Miele app – Smart Home Reviews

Miele app – Smart Home Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Your perfect companion: the Miele app gives you mobile control of your Miele
domestic appliances and lets you keep track of everything – whether you are
traveling or at home. Miele app highlights: • Mobile control of domestic
appliances: operate your domestic appliances conveniently vi...

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Shockingly amazingly bad!!!

I have experienced bad apps from beginner non-programmers from many non-accredited schools and programs, and I can assure you that Mieleapp from inexplicably an expensive brand is the very worst ever!!! Really!!! And absolutely. I paid a premium price for a Miele washer and drier and based on the non-performance of Mieleapp I can just say not only never again, but KEEP AWAY from any of these Miele products!!! Firstly the basics. There is no way to reset a password!!!! Mieleapp redirects to the home page and neither can you reset it from the website. I have been trying for days. If I were Miele, the time is nigh to bring down your already risibly bad digital properties and not create furiously unhappy customers with app that is so, so, so bad. Then when my app used to work, I had to live with a dumb “demo” washer!!!! Why would I want a demo washer in my account IF I have an actual washer?!!!! How about letting the user delete it? And I am mostly furious because Miele won’t let me activate high water plus levels (needed for the washer to not damage clothing) without Mieleapp and that does not work at all now. This is the worst app I have ever seen. It is a tragedy to behold. Never Miele again for me!


Frustratingly Unreliable Wireless Connectivity

Love my Miele appliances, and spent a fortune for them. One of the many reasons I bought them was for the promise of convenience they’d bring through connection with their namesake app on my iPhone. Instead, the convenience is more an exercise in frustration. I’ve registered the products, used the steps provided by Miele to successfully add them to my wireless network using the Miele app, however, when I launch Mieleapp (usually in a moment I’m in a rush and want to lean on connecting wirelessly to preheat my coffee station, or check the status of dishes cleaning in my dishwasher) it’s a crap shoot whether I’ll be successful. At least 70% of the time, I receive a message in response letting me know my appliance isn’t “connected” to the network. Miele, please (I’m begging) please fix these connectivity issues with a software update if possible. I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on your products and expect them to work as advertised.


App upgrade broke or downgraded functionality

One buys Miele appliances at a premium cost for their impeccable quality. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Mieleapp. This latest upgrade actually has degraded connectivity functionality. I was forced to reset and reconnect all appliances; and yet randomly Mieleapp loses connection and reconnects, sometimes multiple times within the same appliance use cycle. This upgrade has badly broken WiFi connectivity between app and appliances. Whether Mieleapp will connect or not is completely whimsical rendering it basically useless. Other gems from this “upgrade” are lost functionality (does not show TwinDos supply levels) and unnecessary and useless animations on the machine icons. Whichever subcontractor Miele outsourced Mieleapp development to needs to be replaced with a company that builds an app commensurate with Miele’s appliance quality and reputation.


Piece of junk: can't log in so can't use any functions

I made my account on the website, and I can log in there perfectly fine, manage my account, etc. But when I try to log in with Mieleapp , I just repeatedly get "Fault: there was an error processing your request" Customer service just suggests reinstalling Mieleapp , but I've reinstalled many times and have the same exact error on two different phones and my iPad. I know it's recognizing my account, because if I enter the wrong password, it tells me so. If I enter the right password, I just get the fault error. I suspect it may have to do with the fact that I created my account on the web instead of in Mieleapp , but I can't create a new account in Mieleapp now because I already have one from the website associated with my email address. And customer service is terrible about responding.


Finally working again

My washer and dryer are about three years old and I was able to use Mieleapp for the first two years. It wasn’t perfect then but usually if there was a problem I can close Mieleapp and restart and finish setting up the wash/dry program. And then the third year sometime a big change was pushed out to Mieleapp and with this update so much of the functionality was essentially broken that I was not able to ever use Mieleapp successfully. I could never get past the endless timeouts and other fault warnings. I’m happy to say that the functionality has now been restored. I can use Mieleapp again and it actually works well.


Completely inaccessible for Blind individuals

We purchased a coffee machine with smart integration because I am blind and I wanted to be able to make my own coffee using this application. Sadly, I was deeply disappointed by the lack of accessibility the developer thought to bring to this application. The coffee machine is amazing, we love it, but I’m not able to use it on my own. I am always available to consult and help any developer create accessible solutions for low vision and blind individuals. Aside from that, the remote function disconnect randomly and needs to be activated by pressing the touch button on the actual coffee machine, which of course, I cannot do on my own. So, hopefully someone reads this and they reach out in order to improve the accessibility for everyone. If that happens, I will gladly change my rating in the future.


Not functional

Ever since downloading this new version, my experience with Miele has soured. This update was a downgrade. I use Mieleapp to monitor my Washer and Dryer. You used to be able to view how much detergent you had left, you used to be able to start a cycle with Mieleapp , used to be able to tell what part of the cycle the machine was, and used to be able get cycle recommendations via Laundry Assistant. All of this is gone. Miele knows about the issue, but it has been months now, and still no resolution. Why not roll back the old version, or at least customer service should be able to send you the old version upon request. You pay $4,000 for a Miele Washing Machine and Dryer; yet you aren’t even able to use the features that you paid for!


Terrible app is still terrible

I wrote a review to the effect of “this thing doesn’t work and can’t even login”. I’m not unfamiliar with technology - in fact I’m a software developer. I still stand by both how ridiculous it is Miele hasn’t fixed simple authentication issues and to email me and I’ll give you free advice on fixing (seriously just want to use Mieleapp ). I got a response from my first review “have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling?” Seriously? You have an auth issue in your servers and that’s how you want to fix it? Sigh, anyways I reinstalled it (and updated it) still can’t login - who would have seen that coming. Originally got my washer (which tbf is awesome) in December 2021, we’re pushing Feb 2022 now. Two months to do nothing hah.


This app is useless.

Mieleapp is useless. Wishing I wouldn’t have bought a Miele dishwasher. I can log into the Miele website with my user name and password but I tried doing the same on Mieleapp and keep receiving an error message. Tried calling Miele’s customer service number about 20 times and it never connects you to anyone you can talk to. One time it connected it sounded like someone was watching movies on their end. The one time I got through they said to uninstall Mieleapp and then reinstall it. Did that and still the same error message. Have been trying to call the Miele service number and it connects you to no one on the line. For what I paid for the dishwasher their app, customer service and products are complete garbage.


Promising, but lacking

Can’t figure out how to delete the demo modes on the dashboard page. They just clutter up the page when I don’t need them any more. When using Request Information > Send Message, I thought I’d “Transfer Additional Information,” but after using that option, I couldn’t back out to the Send Message page! I was stuck on the transfer additional information page with no back or send button. I had to restart Mieleapp and I had to retype the message! Why is there a “…” button for each machine on the dashboard page when there is only one option — “stop program” — when you press it? Why have the extra step? Why not just have a “stop program” button for each machine on the dashboard page instead of adding a layer of options? Lastly, why do you bury the help/feedback options so deep in the account section? Why not have this at top level?


New Start! Looks Great!

The user experience of the new App is much better than the legacy one. I have not tried the connection setup with new appliances, but all of my existing appliances are fully functional in the new App and I like the sleek design of dashboard. I do hope Mieleapp can support usage history per appliance in the future. Also the fill levels for G7566 dishwasher are still incorrect or unavailable.



I have followed all instructions as far as registration goes. I have been unsuccessful at signing into app even after signing out of my laptop, changing my password a hundred times, deleting and re downloading app a thousand times and even went into apple store to make sure nothing was wrong with my phone It is so ridiculous to keep getting an error / troubleshooting/ problem reported as well as remain unsuccessful at getting into app to hook my machines up to my phone. Pointless to be smart phone machines with a horribly designed app.


So many great features!

Mieleapp unlocks so many excellent and convenient features for our Miele washer, dryer, and dishwasher. I appreciate being able to control and monitor our appliances remotely. I also am grateful that the developers are continuously adding improvements to Mieleapp . Fits perfectly with Miele‘s slogan “immer besser.”


TRASH APP for great appliances

If Miele appliances were as poorly designed and as incredibly useless and dysfunctional as their app - I would not even recommend them out of spite to my worst enemies. What an embarrassment - I would be ashamed to be on the product team that launched and maintains Mieleapp. Probably outsourced to contractors who did just enough to get it launched. It’s not even a MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT. Short version: Mieleapp is not worth the 100mb of space it takes up on your phone. Save yourself the headache and just forget Mieleapp exists:


Unable to log in

No response from miele. Very disappointing. Edit- miele responded several weeks later asking if I created account on phone or website. Does it matter? If so why are there not instructions that say so. Tried creating account both ways, both ways fail. Even though miele sent this question, question came from a do not reply address with no instructions on how to reply. Is there a way to create a review with negative numbers? That’s what Mieleapp needs.



Apparently you cannot create an account from within Mieleapp , or at least not easily. Oh, it goes through the motions, but if I let iOS create a strong password, or if I paste in a strong PW, the “create account” button stays greyed out. As if I didn’t type anything in. If I type in my own PW, it rejects it and applies new restrictions not listed in the prompt. Seriously some of the worst UX programming I’ve ever seen. I will not be using this. I hope the appliances are better.


Update from bad to worse - dishwasher

App feels like an advertisement now. Lost functionality. Product/design team should be fired. No longer show salt or rinse aid levels. Also, no longer shows the cycle it’s currently in. Thanks. Your app is now 100% useless. We didn’t want you to totally redesign your crappy app. We wanted you to fix the crappy api calls and internal memory. Look at your reviews, find the root problems, and improve. It’s 2021… How hard can it be?


Unable to log in

I just purchased a new Miele dishwasher. I registered it on their website and created an account. I just installed Mieleapp on my iPhone X with the latest updates but when I try to login using my valid credentials, I get a pop up with a bizarre error message. I have sent a message to their technical support but it’s not clear how to get past this. Either Mieleapp is fundamentally broken, or their servers are down.


Couldn’t even log in

I contacted customer support and their answer was to delete and then reinstall Mieleapp . Didn’t work. My credentials work on the website but I get a ‘fault’ when I try to log into Mieleapp . Other than reinstall, they directed me to some self help links…which were not helpful. This, and other issues, make me seriously regret purchasing my massive Miele package. So disappointing all around.


Needs serious work

The old app was OK some things were difficult or cumbersome but the new version of Mieleapp is terrible. The QA department didn’t do their job. 1) many times it will not let you select a mode the controls doesn’t become active. 2) when you can select it, it will come back with “we’re experiencing technical difficulties.” 3) the level of the twindos is no longer available.


Login password no longer accepted since this updated

My password is no longer recognized since the upgrade. The “forgot password” link doesn’t work. Additionally, any attempt to create a new user name and password fails because there is no field to allow you to chose your US state (required step to complete your Miele account creation.) Just completed 2nd app update and was able to change my password but unable to see or connect Mieleapp with the appliance. The washer is on my network and recognized. The text messages to my mobile phone indicating the wash is finished also stopped. The connect instructions appear to support a different process and options are not present on the appliance or app side. My appliance is on my local network and it’s WiFi is set to on, but Mieleapp will not allow me to find or access/choose option 1 to connect it to my phone through Mieleapp . Under settings there is no networking option to access as shown on the help videos online. I’ve deleted Mieleapp and reinstalled it, reset my password, made sure I’m registered as a Miele USA account. I no longer get text messages to my iPhone when s program ends either. That stopped after the 2nd update to your app. I am now not able to log into my account and not allowed to change my password


Love notifications but very obvious bugs.

Miele, popping up two separate terms acceptance notices every time you enter Mieleapp is absolutely absurd and whoever wrote this and didn’t catch that in testing should be caned. Also had trouble pairing the appliances - failures to pair, messages that it had failed when it was actually successful, messages that a final registration transmission of some kind had not completed, it was a hassle and if I wasn’t an IT person I would likely have given up in frustration. I love having the basic functionality of getting notices when my laundry is done, but Mieleapp needs updates for quality control in a serious way Miele, for what is supposed to be a premium appliance experience it makes you all look bad IMHO.


Love the washer/dryer. HATE THE APP

The basically fails 80%?of the time. It connects fine, but then 1/2 the time Program won’t show. When it does, it takes several restarts of Mieleapp to get a program list. Once the list is there, it rarely responds to open a program, Yepdie options at the bottom of Mieleapp work just fine. When I finally get to choose the program I will set the timer. Half the time the timer doesn’t work and the machine starts immediately. I don’t have to stop the machine and go through the entire process again. Obviously this company does not care about Mieleapp as I see multiple negative reviews. It’s a horrible app. If they’re not going to fix it then they should remove it and not claim that they have one. It is that bad. I’ve even called service in the past when I first set up admitted that Mieleapp was bad. That was October 2018.


App Borders Unusable, Appliance is Stellar

Over the past year Mieleapp has made teeny tiny baby steps closer to being useful for my Mielé Lumen series dishwasher. Unfortunately, the last two updates now throw up the terms of agreement *every time* you open Mieleapp . I’ve logged out of my account, logged back in. Deleted and reinstalled, and I don’t see a preference in Mieleapp ’s settings. The Settings let you choose gallons instead of liters for those of us in the US, but no option to change the time remaining and estimated time dishes will be clean to 12hr vs 24hr time. Yes you can see these times when Mieleapp works, and you can see the cycle it’s running, the kWh and water used, but once the dishwasher turns off when it’s done the stats are no longer visible. Useless if you have a timer set to run the middle of the night. The latest issue is Mieleapp updated my appliance firmware and lost connection. Removing the appliance from my account, Mieleapp will not complete the setup process to my appliance. Mieleapp offers no support other than to review your manual. Mieleapp offers the bare minimum functionality and even then it’s buggy. I absolutely love the appliance and can’t understand the companion app for it can be so awful.


Still Some Defects but Potential is there

Update after 2.9.4: App more stable and capable. However, this version lost capability to update detergent levels or add them to cart. Energy usage displays for washer but not for dryer Prior to 2.9.4: After a few version updates over the past week or two I am still seeing a defect on my W1 washer screen. The Program field, instead of displaying the program I select, such as Normal, instead shows APP_MISSING_LOCALIZATIONKEY2 Also, Mieleapp does not seem to read the TwinDos levels. And with one of the updates, all finish times appear in 24 hour format. There should be a setting to display 12 hour format with AM/PM as is typical in the USA Energy usage does not seem to update. Sometimes I see water usage. But a history of runs and data would be an excellent update. That would tell you how many loads you did, how long they took, how much energy/water, along with start and finish times, etc.


Impossible app

Not what I’d expect from a German company. App is slow to connect to device. All selections are slow to take and more often than not have to be selected 2 or 3 times over before they take. Also, why don’t you use the same program names as on the selector if they are the same?. Would go a long way to use consistent naming. I just bought my machines and have done several wash and dry cycles using both selector in machines as well as app. Right now app is so frustrating I will probably stick to mechanical selector on machines. Miele, you got a lot to fix here. Convince me that I have made the right choice and purchase. Because right now we are not even close.


So So

Mieleapp had worked for me for the operation of the washing machine model WWF060. Now I had to use a galaxy s8 to actually set up the account and link the machine to my account but once linked to my Miele account, Mieleapp showed the machine. It is slow to respond and you could probably just use the controls on the machine instead but it is still cool. The notification of the cycle ending is quite useful. I will say this ****if your machine does not have SINGLEWASH do not select it as an option.*** it will cause FALT 43. Just turn the machine off with the dial and switch back on.


OK but needs improvement

We purchased a W1 washer and T1 dryer, so far have set up Mieleapp only on the washer. Setup was not the easiest I’ve ever done, but eventually succeeded. It’s nice to see status on the washer from afar, and Mieleapp provides info on speeds , temperature, and other cycle details not available in the manual or on the display. The broken things: Twindos fluid levels do not display, saying only 0% for each. Electric consumption does not display anything but 0 KWH. Water consumption displays, but seems high, 39 liter for a small load of delicates? The manuals are not available in Mieleapp for the washer. I like the suggestion by someone else of keeping a historical record of recent runs, and the ability to save favorites. Keep working on it, the promise is there. I will update or add another review after trying the dryer setup.


Miele never used this app

Clearly Miele has never used Mieleapp. The first thing it asks you to do is register for an account- apparently this isn’t the same thing as registering your Appliance because now you have to fill in a password. However when you get toward the bottom of the form you will find that the onscreen keyboard blocks the address fields you need to fill out. You cannot scroll the fields up above the keyboard so you can see what you’re typing, and you can’t minimize the keyboard to even see what field you’re typing in. Good luck!


Pairing required manual WiFi setup

In order to pair the washing machine, I had to manually go to WiFi settings during the Miele setup, pick the washing machine hotspot and enter the serial number as password. Then a pairing retry succeeded. Mieleapp has lots of flaws, e.g. shows the TwinDos containers empty though they are full and the machine is happily using the detergent without error. Then selecting a washing program etc finally just yields a black screen. The only real usable function is to see when the wash will be done.


Terrible app design

I graduated from Yale medical school and am reasonably adept at using computers, yet have been unable to make the MobileControl app work with full functionality, nor does Miele’s web site offer coherent assistance when searching for solutions to an error message. Ridiculous. At least Mieleapp tells me when a wash is finished and I can monitor the progress of a load, but Mieleapp as demonstrated with the laundry assistant does not work. Miele should not market half-baked electronics: they used to be better than this. Love the machine otherwise.


This app is terrible

It does not always connect to devices, only allows partial control and is 99% about selling you more products than supporting what you have. I use it mostly as a timer to know when the laundry is done and half the time it fails even that. Oh, and my wife and I need to use the same login because they have not figured how to do shared accounts. They literally could have a middle schooler do this on their lunch and have a better product. But, ya know, buy them Twindos things!


Needs work!

After the newly updated version I can no longer log in. I know my user name and password is correct so what happened? Also. How about implementing history of the wash cycles. As of now I can only watch water and electric use while the dishwasher is running which is ridiculous! Add the finished results in history so I can keep track. This is easy to do. This could be a great app, but the designers and development isn’t what it needs to be. Common sense issues shouldn’t be an problem.


Nicht ‘immer besser’

Mieleapp needs to get a bit more sugar from family Zinkann. Hey, With so many doctorate titles in your management team, more than 4 BILLION in revenues and 20,000+ employees, we common folk expect a bit better from the brand that claims to be ‘immer besser’. Sure, you are innovating. So are your competitors. Thing is... you seem to have forgotten your loyal customers and our needs. For two solid improvement ideas for Mieleapp, have someone on Axel’s team reach out to me. I know you can do better if I’m able to improve your App by 10x with just five minutes of thought (* disclaimer: after an hour of usage and more than a decade of UX ) Hints: - ingredient search - diet support - author support - feedback guidance made easy Etc


Terrible Experience

One of the worst app implementations I’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of using. My wifi capable washer/dryer simply will not work with Mieleapp. They are brand new and I purchased them for the convenience of Mieleapp interface in setting up wash/dry cycles as well as monitoring cycle progress. Please learn that internet of things connected device creators need to put proper funding into their apps to sell connected appliances in good faith! Miele should be ashamed to attach their name to such a terrible experience.

Is Miele app Safe?

Yes. Miele app – Smart Home is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 387 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 2.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Miele app – Smart Home Is 47.3/100.

Is Miele app Legit?

Yes. Miele app – Smart Home is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 387 Miele app – Smart Home User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Miele app – Smart Home Is 47.3/100.

Is Miele app – Smart Home not working?

Miele app – Smart Home works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 6 Comments

By Peter
Apr 01 2022

Exactly the same issue as Iris.

Been through all the setup, app displays "twindos is not configured" but washing using Twindos works fine when using machine controls.

By Iris
Mar 11 2022

New washing machine, downloaded app, but it says that the twindos isn’t configured when I try to set a wash with it. Works fine manually though.

By Reggie
Sep 09 2021

In app for washer, the twinDos ultraphase 1 & 2 are always locked
I can never see my detergent levels in the app.
Please fix it.

By Tom Jansson
Aug 01 2021

Same problem as Maureen Oswald above on W1 TwinDos machine.
This is so incredibly irritating. The percentages that used to be on the app to give an indication of what is left in the containers are no more. One just says sufficient and the other empty. The ‘we are having technical problems’ message has been there for months. Not impressive for a company that prides itself on quality.

By Tim Rawlings
Jul 17 2021

I have a w1 twindos machine but the app now after an update will not allow me to access the status of the containers of dos 1 &2 so I can reset it for a full one just loaded.

By Maureen Oswald
May 22 2021

The app hasn’t connected for months now. Says washing machine not connected. And ‘we are having technical problems issues Error code 500.

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