SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery Reviews

SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery Reviews

Published by on 2021-03-29

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SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery Reviews

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    I had ordered food from McDonalds and they had made me wait for over 30 minutes. I thought ok that can happen and waited. I had ordered around $38 worth of food. The order shows up over 30 minutes after and I open it to see that it is completely messed up. Nothing is the same and it is just messed up. It looked about $16 worth of food at the MAXIMUM. That is literally half of the price! At this point I was done and just wanted a refund. Well what do you know? You would at least think that the customer service would make up for the stupidity but no. I talked with the incompetent customer service and they replied every 10-15 minutes. And now you would think the replies would help but again no. It was absolutely no help to the problem. After some time I was told my refund would go back to my bank account after five days. Five days. Are you serious? Are you kidding me? Are you playing jokes with me? First my order is messed up, then that makes me realize “oh you already had gotten double the worth of food’s price because I have to pay before hand”, then I have to deal with an incompetent customer service and for the icing on the cake, I have to wait five days for my refund to go back to my account. Thanks for wasting my time today! And I loved getting my patience tested and getting scammed! No wonder why post-mates and door-dash has a better rating then you!

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    Horrible methods

    This company let me place an order, saying it would arrive in approximately 72 minutes. A little long but I can handle it on a busy Friday night. They then charge me for my order on my credit card, and suddenly a notification popped up saying “delivery drivers are not available in your area, check back again later” What THE HECK? Why let me place an order if you have no way to actually get my food delivered. And check back when, in three hours? tomorrow? In five days? I ordered it because I have a family who is hungry in the next hour, not in ten hours or however long you want me to wait around and keep checking back hoping maybe I can get it sometime someday. And now conveniently it takes 3-5 days for the charge to go back to my card, because YOU BET I cancelled and ordered directly through the restaurant. Just had to go pick it up myself but it was ready in 15 minutes. Sure delivery is convenient if you have a lot going on and a family, but this whole experience was kind of ridiculous and I’m deleting the app the minute I get my money back from this order.

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    Bad experience

    Driver never showed with a $30 Pizza, tracking said he or she was here but nobody was on the block at all. Called customer service and they initially apologized and admitted the driver checked in when he wasn’t really at our house and said it would be five minutes. Called back and the next customer service person blamed it on a busy night and said the driver had come but hadn’t rang the bell (called from a blocked phone number) and that they would be back in fifteen minutes. This is almost two hours after I ordered a single pizza. Driver never showed but they sent an email with a credit for five dollars and order status changed to complete so I couldn’t see tracking anymore. I called again and they said it would be at least an hour for the pizza to arrive and offered me store credit for the failed order. I requested credit card refund and they said it would be a week to receive a refund on food that never came. Rude, shady, inconsiderate and zero compassion. Immediately ordered from UberEATS and they were here inside half an hour.

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    WORST customer service

    I placed a cash order for a burger & fries and got a notification that my courier was arriving so I waited by the door. No one ever knocked or called me. At one point I just opened the door to see where they were but there was no one around. I contacted the support chat explaining what happened and they said the courier had emailed me (!?) and it was true I had an email but why would someone not knock on the door? Why wouldn’t they call me? And why would they leave right after sending said email? I told them that made no sense and all they said was sorry. They didn’t offer to replace my order or give a credit or anything. So I requested they replace my order, to which they said they couldn’t do. So I tried to order again myself and it automatically cancelled. I told the support chat that and they said I couldn’t place a cash order after a previous cash order wasn’t delivered. How is that my fault??? They said I had to prepay online... for an order that I had already waited an hour for and they couldn’t even guarantee would show up.

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    Agree 100%

    I had the same AWFUL experience as others have stated. Cold food, terrible skip mgmt, only offering skip credits (which I did agree to the first time, because it was literally the only compensation I’d get), I tried the service a second time. This time I decided to pick it up. Skip sent Over the wrong time to the restaurant. But still showed it was being worked on via the app’s order tracker until the actual time I requested. I showed up and the food had been sitting there which I actually didn’t even know until I got home and everything was cold. I immediately called SKIP , and the management team also tried blaming the restaurant (same as the my First order). It absolutely was not the restaurant’s fault. I felt so awful I called the the place afterwards to tell them I never complained about them or their service. And they told me skip called them and told them they made crappy food and messed up my whole order. This company is so irresponsible. I will NEVER use this app again.

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    Horrible customer service

    Drivers are normally really nice, unless you get someone who steals you food. I was chatting with the customer service for over three hours, two hours in the finally got someone to go and pick the food up, just to complete it out saying he delivered it. Then they had to investigate what had happened with the food. After three hour I wanted a refund for the food that was never delivered, and I wanted a credit for my wasted lunch time with no food, rep told me all she could get me was $7 credit which is bull. Normally the wait for a manager to call a customer back is 24-48 hours, but for my issues they upped it 15 to 20 min. Was finally given a credit of $22. Now I’m going to use them and delete the app. It’s not the first time this has happened and I can promise you it won’t be the last. Rep I chatted with was completely rude and was refusing to just give me a bigger credit. If she would have just done it I wouldn’t have had to wait even longer for s manager to call me

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    Great app, except major flaw

    Better selection than Uber Eats, just very flawed in canceling accidental orders. I placed a “pre-order” several days ago thinking that meant the restaurant would be open later in the day (which is how UberEats is set up). Confirm order and then realize it was a preorder several DAYS out. Immediately send a message on the chat function that I’d like to cancel the order because there’s NO OTHER WAY TO CANCEL AN ORDER WITHIN THE APP. But, I was at work and was hosting an event, I had no time to sit and wait for chat to respond, I just hoped it be canceled. Completely forgot about the order until I get a notification that my currier was arriving... two days later. Because the delivery driver was already arriving, my friends card (that was paying two days before at work) was charged with an order I could not cancel days before the restaurant could even confirm the order. Very frustrating and embarrassing.

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    Good app but……

    I love this app as a Uni student but closing at 9:30 doesn’t help that late night hunger (when you have no car). If the hours were longer it would probably be a better app. Customer service is meh, I’ve been told I didn’t order something (them saying I got a meal) when I ordered two things. Had to show them (via email) that I only ordered two things and not a meal, got refunded. So only two changes need to happen in my mind, longer hours (because other apps have a 24 hour service, I think) and better customer service. More for the hours, I wanna be able to get a Big Mac at 10:30 while studying 😣

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    Worst service ever

    I ordered pizza from skipthedishes, it was suppose to be deliverd within 30-45minutes. After one hour i called the restaurant they said they have the order ready but skipthedishes courier service is not here yet. So i called the customer care asked them they told me they will get it delivered within 1 more hour and will give me skip credits for the delay and will also talk to the restaurant to remake the pizza. After 1 hour i recieve there email saying skipthedishes courier service needs 30 more minutes. I called skipthedishes again, told them i would like the order cancel and all the customer representative said was “ok if thats what you want”. I mean seriously if you guys can’t provide service why is it even working in this area. And if there was some issues she should have offered me something complimentry because i had to wait for 2 hours. Never using this app, just a waste of time.

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    Atrocious and irresponsible!!

    Let me begin by saying this service is not even worth rating. I placed an order at 7:45, confirmed by the restaurant. The driver took the most indirect route possible to even reach the vicinity of the restaurant and then I literally watched the driver drive around the restaurant for 30min, using the “track my order” feature on the app, while my food was done, becoming cold and was ready to be picked up. It took him an additional 15min to pick up the order and it was finally delivered, ice cold, at 9:20. The real issue lies with the management. Both my wife and I called to complain and receive a full refund and the only solution they offered was a 10$ credit(the delivery fee/tip) to my card, which they weren’t initially willing to do, they instead wanted to give me 10$ in credits to use with if I would ever use their service again. The manager called the restaurant and tried to blame them for the error and late delivery and then in turn told us it was the restaurant’s fault and that we weren’t entitled to a full refund. Long story short, don’t waste your time with this app/service. Save yourself the disappointment and regret. My wife just lost a close family member and all I did was try and have a nice relaxing night in with take out and ended up with this fiasco.

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    Horrible Experience, terrible customer relationship management

    I was waiting at home for my pizza to arrive for over an hour, then eventually it said it was delivered but no one had come to my Home. It turns out the delivery person had called and hung up to make it look like he’d reached out and left with the food! When I realized I called chat who refunded the order but did nothing to fix the stress of the situation and who didn’t seem to be able to even conceive of what it’s like to sit at home with a toddler waiting to eat, who’s been promised pizza that never arrives. The representative was so apathetic as to actually be rude and the driver who I eventually got on the phone was even worse. The situation was so terrible. A supervisor is supposed to call me “when they have a chance” which is “usually within 24 hours.” I will never order from them again.

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    There is never not a problem with my order

    Extremely late, hair in my food, items missing, driver just messing around and not bothering to even drive in a timely manner, and customer service is terrible because they don’t even try to contact the drivers or restaurants if they’re late, you just “have to wait” and you can’t even cancel the order.

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    Fraud App and company - skipthefraud

    The app shows that you were about to get discount of 7 dollars and when it goes to payment gateway it did not apply the coupon and stole money from me. If it was not going to give discount I would not have made that order. On top of that the app gave the pickup order to the wrong restaurant branch and I had to travel miles to get my order. Even the restaurant told me that they charge exorbitantly to customers and the same order if make through a phone call would have costed me 10 dollars less. The is a disgusting company who rips off their customers with a fraud website and app..Never going to use it again!!! I also spoke to customer care which is outsourced to some third world bpo and they don’t understand what I am saying only does copy paste of pre written scripts and urls. Stupid customer care uninstalling now

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    Started out as the best, but fell quickly

    We used Skip a ton and had great experiences but lately there have been major issues with drivers, either there are not enough drivers or they are “multitasking” because it will say “Joe is on his way to pick up your order” but he’s soooo fat away on the map. Then they’re missing turns, taking routes that are way out of the way, stopping for long periods for no reason, basically doing everything besides picking up my order. I have gone out and picked up multiple orders myself and this last one will be the last time I use Skip. It’s not about the time it takes, it’s that my food will be ruined sitting there for 45 minutes at the restaurant waiting for bozo to make his way there. Very unfortunate.

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    Terrible Customer Service-Worst Ever

    I placed an order then received an email 20 minutes later that my order has been cancelled. I inquired as to why my order was cancelled, after I had been waiting for 20 minutes and that I thought it was ridiculous. I chatted with one of their reps, and was told this: “Thank you for reaching out to us. Upon reviewing your previous orders, it appears that we have consistently failed to provide you with the type of world-class delivery experience that SkipTheDishes prides itself on. We are disappointed that we have failed to provide you with optimum service during each of your orders. We have decided that it is best to remove ourselves from this relationship for the foreseeable future, until we are confident that our services have improved enough to meet your expectations. During this time, we will not be able to process any further orders under your account.” First off, I’ve only ordered from SkipTheDishes one other time over a year ago, so I’ve had one other order, and they have banned me from ordering? For what? For asking why my order cancelled. This is the worst possible customer service. Terrible business model.

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Is SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery Safe?

No. SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 5,548 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery Is 13.0/100.

Is SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery Legit?

No. SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 5,548 SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery Is 13.0/100.

Is SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery not working?

SkipTheDishes - Food Delivery works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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