Food - Calorie & macro tracker Reviews

Food - Calorie & macro tracker Reviews

Published by on 2022-09-22

Virtuagym Food: Helping you to live healthy and feel great. Get a free
personalized nutrition plan by answering a few questions about your lifestyle
and goals. We support plans for many goals: weight loss, maintaining weight,
weight gain and building muscle. Eat what you want, but keep a...

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Really like it

This is the first time I have ever counted my calories. As much as I like what Food does I am a bit frustrated at the inaccuracies between their database and actual this app labels. I also wish there was an option to create a plan based on calorie consumption rather than weight, timeline etc, determining how many calories to eat.m, even if not for the sake of making small adjustments. Also having other measurement options for certain foods would be helpful. I know that 3 thin slices of salami may not register on the this app scale but I also know they are not 0 calories either. It would also be more helpful if we could edit in a simpler manner. Each feature is something you have to dig for and figure out the hard way. The features could be much simpler to follow, but when considering the purpose of Food , the way I can move my meals or snacks from day to day and seeing my daily progress, I really do like it!


There are better apps out there

Food is fine. It works. It counts calories but it’s frustrating to use in many ways: 1. You can’t delete entered into the diary. If you accidentally enter the wrong this app or the incorrect amount, you can’t delete it. This throws off your calorie count. 2. The data base is lacking. This wouldn’t bother me if Food didn’t make me search the data base before creating my own entry for a this app. 3. The entities that are in the data base are often incomplete. I like to track nutrients other than calories, fats, and proteins like iron, calcium, potassium, etc. It seems like all the entries are incomplete and I have to make my own entry if I want to track those. 4. Lack of a recipe feature. Most other apps allow you to create a recipe, including how many portions a recipe makes. This makes it easy for people who meal prep since you can save a recipe and quickly add it whenever. 5. Food gives you a macronutrient plan to follow but doesn’t give you a way to see how you’re doing each day. I’d like to know how many grams of carbs, proteins, and fats I have left so I can plan my next meal, but that feature is either hidden or nonexistent. As someone who paid for the meal plan and workout plan, this nutrition app is definitely not worth using. The only reason I am considering keeping it is because of its connectivity to the modern fit app, which I paid a membership fee for.



I have been trying to gain weight after losing so much after high school between being super active and working in healthcare which is extremely fast paced. So far Food has been wonderful you just input your information and goal whether you want to gain or lose weight, it gives you the amount of time it will take if you reach you total calorie goal and you can scan barcodes on items you eat throughout the day which is super convenient rather than reading the label. I HIGHLY recommend Food for anyone looking to be healthy and happy this 2020 !


Awesome app

Food works fantastic with the this app program I follow in conjunction with working out at my local fitness center. Their app syncs with Food and the Fitbit app, so all 3 work great together. I do wish there was a way of cleaning up or deleting all the erroneous additions that people have put in for various foods though. Having to sort through them sometimes is very time consuming and not knowing if a particular this app is correct without a nutritional label as proof isn’t good. Otherwise I love it to track my own foods.


Bugs fix , verified not

First off you don’t give option to put actually how much I actually ate in you kinda forcing me ouch what others already put in here second you say verify a this app that ppl put that your forcing me pick closes to I scanned it yes it’s a 6 pack , therefore I should be able to choose one right !!! ?? Nope and second your data off even try get close closes come to it still off by 40 or want count the whole box at 9hundred something which would still be way off cause 100 time 6 only 600 But seeing you got at 140 guess so not sure how your verification goes but go store read the boxes But I’m deleting till get it right and sticking to my lose it app


Keeps Me On Purpose

Using the this app journal is a great way to keep me focused on my weight loss goal. I'm learning so much about myself and developing healthier habits and portion control. I'd like to see the this app plans developed further, because I'm extremely carb sensitive and will gain weight if I eat mostly carbs. I do love how I can see how many calories I'm consuming. Keeping track is keeping me focused and making me more conscious. Thanks for such a great free version!


It’s ok Needs improvement

I like Food to this app journal daily. It used to synchronize well with the Virtuagym app but hasn’t been compatible in months. Virtuagym wanted payment for upgrades and I tried it but nothing changed so I cancelled. It was helpful to see activity to burn calories against what you had in your this app journal. It’s ok but I’d rather one app that includes all the benefits instead of two apps.


Somewhat useful

Not a bad program but I can’t find a way to edit anything. On a couple of occasions I have entered this app before the meal only to change my mind while preparing the this app. Can’t delete or modify anything once entered. You only get partial descriptions of many items then find out it’s wrong and can’t change it. For instance I went to Applebee’s and had the Bourbon Chicken. The description that I couldn’t see said “without potatoes” but I had potatoes so had to add them to the diary. Not a big deal but annoying. Definitely need the ability to edit.


I like it

Would be nice if you could pull data for specific kind this app from some websites, like for example, find how much milk have proteins, that’s some of information we need to put in while adding new this app, but we maybe can’t know that for some products. Otherwise quite a nice app, I like it, and i use it almost daily even if I’m not counting my calories or whatever.



So far I have enjoyed using Food. I’ve tried others and I’ve deleted them! This by far is the easiest way to log your this app! Especially on repeated items. Thank u for that I would love if you guys would put how many carbs left in the day to make it easier to look at a glance me as a diabetic I allow myself 75 carbs in a day, and that would be a nice feature.


Tracking Food

I find tracking this app very easy. The list of available this app choices is ample, it is easy to add your own foods, if necessary, easy to adjust portion size, and easy to change or edit entries. Food is intuitive. It tracks nutrients, and calories whenever you press the button. I just started using Food and I love it! Thanks.



I love some options Food offers such as allowing you to put the this app in and hit “eaten”. On the flip side of that I feel Food is not user friendly for me anyways. I feel like foods that I have scanned in come up off for the nutrition. It also is weird because when I put in the serving it comes up way different than what I am use to seeing on another app. There is good things in Food , I just wish it had a better database and more user friendly.


App is instrumental to my daily diet

Food completely blew me away as far as keeping me informed with each this app entry as to every gram of carbs, calories, fats and protein intake that I take in and ( plus ) the one I continue eliminate that allowed me to honestly lose 5 lbs in my first week using Food . It will be my most used app besides my banking app Ha ha it actually makes you want to use the info you get to live more healthy


I like the Food app that will help me lose weight

My mom got Food because she wanted to lose weight and then she came and told me to get it. When I used it last night and put everything I ate yesterday on here it told me when I will lose the weight that I wanted to lose. Food seems so helpful to me. I will be happy every time I will use it now.


Incorrect Data Base

I got this to track my intake to help lose weight. There is no way to put in portion size because options are limited. Some foods in the data based have wrong nutritional value. Example, a wrap was said to have less than 20 calories. I tried entering a this app item and it asks for entire size in grams. When I added the nutritional info the calculations were way off. There is no support or tutorial offered. I’d like to speak to a representative, but cannot find any contact info. Very disappointing.


Great app!

I love how I can save this app not on the list and I can bring it up later when I use the same foods for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. It saves me time and I love it for my meal planning as well. Great app for whether you need to lose wait or just need to watch carbs and sugary items!


Do not pay for this app

I received an email telling me that Virtuagym cannot process my credit card. I wasn’t even certain what credit card they were using which is my fault. Went to Food and I cannot find that information anywhere so I clicked on the payment link in my email. That link does not work!! Perhaps I am doing something wrong; however, accessing your credit card information should never be this difficult. If you want to use them that’s fine, but DO NOT pay for an upgrade!!


Very User Friendly System

My wife led me to Food today. I found it easy to use and incredibly comprehensive. The calorie counter was particularly helpful as the range of this app choices was quite extensive and easy to access. Kudos to the design and usefulness of Food!!!


Pro Account

I signed up for a pro account and for some reason, it will not recognize it. I have emailed and have not hear anything back. It’s frustrating because I am working with someone who is helping my train and they can’t help me with my this app app because it won’t recognize my gym account as PRO! I honestly don’t think my Gym app is recognizing it either because the banner to go Pro is still showing. Any Devs want to help me out here since I can’t get through in email??


Great App

My doc told me to cut back on carbs so I went looking for a carb counting App. I love Food because it tracks calories and protein. Adding foods and changing portions is easy. The only thing keeping me from upgrading to the paid version is the inability to delete “meals” or “foods” I’ve added to my this app list. No problem deleting diary entries.


Really like it!!! Easy!!! However...

I really like Food! It’s easy to use for the most part. The only thing that I wish she was a little bit easier to do is when you are creating meals and adding different elements to your meals that there were more options as far as units of measurements for you to choose from.


Lose Weight help

My daughter found Food and it is easy to use and very helpful. I started in Oct 2019 and have lost 11 pounds in 2 mos. I’m 82 years old and was able to get around on app. I’m also a diabetic and it has helped keep my numbers in check. Thank you for Food.


Good app but could be better

Would like to be able to have a this app list of only my foods in one place to access easily instead of having to search the entire this app list each time or having to go back to port days to copy when I’m rating the same things daily.


Old infant calorie counter modified diet dude!

Very helpful for me to realize how much I’m putting in my mouth, consuming consciously and balancing with modifying my diet meals planning. I almost am able to eliminate having a calculator and pen and paper on the run. It’s somewhat possible to plan on a meal when eating out. Great app, thank you! -Jeff


Just a Getaway

I am very pleased with this application. It has improved my eating habits. For example, I now understand why I need to eat certain foods to accomplish my life goals. No fuel, I can not function through the day. Hence, complex carbohydrates for energy, limiting my fat intake and protein for building muscle mass. I am better informed about nutrition that I may now live a healthier life. In addition, I have focused so much on my daily eating habits, that my thoughts are more often on positive things. Without proper nutrition, what can I really accomplish in life. Thank you very much.


Like it okay

My coach uses this so I had to download it. I find it to be harder to use than others I have used in the past. I could make my own recipe and put servings in and it was much easier than Food. I will only use this while with her and then will go back to another app.


Calculated in grams

I purchased the “pro” but quickly discovered I could not control the amount such as 1/2 cup or in ounces for calculating foods. (“American”)Deleted app and did not use. Regretting the purchase. It also recommended eating as little as 800 calories a day to lose the weight which I feel is not healthy or sustainable. Guess I wanted a meal plan or create meal plans to utilize but this is not it.


Good app

this app is a nice app and keeps everything pretty simple. Sometimes it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for and sometimes there’s different options when you do which can be confusing but I would recommend Food overall.

Is Food Safe?

Yes. Food - Calorie & macro tracker is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,787 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.7/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Food - Calorie & macro tracker Is 61.1/100.

Is Food Legit?

Yes. Food - Calorie & macro tracker is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,787 Food - Calorie & macro tracker User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Food - Calorie & macro tracker Is 61.1/100.

Is Food - Calorie & macro tracker not working?

Food - Calorie & macro tracker works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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