Swiggy Food Order & Delivery Reviews

Swiggy Food Order & Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2021-07-06

Here’s everything you can do and find on the Swiggy app: - Order food,
groceries, and other essentials online. - Restaurant and Delivery Partners
trained in hygiene protocols. - Find top restaurants and stores in your city.
- 30+ cuisines to choose from. - Late-night delivery servic...

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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
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Swiggy Food Order & Delivery Reviews

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    Uneducated employees

    Ok so I order egg curry and roti from R.K eggtry and when I received my order only egg curry came and no Roti so I called the restaurant and they said they are out of stock. Why is it still In your ordering options when you are out of it I asked ... I get reply that it’s Swiggy’s fault not ours that they didn’t take it off on their website ok so I call Swiggy and I talk to the representative and he is telling me nothing he can do besides give me credit my money back for the roti so I asked him what am I supposed to do at 12am with egg curry without a roti and he tells me to order it from another restaurant and wait another 50 minutes. So I told him why don’t you take this egg curry back and give me my 650rs back and I will order the whole food somewhere else because I’m not eating it without roti or waiting for roti for 50 minutes and eat it with cold curry and all he tells me nothing he can do. I asked him what would he do if he was at my position and he said I would be mad and would want my money back. Didn’t get anything done and I end up giving egg curry to the Dogs in my street. Thanks Swiggy for the great customer service!! Oh and thanks for 50rs coupon which I won’t be using so you may keep it or give to someone else !!

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    Horrible experience

    I have done hundreds of orders if not thousands with Swiggy, and almost all were good. But today I found very basic issue and some merging which will make me not to use Swiggy any more. I ordered a ready breakfast item at 9 am with 2 toddlers, after 1 hr with kids desperately waiting, I checked for the status and came to know that delivery agent was not assigned at all. Application shows just 1 status that food is being prepared. I called up support and was told by the executive that it’s my responsibility to check if the agent was assigned or not and I need to call up if I don’t see agent assigned. I am not sure with just a status of food being prepared how would I know if agent is assigned or not. And how can Swiggy take orders without agents availability. After that support person told me that they were assigning and it would be delivered in 20-30 min. Again I waited for 40 mins and called up and came to know that it was still not assigned and they donot have any agents available. I finally cancelled the order with a pledge not to go with Swiggy anytime. After ordering at 9 am I had to wait for all this nonsense for 2 hrs and then start afresh. Only difference was this time it was lunch instead of breakfast.

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    App constantly glitches

    Have been trying to use this app for a couple of months now. Lose almost half the “offers” due to glitches during payment, and you’re stuck either paying full price or finding something else if you still want food, with zero help from customer service. Multiple orders are canceled for one reason or another even after payment, and I have to spend weeks waiting for refunds on orders that were never completed (even though they claim the amount will be returned to your card or bank within a couple of days). If an order is super late or the food is inedible, customer service offers a measly Rs. 25 in return no matter how large the order was. One time a delivery person called and refused to come to the house to give us our food because it was “too far away” for him, and since I had already paid, I was forced to meet him 10 minutes away and pick it up myself. When I notified customer service, they offered apologies, but refused any sort of refund, even though I am a “Swiggy Super” customer. Honestly better to just walk down the street and pick up your own food than to try Swiggy.

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    Actually deserves ZERO stars

    Two orders in a row have resulted in complete failure, with amazingly poor customer service provided by Swiggy. First, an order was paid for and on its way for delivery then after watching the driver move around my neighborhood and chatting with support for 3 hours, I finally ate a different meal and went to bed, in the morning Swiggy said the order was delivered, then I had to spend 1.5 hours on the phone with them to get a refund. Worse was last night I ordered dinner, paid via Google Pay, money was debited from my account and verified on Google Pay, however Swiggy claims to not have received payment. After numerous chats and 1.5 hours on the phone with support, they offered no solution, promised to have a manager call me back, obviously they never called back, now this morning I have had 3 chats with support still with no resolution offered. This app has major technical issues around payment and delivery, and unfortunately Swiggy's customer support is the worst I've ever encountered! Deleting the app and will order from Zomato and UberEats for the rest of my life.

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    Superb iOS app experience!!

    Swiggy is probably one of the best food delivery businesses here in India and this whole experience has been enhanced by the mobile app. I mean you could also use the desktop website to order but the app is a much better option! There has been a lot of improvements on this app ever since and one huge upgrade I’ve felt personally is the chat experience. It’s still a little bit laggy but it’s way better than what it was before. There are still some bugs in the way photo upload section but I’d love to see an option to upload images from camera roll. I haven’t seen a lot of app crashes so that’s a good thing. The ease of browsing through the app and the rendering of photos and buttons are just great!

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    Worst place to get your food

    So I ordered Macdonalds about 8am where it gave me estimated time of delivery was about 40 min. I’m waiting I’m waiting and status still haven’t changed from “food is being prepared “ So now it’s been more than hour , my sick fiancé who wanted to have breakfast in time so he can take his pills but the order taking longer than 2 hours now . I’m like that’s it I’m calling support . So get after talking with support I come know know this that delivery guy having bike related issue and he haven’t even picked up the order yet. I’m like are you @#£$& with me. Shouldn’t he confirm this issue with me stead of keeping me waiting ???? As the support guy asks me if I want to cancel my order ? . I’m like sure go ahead and cancel the order and thank you :) for keeping us await more longer than 2 hours . And stead of offering us free meal just tell US to cancel the order like it was our fault or something ... literally the worst morning I ever saw my sick fiancé starve for .

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    Not the right support

    This is definitely not about ordering on Swiggy it’s about the people who come to deliver. Since I didn’t find an option to comment about the same anywhere else it goes here. They hang around apartments and streets/places after delivering or sometimes not having anything to deliver teasing children or ogling at women walking or playing with their children. Since they have their uniforms people don’t get to question them for the minute they see an adult they (for they come in numbers) run away in their vehicles. And the other thing is I made an order and never received a confirmation call so I called the restaurant and they said they never received an order so I went ahead and made the order again. I receive a representative call asking if I wanted the two orders and I say “NO” and he says he’d ensure the same with restaurant. When the delivery comes I receive two orders of the same order. This is dangerous!

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    App has bugs and customer service is pathetic

    This has become a repetitive experience recently. Either the rates are insane for the same restaurant compared to another app or there is an issue with the order. The latest experience: I placed an order with bowl company through swiggy, the payment was debited but didn’t reflect on swiggy. When I retried the order, it wouldn’t allow me to use the coupon even though the previous transaction didn’t go through. Spent half an hour with swiggy customer service and they were thoroughly unhelpful and not professional. I placed the order again without the coupon and the app still didn’t reflect it. Finally order went through with a much higher amount. The customer service didn’t help at all and I am still waiting for refund of my money and have had no help for all the time I wasted with them

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    Completely careless and indifferent people.

    This app is one of the worst apps I’ve used. These people don’t care about the customer, food quantity or quality. I ordered a bunch of times and 3 times I’ve found the food item either to be incorrect or the amount served was less than what I usually get from the restaurant if I go there on my own. They don’t care about customer complaints and I never got a reply from them. They call and annoy multiple times if there automated system doesn’t show that the food was accepted by the customer but they don’t care about customer experience and complaints. Also, they give you coupons but those coupons are mostly inapplicable to popular restaurants like Dominos. They are almost always either “not serving” or “closed”. How convenient!!! Pathetic people!

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    Poor service

    I placed an order around 8:30 and the delivery arrived almost at 10:30. My food was cold and I was already angry at the fact that is was arriving so late. The order was placed from sector 4 to little worlds mall which is in sector 2. The distance is walkable at a maximum of 10 mins. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied. I placed multiple calls to the dominos line and they said they’ll “highlight” my order, which didn’t make any difference as i didn’t the order any faster. I was held on the call for over 5 mins before getting disconnected by their side. They said they would connect me to another line to file a complaint and the 30 mins service wasn’t available today... Which does not justify why my order was 2 hours late.

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    Great new experience

    I made my first two orders with two different restaurants.. the first one was flawless and in 20 mins the person was on my doorstep... for the second it showed order received on the app for like 15-20 mins but when I called the Swiggy customer care, the person promptly made sure that the restaurant took the order and was ready to deliver. Definitely recommend.

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    I have used multiple delivery apps but never seen something like thins. Felt like sitting in on a stand up where you’re the topic of the joke. It’s 2am and I order food(obviously I’m starving) and I’m excited. The order is preparing for about the 30 mins(it had said 45 mins to delivery before I ordered) after which the order was picked up. Hence it seemed pretty accurate on the restaurants part at least. Then my driver goes in the opposite direction, I tried to contact him multiple times failing miserably. Finally I contact the app, their only solution is to cancel the order. I did not get charged but it’s disappointing to see such an operational failurE on my first order. I will not be ordering from swiggy again even if you pay me to. Thanks

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    Great App but a few suggestions and complaints

    I order from swiggy a lot and the food doesn’t always turn out to be what I expected and sometimes not consumable and on complaining all I get is a “sorry I can’t do anything” from your support executives and then what am I supposed to do with the food and my wasted money. At the very least they can send the same order as replacement or compensate me Also can you add a feature where I can pay part of the money by Paytm and the remaining in cash It would be a very well appreciated feature and quite popular

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    Not Genuine - Wrong updates in App!

    I ordered food using Swiggy and was waiting for long time. Swiggy app showed status as ‘food is being prepared by restaurant’. I went out for grocery shopping and thought of checking status of order at restaurant. To my surprise, my food was packed and kept ready by restaurant and they told we dint get Swiggy delivery person for a long time. To worst part, I asked can I pick up from there but he told the process is to deliver to Swiggy delivery only not to me. I waited until delivery person came and app showed order ready and picked up. I canceled my Swiggy super subscription and using this app only to get Swiggy exclusive restaurants otherwise I would have deleted.

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    Can be better

    Finding the food i need is a pain as i have to browse through every restaurant which are already many. The selection for the user should also include a menu wise search where i input the food item i am looking for and the app shows all the restaurants in the area providing that item! Swiggy doesn't have that option This will be a disadvantage for your business since many eaters like me don't care about the restaurant that much as long as the rating is good but rather want specific food items on specific times. Which is why your search should include that option.

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Is Swiggy Food Order & Delivery Safe?

Yes. Swiggy Food Order & Delivery is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 10,241 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.4/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Swiggy Food Order & Delivery Is 33.0/100.

Is Swiggy Food Order & Delivery Legit?

Yes. Swiggy Food Order & Delivery is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 10,241 Swiggy Food Order & Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Swiggy Food Order & Delivery Is 33.0/100.

Is Swiggy Food Order & Delivery not working?

Swiggy Food Order & Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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  4. If you are a Swiggy Food Order & Delivery customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Swiggy Food Order & Delivery.

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