Clorox Pool Reviews

Clorox Pool Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-27

The Clorox® Pool App gives do-it-yourself pool owners the tools to proudly and
confidently maintain a swim-ready pool all season long. The free, easy-to-use
app uses proprietary, scan-to-test technology—built on an unrivaled, AI-driven
platform—to provide expert water test analysis. Us...

Table of Contents:
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2. Is it Safe?
3. Is it Legit?
4. App not working?
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Clorox Pool Reviews

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    Tedious for absolutely no reason

    I bought the test kit, I used the test kit, I tried to press the button to see results of test kit and app insists you to create an “account”. I am confused why I need to create an account for a bleach company, it’s not like I want to receive a weekly bleach newsletter or join a message board about bleach, I just want to know what the results of my test kit THAT I ALREADY PAID FOR are. I try to create a bleach account, turns out I already have a bleach account. I try my bleach password, incorrect bleach password. I click to reset my bleach password, no bleach email. I click again to reset my bleach password, bleach email sends, I reset my bleach password, try to login to my bleach account, INCORRECT BLEACH PASSWORD. Click to reset again. BLEACH ERROR. Why all this trouble for a test kit result? Why can you not just tell me what bleach products I need? I am going to buy more bleach products from you, why would you make it so difficult for me to? Now I’m just going to buy bleach products from somebody else. No wonder the store was overstocked with these test kits. No one wants to have to join a bleach fan club just to know what they need to fix the ph balance of their pool.

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    Most inaccurate app ever

    This app is complete crap. Last two weeks I have done nothing but buy products to adjust my pool so I could Put in a new salt water system since mine old one wasn’t working properly. My results said to add scale metal and stain to reduce my alkalinity I had perfect hardness in the pool. I added the exact amount they said to waited 24 hours retested and alkalinity was exactly the same added same amount and there was no change but now my hardness is high and they say to add same product for the hardness so I called and asked what the active ingredient was since none of their products list this information only to find out it had nothing to do with muriatic acid and would never have helped. As if that wasn’t bad enough what it is for was to bring down the hardness aka calcium but instead it raised it. I will be taking back all the Clorox products I purchased per their app because this company is a complete joke. I now have a professional I will have to pay to come out and fix their mess.

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    Inaccurate results & Constant connection errors

    I really wanted to love this app, but it has constant errors. It will work up to the point where I take a picture of the test strip then see the initial results and then it won’t let me get past that screen because it says it can’t connect to my network. I have no issues with other apps or the browser on my phone, only this one. I’ve tried while connected to my WiFi (full signal) and mobile network (4/5 bars) and same issue. Every once in a while it lets me through. Also, the results aren’t very accurate (yes, I followed instructions). I’ve scanned multiple new strips after taking a sample in the same spot on the same day and it gave me different results. So I gave in and took a water sample to the pool store and they gave me very different results - and what they recommended cleared up my pool in a few hours. The recommendations from this app would’ve made the problem worse! I definitely do not recommend this app or the test strips.

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    I don’t normally spend the time to write reviews, but this needs to be brought up. I’ve used this app for a while now, well over a years time. The functionality used to all work, but know when you do a test strip scan, it shows you the proper results initially but if you wish to go back (even a minute later before closing the app) and look at the result again, the display won’t show the proper results due to the fact that the screen is formatted for the “liquid” test. (and not the test strip) This has been broken for months. I wrote Clorox about it and got the basic response that they know of the issue and will have to fix it in a newer version. Looking at the version history it somewhat appears they are not really motivated to fix this or any other issues with the App as there have been no version releases for about five month at this juncture. In addition, I see other reviews stating that the app continues to log them out and thereby have to log back in every time. That is happening to me as well. I committed to this system (and the purchase of Clorox products as well) as a simple, non frustrating way to maintain my pool. I guess it’s time to look for something else as this app no longer fills the bill for that.

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    No local access to data

    This app seems great...until there is a problem with their servers, you don’t have an internet connection, or are unable to login for one reason or another. I just set up a new pool. I just set up a new pool. Tested the water, which was amazingly easy, and immediately had a list of the chemicals I needed and the amounts needed. Perfect! I texted it to myself just to be safe. I went to the store to buy the chemicals, opened the app to discover I had been logged out. Annoying, but okay, I would just log back in...or so I thought. The app kept telling me to check my internet connection and try again. I visited other websites, and ran Speedtest. Certain that I had a good internet connection, I tried logging in again, only to get the same message. Without logging in, I had no access to my test results or shopping list. That’s okay, I think. I texted to myself to be safe. I opened the text only to discover that it just linked to a blank webpage. So here I am in the store ready to buy chemicals with no idea what to get. If Clorox didn’t have a monopoly on pool chemicals it would be enough to put me off the brand. Pool test data isn’t sensitive info, and it is my data. It should reside on my device and be accessible without needing to login or have an internet connection.

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    Works for testing, interface and design issues

    I’m happy with the app for scanning test trips and suggesting treatment plans. However, some design and interface changes are needed. The first is the login and security screens. This app is constantly forgetting who I am and logs me out. I’ve never had this issue with other apps. Allow users to login and stay logged in. Second, this app is not compatible with 1Password,(and other password managers). The interface allows you to paste a password, but the field validation does not recognize the text because it’s check for key strokes. Only after a key stroke can I click the login button. The hack is to paste password, type 1 character and then backspace to delete character.

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    Best choice!!! Easiest to use, by far!!!

    I originally bought the pool kit where I got a water sample, added this and that to it, tested for lots of things, and read everything very carefully. Maybe I'm just extra slow, but it took me awhile to do the tests, and even more time to decide what chemicals to add. Since it was more complicated, only I did it. With these Chlorox strips, app, and chemicals, it's SO EASY! I had to leave town for a week, but I was able to help my family know exactly what to do to, all with just a simple phone call and instructions! I'm so excited and so hyped about the easiness of this system that I'm telling everyone!

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    Waste strips

    For some reason the developers decided not to save the results when they scan. The only thing I can figure is they want you to have to use more strips. Many times I have scanned the strips, looked at the results then when I go back later to evaluate the results they are gone. Not shown as the most recent scan, not in the history, just gone. Pull out another strip. I’m not sure what event they are triggering on to save the scan to the history, but they have wasted a lot of strips for me. I am a software architect and I will always try to persist the data as soon as I can. In this case, they should persist the results before even showing them on the screen. I’m sure this was done on purpose, but it was the wrong decision. Fix that and I will bump up the rating.

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    Not reliable!

    This app is not reliable! It deleted all of my recent analysis history. Sometimes it shows that I scanned multiple test strips within a 5 minute period. Although I have only scanned one test strips it gives me multiple different results. My biggest complaint with this app pertains to the required test strips. I have purchased them several times for a few years & always from Wal-Mart. The bottle has always had 50 test strips for around $9.87, until recently. I didn’t notice it in the store because the price was the same, but when I opened the bottle I realized that the quantity was much smaller! There was actually only 25 strips rather than the regular 50. How does a company justify doing this? There was nothing that alerted me to the change in the quantity. How do they justify charging the same price for 1/2 of the product?

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    Crap & Possibly a Scam!

    I downloaded this app because I bought salt pool test strips. Each time I have tested the water the app recommends about 3-4 Clorox products. The first time, I went out and bought the products it requested. I used the products in my pool as recommended on the package and by the app. When I went to test the water again, I received the same results recommending that I purchase the same products and treat the pool the exact same way as last time. This app is just to sell Chlorox products, not to actually help keep your pool clean. GO WITH A BETTER QUALITY WATER TESTER! SPEND THE EXTRA MONEY ON A PRODUCT THAT WORKS!! I wish I could post a picture of all the products I was recommended to buy & use, then recommended to buy and use again. That way you will know which Chlorox products to start clear from. Steer clear from all Chlorox products.

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    Clorox chemicals and the app is the way to go

    I have used a variety of products over the last several years. Clorox makes it simple. The app is easy to work with and the products work quickly. I test my pool with this trips and then use the app. Sometimes I scan it, other times I enter it in manually. I think if you manually enter it it’s more accurate. If you have trouble seeing colors I definitely recommend using this app and the scan feature. So far for this year I am very happy with the switch. I did start off with a new liner and a fresh water fill on the pool this year.

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    Bad advice!!

    The sole purpose of this app is to sell you unnecessary chlorox products. Do not follow the “treatment plans” recommended unless you want to F up your water. You can only use chlorine tabs, granules, and granular shock so many times before your CYA levels get out of control rendering your free chlorine useless unless it’s maintained at very high levels or you drain your pool and refill. You do not need Algaecides, clarifier, etc. If your pool is vinyl you do not need calcium. Do some research!! The only thing this app is ok for is testing your water, but the colors don’t really match realistically with your results, so you basically just have to make your best guess. I will be deleting this app and buying the hth 6-way test kit next season. All you need is bleach, stabilizer, and occasionally some pH up or down to maintain good water and these products are cheap.

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    Scanning the test strips

    I have been using the app for about two months and I had been great..... until this last week every time I scan a strip it asks me to rescan again and again! The scanning process in the app appears to not be working at this time. **Update*** Turns our that the strips I was using were faulty, the bottle had probably gotten moisture in it and it was not displaying correctly. I didn’t realize it until I decided to buy more and looked at the difference between the old strips and the new ones. App is now scanning and reading the strips just as it should be!

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    Basic math = Spa use too

    I’m a spa owner. No pool. And while this Clorox app doesn’t specifically support hot tub water testing, you can set it up to. Water is water and dip strips work as well for pools or spas. Covered there. But In pool setup section of the app, 1000 gallons is the smallest pool volume one can select. My spa is 500 gl. So when I test daily, the recommended treatments are cut in half. That simple. Seems to be working well. In addition, our local retailer only carries the larger Pool & Spa line of chemicals. The treatments feature these products anyway so no prob there. So far so good and happy Clorox put this app out. Looks greats and well designed. Great help and the reason I use their products today.

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    Amazing pool app

    This pool app is amazing!! I just took ov r my parents mortgage back in January so this is my first summer taking care of the pool completely and on my own. This app has told me what I needed to know. I couldn’t completely clear my water up and this app told me exactly what hat I needed. Now my water is completely crystal clear, can see the bottom clearly, nothing on the walls or floor, and the app tells me to jump in and enjoy! I am so happy I found this pool app. I was struggling to clear the water because of alga and then it stayed cloudy no matter what I bought and added in it. Thanks Clorox Pool!!!

A better way to Contact apps

You can now contact Clorox Pool customer service directly
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Is Clorox Pool Safe?

Yes. Clorox Pool is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 28,594 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Clorox Pool Is 25.5/100.

Is Clorox Pool Legit?

Yes. Clorox Pool is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 28,594 Clorox Pool User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Clorox Pool Is 25.5/100.

Is Clorox Pool not working?

Clorox Pool works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Have a Problem with Clorox Pool? Report Issue

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Why should I report an Issue with Clorox Pool?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Clorox Pool to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Clorox Pool customer and are running into a problem, Justuseapp might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Clorox Pool.

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