Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary Reviews

Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary Reviews

Published by on 2021-01-08

Discover the diet app that takes care of what the other apps don’t. MyNetDiary
- sleek, smart, simple. It's the most personal weight-loss, diet, and nutrition
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Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary Reviews

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    Simple, Visual, Effective

    I’ve been underweight my entire life and have had a lot of health issue because of it. Seeing a nutritionist and having this app have been two of the most effective tools I’ve had on my journey. I’ve had it for three weeks and am now only two pounds away from no longer being critically underweight! I love it because it’s not an overwhelming barrage of precise details for me to enter and see. It’s simple to use and displays my progress in a clear, visual way. At a glance, I can see how far I am on my daily goal and how well I’ve been doing for the entire week. Entering food takes so little time that I can enter it right after eating without any disruption to what I’m doing. The only things I would change about the app is its mindfulness of the user’s goals. I don’t really mind seeing tips on how to loose weight while using the app, but it would be awesome if the messaging changed according to which direction the user wanted the scale move. It would also be great if the app had a “pre-tracking” feature. Sometimes I pack my meals the day before. I don’t know if I’ve packed enough to meet my goals, but I also don’t want to enter them into the app if I haven’t eaten them yet. Right now I’m using a different app to keep track of it separately, but it would be nice if I could keep it in this one, then easily count it as eaten when the time came. Even so, this is a great app, and I’m thankful for it and the progress it’s helped me make.

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    It's working

    I lost 6lbs in a little over a week and I don't exercise! I guess I've reached that point in my life where I can't eat whatever I want whenever I want. I have joined the 21st century and discovered this app, which is much more user friendly than some other ones I have tried. It does all the math for me, which is great. I love how everything is all on one page for a concise overall view of my progress. I love how I can scan barcodes and it immediately knows the product (and if it doesn't, you can add it! If it isn't correct, you can request an update!). I like that I can keep track of carbs. I love that I can input things in before I eat it so I know how many calories I'll be "spending" ahead of time- which makes daily meal planning a cinch. It is also really easy to delete or edit entries. I learned a lot about my habits and that I don't drink nearly enough water. It does take some self control to keep on target, because you will be starving while your body adjusts! I hope to see a way of bundling foods for a specific personal recipe in the future as well as ways of tracking certain specific nutrients, like potassium or magnesium. Love it :)

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    Keeps me honest

    I have lost 39 pounds since I started using this app. I like that I can log in my activity. Tracking foods is easy. I like all the charts & helpful hints. I have health issues & will go back to the gym eventually. But I log all my housework & animal chores. It all adds up. If you eat over your calories do a little physical labor to keep you on target. I have a long term goal & it will take me a year to reach it. My health issues complicate matters but this app keeps me focused & positive. There are also chat groups to encourage one another. No meetings or rigorous exercise required. You just eat less & move more. This app is fun & easy. You can store your favorite foods to make your charting easier. What are you waiting for? Try it! Addendum 3/4/19. I went off program for surgery, rehab from it & for 2018 holidays until today. I’m so disappointed to see that macronutrients & the breakdown of the fats, carbohydrates & protein percentages that are counted as you add your food intake are now gone from the free app. Now you have to pay $8.99 per month to get this additional information. I’ve referred a lot of people to this app but now they will learn what I told them was free is no longer available. Basically now the app just counts your calories. I will purchase the app because I need to get back on track & reach my goal. So I changed my rating from 5 star to 2. It works but now you pay for it.

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    49 down; 23 to go!

    After having a baby and breastfeeding for a year and a half, I had gained a lot of weight. Got all the way up to 219. In the past, Atkins/keto diet worked for me but not this time. I had to go back to basics; back to what worked for me in high school... I had to count calories. This app has been indispensable. Most user-friendly layout I've seen. Very complete list of foods and nutritional info. Simple, to the point and so supportive. I've lost 49 pounds so far -- 31 since April of this year -- and I have another 23 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-baby body. Just walking and counting calories consistently has done it for me. Don't think I could have done it without this app. 👍🏽👍🏽 Update 12/19: Another baby and another big gain. This time, I have paid for the premium subscription in order to sync with my FitBit and earn more food calories from day to day. Loving the upgraded features! Once again, when I consistently stick to MyNetDiary’s recommended caloric intake, the weight comes off steadily. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

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    Helps if you’re honest

    Just deducted a star since they seem to be removing features from the free version - no longer see the macro nutrient fat, carb, protein listing under the daily meals - only the summary of the day. For my needs the free version offers all I needed, I can’t justify the cost to subscribe just to see the breakdown by meal. I don’t need any of the extra features of the paid version. I got no major dietary issues to track. Been using the free version off and on for quite a while. Helps me see where I am failing as well as where I am doing well so I can make adjustments to my overall diet if necessary. Over the course of 6 decades living g with heart valve problems, I’ve learned enough to maintain a decent meal plan for my health. But it does help to honestly track meals and snacks for the visual feedback and easier calculations to control fats, carbs, etc. In general, I like the app. I would like to see two improvements - one is an option to copy meals not just from yesterday but from a drop down calendar or other selector - my daughter suggested “Lose It” and I do prefer the way it logs foods and meals for easy reference. Second, I’d like to be able to be able to export the data to csv format or excel file so I could graph values of interest such as my carbs or fats in excel so I could share the data with my doctors.

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    THE best tracking app plus free month

    I have tried nearly every calorie tracker in the App Store and this one is hands down the absolute best! I am a bariatric user on my way to loosing the last part of 100lbs. This app is my greatest ally in tracking everything from food (huge database), my custom recipes , just about any micro and macro nutrients, BMI, BMR, fat and muscle mass, steps, distance, weight loss of course, a day timeline, measurements and then some. You can customize your dashboard and set reminders. The support is FABULOUS! I pinged them to find a way to test drive the app for a bit for free before I bought it and they gave me a full month free, and resounded within minutes of my email. Try it - it’s really that good!!! Also, there are way more features than I can hit on, but I doubt you’d be disappointed. And no, I’m not affiliated with the app. It’s really just a fantasy product. Bariatric users, try this. Better than Baritastic, LooseIt, Noom and WW put together.

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    Best Calorie Counting App ever

    I hated the idea of counting calories - never have done it before. Finally, I decided to look for an app that would easily count calories. I checked the reviews and came across 3 apps that looked promising. This app just stood out to me as the easiest layout and I love it. It is extremely easy to count calories just by scanning barcodes or using the search bar. I can't really emphasize just how easy it has been to keep track of everything. Also - at the beginning, you enter your current weight and your goal weight and it recommends how long that should take and gives you what your daily intake should be! That alone is reason to get this app - it does all the work for you when it comes to setting a realistic goal that you can reach. You can easily track your workouts too so that those burned calories subtract from the calories you eat - love how I don't have to think about that.

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    3 Years Later Still at Ideal Body Weight

    UPDATE: 3 years later after using My Net Diary no regain of weight. Why? Because I still can estimate calories based on my 6 month daily experience with this app. Still at 150 at 5’11. Countless diet plans can miserably starve you to a desired weight but once arrived at the ideal weight, then what? If you’re not counting, your driving your human car without knowing what the proper fuel level is. Once I understood that the body burns 1500 calories a day just resting, one can grasp the logic it would take to lose & maintain body weight. I know that I need at least 700 calories in a meal to feel nourished & comfortable; so 3 of these a day for me is perfectly comfortable & I'm still losing weight. I also compensate for larger meals by eating less the following meal to maintain my average. Don't let Restaurants define what constitutes a full meal for you; they are thinking value to keep their business, we have to think human body logic. A typical combo meal is way, way over anyone's daily calorie budget. Just get the sandwich, not the chips or fries. And only 1 sugar drink per meal, no refills except water or soda water. This app changed my life by teaching me the logic of how the human body functions. 166 to 150 in 3 months by keeping my daily calories averaging 2400 & still here 3 years later. Count, don’t ever miserably starve again.

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    Good app, but not my usual choice

    This app is good, especially for it’s ratings of food and details on micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals etc. What it’s not so good in is it’s interface with other apps and ability to correctly document a new food. There are several foods that have been entered with misspellings that are impossible to correct. Also, I recently corrected the nutrition info (from a barcode!) that was coming up wrong, using the “photo food” option. It also had the wrong version of the product. I figured they would fix the name, too, since it didn’t allow me to edit that. Well, they didn’t, so although they changed the calories, they are attached to the wrong product so now whoever eats those will get frustrated too! I also wish the activity interface would credit my daily steps—other apps, like Livestrong’s MyPlate does. This one only appears to count if you enter it as a specific exercise each time. Just bit as friendly. I keep it for the details.

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    Great app- even free!

    This app helped me lose 50 pounds in about 18 months. I used a Fitbit to track my calorie output throughout the day, and the free version to track in. It is accurate if you put the effort into recording your meals honestly. No, this app won’t magically make you lose weight, but being able to see exactly how many calories were in certain foods and how my meals all added up made me rethink my food choices which led to healthier choices more often. I thought it was easy to use and had more accurate food information than the Fitbit food logger. For example, Fitbit has a sliding scale for the amount of calories in chicken breast that you are supposed to guess at depending on how it is prepared, while in MyNetDiary I would list the raw chicken breast by weight, plus the amount of olive oil it was cooked in. More listing, but less guessing.

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    Changed the Way I Think About Food

    This app has helped me figure out how to lose weight, finally! I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater, but could never figure out why exercise and diet were not enough to lose weight. When I started logging my food in this app, I quickly realized that while my food choices were healthy, I was simply eating too much and not getting enough protein. Seeing all of this data through the charts and logs helped me refocus the way I eat, recalibrate what “hungry” feels like and gain control over portion sizes. I’ve lost 13lbs in the last few months and I have not even been strict. I have been faithful to a work out plan and to logging my food, but never starved myself and frequently bent the rules. This app has helped me become much healthier and more in tune with my body and I am so grateful!

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    Great app - but latest app has issues

    This app is still pretty great and integrates with the website really well. But the latest release made some weird changes. Some changes are nice. But there are at least 2 big downsides. Exercise calorie calculations went down - frustrating. Far, far worse, you can no longer set your own calorie goal per day and your own weight goal date - it forces a calculation to tell you when you’ll hit your goal based on the calories you set. This is dopey - everyone loses weight differently. The theoretical BMR calculations do not apply the same to everyone. PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I hate seeing the predicted weight loss trend line lower than my real weight loss trend line even though I’m following my plan - it makes me feel like I’m failing even though I’m succeeding.

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    Good app for weight tracking

    I love the MyNetDiary app. I especially like the charts and the way the diet entry screen is layed out. I like that I can see my progress very easily and in a graph type form. I also like the written analysis of my daily diet as to whether it was good or healthy and how it will impact my progress. And I like the suggestions given on how to improve the next day's food choices or even the current day. I like the daily tips too. I would rate this app with 5 stars but am deducting one for the food entry difficulty. My only criticism is that the food entry can be hard to find the food you want to enter because it has to be typed in exactly the way it is listed. So for example if you want to list a certain Starbucks tea. You won't find it unless you type Teavana. More items need to be crossed matched in the system and more food items added.

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    Works for me

    I’ve lost almost 50 pounds over the last 24 months and I’ve tried a lot of tracking apps. I always go back to MyNetDiary. The UI is so simple and it’s easy to see where you’re sitting for the day with the cute little apple. Easy to change my calorie goal, easy to tell it to not add calories for exercise (I like my exercise to just be a bonus), easy integration with other apps so it automatically tracks my weigh ins. I much much prefer this over other apps, and i have tried so many. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s not as popular! So sometimes the food database doesn’t have entries and I have to do that myself. It doesn’t happen all the time, but beware. I do not dock any stars for that though, because it’s not the apps fault. Great tracking app!

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    Helped make weighing and recording easier

    This made calorie counting and weighing food much easier. Only way I have been able to consistently lose weight is by counting calories. Setting a goal and having the app tell me if I am on track or not, really kept me honest and accountable. On my cheat days seeing that red line pushed me not go overboard. I would love to have full access to the app but 8$ a month is a little steep since I did not have a lot of weight to lose. I do feel it would be worth it if I had a large amount of weight to lose and needed that extra boost to keep me inspired to go long term. It is also good once you reach your goal to check foods and see how they rate. Knowing how good the foods are I am eating makes sure I am sticking to healthy foods. I love this app!

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Is Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary Safe?

Yes. Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary is very safe to use. This is based on our NLP (Natural language processing) analysis of over 15,990 User Reviews sourced from the Appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5 . Justuseapp Safety Score for Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary Is 64.5/100.

Is Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary Legit?

Yes. Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary is a totally legit app. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 15,990 Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary User Reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, Justuseapp Legitimacy Score for Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary Is 64.5/100.

Is Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary not working?

Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or Contact Support.

Reported Issues: 2 Comments

By Sylvia
Jan 26 2021

How do I get my laptop version of MyNetDiary to sync with my Android version!! It's frustrating having to log information into both versions, especially when I create custom foods. Help!!!

By Judi Stafford
Nov 17 2020

I mistakenly put a target date of 2021 and it won’t let me change it ?

Please tell me how I can change it, I have an android phone and the free app. I don’t really want to press the ‘fresh start’ and lose the data since 2015.


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