Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] Reviews

Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] Reviews

Published by on 2021-09-05

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a friendly yet powerful remote control for your
computer. Control your computer from the couch, bed, or even from another room.
No line of sight is required - the app uses WiFi to connect to your computer.
And you can even use Apple Watch to control your co...

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Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] Reviews

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    Time = Money

    The track pad I was considering buying, no longer on the table. This allows me to only need my phone for my mac and other needs. As my TV remote is used for power, volume, and changing sources. I can use less and do more, gives me the freedom to be in another room on the same wifi and play music across my home from my mac. Launching apps like Netflix, or VPNs are a breeze, I can leave my mac closed and do everything as I have been before, but from the comfort of my couch, bed, or balcony. I haven’t found any problems with it besides the keyboard disabling and stopping me from typing, but that doesn’t last more than a couple seconds and I’m right back. Minor inconvenience, but no reason to drop a star. Highly grateful for this app and well worth the money. I’d rather spend a few bucks on an app than spend X amount on a trackpad that I can lose and that adds to clutter.

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    A True Benchmark For Thoughtful Utility

    This app (and its companions) are truly an exercise in thoughtful ingenuity. Basically if you want something, anything really, done on your Mac, this remote app allows you to either do it from a premade function within the app or spend a few minutes “building” the feature you want to use to manipulate your Mac with scripts and Siri commands (and I’m sure much more). I do wish the app developers website was more detailed in how to use the many, many, many features. I’ve mostly caught on but I can tell there’s this entire feature set waiting in there to be utilized but I’m just not savvy or knowledgeable enough to know and the directions are scant or relegated to more basic functions. However, having more options than you know how to use isn’t exactly my idea of a huge problem. The apps are constantly being updated and always becoming more useful and streamlined. It’s obvious with every update someone who cares about these products is on the other end dreaming up ways to polish the feature set. Thanks, friend!

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    Perfect for Musicians

    I record in a home studio for various types of commission work but I almost always record everything myself. This is an amazing tool that will allow you to adjust anything in your DAW when recording. I mix right in front of my computer and record, on the opposite side of the room, with a mic and headphones. It's a really big pain, while tracking, to play/sing hear and check the reverb or compressor - get up - adjust - check again - adjust - check one last time... This is no bueno. Now that I have this seamless easy to use app I tilt my computer monitor so I can see it from across the room and I use my iPhone to switch between this app and the Logic Remote app. It allows me to make adjustments without ever getting up from in front of my carefully positioned microphone. It allows for a more seamless workflow and it allows me to get more done faster. I didn't even take the time to understand how it works I just opened it, tapped on my computer and kept working. This developer knows what he's doing. Great job man. If you've read this far, just get it. You would probably be wasting you time if you didn't get it at this point. Trust me it's not worth tripping over that very expensive mic that your home studio cannot afford to replace. This app + Logic Remote app = the best productivity tool for the solo home studio musician.

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    Excellent App - Support Indy Devs!

    I’ve downloaded A LOT of apps over the years, but only a handful inherently garnered paid status in my library - this is one that did. There are a ton of features packed into this app and the dev seemingly keeps adding more as time goes on. I actually opened Remote Pro for the first time in several months (I just hadn’t needed it lately as I was spending less time watching movies, etc) and I was incredibly surprised at how much work had been done since the last time I used. The Dev deserves a lot of credit; not only does he continue to keep the app relevant and up to date but I would argue he keeps it outshining much of the competition, some of which is from much larger corporations. Support Indy devs and keep the marketplace diverse and innovative.

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    Best PC remote control available

    I have tried a number of remote control apps and this one is head-and-shoulders above the rest. The other apps do not consistently remain connected with my PC or they work with one PC program but not other programs. I previously had to swap between two different apps to get the same functionality that this single app offers, plus, this app offers a lot more. I use my PC as a media player to show content on my TV. The ability to create my own keyboards and macros in this app makes controlling VLC and even web-based players super easy. This app has never dropped the connection and works with every PC program I have tried it with. The ability to see my computer screen on my iPad is helpful, too. This developer has put much care into the development of the app, and he responds to support requests very quickly. I do believe this is the last app I will need for remote controlling my PC, and I will happily delete the other apps I was using. The biggest challenge you may face with this app is learning how to use all the features, but help is available online with step-by-step instructions.

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    Great App!

    This is a really great app with top notch support from the developer. Unlike many similar products on the app store, this one includes just about every feature you would need for the initial price. No hidden features that cost you extra after you have purchased the app. Everything is included and everything is there. I have tried Mouse Pro and Remote Mouse Pro and this is by far the better product. The only negative is the layout, which IMO is a bit over complicated. Besides that, there really is the anything bad to say. If you are looking for something that has media controls, mouse functions, and an endless amount of customization for everything in-between... Then this is the app your looking for.

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    Excellent programming, best remote in App Store

    This is the most complete feature-rich remote in the App Store, and I have tried a variety. Simple mouse and media controls for general users and the option to hotkey custom scripts for the power users. One of the most important things to look for in an app is that developer is still actively engaged and updating the app. I’ve had this app for years and multiple Mac operating systems and the developer has updated the app consistently over that time. This is independent development done better than the largest company can offer. To the developer, I don’t have any useful input at the moment, but just wanted to get a review up real quick and say thank you!

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    Best app to make your phone into a mouse.

    I like to hook my MacBook up to my tv. I use Bluetooth mouses and such, but I also tend to lose the usb thing or break the mouse somehow. I’ve tried other apps to make my phone a mouse, and being cheap I used the free ones. They never work that well and don’t usually last long before I delete them. I came across this one and decided to try it out. It has far exceeded my expectations. There is a pop up keyboard, volume controls, video controls (including ones for Netflix, VLC, and other video watching platforms). It also has controls for the computer like screen brightness/sleep/shutdown. I highly recommend this app.

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    Must have app

    This tiny little app packs more power than it seems to have. Sure the interface isn’t full of fireworks and pixie dust and you can’t make it your own custom colors, but it s amazing for remotely controlling your Mac. I use it often to turn my devices on and off through a shortcut on my HomePod, I use it to control my displays, to manage volume, lock and unlock the computers, remote into them, use them as external mouse and keyboard and so much more. I absolutely love this app. What I’d love to see is the ability to remotely log into the computers when not on the same network and this app would kill many others. Keep up the great work!

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    Absolutely Essential

    This is by far the best remote app for my Mac I have ever used. It works extremely well and the developer is very active with updates and bug fixes (it’s rare there is a bug but when one does pop up it is fixed very quickly). The app is all around great, I mainly use it as an iTunes remote for when I’m using my Mac to watch movies on my tv but I’ve found it’s great for long downloads or installing new software because I can mirror my macs screen and control everything without having to get up. Definitely worth every penny. I paid full price and this is my honest unbiased opinion.

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    Best of its kind

    I’ve tried a few of these phone-as-touchpad apps over several years! None of them are as feature rich as this. At best with apps like this you pay a few bucks for something rough around the edges, just ugly and only a serviceable touchpad at best. Not the case here! This thing lets you make custom keypads for any apps, all kinds of useful presets like numpad or media controls to access from in app or as a widget, this thing even lets you view your pc screen, and that was a really cool surprise. Check it out, the dev is still updating frequently so who knows how far this project can go.

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    Honestly? Far Exceeded Expectations

    I’ve tried a handful of similar apps, but I’m so impressed with the quality of Remote Pro. I’m a software developer. I often switch between my iMac and MacBook Pro, and now, given the pandemic, I’m often doing it from the comfort of my bed or sofa. As an engineer, the fact that this functions so smoothly is just beyond impressive; as a user, it’s so convenient, and filled to the brim with clever features. This isn’t just a remote, this single app makes your phone a featured-packed, surprisingly integrated extension of your computer. I love it.

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    Go-to app for my MacMini Media Server

    A couple of years later: developer still curates and cares for this app. He has made it significantly more powerful and usable. I have a Mac mini as my media center and Remote Pro is the go-to controller. I’d still gladly buy it. Totally useful and powerful. So superior to Splashtop. I especially like screen magnification while managing my mini from across the room with iPhone. Very versatile media app management. Developer is carefully curating his app and is responsive to questions, help queries. I bought the bundle months ago and no regrets!

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    Pleased with Improvements

    For a relatively inexpensive app, this thing has grown a lot since I first downloaded it. The developer has added a nice assortment of controllers (though powerpoint and maybe a generic game controller would be nice), along with plenty of nice little interface adjustments that make using the app pleasant. While it feels a little lacking in the gestures department, and running the keyboard input through iPhone’s predictive text and spelling correction stuff would be nice given these baby-sized keyboards, everything else about it is so nice to use it earns five stars.

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    The basic functionality of just being able to use my phone as a trackpad and keyboard is amazing enough - but that’s just scratching the surface for this app. Pre designed keypads for every streaming site out there. Don’t like the layout? You can customize it. You can create totally custom keypads to launch and control any site, macro etc. I have my MBP docked with a 32in monitor that serves as my tv in the bedroom. I can control everything, from my phone, while laying in bed. Better than I traditional tv remote. Actions also work perfectly with Siri and Shortcuts. Every morning before leaving I need to turn my monitor off. Using the Siri integration with this app, I don’t even need to unlock my phone. I just trigger Siri, say “monitor off”, and monitor shuts off within 2 seconds. By far the best, and most used app on my devices. Honest review. From a very satisfied user. Keep it up devs!

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Is Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] Safe?

Yes. Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,871 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] Is 40.1/100.

Is Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] Legit?

Yes. Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,871 Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] Is 40.1/100.

Is Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] not working?

Remote Mouse & Keyboard [Pro] works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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