GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! Reviews

GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-07

GamerLink is your destination for LFG. Find friends and the best
teammates! LFG: Looking for Group/Gamers Our #1 LFG app has been refined over
5 years to find you only the best like-minded gamers and teammates to build out
your friends list. GamerLink supports over 280 games across eve...

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GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! Reviews

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    Great But I have a Suggestion.

    The overall app is great! I love the design and how everything is so smooth. An example of what I am talking about is When You create a post and press “post” the bar is green with the loading icon. It gives off a smooth satisfying look. The users for this app aren’t that great when it come to activity but I suppose their isn’t anything you can do about that. One suggestion I have is in order to make it look a little more smooth, Animate the app logo. If upon launching the app there was animated logo I think a lot more please would be satisfied. Just think about it? Picking Up your nice phone and opening it whether if it’s with A Password, Passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. You want to play a game but you are feeling a bit lonely. You come across the app GamerLink and you think wow! It looks great. You download the app and open it to the logo being animatedly drawn right in front of your eyes. That would be pretty cool if you ask me.

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    Perfect app, meh users

    The app is perfect it is put together so well and the premise of the app is even better. There are no limits to how this can help you as a player. The only reason I don’t give it five stars is because of other users not because of the app itself. Most of the time people are generally exactly what they say and they’re committed. There is the times that the group member will be a little annoying, but that’s fine. The problem I run into a lot is people backing out without warning and in the middle of doing something. I have more people than ever that join the beacon and then I go through the trouble to get them into my game and party and then they leave as soon as something starts to actually happen. It is very frustrating coming across this and I want to warn people thinking about downloading. It is an amazing app that can help in so many ways, however there is trolls like almost everything else so be prepared.

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    New update feedback

    Im gonna try not to be harsh because plenty of other people are already doing that. But i think the most recent update ruined the app, the removal of the lobby where people shared their clips and chatted was a big factor. But the main factor of why the app isn't good anymore is the new lfg system, it seems like you guys went for a moot style ui instead of the ui you guys had which was much more preferred. Another issue is I'm linking up with peoples 30+ day old posts even though they say they were just refreshed minutes ago which leads to some pretty awkward conversations and the fact that you guys got rid of group lfg’s also really hurt your app, they were a way that made sure you could find someone even if the original lfg creator wasn't on. I also want to point out that before this update you guys got so many 5 star reviews, i had trouble even finding a four star review but now the highest i cant find is three stars. It would help the app so much if you guys just rolled back the version to the original ui, otherwise this app is gonna completely die off

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    The app feels smooth better then some professional apps you can tell they put time into but it is so annoying I swear if I get one more notification telling me that someone joined another persons LFG chat I am going to delete the app when I started out I told the app the games that I like rocket league r6 call of duty but I have not got one notification for those games I have only been getting constant notifications about fortnite (a game I do not want to hear notification about because I don’t like it) yet they continue to send me them at this point I have turned all notifications off in the app setting(I don’t completely disable notifications because I like to see friend request and comments on my post) but this does change the fact that I have turned off notifications for a game I don’t want to hear about and I still get them and I get notifications for someone playing on pc or PlayStation when I clearly stated the fact that I play on Xbox

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    Great until it wasn’t

    I used this app for about two months, works great and I connected with quite a few gamers. Then I put out a beacon saying I was looking for other teams to scrim against. I was banned in the same day. I wasn’t told why, no warnings were given, all of my beacons were taken down, and it was for 24 hours. I had posted another beacon with the same filters recently, so thinking I had been banned for spam, I consolidated to avoid getting flagged for that. I was banned again in the same fashion expect for 48 hours, again with no explanation. I could not log in to read the terms I was breaking, and the rules aren’t on the website. I had to email support to get answer. Their response was prompt (props to them for that) but vague, “you are not allowed to promote outside communities”. Not only are there multiple clan beacons that survive every single day, what gamerlink defines as an “outside community” is unclear, and frankly ridiculous. Are users limited to posting beacons that they are alone and need others to play with? Are the interactions on the app supposed to be strictly individual? Regardless of their own rules, I’m extremely dissatisfied with the instant ban and no explanation. If you take the time to ban me or have a bot do it, you should take the time as the app developer to explain why. The app works fantastic and is very useful otherwise

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    Honestly love this app I always find a lot of players to play with fast and everyone is very nice that I have met it’s very friendly and easy to use. But I have some suggestions that might make this app even more popular or more useful. What if there was a way to send a beacon out with multiple games attached to it? Maybe you don’t care what game you play you just wanna attach the games you have and send a beacon out and see who wants to play any of the games you have. Another thing that would be pretty helpful is make a global chat or something so people can just talk to each other about anything and everything.

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    Almost a perfect app..

    I’ve been requesting games along with others on my friends list since October 2017 to no avail. Game selection is pretty limited. You guys need to constantly expand the library especially for the games with communities that don’t have forum sites or anything to meet people with the same games. I loved this app when it first came out but now the bump time limit is extremely annoying especially when you’re trying to post for multiple games, it can be quite an inconvenience and time-killer for those who don’t have a lot of time to be online. I understand wanting to reduce spam but you guys are already great at removing spam whenever I’ve reported it and the 5 minutes is excessive. Maybe 3 would be more user-friendly. If you work on this and start adding a ton more games I’ll change my rating to 5 stars.

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    Where has this app been my entire life?!

    This app is truly 100% amazing! I have had Xbox since 2009, starting out with the Xbox 360, and over the years, I’ve met pretty cool people that I now consider lifelong friends of mine. But that has changed entirely ever since I got my Xbox One back in 2015, and my interactions with friends has dwindled down a lot. I don’t talk to much of my friends anymore that I met when I was first starting out on Xbox, this app is amazing looking for people and seeing what people you can find that play the same games and consoles that you do! It’s just an amazing idea brought to life!

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    Gamerlink is overall pretty good really helps trading and finding other players to play with i really feel though rocket is the only community on there so they should try to expand to other games. Also there is a ton of bugs the friends list is basically useless and if i really want to stay in contact with someone i have to just text them cause most of the communication is unreliable. When a beacon is answered i shouldn’t have to refresh the page like 30 times to see what the people are saying its just illogical and im sure there is a way to fix that. overall still pretty good though i recommended it to all my friends and they like it.

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    Has Gone Downhill Over Time

    I've had this app for well over two and a half years. In early 2018 this app was great, very easy to use. Maybe a year or so after that they updated GamerLink which made it entirely worse. It was more of a pain to use, it didn't look good. And it took off features that people enjoyed. This new update just added pointless features and took away features that have been on the app for years. It's like the team tries to make their app worse every update. I can confidently say that I used to love using this app in early to mid 2018 when it was easy and fun to use. Now it's a pain to do so with all the unnecessary changes, before all these garbage updates, this app was a 5, now it's a 2. Used to be a great app that was ruined

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    Amazing app

    This is an awesome app to talk to people who enjoy playing the same games that you do, to make possible friendships, and to maybe find people to hang out with or play a couple games on a regular basis. I have also been experiencing a bug where discover or history shows as messages or clans but messages and clans stay the same. So temporarily there is no history or discover. It goes away after a period of time, but there seems to be no way of fixing it, so I would really like if you fixed it in a update soon! Otherwise it’s an amazing app!😁

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    Hard to use

    I find the app to be nearly unusable. I get notifications of people sending me their gamer tags and what not but when I go to the app I have no way of pulling up what was sent to me. People reply to me and instead of it taking me directly to the message it takes me to the default screen. I then click on every tab and try any combination of actions possible to find messages that were directed towards me or replies and can’t find a single thing. At one point a notification popped up while I was using my phone and I tapped it as it popped up. It took me straight to the message. I saw a list of messages that I otherwise will not have access to unless I happen to be on my phone when the notification pops up and I have to immediately stop what I’m doing to access it again.

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    LOVE it...but found a problem

    Really good way to get a group FAST I really love that it’s easy to use and so simple. But I ran into an issue were I created a clan but it lagged so I kept pressing create and I loaded the app back up and it created multiple clans and deleted all but one and so I go to change the clan tag and I can’t because it says it was taken cause of the duplicated clans and I thought I could fix it making a new one but no....I’m stuck without a clan forever and there needs to be a solution to this if anyone else comes across it.

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    2 Major Things for Improvement

    1.The messaging system needs to be able to send videos 2. When viewing other’s profiles there needs to be a TIMELINE with that gamer’s past posts and uploads. (Like you can do for yourself) I hate when I see someone make a great play and I want to see more of them and it’s just impossible. Gamers like me would have a ton of fun with that. Better yet, the community would be able to check out people who comment and react to their posts. That person who said “That Goal was terrible.” Well Mr. Bigshot let’s check out your timeline and see how great you are. You only got 1 Fire🔥 from MrGoose? Oh, well maybe he has a couple cool shots to view and I’ll consider him as someone I’d like to team up with. Shoot him a message and BAM mission accomplished. I mean it’s pretty common sense to integrate that type of interaction when so many other apps do. Like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as a few examples. Then and only then will this App be great instead of just decent. And I’ll definitely change my review to 5/5

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    It’s great except one thing

    I love this app it is very helpful to find people to play with when there is no one to play with but my only probably is I’m not exactly getting the people that I want to play with all the time so I think they should add a system we’re only certain people And see things like if you search up experienced it should come up as only experienced but I still find other categories like pro or beginner while I only wanted experienced

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Is GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! Safe?

Yes. GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,296 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! Is 29.8/100.

Is GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! Legit?

Yes. GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,296 GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! Is 29.8/100.

Is GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! not working?

GamerLink LFG, Find Teammates! works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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