MyPlate Calorie Counter Reviews

MyPlate Calorie Counter Reviews

Published by on 2021-06-07

MyPlate is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight and improve your health!
Join millions who have lost weight with LIVESTRONG.COM’s MyPlate Calorie
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iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. MyPlate makes tracking calor...

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MyPlate Calorie Counter Reviews

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    *Updated* 1/9/18 The developers responded to my issues in a timely manner. That was greatly appreciated. I have since been able to use the “edit” option under the “my foods” tab effectively. Problem one solved. And in regards to sync my two devices it would seem I didn’t sync the devices correctly. “Force sync” the device you just added food to. THEN “force sync” the other device you wish to update. Thanks MyPlate Developers! Nice for tracking macros. However, I would like a couple more features added. 1.) Id like to be able to “modify” my food entries. There are a lot of in inaccurate additions to the food list. I think this is greatly due to not being able to edit an item once it’s been uploaded. I took the time to enter all the nutritional facts into an item, hit save, just to realize the protein was showing .18grams of protein, not 18grams. Very frustrating. 2.) I have two devices with this app, both under the same profile log in, and they don’t sync to each other. If the profile records could sync to an online data base that would be great. Hopefully these features are added soon and I’ll change my rating from 3 star. Thanks for listening.

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    Easy to Use, mostly

    This app provides a lot of features and resources! You can keep track of calories, consumption of water, weight, calories burned, etc. They also have a Stronger Livestrong meal plan that includes work outs as well! I’ve just started it, and I’ve felt great so far! But now the server has seemed to entirely crashed. I can’t run anything on the app. I couldn’t log into anything or pull up my meal plan at all. They also email you your meals for the day and if you click on the image, it’ll take you to the recipe. Now when I click these links, they are unable to load. I have fantastic connection at my location so I found this odd. My phone and the app are entirely up to date, so I tried turning my phone off and on and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Now I can’t login, sign up, or use the “forgot password” feature. Nothing will load, just keep getting a network error. I’m hoping I still get the emails so I can keep with the meal plan since I have all the groceries, but this is incredibly frustrating. So far I haven’t received any emails (they also send weekly emails about tips and articles that I’m subscribed to) regarding this server issue. So, in summary, the app works great and has lots of great features! Sadly, the app has a tendency to take forever to load anything (if at all) or crash some days...

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    User-friendly, health-friendly, great app

    Love this app, it automatically tracks all of your steps, provides a nice chart to know how many calories you have left depending on the info you put in, and if you follow it, you’re basically guaranteed to gain or lose 1-2 lbs a week (or maintain) as long as you put all your food info right. The gradual weight loss is also healthy for you- this app has helped me approach calorie counting as a way of being conscious, not guilty. I struggle to lose weight, and I lost 8 lbs over the summer by taking a walk every time I wanted to eat but was close to my daily limit. I’ve never lost that much at once, and it felt great, even if i did gain it back once i started school again. I have a RENPHO scale (which I also love for multiple reasons) which also automatically puts my new weight into this app. Overall, the layout is great, really great graphic design, and this makes it easy to keep track of your habits. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to lose weight but feels like it’s overwhelming. Just the number of calories burned going up after I exercise makes me feel even better for putting in effort!

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    Starting again - working better now

    Update - so far so good. Apple Watch Activity tracking is good. I lost the meals I had created and haven’t tried it again. I had written to app support and they responded - a wonderful sign! I decided to switch apps (from My Fitness Pal) to see if I could get better Apple Watch tracking and also provide a different visual view. I have deleted MyPlate and restarted it to see if there was an error I made. I opened the app at 6am today and it showed I had already eaten breakfast and lunch and had done 325 calories worth of exercise. These were entries from yesterday. Yesterday the entries were not recording correctly. I tried to adjust them, but every time I exited and re-entered, I got a different result. And the Watch tracking, which had been very good, was not working correctly. I like the app enough to start again. Will report back. (Few minutes later) That didn’t work. When I deleted the app, the message said it was deleting the data, but it did not. Edit of a meal doesn’t work. There is no edit capability when I click Edit. Please fix. I’ll find another way to report some of this functionality that needs fixing. Decent app. Just needs some tweaking.

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    Ideas to make it better

    I love this app I would track my calories by hand before and this just makes it better and easier. I would love if you had an option to pay yearly not just monthly for the gold plan because if you add that I will defiantly do the gold plan. I would be good if you did like a silver and bronze plan too that have other options. Also you should add a ** drink water remind** where we can have it remind us a few times a day. And it would be cool if we could have friends through the app and see each others calories and support each other because I do this with my mom but we have to go over calories when we’re together because I can’t just add her like a friend. Another idea in the meal prep you should have a weeks worth of recipes when you click that tab and you could change them every week. You could do it for the gold of course. Hope you read this post and get back to me. I really would love to see some of these updates it would make the app better and the pay by year would be perfect not everyone likes having another monthly bill.

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    Please improve

    I really liked this app for a while because it has better connectivity and syncing with my other Apple activity tracking apps and devices than “MyFitnessPal”. And I like the simplicity of the user interface. ALSO no ads!! However after using it for some weeks I have a few complaints: 1. it doesn’t have the best foods database. Many unverified foods that have no information about quantity other than “1 serving”. 2. Search engine is weak. 3. Also the measurement increments are not small enough, and no ability to change to decimals. 4. It doesn’t remember quantity of a particular food from the previous day so that has to be selected every time. 5. The “My Meals” feature does not always work- choose it and go to create new meal, add food “start tracking now and your recently tracked foods will appear here” = nothing, even after using the app for weeks. Then enter the foods manually and name the meal, try to save and save is greyed out. Tried it 2x on separate days. Summary- Entering foods can be a time consuming pain. So I’m back to using My Fitness Pal for foods. But on the positive side My Plate syncs with Apple Health app, other apps, Watch etc and tracks activity really well so I’m hoping for future improvements.

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    Good app, a few tweaks could make it a great one

    Hello, I’ve been using this app for a few weeks now to maintain my weight and keep track of macros and it has mostly been great. There are, however, a few issues with it though. First of all, when selecting what serving size you ate, the fractions constrict your ability to accurately determine how much you ate—I believe that either the inclusion of smaller fractions (1/5, 1/6, 1/7, etc) or the option to use decimals would be greatly beneficial to the ease of use here. Another issue comes up when you select a food that you have eaten before—with some foods, there are many different units you could select from, such as pieces or grams or ounces—however, if you have already eaten this food once before, you can no longer select from any of the other unit options besides the one you previously used. It’s quite frustrating and may force you to select a different food that may be inaccurate to what you actually ate. Overall, however, I really like this app and use it everyday. I’m the kind of person who likes to know all of the numbers and details, and this gets the job done without any nonsense. Thank you for reading and please consider fixing the aforementioned issues!

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    The best thing about this app is that it is simple and easy to use. I’ve been lifting seriously for the past year and went through a bulking phase where I went from 178 to 205 in a little over 6 months, in large part due to this app. A lot of the things I had been eating before using this app I didn’t know the exact makeup of the food I was intaking and with this app it helped me so much. So many other apps I tried for my meal prepping wanted to give me different things to eat and to try this and that, when all I wanted was something that could track my calories, carbs, protein, and fat intake. It was a blessing to have this. The “my food” part of this makes it quick and easy when, like many competitive powerlifters, you’re on a strict diet and eat the same foods at the same time every day for weeks on end. Now that I’m in the cutting phase again, I set my calorie intake level that I want, and I can track it throughout the day. Overall, amazing for those who do dieting seriously like I do.

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    Limited app; don’t bother with membership

    This app is useful for tracking calories, though MyFitness Pal has way more products in their database than My Plate. I had a hard time finding many of the things I eat in their database and ended up guessing a lot; their portion size presets mostly didn’t make sense with the foods I was trying to enter either. But if you just want to loosely track activities and what you are eating, this app will do the trick. However, I really do not recommend paying for the gold membership. They will send you one document that you can only read in the app, with information you can find anywhere on the Livestrong website. The Stronger challenge is also ridiculous—the grocery list for week one was about three pages long and so random. And the tracking macros feature didn’t work as far as I could tell. In the end I didn’t see how the gold membership provided any added improvement to the usefulness of the app or to my own efforts around fitness and nutrition. I contacted customer service to request to cancel my membership. The person who responded (three days later) gave me tips for viewing my membership. I wrote back to clarify that I wanted to cancel and still haven’t heard back; it’s now been three and a half weeks. Overall I would say don’t bother with this one.

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    Defaulting units to “serving” in subsequent recordings is a major flaw

    Overall this app works well, save for a single flaw that is bad enough to make me switch to a different calorie counting app. The list of foods is extensive (if a little difficult to search sometimes) but the problem occurs when you try to record something you've already recorded. When you first record a food you’re given a variety of options to declare how much you consumed (a serving, X cups, Y grams, etc.). But subsequent records only give you the option for the unit “serving”, and the unit for serving is given. But it’s not always reasonable to measure things by the default unit. For instance, I added 1/2 cup of walnuts to a salad, and the next day ate about 10g of walnuts (i.e. about 5 walnut halves) as a snack. Because I had already recorded walnuts I had no option other than to record my calories as a fraction of a cup. Why? Clearly there are multiple measurement units available for most foods during the first recording, so why take those options away for subsequent recordings. I want to keep using this app, but this issue is just too frustrating, especially when there are so many alternative calorie counter apps out there.

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    Almost perfect

    The app is very useful when it comes to logging meals and being able to keep track of my calories. I love that it shows me my macro total percentage-ages for the day as well. Micronutrient info and daily goals are neat but not totally necessary esp with the sodium thresholds and such available to view online. However, it is a very common and free feature of other meal tracking apps to be able to create a meal (with however many servings of individual ingredients) and then say how many servings that meal makes. Unfortunately, with My Plate when you click on a meal you’ve made, it lists all of the ingredients individually. This makes it very tedious, if not impossible, to accurately input homemade recipes. This is very annoying since I do a lot of cooking at home and meal prepping. I would love to see this one feature changed. Other than that this app is great - especially including all of the online features it allows you to input about your starting point with your body measurements along with weight. The graphs are encouraging. I’d love to give 5 stars when I’m able to make my own “serving” sizes for homemade meals!

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    Good but could use some improvements

    This app is my daily food and workout journal with a lot of benefits over other similar apps but very cumbersome at points due to custom/manual entries. I find myself not able to find a lot of items in the food library and realize that it’s because of inconsistency in user entry. Database utilities are available to enhance consistency and also improve performance by removing duplicative foods. More frustrating to this though is the entry without macronutrients which are critical to overall health of food selection but also people groups (i.e. diabetics, Keto dieters). For diabetics and folks trying to do the Keto diet, this app is pointless because it does not calculate net carbs or calories from fat. The app does note as *estimates but carbs and fiber can have larger spreads that could grossly distort net carbs consumed and affect Keto results. Finally, the exercise log could be enhanced. The custom/manual entry fields are limiting and tracking of activity type is basically impossible as a result. I tend to do consistent exercises so do think some enhancements could be made to limit the amount of manual entry each day. Good but the goal should be the one stop shop app for health!

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    Easy! Very encouraging!

    This is a very comprehensive app listing nutrition, water, weight, exercise and daily comparisons! Easy to use! Love how it gently reminds you to log in meals. Has nearly every food listed! Love how we can see calories /weight/ exercise/ water etc by day and totals compared. Do wish it had more brand name foods but it has enough to find something similar. The ONLY negative is many similar items are listed as anyone can enter anything. And we can’t really trust all those entries in calories since they rarely ever match each other. Suggest: Can you block an entry that is same as other database entries by name and size? And can you require users enter a quantity / size for items they enter? Sooo many user entries show “ 1 portion ” as the size but don’t say How Big that portion is!?? Or they say “1 slice”....they don’t say how big is the slice? I see many listing a burger size as “1 burger”?? How big is that? Sizes can be from 3 oz to 16 oz!? Those entries are useless. But do love how we can enter something unique that we don’t see listed...just need details so others can use those too. Thx for a comprehensive app!

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    Good when starting out but food list needs updating and expansion

    This app has been helpful in terms of forcing me to track everything that passes my lips and being aware of what I'm eating. I also find the chat helpful for the most part. My biggest problems with the app are the food list and the exercise list. The food list needs to be updated more often to add foods and needs to include mixed food made from scratch. For example, I made a bag of mixed dry beans with low fat reduced sodium chicken broth last night. I had to add each kind of bean one at a time, add the broth, add the onions, celery, etc. and then estimate how much I ate of each item. Ugh. The exercise app needs an overhaul and to include more types of everyday activities as exercise. I have lost 5 pounds so far. I am about a month in now and for the most part I still feel this is a fairly good app for tracking your foods and macros. I feel less positive about the chat portion and I've decided not to use that aspect of the app any longer. There is 1 person in particular who thinks he is Gods gift to the food and diet world and I've grown tired of his incredibly nasty approach to everyone. He's The school yard bully.

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    Great, but could be even better!

    I’ve really enjoyed using this app, and it’s really easy to use. The only issue I have found is the amount of inaccuracies in the stored food information. It would be really cool to have a user rating system to help verify the information of the foods listed. For example, users could upvote or downvote certain foods based on accuracy. Also, there should be a way to report/give feedback on foods that have incorrect information. I have found that even some of the “verified” foods are wrong. For example, I compared the information from the package to the information on the app from the bacon that I had this morning. The app had the nutritional information for raw bacon listed instead of cooked. Who eats raw bacon? The same thing happens with boxed foods that have the unprepared and prepared calories listed. With that being said, I understand it would be near impossible to make it 100% accurate, but I hope the accuracy can be improved.

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Is MyPlate Calorie Counter Safe?

Yes. MyPlate Calorie Counter is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 27,983 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.6/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for MyPlate Calorie Counter Is 50.0/100.

Is MyPlate Calorie Counter Legit?

Yes. MyPlate Calorie Counter is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 27,983 MyPlate Calorie Counter User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for MyPlate Calorie Counter Is 50.0/100.

Is MyPlate Calorie Counter not working?

MyPlate Calorie Counter works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 1 Comments

By Polly Diaj
Jan 15 2021

My app is logging insane amounts of calories burnt under the exercise tab. It says it’s coming from my watch that is synced to automatically upload workouts. However, I just finished a long walk and wanted to enter into the app. Under my recently performed exercises I have half a dozen that have been logged from today saying they’re from my watch. However, none of the calorie expenditures match what my watch has said that I used today. So am I just supposed to find one that is similar to what my watch says I used and log that? Or is this an app bug?

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