Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter Reviews

Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-15

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Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter Reviews

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    New Version

    I’ve been using MacroTrak for going on two years now. It’s worked really well for me for what I needed it for. I was able to put in custom foods and easily put in how many grams or servings your the plus/minus or manually entering it in. It helped me get to where I am today. With the most recent update the foods I had accumulated and use often have been deleted. It keeps changing the serving sizes I had entered in originally. The slide bar makes it hard to put in the serving size I’m eating for the day. I’m unable to put any new foods in without editing a saved entry I already have. Even if I delete a bunch of foods I haven’t eaten in a long time it won’t allow me to enter it in. I can’t even use the search bar to go through my list of foods it brings new foods to view. It makes using the app almost unbearable. If you switch between the percentage and the grams of the serving the numbers will stay the same so if the percentage of serving you want is 25% then you also see 25 grams even if the full serving is 85 grams. I rather just use the excel sheet I made to keep track or macros for the week which is what I’ve ended up doing since the update. It’s more accurate than the app is now. The app is supposed to make tracking easier and less labor intensive, but I rather stick with an excel sheet than deal with the bugs.

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    Pocket accountability partner

    I have been on Keto for 1 month. Initially I lost ten pounds and then I plateaud. I needed to start counting my macros. This has helped me understand my eating patterns and also cut back on certain amounts of food. I really think about what I’m going to put into my mouth now. This diet gives me generous amounts of food. But some foods even In small amounts can take up a lot of my caloric intake for the day. For example, I go over my fat allowance daily. Apparently, I crave a lot of fat during my day. I know I need fat, but I want my body to eat it’s own body fat so I can lose my body fat. So do I like this app? Absolutely! And it’s free! Is it tedious to manually add the nutritional data into my food list so I can click it when I need it? Yes! But I do the work initially and then I’m set! Taking care of our bodies isn’t easy. Nobody really wants to have to do such consistent work. But it’s so worth the long term health of your body. What we do today may make the difference of been In a wheelchair when we are in our 80s or dancing salsa in our senior center mixer!😊😉👍 Use this app and get fit! You can do it!

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    This was a great app

    I have used the app for the last year or more. Then it was updated. That is fine I thought it would be improved like any app would if it was updated. It was not, it was super super slow when you would click on your item you wanted to add to the count for the day. Plus there were ads on it so that you would have to pay to upgrade so they would go away. I’m totally okay with paying for a good app. So that’s what I did is upgraded for a full year subscription. I was so disappointed and somewhat mad that I paid for the subscription. Nothing works right on this app. Items still take like 15 seconds before they are added to the daily tracker when you click on them, the daily tracker does not record how many macros or calories you inputted for each day in the history. The only thing that happens when you pay for the subscription is you don’t have the ad asking you to pay for the subscription! It’s not worth it to use. Please improve and update this app so it was even how it was before when it was free! Just to add to the disappointment you can not even give feed back through the app for help it does not let you summit your question or concerns.

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    It’s just wants your money, nothing else.

    When an app opens for the first time and asks for you to subscribe (and pay money) as its first act, that’s probably foreshadowing of the entire experience to come. After you enter your weight, height, age, etc. it takes you to a nice looking home screen. When you go to search and add food, halfway through typing your search, it pops up asking for you to subscribe again. I thought maybe I tapped the little diamond in the top right that prompts for the subscription, so I closed and tried searching for my food again, and lo and behold it’s asking for my to subscribe again. If you’re going to OFFER an app on the App Store for “free” with in-app purchases, at least have the decency to allow the app to function without the subscription so that if I like it, I can then decide to subscribe. Had the app downloaded for about 10 minutes then deleted. Gave 2 stars because the UI is actually decent, but the database is unusable without a subscription. And didn’t appear to have any of the popular supplement brands added that almost every other tracking app does.

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    They really screwed this app up!

    I’ve used this app for a couple of years and I really enjoyed its no nonsense simplicity. Took a break for a while and figured I’d use it again to track my macros for my current keto stint. Wow, what a train wreck! They really screwed this app up. Most of my foods that I’ve had entered have the wrong picture next to them. The percentage of foods eaten vs. what’s shown on the “today” tab don’t make sense. Not to mention you can’t even add a custom percentage if you’ve eaten more than 200%. They’ve really fully sacrificed functionality here for aesthetics, and it’s pathetic. The app was fine the way it was. I’ve got a lot of time into adding all my custom foods into the app and I’m kind of peeved that I’m probably going to have to do it all over again in a new app. I hope they can fix this one or somehow make it possible to revert back to the old version, but I doubt either will happen. Update: this app is so f’d up that I thought I’d come back and reiterate how absolutely dismal it has gotten. I’m done with it! The developers should be ashamed of themselves.

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    New update

    I love the new update, everything looks much cleaner but I have a few issues. First, when you change the measurement system to USA it makes the macro targets change to ounces but I’ve never heard of someone tracking their macros using ounces no matter where they live. Second, when I try to add a custom food but not enter a number for fiber it crashes the app even though I have it set as standard instead of net carbs, so I feel I should be able to not enter a value for fiber. Third, when I successfully add a custom food it doesn't put it in alphabetical order anymore which I really liked. Lastly, when I click on “remaining” the big number, which I’m assuming is calories, is only 725 even though I haven’t eaten very much and that amount of calories is obviously very low.

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    Scam Alert!!!

    Don’t purchase the premium version!!! My wife and I tried this a few months ago since we decided to get serious about counting macros. I purchased the premium version for $20 (before they switched to subscriptions after latest update). After I made the purchase I tried to contact the developer on how to export my data to send to my coach for review and got no response. Then after the latest update my targets changed on their own and it no longer saved my history. Plus the food list wouldn’t let me add anything. I tried to contact the developers again but they’ve set up their “creat a ticket” page that requires 3 entries with the top entry being a drop down list to choose from...the drop down list is EMPTY and you can’t submit a message without that field having something in it (the field won’t let you type Innit either). I contacted Apple support and they couldn’t contact the developers either. Please use my experience to boycott these low life scammers and use a diff tracking app.

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    Great job MacroTrak!

    Simple to use, no annoying adds, works every time. Takes all the guesswork out of managing my meals. Use food database, or add your own food sources with pics in seconds. See week, month, multi-month, year ratios. Edit daily macros and caloric goals in a couple clicks (er..taps). Day by day history. For something that I spend only minutes a day with, I get a volume of information and history. Requests (always room for improvement): 1. Ability to set caloric intake goal and F/P/C ratios to auto populate macro goals. 2. Set caloric intake range to auto populate changing daily calories over the course of the week (gotta keep the body guessing) 3. Backup to iCloud and ability to sync data with other iOS devices. 4. This one’s probably tougher - incorporate a way to see the impact on macros for selected food sources if eaten but before I tap to have eaten. Right now I tap to have eaten, and if I don’t like the impact on macros I delete and choose something else. If I like it, then I proceed to consume. 5. Maintain food sources in daily history. 6. Add calendar toggle to history so a day of the month can be jumped to. Allow scroll month backward/forward. That daily list is going to get long! 6. I’ll think of some more I’m sure. Thanks!

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    Simple app with no extra frills, and no extra pop up adds to cover the frills you don’t need. You can enter your weight and use a slider to set your activity level and weight goals (loss/gain/something in between), or you can enter your own numbers based on calculations you have done yourself (or had a health professional do for you). The second option is great if you know your full body composition and have more accurate numbers you with to work with. The program won’t remember those numbers for you though- so write them down somewhere. A food log can be made of the common foods you eat, and a picture can be taken to help you find what you are looking for in the log. Overall- easy to use, free without adds, and perfect for tracking your macros.

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    Great app, a minor tweak, and it would be perfect.

    Overall, probably the best app available. However, I wish I could manually type in the fats, protein, and carbs I want to have. For example, I want 100 fat, 300 protein, and 380 carbs, so I type those into their perspective boxes, however when I hit save, it switches all of the numbers back to whatever numbers the slider has them on. Theres no possible way for me to get those numbers using the sliders they provide. So for now I just ignore the default setting, and just keep track of my numbers myself. Thats the one thing I wish they’d fix. All in all, great app otherwise.

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    Who is God’s name took this app over?

    This app was great and I used it for the better part of a year. Then the update!!!!! If they only took the ratings for this app after the big update it would be 1 star across the board. Anything higher was clearly before the update. I Lost all my data from that year. Pretty much everything got worse about the app. Who ever made these changes has no idea what they were doing. I just use it to track daily without being able to see weekly and monthly % that are correct because it doesn’t save anything. I would pay $5 no problem if they just changed it back. The subscription doesn’t even make sense. It’s says one price and then when you go to the Apple store to buy it has a different price. Now today they did another update to fix bugs and the app just crashes right away when I try and enter a food. They really screwed up a good thing.

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    Original app was way better

    The updates done a few weeks ago fixed nothing. My food pics are mixed up with other foods, when I go to edit things or adjust amounts the entire app just crashes/closes out/or freezes. When I go to search foods only new foods that I haven’t put in show up, not foods I’ve already input. I’ve waited a little while hoping it would get fixed and even uninstalled and redownloaded the app yet it’s still having lots of issues. Many people I know who use the app have stopped using it and switched to another app because they’ve had so many issues. Even trying to submit a ticket online or on their app won’t work because there is nothing in the drop down menu to choose from. I used to love this app and would’ve given it 10 stars but it’s been to hard to use with new update and if it’s not fixed soon I’m gonna have to find another one

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    Not working with the new update: update 3.0

    Update on the Update that was updated: Despite the new 26.0 version update, I am still having the same issues. I can’t touch the food button without the app closing. I am currently using a different macro tracking app that works great, but I am still willing to stick with this one if all issues get resolved. It has(at least I hope) so many foods I manually created in my library that I would hate to lose. A year and a half in the making, please don’t go to waste. Update for 26.0 update. While some of the issues have been resolved, I still can’t access my food library. As soon as I try to click on my food library it freezes for about 2 seconds and then the app closes out, every single time no matter what I do. I appreciate the effort to fix the bugs, but it still appears there are a few more to work out, almost earned a second star. Fix all the issues and get it running like it used to and I will still give it the 5 stars it’s capable of. 25.0 version: I love this app but it’s not allowing me to track or add food since the new update, it freezes and closes every time I try. I hope it’s a simple bug fix that will get the app back on track. Please fix and I will definitely give it 5 stars!

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    Customization Issues/Feedback impossible

    I started using this well before it had the updated UI and I was very happy with the functionality. Since the interface has been upgraded, I have run into problems that cause me not to use the app. When i come back to it after an upgrade there are new problems but I cannot create a ticket. The latest issue is with creating custom targets. Every time I make a target and hit save, it reverts back to a pre-set goal. I tried to create a ticket for this but there is no submit button for the ticket. There is also an empty drop down on the feedback page. Going away from this until the next update again unless I find something better, then I’ll delete the app.

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    Poorly Managed, don’t waste your money

    I decided to purchase the upgraded version, which didn’t clearly explain what was included. It mentioned something like, unlimited foods, or something like that. I assumed that it would grant me access to a database of commercial foods, I was wrong. You have to manually enter all of your macros. I’ve used Loseit in the past and they have a huge database of food, so I thought that’s what I would be getting. After purchasing the upgrade, there was nothing different than the free version! They don’t even store any brand named foods? I tried to contact support, but you can only contact them if you have apple mail installed, I use google. On the “how it works” tab, all you get is a 404 error screen. I had to go through iTunes to cancel my subscription and spent $3 on literally nothing. Don’t waste your time with this app!

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Is Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter Safe?

Yes. Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter is quiet safe to use but use with caution. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 3,888 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.1/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter Is 36.2/100.

Is Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter Legit?

Yes. Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter is legit, but not 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 3,888 Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter Is 36.2/100.

Is Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter not working?

Macro Tracker. Calorie Counter works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

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