Plenty of Fish Dating Reviews

Plenty of Fish Dating Reviews

Published by on 2023-11-16

About: Plenty of Fish Free Dating (POF) is where singles have more conversations than
any other dating app. POF is more than just a dating app.

About Plenty of Fish Dating

What is Plenty of Fish Dating?

Plenty of Fish Free Dating (POF) is a dating app that offers an experience to help singles find happy relationships. It has the most free features including MeetMe, Livestream, Chat, and more to meet singles and include unique icebreakers to start engaging conversations. With POF, you’re 2.7x more likely to enter a conversation within your first 24 hours. It also has a new FREE Livestream feature, POF Live! that allows users to make more meaningful connections and meet singles near them.



- MeetMe: Swipe and Match with singles you like

- Browse: Browse singles around you for FREE and vote Yes on those you like

- Icebreakers: Spark a conversation using unique icebreakers

- Unlimited messaging: Send and receive unlimited messages for FREE

- Livestream: Watch singles Livestream on POF Live! and make new connections with in-stream messaging

- More features: More features than we have room to tell you about!

- Free: The app is completely free to use

- Match and communicate: View matches and communicate with them for FREE

- Large user base: Plenty of Fish has the most users and thus, the highest chance for you to find your relationship.

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Key Benefits of Plenty of Fish Dating

- App works fine

- 10 million active users

- Meet me feature sends unpaid profiles emails

- Profile can be upgraded monthly

21 Plenty of Fish Dating Reviews

4.3 out of 5


Over 1 Year User

I’ve used POF for over a year, and it’s well built and I have much more success building a relationship of any kind (friendship or otherwise) with the guys I find on here. I really love PlentyofFishDating/site. It took a year for me to have a complaint.
There is no way to contact them about a personalized issue that I can find. I just want to email them asking why they removed my main picture. The bot says it didn’t show my face, but that doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I know tons of people who have memes and stuff as their main pic, mine literally just had my hair covering one of my eyes. If that breaks the rules fine, but the real issue at this point is there’s no easy to find place for users to give detailed feedback to the makers of PlentyofFishDating/site and dispute issues. And if you’re gonna knit pick girls profile pictures, please do that with the men too. Tons of them don’t have a pic of themselves, or it’s a chest pic which isn’t allowed, or they’re taking a pic with their gun or dead deer or something expensive car they saw in a parking lot, etc. which is clearly stated against the rules, unlike hair covering one eye.


Lesson learned, don’t even bother

Been using POF for a few years now. PlentyofFishDating works fine it’s the company that gets zero stars. 10 million active users is a lie, I’m guessing from my searches on the pc that tell you if they are online, online today, online in the last week, online within thirty days, then all the others. All the other profiles that have not logged within the last thirty days is absurd. It’s false advertising. Then the meet me feature, they send unpaid profiles, “me” emails that specially tell you who sent it. Then you go to the meet me part of PlentyofFishDating , WOW they are either the first or second choice. You click on the meet me, another WOW you matched, ROFLMFAO, I have messaged several asking about their choice. 1 in 25 said yes, the other 24 never responded back. Now to the scammers, catfishers, prostitution, thieves, and liars. It’s just not worth the hassle. My suggestion, purge your inactive profiles, delete them, put a time limit on inactive accounts. That would not be good for advertising, that’s not going to happen. Instead they will have people like me that will no longer use their service, if asked will tell everyone to stay away. You would have more luck at a bar. I’m sure you have seen this, POF stands for plenty of fakes. That is a very true statement. I should have listened to my friends when they gave me the advice to stay away. Nobody is this lonely.



I have been an on and off member for a while now of Plenty of fish on a friends recommendation. So I gave it a go not knowing what a mess I was walking into. Literally the only people I ever “matched” with were hookers or escorts. While the search wasn’t as bad as some it was kind of terrible. It never took into account where you were when looking for matches only where the majority of people were so if you weren’t in Seattle or Tacoma it would recommend a million people in Seattle and Tacoma because that’s apparently where everyone lives. It did give some recommendations near where I was but the digging I had to go through to find them was cruel.

Then when you match someone and it could be a person! Nope, next thing you know your inbox is full of “hey sexy I’m an escort in your area!”... no just no while sending you your profile picture. And at least on the guys side you can’t get rid of your matches, I looked and looked and looked hoping to find where to narrow down my matches so it didn’t constantly say over a dozen, those dozen being the hookers that won’t go away. I know girls unmatched me but I can’t I match them so I’m stuck having to look at the escorts forever unable to delete them.

And then as your going through the “meet me” side of it you decline someone and then three swipes later the same exact person appears in front of you. I just declined you? How many profiles do you have to show up that many times that quickly?


Homophobia and False profile deletion without reason

God I have so much to say it doesn’t even make sense.... so let’s start from the beginning,
I have been with POF for 3 months now and for some weird reason my profile keeps being reported for sexual harassment, and when I emailed POF they told me they can’t give me information on as to why my profile was deleted. So that’s been a constant battle since January. Then not to mention it’s MANY profiles on there who show naked butts, private part prints, homophobic comments or slurs, I’ve even reported people WITH inappropriate photos as a profile picture and nothing happens yet I post a picture of me with a dress on and it’s an issue, standing by a car is a problem for them As well which makes absolutely no sense, I go on that app to get away from the world we live in and the times were in as of now, yet I can’t even live on an app to express who I am and find love because I’m constantly being attacked, not only by the people, the owners themselves. All I’m going to say is this, don’t make an app where people are allowed to be themselves and try and use “community standards” as a way to bully or antagonize or dehumanize other people to make everyone else feel comfortable. THAT goes against MY community standards of bullying and harassment.


Need some changes

I don’t know who is going thru y’all’s pictures to determine if there pictures are authentic but mine are real and get taken down I don’t use foul language but yet at a certain point will get blocked from messaging anybody
Your own rules are broken by your team it states you can’t have an
In adamant object in your profile such as cars boats etc. unless you’re in the picture it says no mirror pictures but yet I get profiles of men that have all of the above in them without them in the picture and also pictures of just pets I am real my stuff gets taken down but yet I get messages from men that are not it also has come to my attention that you allow women on this site the direct men to a website to pay money I think you’re possibly looking at a lawsuit unless you get it together I’m not sure what your determining certain pictures aren’t real because I will challenge you on that I didn’t know the site was only geared towards ugly womenBut because I’m prettier woman my profile gets taken down this site used to be one of the best sites it was how I found my fiancé until he got killed in a car accident but now you have all these rules and stipulations that your own team members don’t follow I have no filter on my pictures none of that


New POF Pangs

I’m not sure if it’s just the area I live in. But the new pof, that is the free version, is HORRIBLE please beware of several different factors.

There are an astonishing amount of transsexuals and guys that slip through the cracks on this site. Even when you put preferences that would otherwise rule them out. I’m personally constantly harassed and they are constantly harassing me. They also pop up on matches and POF live streams, you are also not able to kick them from your stream without bouncers even when blocked which prompts me to no longer stream because of having to constantly restart the stream. Please do a better job at screening these individuals, not that I have anything against them personally, it’s just not my preference and it’s unfair to women that I may actually meet.

That’s my major qualm, aside from that a lot of users blatantly put P2P and stream to get money without looking to actual date, it’s not backpage (not hating on a hustle but it’s a dating app) I also receive a lot of hateful mail it seems like a lot of users in my area are cracked out or online everyday, it would be nice to see legitimately new users in my area. The no screenshot rule is annoying as well if you have pictures that are in screenshot format. Again I’m just speaking from the free version perspective it seems like there’s not much concern or effort being put into the free version. Please update the nearby, it’s gone from a good dating site to a cash grab


Sorely disappointed

I'm a paying customer because it was the only way for me to see who were supposedly wanting to meet me. Some I've messaged to simply say hi and they are bogus accounts or fake people pretending to be the person on their profile. Also my messages don't even get sent out to people I actually do find interesting enough to message. This dating site feels like a scam.. I've been a member more than once in the hopes of meeting cool folks.. but I'm being showing my matches are people that are way too young, or the opposite sex, and the constant glitches are ridiculous PlentyofFishDating works intermittently. Before being a paying customer I had all the people supposedly wanting to meet me.. now I'm a paying member and nothing happens., then you want more money for some other feature to be seen first... or more...Like really guys.., the key is to keep customers coming back or spreading the word so that you get positive feedback and more clients. My membership is over in Aug.. which I'm sure on my last date before it expires .. I will mysteriously get people wanting to meet me. PlentyofFishDating is like a fake gas station.. you pay for services not rendered... some of us have no time to find dates on the outside and the dating site is more feasible... now I'm not so sure.. and I waited and put off many times to give a review because I kept hoping for a different outcome.. no bueno, I don't recommend this dating site unless you have time to chat with a fake person or looking to screw.


The review

Where do I begin let’s start with your personal programs that you have added into your system with all the fake profiles the fake likes only to try to generate people to pay monies for things they don’t need like your meat meat program aside from that all of the prostitution fake profiles and your scammer profiles all from Guam and places of that sort or Ghana
You also have a few people who try to put a party together for their local bar and a Call it a mixer for POF people however it’s a joke and 90% of the time it’s a sausage fest let me give me the first big reason why you put it in the slums of the city pub or a bar that has no class at all is it going to attract classy upscale nicer people people don’t want to go somewhere park the car and worry about it being broken into just to try to meet someone that you’ve never met before it isn’t worth the risk also you should have some kind a real program in there where people have to upgrade your profile at least monthly so we’re not having pictures from 10 years ago when they first joined this is just the beginning of My complaints as I’ve said in many of my messages I’ve sent to you to get people kicked off the site or even block them you should be paying me to help educate you on making your profile a true wonderful place to meet people because it’s actually more like a swap with all the fake profiles and the scamming that you yourself do as a company POF you should be ashamed of yourself


Dangerous app. Full of scammers/potential kidnappers. No quality control or verification at all.

PlentyofFishDating is full of bot accounts and catfishers. They all immediately ask to move to Snapchat and then they try to lure you in with either a relationship (this is a dating app, after all) or a sugar daddy/baby type setup. They all inevitably fail to send a picture of themselves with a simple hand gesture, such as this one 👌, which is always a dead giveaway. They always send a picture of a girl with a different hand position and ask if it suffices and when it doesn’t they throw a fit. I’ve dealt with multiple of these scammers in the same day, let alone the same week. It’s no wonder I have literally 30x the number of likes on POF as I do on any other dating app. It’s because PlentyofFishDating has no quality control or verification system at all, so the majority of accounts/likes are just bots and otherwise potentially dangerous people. For anyone reading this, avoid any account with numbers at the end of their name or any account that has little to no personal details. Basically, avoid any account that looks like there was no effort out in at all (eg. only one super compressed, low quality selfie across their whole profile, very simplistic personal details, etc…) or any account that messages you with grammar so poor that google translate would be jealous. Chances are good that they’re not even in your country, or even an actual woman.


Worst Dating App Ever

PlentyofFishDating is so convoluted and discombobulated like no other dating app I’ve ever come across to-date! There’s so much going on in so many different areas and too many options that I don’t even know where to look for what or who half the time (and I’m a techie kind of guy); and I’ve been on plenty of the other dating apps before. Plus I’m in a major metropolitan area and the matches weren’t quite what I was expecting. It’s so bad that I even had two and a half months left remaining on my membership and I still deleted PlentyofFishDating. BUT here’s another and MAIN reason I deleted it as well; there is NO option for you to delete your account at all. Yes, sure they will allow you to cancel your subscription... but that’s not the same as deleting your account. I didn’t want my account just left out there if I’m no longer using PlentyofFishDating ; I wanted an option to delete it like EVERY other dating app provides you with. So then (for me and my preferences), I had to go into each single area and put in different info and/or wipe out the info it would actually allow for. This might not be an issue for some... but to each their own. Two things I do not appreciate with any membership or subscription is: 1) You have to “call them” to delete your account (which POF doesn’t even do that) or 2) You do not have the option to delete your account from PlentyofFishDating or even online. That’s a no-go for me!


You will have to pay for this in time

THIS IS NOT FREE. You cannot do almost anything, see who likes you, click on profiles to look at those who like you etc. unless you pay for their service. This is set up so you can infrequently match with some locals, but inevitable need to buy a subscription to effectively communicate with anyone or even just browse profiles. Technically, yes, you can get away with doing this entirely free, but what really is free is setting up and having your profile. If you want to legitimately meet anyone, go ahead and just buy the subscription because you will have to, they make you. They even give people the option to only receive messages from upgraded accounts, which is pretty much all the legitimate accounts on here. While in PlentyofFishDating , most of the functions lead you to a link to buy their subscription, and you cannot do anything other than watch people on live stream or browse through their selection of “potential matches” which 99% of the time will not include anyone who has already liked you, forcing you to pay for a premium membership just to see these members. I would give PlentyofFishDating zero stars for misleading all of their users, but sadly I cannot. Outside of this huge issue, I would still only give PlentyofFishDating 3 stars.


Website Not User friendly/terrible customer service

I started to create a profile on POF a long time ago but was stopped in the middle of the process and never completed it. Nonetheless I get emails from POF about new matches. One day, I decided to log back into the account and just delete it. My password didn’t work so assuming I had forgotten it since it had been a long time since I signed in, I used the option to reset my password via email. I received the email for reset, followed the instructions and successfully updated my password. However, when I tried to sign in with the new password, it said my credentials were incorrect. I tried to sign in multiple times to make sure I wasn’t mis-keying my password, but had no luck. I tried to reset my password again. No luck. I decided to contact customer service which is difficult to find out how to do. Contact for support is nowhere in their website. I reached out to them on Twitter and they said they responded to me via email. I check my email. They tell me the account is inactive and I need to sign up again. I try to sign up again. It says my email is already in use. I tell them this. They say I’ve updated my profile and it’s active but I didn’t because I was never able to log in and I couldn’t create a new profile. I try to reset the password again. Reset was successful again yet I still can’t log in. Still no resolution.


Worst Product Ever

I cannot say anything positive about PlentyofFishDating and the service of POF. The idea that I can still ‘view’ possible matches of those who have blocked me is ridiculous. See who liked you, ok I click on them and am told you’ve been blocked by this person. Ok… there’s no way to clear this list that i could see, so all my ‘matches’ are either people who have blocked me or ones I am not interested in. I have my preferences set to what I am searching for, and constantly receive possible matches outside my preferences. PlentyofFishDating will also refresh on its own- right in the middle of loading profiles to ‘meet’ people it will refresh and be blank. Then if I close PlentyofFishDating and reopen, it’s loaded with people again. Super frustrating. And the spam, oh my god the spam/fake profiles are absolutely annoying. Even when I report a spam file, clearly spam as i receive messages with the typical: hello! Followed by: Are you there? I report it, and the they are still in my matches section. When I click on the profile thinking.. didnt I report this person? Surprise- you blocked this person, ok so delete the profile! I paid for two months but get so frustrated I don’t know if I will last that long. I want to stay because I paid for the upgrade and I want to see if anyone is out there for me, but PlentyofFishDating is the worst ever in terms of a dating service. I would not recommend this to anyone.


Horrible and disappointing

I have used PlentyofFishDating for many years and its by far the worst app i have ever used to start it kept deleting my profile out of no where so i would have to create a new one every other day so i had stopped using it i literally went 2 whole years without using it because of that i just recently created a new profile 2 days ago and PlentyofFishDating still is disappointing first i got sever messages by PlentyofFishDating its self saying my pictures were inappropriate when they were just regular pictures of me and they deleted my pictures off my profile because they also said that it was not me in the picture🙄🙄🙄 then i got another message saying that i got reported for harassing another member when i had just made the profile and i haven't even got a message or talked to anyone on PlentyofFishDating like how is that even possible and also when i talk to some one we can talk but after a certain while it wont let me talk or reply to any messages it wont let me like people’s profiles or anything and if some one messages me i cant reply o say nothing to them at all PlentyofFishDating does not let me if you guys really want people to upgrade and pay the monthly subscription to pay for the full POF app you might want to consider fixing all that before because i really wanted to pay for it but not if this continues to happen all the time its annoying🙄🙄🙄


Complete waste of time.

I have messaged people on PlentyofFishDating for a while now and received but one reply. This reply was from a bot trying to advertise. The time spent trying to create an account (putting your heart and soul into it) so you can hopefully meet someone that you would spend the rest of your life with is a waste. If you do not subscribe for paid services, you will be trolled by PlentyofFishDating itself with random bot accounts. You will see people who are interested and want to meet but won’t find out that these people are obvious bots. Once you find matches you will go through an endless supply of “people” logging on to say they are interested and want to meet up but, they will never respond to your messages. The messages will go unread forever. This is Weird because if they were interested and wanted to meet then, they would respond. Also, I have been added to “people’s” favorite list at least 20 times over the past two days. Once you subscribe and try to find out who these matches are that found you so are let down because their account was deleted or removed by POF. Seems like a scam to give the perception that someone is always looking. If you want to waste your time and money....well really....your and pay for PlentyofFishDating. I’m not sure what the legitimacy was given by the comments previous to mine but, they are wrong. Please don’t waste your time on PlentyofFishDating.


God Awful App

PlentyofFishDating is one of the worst “dating” apps, if you can qualify it as such, on the market. First, there are next to no profiles in my area. Most of the profiles that show up are for people in the next state over. On top of that, the girls on there are of about the trashiest quality out there. On the homepage you can see a list of possible profiles to look at down at the bottom, but in the rare chance you see someone interesting after clicking another option, when you go back to the homepage the list of profiles has been shuffled and there are “new” profiles to look at. On top of that, I never had a conversation with an actual person. If I messaged someone I never got a response back, and the only profiles that messaged me first were bots trying to get me to sign up for their porn virus link. There are so many bots. Developers, please find a better set of algorithms or whatever to screen profiles before they sign up. The user interface is ugly looking from a graphic designer’s perspective. Don’t waste your money on premium either, I thankfully didn’t as I could tell it was already going to be a waste. The only real benefit of premium is you can message certain profiles that have blocked themselves from being messaged by the basic free account I signed up with. All in all, don’t waste your time with PlentyofFishDating, you’re never gonna find someone on it, unless you like viruses from bots.


Sort your life out mate!

Most things about this site are pretty good and standard. But there are a couple of issues I think need to be addressed. I have noticed that I just cannot send certain messages, or I cannot send messages at all, to certain people. Pof should, in no way, get to decide, or even provide provisions to not allow people to just message certain people. Just like in real life, people surprise you and turn out to not be what you expected and possibly someone you turn out to be interested in. The feature that prevents you from messaging certain people because ‘you’re not what they’re looking for’ should be removed. The people responsible for controlling certain aspects of PlentyofFishDating do not have any interest in your personal endeavors and should not restrict the parameters of those endeavors as they are not aware of anything that pertains to a reasonable decision to act on anything more than the basics. You’re not Cupid’s or match makers.. you’re a bunch of people who know software enough to have that job. Therefore none of your decisions should play into any kind of restrictions placed on me or any other user. You’re providing a service. What good is your service when it prevents people from doing what they reasonably expected they could? Not good is the answer.


Use plus less= USELESS

Rather than spend you hard earned dollars on this USELESS app I would suggest going to the bank and getting $29 one dollar bills and taking them home to burn one-by-one. Or perhaps, wipe your but with and flush. At least you’re going to get some satisfaction from that. Since the USELESS upgrade costs more than that, you’ll be saving money…which will make you feel good about yourself. That is something that POF can’t provide to you. PlentyofFishDating is like the little plastic thing that covers the end of a power cord on some new electrical devices that one buys…serves no purpose, aka: USELESS. You’re more likely to find your fish while hiking in the Sahara desert. “How could that be possible?” I’m happy you asked. It’s because POF is USELESS. At least there used to be fish in the desert. While I could go on, like you, I grow tired and weary of this hub bub. In closing I wish to add that PlentyofFishDating is USELESS. >Use. Less than Use. It doesn’t have a practical use. There not a use case scenario where POF is possible.

Btw: it is rated with 4+ stars but almost every review is negative. Either the fish writing those positive reviews are confused about which app they are reviewing ( think: Dory) or they aren’t human fish. I have to give one star because I HAVE to give one star. 0 star is my ofishal rating. See what i did there?😜

I’m going for a hike.


My last choice for a dating site...

This site is full of trashy people. I used this site and app for a good amount of time, even when I dated someone for a period of months I kept my profile in tact until I felt things were more serious. Having said that, I have some time invested and this is my experience. My profile was classy and very clearly showed my intent for long term, and that I'm family oriented, yet..
-The site is full of obnoxious guys who were dishonest, fake profiles, or had plain disgusting behavior, and I constantly had to sift through this crap.
-I received way too many messages from guys who were clearly looking for a hook up along with other inappropriate messages. POF doesn't seem to care that I had to deal with these jerks constantly when I'm not displaying anything to invite that kind of harassment. It is harassment and it gets old.
-I finally got fed up and responded to the last jerk who asked if I wanted any D (you can figure this one out I'm sure), and I said, I wish you were dead. A week or so later POF appears to have closed my account. Wouldn't be surprised if that gross pig of a man is still active on there though.
In the end, thank you POF for closing it. I signed up elsewhere and the difference in quality of people is significantly noticeable. I only regret that I didn't try other sites sooner. What a waste of a decent persons time.



I haven’t used my account in probably over a year and I randomly got emails that I got a message. (A lot of emails that I am still receiving saying the same thing in fact) I figured I must be hacked so I tried logging in to an account who’s information I have long since forgotten but I was able to change my password at least. Then when trying to log in with the new password to see what the heck is going, on it wants me to verify my phone number, but the number was not my own which confirms to me my account has been hacked. I tried to just delete my account from their website that isn’t working either saying I input the wrong information. I’ve tried reaching out twice to the help page regarding the problem of which I received a generic reply saying “it seems like I can’t login” and gave me instructions on how to reset my password. I responded to that reiterating my problem and didn’t hear back. I filed another request for help explaining the problem again around three days ago and again, still haven’t heard back. The lack of haste regarding the issue of my personal information being hacked is unacceptable, I’m an easy going person and almost never leave negative reviews. But a company that has left me feeling violated with still no solution is not one I would recommend.


Read here for the scams

Unfortunately there’s so many scams on here and I guess it’s prevalent in all of the sites but this is what this particular site has most often.

You get these womenUsually very hot and they’re basically saying they want a wonderful loving beautiful relationship long-distance is fine it’s like picture perfect writing. They are usually very hot and or dressed proactive. What they do is they’re just trying to get your information they’ll either asked for your number but as soon as you give it to them they’ll disappear ... so never give them your real number. They may direct you to click on a link which of course soon as you do they’ll have access to your phone and steal all your information. What I see a lot lately is they are requiring you to pay some kind of fee for some site they’re on so you can access their sexy pics of course just a scam. The legitimate women on here are usually ugly and they’re not professional pictures certainly not super sexy they’re just typical sad crappy pictures. NEver give you real information out of coarse that’s obvious give a phony number they instantly disappear the minute you give it they reverse trace your number and they can obtain all your information. It’s so obvious but I guess people are stupid enough this continues. Just if any hot girl is after you with pictures that look like they were professionally done it’s just kind of obvious they’re not after you there just after your information and money.


Been using the service for 1 full year now.

As the title says, I’ve been using the service for one full year now and even have done so as an upgraded member (which I will not be renewing my upgraded status). I admittedly commend the POF customer service people for swiftly removing bogus profiles (there’s a disgusting amount of them). However, that leads me to point out one big flaw the site has, approving obviously bogus profiles. When you make a profile you have to wait for it to be approved making sure it follows the sites terms, however, a substantial amount of profiles breaking just about every rule in their TOS flood the site regularly. What is the point of the profile approval process if they don’t thoroughly review the profiles before approving them? It’s a good thing this site has so many features for free users that are lacking on competing services such Match, because without those the site wouldn’t be worth the time or effort to wade through all the profiles with “NSA/FWB”, or “contact me on KIK!” In their bios.

All that aside, PlentyofFishDating itself runs smoothly and I’ve rarely have issues being able to get where I need to or clicking on things. It has crashed a couple times and occasionally runs slow, but those are more or less minor inconveniences.

The bottom line, do give the site and app a shot as a free user cause you’ll have nothing to lose, but don’t make the mistake I did and waste your money on being an upgraded user.


Very disappointed

Im A female who made new recent Pof Account and its not fair that Log in I wrote down my preferences and certain man just go ahead and write to me then send me pictures of them selfs when they were younger and great looking which is set as there profile picture then send me a later on photo which they not looking so great anymore its not fair for me to deal with this Pof should respect females perference weather what we like and prevent us from meeting with men that dont look like them selves this very dangerous. Like for example I like Tall men with a great looking image its what I perfer no man should report me or force my account to be deleted base on what I say this what I like. Another example would be if im looking for relationship and I say I rather tell men im not looking for sex . Pof Should be strong and respect rights from Females and restrict men that report them such reports that dont make sense . Not every female is down and no every female would like your money. Not every female would just date anybody everyone based on who they want to date. I hope I get back my account because this not fair I have a perference and I should not be reported from man that I dont like or men that I never respond because you are not my type of man. If Not then females be aware that Pof is unfair with your rights and they just want to force you to just any typical man which in reality they should just restrict them and respect on what you like .


An extremely outdated app

POF is a perfectly fine dating app. It allows you to sign up, search, message and pretty much use all aspects of the website/app entirely for free. The problem is PlentyofFishDating hasn’t had an update in years (it’s the same app I used when I tried POF out 5-6 years ago). They may do updates for bugs but the general design looks like something out of a bygone era of geocity websites.

On the website you can send any length message you want, on PlentyofFishDating messages simply don’t send after 80ish letters, there’s no gestures for swiping back a page (the entire app is button press designed and it’s horribly dated), anyone you’ve messaged still shows in the search listing and you have no idea if you’ve ever messaged them before (this includes blocked members), PlentyofFishDating is EXTREMELY slow (being it was optimized for an iPhone 4/5 and not current phones), the “whose online” search listing is completely inaccurate and will show members who are currently online sandwiched between members who haven’t logged on in years, the “meetme” is exclusively used my bots and blows your phone up with notifications from nonexistent users, notification settings can’t be changed in PlentyofFishDating , etc etc etc.

It’s a solid dating website that is plagued by an unbelievably outdated, unoptimized and extremely user unfriendly app.


Deleted my account and won’t be going back!!

This site has went to pure $#!T. I deleted my account earlier tonight and I won’t be back. The # of fake profiles are astounding!! They used to REQUIRE your main photo to be a CLEAR photo of your face but that’s went by the wayside and so many women use signs, dogs, cars, scenery and all sorts of other things as their profile photo. Those women are STUPID!!! I'm a man and I've been a non-paying member for years. POF used to be a really good site, but over the past few years I have seen so many fake accounts it's not funny. Here lately I've been seeing all kinds of accounts with nude women promoting sex sites and it's disgusting. What used to be a good site has now turned to garbage. It's just a matter of time before this site loses its traffic of real people and just goes down. I have reported all the profiles I have seen and yet they are still there!! I thought profiles/photos had to be reviewed before they could show up!?!? Somewhere along the line things have changed and the ball got dropped and now you see so many fake/scam/porn profiles it's not funny. I won't pay for any personal site just because this is what seems to happen to everyone of them. I'm thinking about deleting my account due to all the fakes. The search/match feature is useless in my opinion. I put in what I'm looking for and get everything but that!!


Scam scam scam

This used to be a pretty good site/app I met quite a few people on here in the past. PlentyofFishDating has changed for the worse and keeps getting worse. I never wrote a review till now because I tried on and off hoping PlentyofFishDating would go back to the good it was. It just never happened. People scammers I mean advertise pornography, prostitution, etc. First off that’s illegal second this was and is supposed to be just a dating site. That’s disgusting PlentyofFishDating developer does not monitor that issue and ban these false advertisers for being on this site. The only reason I give PlentyofFishDating a two out of five stars and not one or even zero is and was because I did meet people on here. Some good some not so good meet ups/ dates but that is dating and that is how PlentyofFishDating used to be run. Either way I’m writing this review cause I did try this site a couple of times again hoping it would go back to the way it used to be but just did not happen. Anyone real in general trying to find someone on pof chances are very slim in my opinion because there’s a lot of scammers on PlentyofFishDating. Will they fix it? I don’t know but I will not be back or try PlentyofFishDating ever again. Plus I did have an upgraded account that I did pay for but again I got ripped off money wise, time wise, and in general of the purpose of dating wise. I will not be back on this plenty of fish app ever again.


Scammer Central.

POF, by far, has the most FAKE PROFILES I’ve ever seen on a dating site. I’ve had to report 15 profiles in the last three days and I don’t think POF is doing anything about it. They reach out to you and send you weblinks to porn, or sometimes straight up prostitution. I made the mistake of paying for the service but will certainly it be renewing. Buyer beware. You could do better with another service.

Update: Seriously, steer clear of PlentyofFishDating. I just came back to update my review after a month of usage. I’ve had to report 22 profiles in the last 3 weeks for being fake, scammers, prostitutes looking for business, etc. I have sent several emails to POF about this, asking if they take down fake profiles and all I get back in a generic form email thanking me for reporting the issue. I checked some of the profiles I’ve reported over two weeks ago and they are still there. Also, it’s such a sausage fest, as a lot of these sites are apparently, that people don’t read your messages. I’ve spoken to women on the site that day they get so many messages, that messages they receive get buried. Even after you pay the monthly subscription, which I did, they tell you to pay more money on top of that to get your messages put to the top of the line. All in all, don’t waste your time or money on this. There’s much better ones out there.


Too Many Scammers.

I get almost daily emails from women that state their age to be between 50 and 70 but their pics are of 20 or 30 somethings. Then their profiles are almost word for word the same. Bad use of words and broken English. They immediately request a phone number yo text. I've gone along with a couple of them and within 5 or 6 texts they're asking for money. Under my weekly matches there are rarely women that even come close to what I'm looking for. Under Want To Meet Me, well they rarely requested to meet me. POF made the request not them. Most of the women that are shown to me are from quite a ways away although my search states a max of 100 miles away. I'd say that 90% of the women that I contact don't answer back. They put their profile up and some almost beg for responses but if my profile doesn't fit their mold they don't answer. To me that's downright RUDE. And most of the women that do contact me do it with two words. HEY THERE, yet they want you to write them an essay......just for them not to answer. With all of that said I have been on a few dates from this site but haven't met my soulmate yet.

PetercOlscott   2 years ago

Don't lose your time and dignity with these ridiculous women It's full of ridiculously picky unattractive women with incredible demands, offering nothing in return. They don't even fill in their profiles, they say nothing about themselves but only talk about the perfect man they want. On Pof you have to be perfect,you have to put in every possible effort to gain their attention, but ask yourself a question, is it worth it? Don't lose you time and dignity, brothers!

Is Plenty of Fish Dating Safe?

Yes. Plenty of Fish Dating is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,674,085 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.3/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Plenty of Fish Dating Is 76.2/100.

Is Plenty of Fish Dating Legit?

Yes. Plenty of Fish Dating is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,674,085 Plenty of Fish Dating User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Plenty of Fish Dating Is 100/100..

Is Plenty of Fish Dating not working?

Plenty of Fish Dating works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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