Ritual - Order Local Takeout Reviews

Ritual - Order Local Takeout Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-19

Ritual - Order Local Takeout Order Ahead for Food & Coffee Skip the line and
earn rewards at restaurants and coffee shops in your city with Ritual! From
burgers to salads, lattes to smoothies, you’ll earn points on every order to
redeem for Ritual credits to spend at the best restaurant...

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Ritual - Order Local Takeout Reviews

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    Invasion of privacy what a joke

    Now Ritual wants to force me to access my location in order to use the application I’ve been using for a year. I’ll be sure to let the food retailers how horrible Ritual’s business practices are. Won’t use this application again. Not sure what’s worse Apple not putting reviews in chronological order and the most recent not showing on first screen in App Store or Rituals data mining. Both seem pretty bad and very disappointed the Apple would conduct themselves this way. Tech companies definitely need a wake up call. Response to developer. So are you saying that Ritual was gathering my location without asking permission of the user. I had my location for this app shut off and unless Apple was allowing you to bypass which then there are bigger issues at hand. What your implying is that since the update to your app you have changed the way the location services are shown to consumers. Either turn on your location or don’t use the app. In the past you just accessed the location of users ? And Please stop with the patronizing responses as if people can’t figure out how long it takes to get to a restaurant.

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    Used for about a Year or so.

    I have been using Ritual for quite a while. Maybe over a year. I LOVE it. For several reasons. In the beginning, I really loved the lower priced promo meals. But as time went on, the less often they appeared. As a college student, eating some great and healthy meals at a nice price were a life saver. When I stopped getting less of those promo meals, I thought I’d hate it afterwards. But it comes in real handy when I forget my wallet. Which is something I often do. Using Apple Pay through this app is a blessing because most restaurants aren’t equipped for it. I’m just gonna throw out an idea with maybe partnering with local college meal programs or if we sign up with our school emails to get like 10% off or something. That’s be nice. Just saying. Overall, I 100% recommend. Just can’t wait for more restaurants to appear (:

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    Advertised promo does not work. No help from support team.

    Ritual is currently advertising $1 Food Festival. The rules seem straightforward. You refer a friend, the friend makes a purchase, you get five $1 lunches. Simple? Not really. In reality, you do NOT get $1 lunches. I am in one of the cities that participate in the $1 Food Festival. Accordingly to the Ritual app, there are 10+ participating restaurants near me. My friend made a purchase and I still do not see any $1 options. Sent multiple emails to the support team. Instead of resolving the issue, they keep copying “no offers available in your nearby proximity” response. This is not a true statement based on their own app. They also refuse to give a name of ANY participating restaurant within the entire city. So either the support team is totally incompetent or the promo campaign is falsely advertised. Either way, Ritual gets referrals, you get nothing. Update based on the developer response. I am smart enough to search for DOLLARFEST. The app shows many restaurants nearby. No $1 offers in any of them when I click on a restaurant. My friend did not get $1 offers either.

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    Wished I discovered this app a while ago

    I work near Penn Station and for lunch I was in a rut, going to the same places in an area that can feel like a pricey food desert. Ritual really made it easy to discover new places and new dishes. As a bonus, I signed up during their restaurant week so I got some amazing deals on top of their regular deals. Plus, it feels good going in to a place and knowing your food is waiting for you. On the rare occasion my order got messed up, customer service was really kind and was quick to get back to me. The only downside is that most of the restaurants are in certain parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn. I hope they expand.

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    Terrible Customer Support

    I downloaded the Ritual app because there was a promotion going on in my city that I wanted to access. After forgetting my password, I clicked the “forgot my password” link, expecting a link to be sent to me immediately afterward. However, I got a text message saying that a password reset email had been sent to my email account on file. After going to my email and waiting for over an hour, it never appeared. I then reached out to customer support and have been emailing back and forth with them for 4 hours (mostly a one way conversation; I guess they must have so many complaints coming in that they don’t have time for me). Now, 4 hours and 25 emails later, the issue is nowhere near being resolved and the support team has completely stopped responding to me. I’m hoping that this will catch their attention and make them realize that small issues can snowball into larger problems for their company. If you want to have satisfied customers, then maybe you should take the time to actually address their concerns.

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    Horrible Customer Service

    I used to love this app, referred 7 employees to it and used it to retrieve food for my boss due to the convenience. I tried to make a personal account on my personal phone for myself and got booted out of participating in the $1 food fest for apparently violating their standards. I wrote to them that this is a mistake cause the other account is for my boss, they took days to get back to me and didn’t resolve the issue, just kept saying I violated the terms of the app. Since I wanted to participate in the $1 food fest, I then referred another employee and he placed an order, which according to Ritual’s website, allows you to participate. But no, they banned me from that too even though their website literally states this is your ticket in. They keep holding onto this stupid conspiracy that I’m making multiple accounts which is stupid cause what purpose would that even serve? I’ve emailed and DM-Ed them countless times and just crickets after accusing me of stupid behavior. Horrible app that doesn’t care about a company that has spent thousands of dollars.

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    I don’t write reviews but I’ve never dealt with such incompetent people making outright accusations all because they don’t want to fix their issues and honor and rectify a situation especially as a new and growing business. I really thought it was a clever idea as I work in the heart of Seattle. Then I referred a friend as I would receive a bonus. It never came. A pain but I submitted an issue for it. Ritual’s response: you’re already a user so you don’t qualify. Of course I’m a user. That’s the point. My friend signs up with my referral link. So I had to resubmit. This same Ritual person, says I registered with the same account, and saying that my friend and I were one and the same!!! Sooooo needless to say he and both won’t be using the app and we both will not be recommending this app to anyone. In addition, I used my coworkers referral link and she nor I got the bonus either and she is having the same issue, as well. We understood the kinks but the handling of the situation was worth the effort to let others know to avoid this company.

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    Beware of referring others, SCAM

    I used to love this app, I referred more than 10 employees, family, and friends, and used it often to purchase food for myself because of the convenience. I helped my parents create accounts and saved the credit card we all share together. My parents somehow got blocked out of participating in the specials ritual was offering. I myself had my account permanently deleted because I was apparently violating their standards. I told them this is a mistake and they were so cold in their email mentioning I abused their app? They banned now myself, my parents, and even my friends to use their app and website. They think I conspired to make multiple accounts and I am not sure why. This is a terrible terrible app and the customer service is horrible. The ritual app should just terminate the “refer a friend and earn” because every time you do they think you are creating multiple accounts then block you from using the app.

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    Not as good as before

    I joined in March. I enjoyed at the beginning so I invited 10+ friends to join too. At that time, invited friends getting points were so easy. Recently, it was getting harder and harder. Always stating I got duplicated account. So, I didn’t get the $1 meal promotion; my friends neither. Sooo many emails back and forward, I only got the invitation points. Also, in the past, if I found out the “menu price error”, I would get points as quick as an hr later. Right now, up to a wk, no reply. I sent followup emails, sometimes I got no answer; sometimes I got “funny” excuses: 1) the restaurant is not in Ritual’s app! (But, it is, the restaurant IS in your app); 2) that price different is under our investigation (but, few days later, no one corrected it). ...... They just don’t want to give you the promotion points as they promised. The app is just not as good as before.

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    Misleading and dishonest

    Referred my brother for the $1 dollar food fest so that we could check out new places around town. I did not get access to the promotion, or even the referral bonus. Only got my referral bonus after I submitted my first issue claim with them. And even after that, they did not register that I had referred my brother during the food fest. So I filed another claim specifically referencing their food festival, which they finally addressed days after the promotion ended by saying they were “experiencing higher volume”. Great, so they have the time to fix the first issue but no time to even send a quick mass email to everyone with the second problem? To top it off, they had previously advertised the food festival ALL OVER their app but so conveniently removed it sometime in the middle of the week it was OCCURRING, even though I had used the food festival referral link earlier that week to recommend my brother. Shady much. Yo, if you are even going to try at customer service, you should at least make it up to the people who wasted time referring people but missed out on the food fest when your app failed to acknowledge referrals and “conveniently” dropped all ads on the food festival. Or at least come up with a less lame excuse than “we had too much volume”

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    Bad faith company

    I was referred by a coworker and has referred a few other people when they had $1 eats that week. Fast forward, they sent me an incentivized survey saying I would be credited x amount of points within 24 hours if I responded to the survey within a time period and I responded right away. A week later, nothing. I replied to the email, which looked like it was a person, asking for the points. It went to the black hole. From my experience, this company is not a reputable company and it will never be one unless they put someone with a brain in their IT or in their senior management. They lie to get more information out of you. I admit I was sucker at browny points. When I give out my information, I expect the browny points as promised. If you do not honor your promise, you will not be around for too long as there are many competitors out there. Bad business strategy.

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    Ritual’s Da Bomb!

    I’m not a big app person but I love this app! It makes ordering and pick ups so easy and streamlined, you get exposed to some good restaurants and food options you may have otherwise overlooked and you get perks for using the app too! Only draw backs are that there is no live person to call if a problem arises (but their online support is really good and responds quickly so not a huge deal) and there could be a bit more explanation/definitions given on the mobile app and their website for the different deal types offered, but other than that, this app is so great and it’s been pretty addictive for me to use!

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    Signing up had hiccups but sticking w/ it has been good

    When I signed up via a link texted from my regular coffee, the link wasn’t a link and didn’t work. I eventually (I assume through resending because the system saw I hadn’t signed up) I got a proper link and signed up. Didn’t receive the $10 credit I was supposed to get but when I got the follow up welcome email I responded and Robert was great about getting me the proper credit and being open to my feedback. As a result I kept using the app and its worth it just for the mobile order option I otherwise wouldn’t have for the place I usually stop. I’m curious to see how point redemption goes. That combined with the starting issues led to my 4 star review.

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    LOVE this app. At the time of download, you receive a $10 credit for your orders. Luckily where I work there are plenty of options to choose from. It also has the option to sign up with the place you work at and you can see which of your coworkers are also on the app; this is convenient because it also offers an option where you can offer to pick up their order from the same place you ordered at. Also love that I am able to pay with Apple Pay because there are times I don’t feel like carrying my wallet.

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    Please, save yourself any frustration and do not download this app. One problem after another. Either the restaurant is unaware of your order and refuses to give you any food or the restaurant/establishment is closed altogether and doesn’t exist. Save yourself the trouble because customer service will give you even more of a frustrating experience. Some meals may be marked as one dollar or discounted but you will spend more time, money and gas trying to pick up then any meal is ever worth. Highly recommend you do not download. Recommended apps include Yelp, Post Mates or DoorDash. Their customer service is also much better. Abby from the customer service team has responded with little to zero useful feedback in a non-timely matter. This app/business needs to figure out all their bugs before going public. Must delete.

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Is Ritual - Order Local Takeout Safe?

Yes. Ritual - Order Local Takeout is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 20,398 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Ritual - Order Local Takeout Is 41.3/100.

Is Ritual - Order Local Takeout Legit?

Yes. Ritual - Order Local Takeout is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 20,398 Ritual - Order Local Takeout User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Ritual - Order Local Takeout Is 41.3/100.

Is Ritual - Order Local Takeout not working?

Ritual - Order Local Takeout works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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