewing calendar), but the calendar is annoying. What’s the point of the calendar importing my iPhone calendar (where I already have the event I need entered) if I can’t just duplicate the existing event to share it or just plain share it? This app makes you create the event again in the app in order to share it even though the event you may want to share has been created on another calendar and has been imported to this app, and is sitting there staring at you while you’re in the app. Nope create the event here AGAIN just to share. And I might be able to deal with this, but when I want to enter events such as my kids camps or sports practices, I can’t duplicate an event on an additional day. You have to re-enter the information day by day. For example, I tried entering my daughter’s tennis camp. This event is the same thing, same time four days in a row, but I have to re-enter all the information for every single day. If this app would at least duplicate events on separate days I would use it. I ONLY need an easy calendar to share kids event & trips with my ex, & this is just too much for me to want to do.

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    No customer support- Update

    After sending a second tech support email and writing this review I got a very prompt response and I am pleased with that. I like the calendars, file upload and custody schedule features. I do not like that any parent can choose which parent they are and create harassing events. Not everyone plays nice when they want to dissolve their holy matrimony. The quick and easy set up guide should include instructions on how to protect your user so that one parent cannot chose to enter information as the other parent. I have contacted their customer support twice and have not received any advice. My soon to be ex-husband was able to create an event with my user. He set a month long event that indicated that he knew where I was staying in the Appointments calendar with a harassing note that disappeared when I accepted the event. I thought that he was finally updating his parenting schedule. He hadn’t sent me an event yet and I thought that it was about time. He initially set up the AppClose and sent me a link to our personal app, and was not sent the account number. I am waiting AppClose. Where is your customer service?

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    Wanting to love its calendar

    I probably lost more time trying the app to understand my timeshare day schedule than I’d have spent marking manually on a sheet of paper until 2080. It is unintuitive, really convoluted with inconsistent options. You cannot mark days manually (Custom only let’s you mark a simple range). Even basic things didn’t work out. But even very simple things are full of bugs in the calendar. For example, you need to setup each holiday by hand. But by the 3rd Holiday entry, the app replaces your 1st Holiday entry with that of the 3rd. It also sees “overlaps” where there are none with “Custom Scheduled”. Probably, a Fields Medal award must be awarded to any parent able to complete a schedule successfully-regardless of how many weeks they took to accomplish it. I think the app has a lot of potential, but since it’s literally impossible to setup the calendar, and it in now way helps you with that and it is chock full of bugs and unintuitive (odd and also awkward) choices, then I must rate with one star. But, I feel that the creators may feel it’s just me or that’s two harsh. I will give an additional start for the courage to try to include a calendar, even if it’s the most horrible example of buggy, over bloated, massively confusing and horribly thought out calendar scheduling for co-parents. The rest of the App seems fantastic. I haven’t tried because what drew me to the App was having a schedule shared with the coparent.

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    Major issues

    My wife and I agreed to use this app even though our attorneys recommended a different one. So we changed our agreement to use it. Now it is changing the times in the parenting calendar my ex says she can’t properly merge the calendars, it just dumped all the stuff I spent over an hour inputting. There is no option for every other week schedule. This is horrible, it’s wasting my time. No support just an email ticket system, no phone number to call. I hope they fix it quickly. also I saw a response to one of the other reviews that was EXACTLY WHAT I AM SEEING, and the developer responded that it was just a competitor and they would report it. That is so petty... clearly reading the most recent reviews by date there are a lot of things to fix. It actually worked ok until I started sharing and now I can’t input things, things don’t show up and like I previously mentioned the times change. She reports she can’t merge the calendars and gets an error message when she accepts.

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    May be changing parenting apps

    Edited to add as of 3.3 update. This app does not work or share properly on iPhones. The schedule is a pain to figure out and when shared it does not send proper schedule. It constantly freezes on my phone STILL after telling support about it over and over and documents disappear or are not received on the other end. If this app isn’t fixed ASAP I will be switching to takingparents. Things that would be helpful for my husband and I: 1. Improved Notes: notes, along with any other uploaded information such as immunization records, report cards, etc need to be time stamped and give plenty of typing space. 2. Check-ins would be very helpful for proof of pickup/drop off times with the option to take photos. 3. Calling and video calling feature. 4. Ability to bring in third party to previous conversations. 5. A messaging filter to help effective communication without assertive words. (A feature coparenter has) 6. A way for the coparent to “accept” something that’s shared with them so that the sender knows it was received. For example, uploaded medical documents. Things that need to be fixed for iPhone X: 1. Parenting schedule sharing options. When my husband shares his parenting schedule with me, It shows the coparent scheduled time not our own. 2. Freezes and force closes often when messing with calendar or main screen. 3. Messaging sometimes does not go through.

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    Will backfire custody battle

    If you are already trying to use this app it’s already not an easy time of your life and you want this tool to make things simpler for you. This app absolutely adds to your existing frustrations. First not all messages you send to your x, reach your x. The calendar is garbage. You put in time for August 24 to September 5th from 5pm to say 4pm. It changes things to October and 730pm. The predefined schedules mixes the parents. You spend 90% your time with your child and this app will credit the 90% percent to the person that wants nothing to sacrifice with that child. If you use this app with good intent in some custody battle it could backfire badly. Now you tell me is it worth losing a child to an untrustworthy parent because some lawyer spent $23k developing a penny pinching software project while spending millions marketing this thing? Do not use this app. It just makes an already frustrating situation more dire

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    5 Stars!

    Dear developers, I’ve been your loyal and very happy customer for a year now. I just wanted to leave a review about your update because I really love all the new features and wanted everyone to know how easy and useful everything this App offers! But instead, I saw several negative reviews right on top and I decided to write this... Please don’t get discouraged by the unfair negativity. Please keep doing what you do best and keep this app alive and keep the updates coming. So many of us depend on you and so many of our lives as divorced parents have become easier because of your app. Like in any app glitches happen, but that’s okay. You listen to our feedback, fix things extremely fast and I am grateful for such amazing customer support. It seems like the people who have left these negative reviews haven’t used the application or given it a fair chance. This app was court ordered and ironically that’s one of the best decisions the court has made! Thank you again for creating such a diverse app and keep up the great work!

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    Extremely helpful!!

    The one thing I love about this app is it is free to use. The second is I can communicate with my ex with less stress and drama and able to use the expenses on here. It’s easy to share medical and schedule of the kids rather than talking to him directly. Please always keep them this app free and we will keep using it. Update.....I just did an update for the app and it DELETED EVERYTHING I HAVE ON FILE! ALL PENDING PAYMENTS!!!!!! So unhappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Was working and now not

    **Update** They fixed it after I submitted a ticket via the help button on the profile tab. Thank goodness. I was freaking out as the feature is SO important. Thank you! I’m very concerned about this app as people are saying what’s wrong with it and the developer or person responding is saying it’s a competitor. That is concerning because I looked at my check in’s and saw them all, and I went back a few moments later to export them and they were gone. I absolutely need those and no one has contacted me back from the ticket I sent within the app. I’m feeling like the rest of everyone and may have to use another app. Please fix it!

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    Eh, it’s okay

    I have been using this app for a month now. It’s a little confusing when trying to add things to the calendar, but I’ve been trying to just deal with that. I like that it archives everything. It’s important that I keep documentation of everything with my child’s father. I am, however, no running into not being able to schedule his supervised visitation to him or his mother ... it’s saying the app is having problems. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ve been trying literally all week and the visitation is tomorrow. So how I just need to message and confirm I guess. It is frustrating having to work around these things.

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    Good but could be better

    I gave 3 stars because it works, but it could be more helpful. If these features are added/changed I will change my review. 1. Needs a group chat feature so that parents and step parents or other guardians can all be on the same page because some discussions need to involve everyone. 2. Call feature with optional recording would be wonderful. 3. The calendar to sync with iPhone calendar so that I don’t have to check both calendars. 4. Notifications to work on apple watch. I downloaded the app onto the watch and I can view messages but cannot reply and with or without the app on the watch it does not give notifications of new messages/requests. This can cause frustration as I do not check my phone a lot unless I receive a notification on my watch. 5. Notes section to record things that happened without having to keep it separate and have that exportable for court or record keeping like the messages are.

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    Too many glitches with customized calendar!

    I installed this app today and all seemed great until I tried entering parenting time into the calendar. I could not use the templates/preset calendars as our agreement is not standard. However, our visitation schedule is not at all complex either. Each time I entered the details for a particular day which repeats every other week, I would tap ‘add’ and the app would shut down. I would restart the app to find that the details did not save. I did this about five times before uninstalling. The features seem incredibly useful, but the technology is a mess - at least related to customized calendars. This is too bad because if it worked, this app would have been perfect for our needs!

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    Needs improvement

    I was liking this app when I first installed it and it was better to communicate with my kids mother, but lately I’ve become frustrated because some of the messages that I’m supposed to receive or messages I’m sending out doesn’t go through, which causes miscommunication. Also, after checking the messages, the notifications doesn’t disappear but stays up, so it looks as if I still have unread messages. If other users are having this issue, I hope it gets resolved, otherwise I will have to seek another reliable app.

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    Overall a great app

    This definitely has made co-parenting easier. Has lots of options from calendars and pertinent info to ensure you are both on the same page. My only suggestions for the app are to fix bugs found in notifications-it doesn’t always notify you there is a message, and reminders only show up for the person who created the event and not for the other person. It would be nice if the reminder would apply to both. Otherwise this app has been a life saver

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    Good app but payments are always late

    The app is nice but in recent months they have done some drastic changes to it. As a result, the calendar is very messy looking and the payments are never on time. When you contact customer customer support to see where your payments are from the other parent, replies come from different people with different answers and excuses. Sometimes they don’t respond at all. I love the idea of this app but lately the customer support has gone downhill considerably. Very disappointing. A year ago this app would have received five stars.

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Is AppClose Safe?

Yes. AppClose is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 13,316 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for AppClose Is 62.0/100.

Is AppClose Legit?

Yes. AppClose is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 13,316 AppClose User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for AppClose Is 62.0/100.

Is AppClose not working?

AppClose works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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