SONIC Drive-In Reviews

SONIC Drive-In Reviews

Published by on 2021-05-27

The SONIC Drive-In app lets you order and pay with your phone, get rewards, find
out about new items and offers, browse the menu, check nutritional information
and more! • Order Ahead and be first in line every time! Plus, get Happy Hour
Any Time (1/2 Price Drinks & Slushes) when you or...

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SONIC Drive-In Reviews

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    It’s okay.

    Honestly I order through the sonic app every time because it’s so easy. HOWEVER I go to sonic very often with friends and we all want to order at the same time but we can’t. The app won’t let multiple orders go through which I just don’t get because there are multiple people in the car. So ordering through the app is a hassle that way because we all do it. It makes for such a long wait time. Another thing is that we should be able to put multiple cards on the app or be able to have multiple payment options which would once again make life with friends so much easier. On my last note we should be able to tip on the app. I hardly have cash anymore and I want to tip these hard working people but I can’t. Most of my sonic trips are spontaneous so I don’t plan ahead to have cash. Plus sonic pays these poor people like dirt. They run the kitchen and car hop and make half minimum wage !? Are you joking? And most people don’t tip them. A year ago I didn’t even know I was supposed to tip these people because I didn’t see sonic as a restaurant but now knowing how much they pay people is ridiculous. PAY THEM MORE. And one last thing. I get sonic a lot and there are no perks with that. With how much I spend I would love a rewards system. Not just a “deal” like a you spend this much you get this much in return type of thing. Like a loyalty program to earn points or something. Would love that. The app is okay but once again there are issues that I would love to be addressed.

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    Easy and convenient

    I really appreciate this app. I’m all about that efficiency, and this app makes it happen. I can order from my couch and it’s ready when I get there. No lines, no waiting. It is easy to use. I like that I can quickly select a previous order to reorder; I often get the same food/drinks, so this speeds things up even more. I would like to be able to set my favorite location as the default location. I was driving home with my kids and passed a Sonic in my neighboring town. I decided ice cream sounded great. I had my son place the order in the app and continued on to my own local Sonic. It turned out the order was placed for the location of the Sonic I had driven past. Oops! He didn’t even think to look at the location, and I assumed it would be defaulted to my local one. Instead, the app selected the nearest location at the time the order was placed. Several times I also have almost ordered for the wrong location because I forget to check it! I like to order well ahead, like when I’m about to leave work and drive 40 minutes - I set the pickup time and then I don’t have to mess with the app while driving, or have to add more time to my drive home by sitting in a drive-thru line.

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    Can’t even access my acct/ unhelpful customer support

    EDIT: Don’t get your hopes up for continued use! After speaking with Sonic customer support, it is clear they are contracting with a company and have zero control over the app. They don’t tell Sonic why accounts are deactivated, which is what has happened to mine. The deactivated accounts cannot be re-activated and I refuse to create another email account just for this ridiculous app. There is 1 star because at least one star is required. I’ve been using the app for most of the summer. There have been issues, but they were easily fixed. A few days ago I attempted to add money to my gift card to make a purchase (which is a whole different issue). It kicked me out of the app right as I confirmed the reload. I opened the app again and was asked to login. My email and password were not accepted. I attempted to reset my password several times, but I never received the email to do this. I even tried to login from a PC. When I emailed customer service, I included an outline of the steps I took. What did they do? They told me to do all those same steps as if they hadn’t read my email. Talk about not listening to your customers. What a waste of time. Many of the reviews on here are good- just wait and see. I will call them, but after reading some of the other reviews, I don’t expect to receive good or competent customer service.

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    No explanation for deactivated account, NO RESOLUTION!

    I went to log in to the app today and was told my account had been deactivated. I then called the customer support number in the app and they could give me no explanation as to why I could not access my account, no information as to what amount of money was left on my virtual gift card when my account was deactivated, and also no information as to when I would be refunded the remaining amount of money that was on my card when my account got deactivated. What kind of customer support are you supposed to be when you have no remedy for this apparently wide-spread issue except to create a new account and hope for you money back?! What’s even the point of the app at all if something this simple can’t be easily fixed by calling the customer service number you provide to us?! Needless to say, I have already deleted the app. It’s extremely frustrating as I loved the deals and ability to order ahead, but my account getting deactivated for no reason at all and customer service having no way to get it back up is beyond annoying. The app was basically the only reason I was going to Sonic restaurants so often lately, and now I won’t go nearly as much. I suggest Sonic fix this issue quick, or I’m sure more customers will be just as frustrated as I am right now.

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    It’s all good until it isn’t!

    I loved the idea of ordering on the app and being able to pull in, pay, and have your order brought out. A little over a month ago there was a glitch with the app. I ordered before I arrived and during the order I had to reload because my balance was low. As I pulled into Sonic to select witch bay I was in it reloaded again! My total was $4.10, the first reload was $10 but they only took $4.01 off; then it reloaded for another $10 taking the remaining .09 of the total. So me know technology, I thought, it would either add the extra $10 to the sonic app or it wouldn’t post from my debit card. After 5 days the second reload for $10 posted but the balance did not reflect that in the sonic app. I sent a message through the app support team. They instructed me to contact the location for my refund. The located advised they had no knowledge of this type of technology and to call home office. I have called, emailed, called, emailed, called, called, called, called and called! Only for them to email me that my issue can not be resolved. I only wanted them to add the freakin $10 to the app since I’m doing business with them anyway and I understand how technology can fail Us. I have receipts, bank statements and screenshots of transactions to support my complaint!! This is not acceptable!

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    Good deals but deceitful payment system.

    The app offers a lot of great deals like half off all drinks all day BUT only if you order through the app. That’s not a big problem but it is when you’re forced to “load” money by buying Sonic gift cards in dominations of $10, $20, etc. So if you have a small order you’re forced to spend a minimum of $10. Sure, you’ll have what’s left over for the next transaction but when that time comes and you’re short a few cents? You’ll have to load another $10. Ordering through the app itself is slow as it suffers from sluggish performance especially on the payment screens, particularly when you submit payments. This from an iPhone X and fast WiFi. When you use the app near the restaurant I’ve had the order screen completely disappear and without any order history screen or receipt I had to hope that the staff seen my order and wouldn’t ask me for me proof of purchase. Very annoying and discouraging. Save yourself the trouble and hassle and just order in person rather than use this greedy and slow app. You’ll pay a little bit more without the savings but it’s worth it if you can avoid headaches cause by using this app.

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    Downloaded the app, first use everything went well. Second time I had a problem and had to call, before they would help me they needed to know all info (name, number, address, how many times I visit sonic, how much I spend) when all I wanted to know was how to order a root beer float. The simple answer was that not all items are on the app. Took almost 20 min to get to that. Third time I used the app, it sent my order to the wrong sonic. Called again, the guy said he’d send a coupon for a drink and to just reorder. That would have been fine except the app wouldn’t let me view or cancel the order. And the coupon was for a free drink with purchase. The only thing I wanted to purchase was a drink, so the coupon was useless. I called back, had to give all information again and she kept asking for the order number which I could not give because I couldn’t view the order. Her idea was to go home, call back, and then come back; I live outside town so not happening. The app still would not let me view or cancel the order. She had me delete and redownload the app. She was horrible. An hour after I called, no refund and still no drink. Not worth it. My advise.... just don’t.

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    Gift Card Use is Very Frustrating

    I used to love this app HOWEVER I recently got several sonic gift cards for Christmas and decided I would just load them on to my app to make my life easier .... but then came to realize that you cannot combine your gift card balances! The Sonic app only allows you to check out with one gift card at a time. So for example my meal today cost $7.50 and I have two $5 sonic gift cards, however instead of being able to pay $10 in gift cards and have $3.50 left over, I can only pay with one gift card or the other and have to “reload” the gift card in order to cover my balance. This is extremely frustrating and makes it so that I will probably never be able to fully empty my cards without reloading. Just another way for them to make more money. Even Starbucks has a way on their app to transfer a balance from one gift card to another so that you can use the full balance of multiple gift cards combined! Sonic should definitely do that! If I would have known this was going to happen I would never have loaded my gift cards on to my app. So very frustrating.

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    No Security Whatsoever!

    I don’t normally write reviews for things but I feel like it’s my duty to inform the public when there is potential danger in something. Be VERY careful with this app. I got the app about 2 months ago because my aunt wanted to send me a gift card on it for my birthday. Since then, I’ve used it to make orders and get rewards because it is pretty convenient. However, today I got an email of a receipt saying I spent $82 on an order in Las Angelas.....I live in Alabama. Not only was it super easy for me to be hacked, but the size of the order and the location were not questioned by this app. From this info you can pretty well determine that there is nothing in this app to prevent fraud. I have since deleted my debit card from the app, but I shouldn’t have to do that out of fear of the terrible security Sonic has. And when I called customer service, they simply told me to change my password and contact my bank. That’s it. Not even an apology. I’m usually not the type of person to send food back because it’s not right, or to ask for the manager when I’m slightly inconvenienced, but this is no slight inconvenience. This is a problem that needs to be taken care of.

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    Get with the program people. No one carries around cash? Not even needed for toll roads anymore. You have have the ability to use state of the art technology & you “could” update your software. I was told that y’all had problems over 10 years ago. Wow! That’s a long time ago. A lot has happened since then. Please allow your employees to get tips by credit card through either the app or on location. Pizza is usually paid for in advance. And customers have the option to add on a tip upon delivery of food. So seriously, y’all have no excuse & your employees may stick around longer & be happier for it. And y’all are not even having to pay them more money, the customers will be glad to do it. It’s a win win win. And there will be smiles all around. You’ll see... Don't be a Scrooge when you don’t even have to be. The more you give, the more you will receive.

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    Doesn’t have any info about how it works. Guess you have to be in the know which I wasn’t. Didn’t see any way to place an order or to pay with phone. Only thing I saw to do was buy their card hoping I could then place an order. Don’t see any point in letting them know where I am (slot drive thru or window) if I’m ordering when I’m already there. Maybe they have different mobile methods available at different locations??? I ended up giving them my credit card info to buy their stinky card with a minimum amount them was unable to purchase anything without going to the store first to ask because mid afternoon on a week day my local store never answered the phone. I’m sure I won’t be able to get a refund and I’m just plain frustrated. Maybe this is how they make money — channeling folks into buying useless cards????? Well I’ll go there and spend the full balance and NEVER GO BACK. NEVER EVER EVER NEVER. Which is too bad since I’m new to my area, the location is great, and the menu sounded delicious. No previous experience with Sonic and now I want nothing to do with them. Short version is the app works great but doesn’t do anything useful.

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    Needs improvement

    Three days ago I order on the app, as I always do before I head to work, so that I would be able to just pull in get my order and go to work. As always I completed my order at home, set my pick up time to 15 minutes after the order was placed and headed to Sonics. The app told me my order was completed, deducted the money from my card, but never placed my order. When I arrived at my pick up location they told me that there had been recent complaints about the app that day and that they weren’t able to pull up my order. I called the contact number to see how to go about my order being placed and if it could be pushed through and the associate on the phone just told me there was nothing they could do and that the location I was at was responsible for my refund then asked was that all I called for and dismissed me. I relayed the message to the store manager and she called herself to get things fixed. I received my refund yesterday but I still had to reorder and repay for my food after a thirty minute wait and no real help from your support line.

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    Needs a ton of work

    First of all, the reward redemption process on this app is terrible. You can’t even redeem the rewards because by the time you try to, by tapping “redeem” it has disappeared. Try telling the employees you have a reward that isn’t visible anymore...most of the employees don’t know how to use the app anyway and make it seem like it’s an inconvenience that you want to pay with the app. Their lack of knowledge on the app / payment system isn’t fair to customers who have loaded money on to the app. I was told that I had to use my card because the girl didn’t *think* their store used the app...I asked her to find out for me, she did, and she was wrong, so someone else helped me out. So I would have essentially paid $40 for $20 worth of food since I loaded money on this app. Also, I have been told that if I had say $3 left of the app and I wanted to pay the difference with my card to zero out and never use the app again I can’t do that. So I cannot ever have a zero balance. I keeps prompting you to add more to cover your purchase and then some. I don’t want money on the app! I want to zero out and be done with sonic!! Blah.

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    Seems useless

    I thought I would download the app because I keep seeing signs at my sonic to order ahead. And I thought this would be awesome because it seems they never can hear me at my sonic. And I always end up having to scream my order at them. But after doing this, it asked me I’m up for a road trip, because no stores within 50miles from me will do a Mobile pay. So I’m kinda confused on that part. Also from what I see, you’re forced to buy a virtual card. So unless I want to drive Over 50miles to use it, I won’t be doing that. Also, what if my totally is $5.33 and i have to buy $10 cars? I’d rather not have a balance in some app that could potentially lose information. This is just stupid. I thought it would work like McDonald’s works. Order your food. Go to the restaurant, and check in and it uses your debit/credit card to purchase. Easy peasy. This was way more complicated than it needed to be. Also, stores: don’t advertise to download the app if you don’t even allow it at your location lol. What a waste of 10min of my life lol.

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    Efficient, Free, AND Discounts??

    So a lot of places have swapped over to doing these apps instead of manpowering cashiers and the like... but, Sonic does not appear to have cut any jobs. You can still order in person. So they’ve taken some of the weight off the cashiers which is surprising since they also offer their 1/2 priced drinks whenever you order thru the app no matter what time of day it is. The only thing I’d point out is that their flavor shots seem to transmit wrong at times to the location and the guy or gal comes out and says, “Diet Cherry” instead of regular. The food is still fast food. It’s a few steps better than McDonalds or Burger King, but ultimately it’s still fast food. Mistakes do still happen with your orders to where you have to have the food itself corrected... ordering with any modifications to standard menu in a high volume production line though at some point people are going to go on autopilot and make that 500th burger as-is without paying attention to what you actually ordered. But you get what you pay for. I digress. Ultimately the app has a couple little hang ups with ordering, but the discounts are on point and require no fees. Just the usual marketing sign up with your email address. You can order ahead and check in, food is brought out to you promptly upon arrival. I like this app.

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Is SONIC Drive-In Safe?

No. SONIC Drive-In does not seem very safe to us. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 1,063,976 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.9/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for SONIC Drive-In Is 14.3/100.

Is SONIC Drive-In Legit?

No. SONIC Drive-In does not seem legit based on our analysis. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 1,063,976 SONIC Drive-In User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for SONIC Drive-In Is 14.3/100.

Is SONIC Drive-In not working?

SONIC Drive-In works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 10 Comments

By Susan Murphy
Jun 06 2021

I’ve ordered from the sonic app for a long time and then in August 2020, none of my debit or credit cards can be used for payment. I get the error that the card was declined. But then I can order and pay with the same card at the kiosk. I’ve done everything suggested by customer service, deleted the app and reinstalled it, checked with my bank to make sure there wasn’t a block and still no resolution.

By Mark Barrow
Apr 17 2021

Ordering was fine...check out was not. "Checking prices" kept churning over and over for five or more minutes. Items were in bag so tried again and app did the same thing. Emptied bag and gave up.

By Barry Blalock
Mar 07 2021

The apps ok but it takes just as long to get your food

By Melissa
Feb 12 2021

1st time used app worked great. 2nd time I used order ahead it took the money off my card but didn't send sonic the order. I hit order one more time thinking it was a glitch and surely it wouldn't take off card twice yet it did and sonic still didn't receive order. I talked to manager at my sonic who told me to call the app customer serv. Called twice. And since then it has been removed from card And app transaction history. Total fraud. I want my money back!!!

By James
Feb 05 2021

We used the app religiously since it was released, then up and for no reason, it now refuses to accept our cards for payment, it continues to say that the card is declined but the banks has verified all is well on their end. When I called customer service, they claim its a "fraud prevention" but the card never works, has never been accused of fraud, etc. incredibly frustrating

By Teri Shope
Jan 15 2021

I used the app many times with no problems but now it will only give me apple pay and I have never used that and never will!! Fix this or I will not be at sonic again. It was convenient but not anymore. My profile still shows my saved debit card but doesn't give me that option anymore. And NO it is not my phone doing it.

By Heather Donnell
Nov 25 2020

I have been trying to order drinks and slushes for me and my children for the past 3 hours on the mobile app, on my laptop and keeps telling me there something not right. I call my local sonic and there’s nothing they can do and won’t take my payment over the phone. My cash app card was stolen and online payment is all I can do at the moment. I am a very LOYAL customer I order daily from them. Seriously thinking about saying to heck with them in general. Get your crap together?

By james mckeon
Oct 11 2020

app worked fine originally now the gps never works , when i get something from it im told im on other side of the planet . app is useless now ! dont remember if there was a recent update but if so go back to the older version .

By Leigh
Sep 11 2020

My sonic app will no longer allow me to us any debit card or credit card to pay. I have to use a sonic gift card now. Issue just started about a month ago. Ive unistalled and reinstalled the app several times, changed my login info and cards used and nothing. Won't even let me use google pay either

By Mark White
Aug 13 2020

After I order from my iPhone on the sonic app, I pay and tell them what stall I am in.
But after a few times of ordering different items, then when I go into a new order, the past orders come up, I want to delete them because I have 9 different times I ordered and I want them deleted, how

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